She will never give up if she doesn’t take a trip to Mohe suddenly, so she can go to Li ‘an Palace with Mohe as the last farewell.

From then on, they never want to be associated with each other. She never wants to involve people in her own affairs. She never wants to see anyone again. Since her life has been decided, let her go against the sky, just Mohe, Douan, Fengqing and so on. Don’t let her do anything again.
Even if she wants to rewrite her life, it can’t be at the expense of others, especially the people around her.
If so, she would rather die if she was saved!
"Good" Pan Hui didn’t say anything. She slowly straightened herself and pulled Mohe a little distance.
Mohe is very careful to run to the door and don’t forget to look back at Pan Hui. It seems that he wants to confirm whether he is hallucinating or not. When he sees Pan Hui coming towards himself, he knocks the door and goes out first.
Suddenly come into contact with the sun Pan Hui consciousness narrowed his eyes and raised his hand to cover a this just slowly open face is a bit complicated.
During these days, her life seems to be in the dark, even a little eye can shine into her all the time, so she will continue to endure it until she can kill the punishment, just like that day or until she can’t help but choose to commit suicide. I never thought about the day in out of the dark.
It is …
If getting out of this darkness is to sacrifice another person, she really doesn’t want it.
Mohe walked in front without saying a word. It was indeed that no imperial secretary dared to stop him, but someone quietly left to inform Mohe. After careful observation for a while, it was found that most of these imperial secretaries were martial arts practitioners, and a few of them were not skilled enough to deal with some assassins, but it was impossible to catch him.
Time should be enough!
If you want to punish them, they will definitely be able to escape from this palace!
The two men walked into Li ‘an Palace in tandem, and it was obvious that all the people who were watching them gathered outside Li ‘an Palace to form a small encirclement. It was not so much monitoring as preventing them from escaping.
It’s no problem that so many people have come to guard against the real punishment and the failure to repair Pan Hui.
Pan Hui’s first face when she entered the door was her face exactly like hers, except for the laziness and cunning in her eyes.
She couldn’t help but frown softly and whispered, "I can’t hide it without your belly." Of course, the punishment is different from her, and there is that pregnant woman who has been pregnant for five months and slightly bulges her abdomen.
Punishment Qiao Yin smiled and said, "You don’t need to worry about this. I know more about how he cheated him than you do. I have several secret passages in my heart. I have checked them. There is no problem, but is it convenient for you to have water now?"
Or is it true that the secret passage was never found, not because he didn’t find the passage at the bottom of the artificial lake in the imperial garden, but because he didn’t find that the passage was two sections, one leading to the outside of the imperial city and the other to Li ‘an Palace?
Mohe wants to sneak into the artificial lake of Li ‘an Palace with Pan Hui. That passage is not absconding but hiding.
When the punishment is really like finding Pan Hui missing, it will inevitably think of the secret passage of the artificial lake. When the punishment is really like chasing Pan Hui and Mohe out of the palace, there will be an escape opportunity and it will be absolutely sufficient!
Pan Hui hesitated. "How are you going to explain to him that you have disappeared?"
She and Mohe escaped, and Qiao Yin was left alone in Li ‘an Palace. Even if the punishment was really like temporarily believing that the present person was Pan Hui, where did Qiao Yin go? !
"So I didn’t intend to cheat him …" Punishment Qiaoyin smiled very comfortably. "I was ready to tell him from the beginning that you … were let go by me!"
With this punishment, I can’t wait to go out of the palace to find someone, and the possibility of Mohe and Pan Hui being exposed will be reduced. She plans everything to be implemented smoothly.
Nothing in this world is more reassuring than the dead, especially a woman who makes punishment really unforgettable.
Chapter 515 Mohe save lives (3)
Punishment Qiaoyin didn’t tell Mohe that she didn’t intend to let Pan Hui live from the beginning, but where this man died was very particular.
Since the punishment is really like handing Pan Hui over to her, she naturally can’t let Pan Hui die in the palace, and she can’t die at the end of the punishment, can she?
Pan Hui heart suddenly gives birth to a bad feeling can’t help but look at the punishment QiaoYin deeply.
Punishment Qiao Yin is smiled and turned them to lead the way without saying another word.
Mohe mind move left hand has been deducted punishment Qiao Yin right wrist.
For this woman, he really doesn’t believe it, especially the flash in Qiao Yin’s eyes just now. Be sure that you are absolutely right.
Punishment Qiao Yin Mohe’s eyes turned white when he touched them. The abacus in his heart was probably seen through. Just as she was contemplating how to perfunctory Mohe, Pan Huiyin rang from the side.
"Not to take me away? What are you doing here? "


Wu Xiang sobbed as if to pour out all the years of humiliation and bitterness.

Xu Shao barely smiled and comforted her with gentle caresses.
For a long time, Wuxiang finally smiled, although it was a little reluctant, but her smile was so cute!
"Xu Shao, I’ve always wanted to see you. I hope you can avenge me, but now … I really love you."
"I know"
Xu Shao is a beautiful man, a wise man, a man of status and position, and a great talent. Now he almost has a peerless martial art "Tian Xian Zhi", but these are not the real reasons why Wuxiang loves him.
Wuxiang loves him because of his sincerity, courage and kindness.
Because of these, it is the most important virtue for a person!
The dragon and the phoenix are auspicious … It’s not practical. It should be "the dragon and the phoenix are detailed"!
However, the dragon and phoenix mentioned here do not refer to Shuanglong and Feather Phoenix, nor to Drunk Fairy and Fragrant Yu, but to Dragon Yu and Phoenix Yu … This is really a big lie, because the root of The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword is not in the sword.
-Xu Shao had a feeling of being stupid when Cher said she didn’t know the meaning of "dragon and phoenix are auspicious"
Everyone has been pawned by Wu Hong, the owner of Wujiabao!
He is really not a good man, and as Xu Shao analyzed in advance, Wu Hongyi is not only scheming deeply, but also dying from s and selfish interests, that is, from s and literally. He will not easily hand over The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword to "outsiders".
This may be because he is worried that the Xin family will no longer need the Wujiabao after they get the secret, so he set up this scam.
Although he gave the dragon Yu to Xu Shao as a token of less than half sincerity, if Xu Shao can’t get the drunken fairy and Xiang Yu’s letter, he can get the formula of "dragon and phoenix become auspicious" from them; Or get the sword and formula but abandon the concept of "black incense" psychologically; Or maybe he won’t come to Wujiabao, then he will still solve the mystery of "Dragon and Phoenix Becoming Lucky" and he will never get the martial arts secret of "The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword" in this life.
This is the problem that Wu Hongyi, a long-dead man, has given Xu Shao, a future son-in-law.
Now "Dragon and Phoenix Chamber of Secrets" finally hit Xu Shao and finally saw the martial arts secrets carved on the wall, but he was not happy at all because Wu Hongyi was suspicious and missed him, because now he has not enough time to study the martial arts secrets of The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword; Because now, for half a day … it won’t be so long before Xin Yan will take people into Wujiabao, and everything will be over!
Xu Shao looked at the wall full of secrets of budo, but his heart trembled! He can’t imagine what he will see when he goes out of the Chamber of Secrets later. If his sister and good friends are dead, even if he learns "The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword", what does it matter? What fun is it if he lives? ….. But if you don’t learn The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword, how can he reverse Gan Kun and turn the tide?
-Xu Shao’s heart is really painful!
Just then, I suddenly heard the south gate rumbling! Someone broke in …
-She still has "Shuanglong" and "Feather Phoenix" in her hand.
The two of them got a fright when they saw Cher, and then their faces turned red!
-because they are still dressed very thin!
Cher giggled when she saw them, and said, "You two can be considered as romantic and happy, but you can suffocate me!" "
Xu Shao was even more surprised! Busy asked, "when will you come? How to get in? "
Cher unhurried tunnel "I’ve been here since you didn’t come here, but it’s outside the south gate … I didn’t come in because I couldn’t get in, but because I wanted to give you a’ convenience’"
LiuReGong is surprised and asked, "how did you find here? ….. And even I can’t hit the south gate? How did you get in? "
Cher said, "the south gate machine is not very strict. I just want to play the machine through the stone wall! It’s a long story to say that Yu Ru found here! ……
Shortly after the accident at Hongye Mountain Villa, I entrusted Qinglong Escort Agency with a trip to the Wujiabao owner. At that time, Qinglong Escort Agency was in charge or the drunken fairy father. I entrusted him with a treasure-Tianxian Qin.
There are two treasures in the Violet Sect, one is’ Ghost Violet’ and the other is’ Celestial Piano’. Celestial Piano is a living magic piano, and I have been its sole owner since the death of my master. I can feel it, and I gave it to the owner of Wujiabao because I was a fugitive at that time, and it was inconvenient for me to take it with me. At that time, my skill was not enough to protect it. All the pianos were temporarily kept by the owner of Wujiabao! The owner of Wujiabao is a greedy man … Because he has been greedy since S and S, he not only accepted it, but also hid it in the safest secret room of Wujiabao, and my other purpose is to find out where the secret room of Wujiabao is through the string piano. Because I was eager for revenge at that time, I also wanted to get the combination of violet sword and red leaf villa as soon as possible. It was never expected that the stone gate outside the’ Dragon and Phoenix Chamber’ blocked my way.
The Dragon and Phoenix Chamber of Secrets is different in Shimen. Only when you get both the Dragon and the Phoenix can you beat Miss Suowu. Over the years, you haven’t been able to practice "The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword", have you? "
Wu Xiang nodded.
Xu Shao looked at "Shuanglong" and "Feather Phoenix" and asked Cher, "Did you see them? Are they all right? "
Cher smiled a face of proud expression way "Xu Shao you are so brave! How dare you play tricks under the eyelids of the thirteenth sentence and change their lives? We really love you! ….. But your play is too real! My two sisters almost committed suicide when they went back, and I had to persuade them to take away the’ Shuanglong’ and’ Feather Phoenix’. "
Xu Shao was relieved to hear that they were all right, but Zheng quickly asked, "How did you hurt … is it fake?"
Cher smiled again. "Of course it’s fake! I want to save my life to help you slaughter in Wujiabao! ….. This time I pretended to be badly hurt and deliberately asked you to go to Wujiabao by yourself because I believed in your ability and asked you to find Feng Yu. Second, I want to take the opportunity to dump my dirty friends because I also doubt them; Third, it is to help them mislead the punishment thirteen, so that he and I can get rid of this’ catastrophe’! I didn’t tell you because I knew you were clever and you didn’t disappoint me, because I saw that they were once again benefited by you and went to Liulin Town to deliver letters to Master Wu … Haha. "
Xu Shao also smiled and then asked, "Did you tell your sister to postpone the action?"
"There is no reason why I can judge whether you are safe before I see you."
Xu Shao can’t help but worry, "but what should I do now? ….. We can’t practice’ violet sword combination’ in such a short time! "
Wu Xiang’s mood became heavy after listening to her words …
Cher smiled and said, "It’s not us, it’s you! ….. you will be able to practice’ violet sword combination’ "
Xueer said, "If you want to practice the combination of violet sword and sword as quickly as possible, you must meet three conditions at the same time. First, you must be smart; Second, learn "Extremely Magic" first; Third, the right hand and the left hand must be equally flexible … but you meet these three conditions, because I heard that you are a big talent and can write Meihu ā seal script with both hands, even if you are a beginner, you will be able to practice quickly! "
Xu Shao breathed a sigh of relief, but he was still uneasy and asked, "But even so, I can’t practice in such a short time?"
Cher smiled again, as if she were not worried at all, and said, "You have stopped learning a trick here! ….. Because you have learned the key trick, now you have to remember the combination of violet sword and sword and practice it slowly! "


"The earth tiger is so presumptuous in my Japanese territory to pick me up."

Kappei Yamaguchi slapped an American agent to death, and then several flicker came to the front of the earth tiger. He fought together.
At one time, two people were rolling around air billow, and others were getting close to …
Chapter 424 trick
"It’ s really not good to deceive people!"
I don’t know when Noda Kawaji got up and the air was rolling.
He stared at the tiger, his eyes were red, and a murderous look surged from his head
"kill! If the law is absolutely uncertain, let these thieves escape from Japan and give it to me! "
Say that finish wild rattan Sichuan Ji lead to join the battle.
He and Kappei Yamaguchi fought against the earth tiger alone.
In the end, the number of other Americans is too small, and one-to-many roots are not rivals.
Soon they were pushed to a corner where they could passively defend themselves against the root force and fight back.
The evil tiger was just blocked by this group of people and was not damaged.
Seeing this scene, Muhai smiled and fled.
"Come on, America is not kind enough to occupy my country like Japan. Stop staring!"
The effect of bathing in the sea is as good as that of military orders.
More and more people poured into the bottom of the warship to join the battle.
The warship meeting room is not here at the moment, so many people are pouring into it, and it is difficult to display their fists.
It’s okay for the earth tiger. Did Wild Fujikawa and Yoshi play well?
And the group of people in front of the evil tiger will die like a rainstorm.
Even some fists with sharp light.
"Boom …"
A U.S. agent was punched upside down and hit the wall, then landed heavily on the evil tiger.
"Well …"
The agent struggled, but the injury was too serious, and the root was to move.
"Damn it!"
Evil tiger face an angry roar.
He pushed the agent up and joined the battle color.
"Boom …"
He gave a roar as if he had been torn apart with one punch.
Several Japanese masters were blown to dust by this blow, and there was nothing left.
This scene surprised everyone by looking at the evil tiger.
A ruined man in dantian has such a terrible power?
Even Muhai frowned slightly. I didn’t expect evil tiger’s physical strength to be so strong.
"Hum, why don’t you call? If you want to kill us, you must have the consciousness of being killed. "The evil tiger looked at the Japanese and said coldly.
Suddenly, his chest turned pale, but he quickly recovered his anger and stared at the person in front of him.
Wait for a while, a Japanese agent, looked at the evil tiger and dared not.
Just now, the scene of the evil tiger smashing several people with one punch is still fresh in my mind.
Although they are agents, they are also human beings. They have human weaknesses and are naturally afraid of death.
"Stop staring. Come on, he’s pale and weak."
Then come to Muhaiyin.
This immediately made people find that the evil tiger was unwell. "Everyone is still afraid of him together."
Someone took the lead and immediately someone followed several fists to surge again.
"Damn it!"
Evil tiger’s angry eyes glared at Mu Hai’s face.
Clouds of magic thoughts rose rapidly from his head and went straight into Muhai Dantian.
"If you can kill me by staring at me, I’ve died ten thousand times," Muhai said with a smile.
Hear this evil tiger face is angry.
He roared out with a pair of fists.
"Boom …"
There was a loud noise in front of him, and a dozen secret service departments turned to dust. When the wind blew, there was no residue left.
Another move to get a dozen people.


"But I hope that during this period, the second brother will also enter the law for experience! This kind of opportunity is rare! " Thoughtfully for a moment, Xiao Qing continued

"Come on! Sister, please spare the second brother! I will practice hard, but I will never enter that array! " Yang Xiao said with a bitter face oath
"Everyone is the second brother who suffers from bitter food … alas!" Looking at the Yang Xiao has run away figure small sunny nai sighed.
"Ha ha!" See Yang Xiao awkwardly situation Zhang Dianfei laughed Zhang Dage! You also advise Sister Liner to join the array and get a little training! There is still a lot of room for the ghost to repair in the medium term! Don’t wave this precious law and time! "See laughter Zhang Dianfei Xiao Qing said not to shift the line of sight to his body.
"Er … it suddenly occurred to me that I have some things to do! Let’s talk again next time! " Zhang Dianfei stopped smiling and scratched his head, embarrassed and said that the figure disappeared in a flash.
"alas! Why don’t they want to enter this array? " Looking at the direction of the invisible figure, Xiao Qing is quite nai murmured
"I can enter the law when I have a rest for a few days! This time, we must rise to the peak of the ghost king! " Looking at the nearby narrow escape X large array Xiao Qing said firmly.
It’s nothing to be able to quickly increase your strength! When I thought that I had learned martial arts and had been doing it for so long beside Ling Tian, I thought to myself that Xiaoqing had learned the Four Elephants and Steps, and there were two steps to enter the law and then come out alone, so it was not a problem.
Fortunately, Xiaoqing can combine the four elephants with the seven stars, but she can’t combine the four footwork parts! Otherwise, it really startled Yang Xiao! You know, Xiaoqing didn’t absorb black liquor! But this is already very scary in the general ghost repair. Xiao Qing attacked Zhang Xiaotian mentally and they have seen it! Although they can’t absorb a lot of black liquor, compared with them, their mental frequency is already higher than the natural green qualification. If every ghost person’s mental attack is like Xiao Qing, it’s really like what Bing Ling said. The ghost person’s mental attack is really terrible!
When Zhang Dianfei arrived here, Hou Xiaotian gave him a bottle of psychic black liquor without telling him, and then Zhang Xiaotian entered the X array of narrow escape in Zhang Dianfei’s dumbfounded! For Zhang Xiaotian, they kept it a secret, and Zhang Dianfei was not angry. After all, it was really an incredible and exciting thing, and Zhang Dianfei couldn’t guarantee that if he had known that Zhang Xiaotian had such a treasure, he would have robbed it directly! However, after absorbing a lot of black liquor, Zhang Dianfei was finally able to successfully combine the four postures, which made Zhang Dianfei’s strength soar a lot!
Looking at the nearby narrow escape, the tenth large array, Xiao Qing, has a complicated face and doesn’t know what’s going on in her heart.
One day passed, two days passed, and gradually a month passed! Zhang Xiaotian spent a whole month in the law.
After Zhang Xiaotian entered the array for half a month, he practiced the four elephants a little skillfully, and Xiao Qing slowly passed away when he entered.
During this period, Yang Xiao sneaked out and brought back a piece of news that was neither good nor bad! Pang Shen’s death seems that no one knows that there has been no big change in hell.
Doubt at the same time Yang Xiao some lucky in their hearts! Fortunately, otherwise they really don’t know what to do!
"Strange! How come no one is present when Pang Shen is dead? " Hill Yang Xiao squatted on the ground, holding the bar in his hand, puzzled and murmured.
"Do you remember a sentence that Tsepongshen said in the ghost town?" Aside Zhang Dianfei hesitated for a moment and said slowly
"What sentence?" Yang Xiao to some curious look at Zhang Dianfei.
"He said he would travel in hell for ten years!" Zhang Dianfei bowed their heads and thought for a mouth and said
"well! He did! " Yang Xiao nodded suddenly Yang Xiao eyes a bright "Murphy …"
"Maybe someone else has traveled!" Nodded Zhang Dianfei light said with a smile.
"If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean we won’t worry about others looking for us for at least ten years?" Hear Zhang Dianfei so Yang Xiao said with a face of joy.
"This is a guess, I’m not sure!" Zhang Dianfei gave a wry smile and said
"It must be so! Haha! " Yang Xiao to turn over a somersault from the ground up and said with a smile
"Let’s wait until tomorrow comes out of the array!" Nodded Zhang Dianfei mouth said now Zhang Xiaotian is the strongest among them and their hope!
"Yes! Better get out quickly! I’ve been worried since I came to hell. I’ve never been around! " Yang Xiao nodded and said slightly excited.
"oh! Haven’t you had enough fun going out these days? " Looking at Yang Xiao Zhang Dianfei said with a face of Gherardini.
"Who went to play? I was out spying! " Yang Xiao face a red embarrassed and said
Zhang Dianfei smiled and stopped talking.
"hey! Someone is fighting! " Suddenly Yang Xiao light yi export said
"Fight? What repair? Where is it? " Hear Yang Xiao talk Zhang Dianfei heart is not a tight out of a series of inquiries.
"hey! Only the ghost king level! It’s a little noisy! Not yet! " See Zhang Dianfei a face of nervous Yang Xiao smiled a contemptuously laughed.
"Er …" Zhang Dianfei said this with a burst of words, "Only the level of the ghost king!" "Small fights!" If others hear it, it will be a big talk! You know, even Yang Xiaodi himself is just "the early days of the ghost king!" It’s the lowest level of the ghost king!
However, just after Yang Xiao finished, his face slowly changed.
"What’s the matter?" Now Yang Xiao face expression is wrong Zhang Dianfei mouth asked again.
"Niang! It turns out that they are after us. Now they are discussing how to allocate the problem! " Yang Xiao to a face of bitterly said
"What?" Zhang Dianfei face expression is very strange!
"Hum! They say there are treasures in this fog to treasure! " Yang Xiao sneered and said, "Now they are discussing the distribution after finding the treasure!"
"Is there a ghost king level repair?" Zhang Dianfei asked tightly.
"well! The highest talent is the peak of the ghost king! " Nodded Yang Xiao asked
"Well! If there is no ghost emperor level ghost repair! " Zhang Dianfei relieved light said with a smile.
"Zhang Dage! After all, you are also the ghost king at his peak. Why are you so afraid of the ghost emperor’s ghost repair? " See Zhang Dianfei this pair of expression Yang Xiao to some uncomfortable said, "my brother just ghost will peak period can beat Qin Wen you all ghost king peak period …" Obviously for Zhang Dianfei this pair of worry mentality Yang Xiao is very dissatisfied.
"How can I compare with Xiao Tian? After his purple psychic force is integrated into his body, his physical strength can be comparable to that of the ghost emperor in the middle period! I don’t have the purple spirit to integrate into my body! " Zhang Dianfei a face of wry smile continued, "besides, your brother also said that the ghost emperor level ghost repair but has a ghost emperor domain have you seen the ghost emperor domain? Your brother is not afraid of that ghost emperor field. Can we not be afraid? Even the ghost level ghost repair in the ghost emperor field can affect us. Why is it not affected? "
"Zhang Dage! You are too worried! The ghost emperor level ghost repair is coming, so we won’t go out! " Be Zhang Dianfei said a phone call it happened that Yang Xiao returned the law to refute the last Yang Xiao can shan said.
"all right! They are coming! " See Zhang Dianfei what to say when Yang Xiao hurriedly export interrupted.
"Three demons peak three demons later and two demons in the middle! There is a ghost king in total! " Yang Xiao smiled and sneered and said
"Dare to provoke us is really impatient! Hey, hey, we’ll let them in and out! Zhang Dage has a total of four demons, four of you and four of me. Don’t rob me! " Yang Xiao looked back at Zhang Dianfei with a face of tension and said
"hmm!" Zhang Dianfei light nodded with a smile.
Outside the fog at the foot of the hill! A ghost king stood there quietly watching the fog in front of him.
Looking at the very calm fog in front of me, one of the demons, a 30-year-old white-clad youth, looked at the two demons at the peak and said, "Brother Lu! Brother Bao! Let’s go in quickly. This is the territory of Eagle Nine and Tiger Two. It’s not good for them to know! "
"Eagle Nine and Tiger Two?" One of them, a young man with two horns, disdained to smile and then said, "Brother Rabbit! The three of us are afraid of them together? "
"That’s it! Two guys who didn’t farm, but two brothers went in and didn’t come out, so they were afraid to go in! Such a timid root doesn’t deserve to be our soul beast! Before losing them, they kept saying how they were like the Flying Tiger and the Purple Eagle! Hey! " Another man with a pattern on his face nodded and chimed in.
"That’s why we should be more careful about Eagle Nine and Erhu. They are not cowards! Even they dare not go in easily and say that this fog is really not simple! " Shook his head, the white youth mouth previously said
"Hum! Gray cattle and brown bears just robbed their territory at the peak of the ghost king. They dare not even fart. What is cowardice? " Called brother Lu, the blue robe man coldly said with a cold hum.
The white man shook his head and didn’t want to say much on this topic just now, so he said, "Let’s go in! Every place with natural array will have different treasures! I think that when Xiao Ran’s ghost emperor entered the ghost fog, his strength has advanced by leaps and bounds! What will happen to us this time depends on our respective luck! "
"well! Good! " Brother Lu and Brother Bao looked at each other and nodded.
"That brother, I will leave first!" The white man smiled and said, "Say that finish, and then he flicker and walked to the fog." Three ghosts behind him followed by ghost repair in the later period, which also passed.
"Hum! A rabbit can’t get rid of his timid destiny no matter how tall he is! " Looking at the white man and the three demons who entered the fog in the later period, Brother Lu said disdainfully
"I really don’t know what the Universiade is that he can practice until the peak of the ghost king! You know, jumping rabbits are generally ghosts! " Brother Leopard sighed with a face of complexity that the talent of ghost level spirit beast should practice until the peak of the ghost king. This is really not a general variation! This luck has to be envied!
"He’s so lucky. Don’t let him rob all the good babies. Let’s hurry in!" After hearing what Brother Leopard said, Brother Deer’s face couldn’t help but change into a face of nervousness. Then he took Brother Leopard and flashed into the law. Finally, the two demons followed them in the middle of the ghost repair.
"Hey hey! They are in the array, let’s go in! " See the ghost king department into the law Yang Xiao hands rub the rub said with a quick smile.
"Wait!" When Yang Xiao was about to go to the law, Hou Zhang Dianfei suddenly stopped him.
"What’s the matter?" Hear Zhang Dianfei sound Yang Xiao stopped shape a face of doubt and looked round.
"I think we’d better not hurt their lives!" Thoughtfully for a moment Zhang Dianfei said
"What? Without hurting their lives? " Yang Xiao froze without hurting their lives, which is much more difficult than killing them directly!


"Just you?"

Nan Yunqing said very indifferently that at the same time, his eyes were fixed on Jiaochuan’s face.
Jiaochuan also wanted to calmly look at Nan Yunqing, but I didn’t know that a cold murder came out of Nan Yunqing’s eyes and threatened it in essence. But the murder was too real and too strong. It was so horrible that Jiaochuan had never felt it in his generation, just like a demon in the dark! How can he stand such coercion as a fairy? !
Jiaochuan immediately let out an ugly scream and then trembled all over, and almost knelt down to Nan Yunqing in a hurry. "South elder adults don’t want junior people to know a lot!" Just now, the younger generation was blinded by lard. I deserve to die. I deserve to die! Calm down, calm down! "
Nan Yunqing no longer looked at Jiaochuan and said directly to the crowd, "I have explained this question just now, and there is no need to ask me again. I am the same answer."
Although others didn’t look Nan Yunqing in the eye, they also felt the momentum released by Nan Yunqing at that moment, which is by no means an ordinary fairy. Who dares to talk?
However, at this moment, it happened that there was an accident again. The sudden whiteness of Nan Yunqing’s face turned out to be blood oozing from the corners of his mouth!
Nan Yunqing is hurt!
In fact, it’s not a secret. The key question is whether the fairies can beat her even if she has been injured for 27 times.
No one wants to try the most arrogant Jiaochuan and Nan Yunqing looked at each other and were completely scared. Seeing Nan Yunqing’s mouth bleeding, he dared not say a word.
"If the south elder is not in a hurry to return to the world, the younger generation sincerely invites you to come to our Ziji Zongke. No matter what the elder has to do or recover, we Ziji Zongdo 27 cases and rank first, which can bring the greatest help to the elder." The middle-aged man suddenly said.
Good y and n risks!
The middle-aged man of Zi Ji Zong reacted immediately, and even the eye-catching lake couldn’t help someone to speak. "I am the first in 27 cases, and it is the best choice to come to our eye-catching lake if you are the first to recover from your illness."
Everyone had a good talk about Nan Yunqing, but Xiao Wen was really shaken in his heart. He knew better than anyone that Nan Yunqing had come to take refuge and recuperate. If it is refuge and recuperate in this world, Ming Jianzong is obviously not the best choice to touch the lake! If Nan Yunqing considers 27 cases, it would be better for her to go to Dianji Lake.
When Xiao asked to look at Nan Yunqing, Nan Yunqing just shook his head and said to them, "We’ll talk about it later. At present, I’m sure I’ll go to Ming Jianzong to check Xun Yu’s affairs first." They were not disappointed, but looking at Nan Yunqing was obviously not interested in talking again, so they temporarily dismissed the idea.
Twenty-six people can’t find anything from Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing, and then another target is pushed out, Zhao Rizong! Zhao Rizong Han Xiuxiu hid in Feixia Valley for more than ten years and finally killed so many of their brothers. This account must be calculated.
However, Han Xiuxiu is in a coma and can’t be saved, and it hasn’t made much progress.
In the last 27 cases, we finally discussed a matter of entering the valley.
The best time to enter the valley has passed, and it can wait for years. Twenty-seven cases were unanimously decided to inform the five giants of the discovery of this group of brothers in the valley and then send the immortals directly in the year! Even if there is a robbery, you must go to the bottom of the valley to bring out the bones and relics of those ancestors!
On the evening of the same day, Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing left Feixia Valley with their brothers Jia Nanyun Qing and flew to Xunyu in the direction of Ming Jianzong. They will naturally check it out and give an account to the other 26 cases, but it is obvious that if the 26 cases are not benefited, it will be a formality and no one will delve into it.
Half-way Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing didn’t talk to Xiao Wen much, not because they didn’t want to say it, but because they couldn’t say that it would be bad to have so many younger brothers around to follow them out in case of any secret.
It’s Chu Nian Rou who grabbed Xiao Wen and kept asking questions, but it was a painful thing, even if he went out, it was nothing.
"The teacher elder sister tell you something you don’t say out." Xiao asked suddenly to ChuNianrou ear path.
"Well, don’t worry!"
"I actually killed those two brothers in Jialing Road. Hey, is it a sigh of relief for you?"
"really?" Chunian soft incredible tunnel
"Cheat you? But those two definitely deserve to die. I’ll tell you in detail later. By the way, what’s your feud with Ding Juyuan? "
"It’s a long story, or I’ll tell you in detail. Maybe when you can make this tone for the teacher elder sister!" Chunian soft old-fashioned patting Xiao asked shoulder way
To tell the truth, this time, Xiao Wen’s harvest in Feixia Valley is quite a lot, and all the rest of his younger brothers are compared, not only giving Ming Jianzong a long face, but also giving Ran Feng a long face. Chu Nian is a somewhat emotional person. At this time, when he is happy, he is just shy with Xiao Wen …
It soon got dark, and Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing continued to fly with the crowd at an unabated speed until midnight when they finally returned to Ming Jianzong.
The moonlight singing sword Sect looks unique, especially in the lake array of Yingyue Lake and Tingzhi Island, where there is fluorescent rush, which looks like a dream.
But this time is not the time to view the scenery. Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing directly let everyone go back to their homes to rest, leaving Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing alone and then flying towards the peak of Mingjian together.
This patriarch Zongwangren is either resting or practicing in the middle of the night, but he doesn’t care so much. It is necessary to disturb Xiao Wen when he comes back with such a big mirage!
As a result, when they arrived at Zongwangren’s residence, the nice patriarch was actually turning over the accounts. Almost as soon as they informed Zongwangren, they personally came out and welcomed them in.
As a result, Nan Yunqing directly said, "The patriarch doesn’t have to pay more attention to this celestial world, so it’s hard for me to have a history of making friends with the patriarch, and the left two people can treat me as Xiao Wen’s ordinary friend."
"It’s all right." Zong Wangren was very decisive about being a nice guy, but he readily promised to come here. Then he turned to Xiao and asked, "Xiao asked if there are no outsiders now. Tell me what else you have gained?"
This is that even Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing don’t know that Zong Wangren asked the two men to get serious.
Xiao Wen didn’t hide it from the service road. "Xun Yu’s soaring place actually has a specific name. Xun Yu said that if he brought his body and ring back to Ming Jianzong, he would be promoted to the six giants in 30 years. I don’t know if he is bragging, but I did bring back his body and ring back." To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Give the sword
When Xiao asked about Xin Ji, none of Zong Wangren was impressed. However, when it comes to Xin Ji relics, it can make Ming Jianzong rise to the top five in 30 years. The three people, Zong, Shi and Zuo, are surprised one by one and can no longer be calm!
Nan Yunqing directly handed the two things to Xiao Wen Xiao Wen and handed them to Zong Wangren. It is worth it. First, these two things are relatively high-end. Xiao Wen can only collect things, but he can’t get in. Xiao Wen didn’t know what else was inside except Xin Ji’s body until now.
After Zong Wangren took it, he didn’t go straight to the ring of things. It was difficult for Xiao Wen, but it was very easy for a fairy.
Glancing at Zong Wangren, the patriarch of this school, I’ve seen all the big waves, and I’m always calm as a mountain. The small old man was intrigued and then showed ecstasy!
Yes, it is ecstasy!
What on earth can make his twenty-seven cases of patriarch ecstatic? !
Zong Wangren obviously took into account the feelings of all people and said directly, "Let’s spread out first."
Such as the crowd in the chamber of secrets to vacate enough ZongWangRen this way force a parlour called out two things in the ring.
Then listen to "shout" and the secret room is full of things, most of which are gorgeous. At first glance, it is a treasure! There are also several sets of classics piled together, and when you look at their appearance, you will know that the classics are neither made of paper nor bamboo, but made of gold leaves!
But at this time, Zong Wangren had an amazing language to listen to him. "This is the one-third thing in the ring."
Obviously, the secret room is too small to put everything in those two rings.
Those stacks of classics make people ignore that they are huge for a clan, and there are many other things. And these are just a third in front of everyone!
Compared with these, the bead is really nothing. No wonder Xin Ji-gen abandoned those animal bones and even the bead!
In fact, at that time, Zong Wangren, Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing could not estimate the specific value of those things and could not see what some treasures were really doing! These things definitely need to be studied slowly, and then they will gradually play a measurable role in the growth of Ming Jianzong!
Sometimes a genius can rise to the status of a clan, and an accidental discovery can also add a clan background. And there are still two-thirds of these things in the secret room. Who can say that Ming Jianzong can’t be promoted to the level of the five giants? ! !
This is a big event, a super big event! ! ! Ming Jianzong’s self-created faction has never had several similar incidents in total. Many peerless figures have lived for a generation until soaring, but all their masters, Zong Wangren, Shi Yunmo, Zuo Ningqing and Ming Jianzong, have driven such a thing!
Zong, Shi and Zuo were all in shock. No one could say anything at the moment, but Xiao asked because he had not yet reached that level and had not fully realized the importance of these things.
After a long time, Zong Wangren suddenly said, "Brother Shi and Sister Zuo must keep this secret for the time being. No one should tell the three of us to study it slowly first and then invite people to join us as appropriate. I wonder if Jianzong can become a giant at this point!"
"Yes!" Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing both promised to come.
"Xiao asked that no one else knew about it?"
"Well, these things must be kept secret."
"Miss Nan still hopes to keep this secret for me. Zongmou is very grateful."
"Patriarch trust is" Nan Yunqing nods.
"Thank you"
Then Zong Wangren didn’t let Xiao Wen leave in the secret room, and they discussed it carefully with Shi and Zuo. At the end of the day, there was only one thing left, that is, dealing with the beads.
They all think that according to the style of God Leizong, if no one preaches the mirage, it may be that God Leizong, who is a monster, may turn a blind eye and ignore this matter. But once someone preaches God Leizong, it is impossible to pretend that he is not aware that he is looking for a door, but in fact, the other 26 cases, especially those who have made friends with God Leizong and made friends with Ming Jianzong, may they not preach it?
Ming Jian Zong will be ready to deal with God Lei Zong from the day!