"Just you?"

Nan Yunqing said very indifferently that at the same time, his eyes were fixed on Jiaochuan’s face.
Jiaochuan also wanted to calmly look at Nan Yunqing, but I didn’t know that a cold murder came out of Nan Yunqing’s eyes and threatened it in essence. But the murder was too real and too strong. It was so horrible that Jiaochuan had never felt it in his generation, just like a demon in the dark! How can he stand such coercion as a fairy? !
Jiaochuan immediately let out an ugly scream and then trembled all over, and almost knelt down to Nan Yunqing in a hurry. "South elder adults don’t want junior people to know a lot!" Just now, the younger generation was blinded by lard. I deserve to die. I deserve to die! Calm down, calm down! "
Nan Yunqing no longer looked at Jiaochuan and said directly to the crowd, "I have explained this question just now, and there is no need to ask me again. I am the same answer."
Although others didn’t look Nan Yunqing in the eye, they also felt the momentum released by Nan Yunqing at that moment, which is by no means an ordinary fairy. Who dares to talk?
However, at this moment, it happened that there was an accident again. The sudden whiteness of Nan Yunqing’s face turned out to be blood oozing from the corners of his mouth!
Nan Yunqing is hurt!
In fact, it’s not a secret. The key question is whether the fairies can beat her even if she has been injured for 27 times.
No one wants to try the most arrogant Jiaochuan and Nan Yunqing looked at each other and were completely scared. Seeing Nan Yunqing’s mouth bleeding, he dared not say a word.
"If the south elder is not in a hurry to return to the world, the younger generation sincerely invites you to come to our Ziji Zongke. No matter what the elder has to do or recover, we Ziji Zongdo 27 cases and rank first, which can bring the greatest help to the elder." The middle-aged man suddenly said.
Good y and n risks!
The middle-aged man of Zi Ji Zong reacted immediately, and even the eye-catching lake couldn’t help someone to speak. "I am the first in 27 cases, and it is the best choice to come to our eye-catching lake if you are the first to recover from your illness."
Everyone had a good talk about Nan Yunqing, but Xiao Wen was really shaken in his heart. He knew better than anyone that Nan Yunqing had come to take refuge and recuperate. If it is refuge and recuperate in this world, Ming Jianzong is obviously not the best choice to touch the lake! If Nan Yunqing considers 27 cases, it would be better for her to go to Dianji Lake.
When Xiao asked to look at Nan Yunqing, Nan Yunqing just shook his head and said to them, "We’ll talk about it later. At present, I’m sure I’ll go to Ming Jianzong to check Xun Yu’s affairs first." They were not disappointed, but looking at Nan Yunqing was obviously not interested in talking again, so they temporarily dismissed the idea.
Twenty-six people can’t find anything from Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing, and then another target is pushed out, Zhao Rizong! Zhao Rizong Han Xiuxiu hid in Feixia Valley for more than ten years and finally killed so many of their brothers. This account must be calculated.
However, Han Xiuxiu is in a coma and can’t be saved, and it hasn’t made much progress.
In the last 27 cases, we finally discussed a matter of entering the valley.
The best time to enter the valley has passed, and it can wait for years. Twenty-seven cases were unanimously decided to inform the five giants of the discovery of this group of brothers in the valley and then send the immortals directly in the year! Even if there is a robbery, you must go to the bottom of the valley to bring out the bones and relics of those ancestors!
On the evening of the same day, Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing left Feixia Valley with their brothers Jia Nanyun Qing and flew to Xunyu in the direction of Ming Jianzong. They will naturally check it out and give an account to the other 26 cases, but it is obvious that if the 26 cases are not benefited, it will be a formality and no one will delve into it.
Half-way Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing didn’t talk to Xiao Wen much, not because they didn’t want to say it, but because they couldn’t say that it would be bad to have so many younger brothers around to follow them out in case of any secret.
It’s Chu Nian Rou who grabbed Xiao Wen and kept asking questions, but it was a painful thing, even if he went out, it was nothing.
"The teacher elder sister tell you something you don’t say out." Xiao asked suddenly to ChuNianrou ear path.
"Well, don’t worry!"
"I actually killed those two brothers in Jialing Road. Hey, is it a sigh of relief for you?"
"really?" Chunian soft incredible tunnel
"Cheat you? But those two definitely deserve to die. I’ll tell you in detail later. By the way, what’s your feud with Ding Juyuan? "
"It’s a long story, or I’ll tell you in detail. Maybe when you can make this tone for the teacher elder sister!" Chunian soft old-fashioned patting Xiao asked shoulder way
To tell the truth, this time, Xiao Wen’s harvest in Feixia Valley is quite a lot, and all the rest of his younger brothers are compared, not only giving Ming Jianzong a long face, but also giving Ran Feng a long face. Chu Nian is a somewhat emotional person. At this time, when he is happy, he is just shy with Xiao Wen …
It soon got dark, and Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing continued to fly with the crowd at an unabated speed until midnight when they finally returned to Ming Jianzong.
The moonlight singing sword Sect looks unique, especially in the lake array of Yingyue Lake and Tingzhi Island, where there is fluorescent rush, which looks like a dream.
But this time is not the time to view the scenery. Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing directly let everyone go back to their homes to rest, leaving Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing alone and then flying towards the peak of Mingjian together.
This patriarch Zongwangren is either resting or practicing in the middle of the night, but he doesn’t care so much. It is necessary to disturb Xiao Wen when he comes back with such a big mirage!
As a result, when they arrived at Zongwangren’s residence, the nice patriarch was actually turning over the accounts. Almost as soon as they informed Zongwangren, they personally came out and welcomed them in.
As a result, Nan Yunqing directly said, "The patriarch doesn’t have to pay more attention to this celestial world, so it’s hard for me to have a history of making friends with the patriarch, and the left two people can treat me as Xiao Wen’s ordinary friend."
"It’s all right." Zong Wangren was very decisive about being a nice guy, but he readily promised to come here. Then he turned to Xiao and asked, "Xiao asked if there are no outsiders now. Tell me what else you have gained?"
This is that even Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing don’t know that Zong Wangren asked the two men to get serious.
Xiao Wen didn’t hide it from the service road. "Xun Yu’s soaring place actually has a specific name. Xun Yu said that if he brought his body and ring back to Ming Jianzong, he would be promoted to the six giants in 30 years. I don’t know if he is bragging, but I did bring back his body and ring back." To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Give the sword
When Xiao asked about Xin Ji, none of Zong Wangren was impressed. However, when it comes to Xin Ji relics, it can make Ming Jianzong rise to the top five in 30 years. The three people, Zong, Shi and Zuo, are surprised one by one and can no longer be calm!
Nan Yunqing directly handed the two things to Xiao Wen Xiao Wen and handed them to Zong Wangren. It is worth it. First, these two things are relatively high-end. Xiao Wen can only collect things, but he can’t get in. Xiao Wen didn’t know what else was inside except Xin Ji’s body until now.
After Zong Wangren took it, he didn’t go straight to the ring of things. It was difficult for Xiao Wen, but it was very easy for a fairy.
Glancing at Zong Wangren, the patriarch of this school, I’ve seen all the big waves, and I’m always calm as a mountain. The small old man was intrigued and then showed ecstasy!
Yes, it is ecstasy!
What on earth can make his twenty-seven cases of patriarch ecstatic? !
Zong Wangren obviously took into account the feelings of all people and said directly, "Let’s spread out first."
Such as the crowd in the chamber of secrets to vacate enough ZongWangRen this way force a parlour called out two things in the ring.
Then listen to "shout" and the secret room is full of things, most of which are gorgeous. At first glance, it is a treasure! There are also several sets of classics piled together, and when you look at their appearance, you will know that the classics are neither made of paper nor bamboo, but made of gold leaves!
But at this time, Zong Wangren had an amazing language to listen to him. "This is the one-third thing in the ring."
Obviously, the secret room is too small to put everything in those two rings.
Those stacks of classics make people ignore that they are huge for a clan, and there are many other things. And these are just a third in front of everyone!
Compared with these, the bead is really nothing. No wonder Xin Ji-gen abandoned those animal bones and even the bead!
In fact, at that time, Zong Wangren, Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing could not estimate the specific value of those things and could not see what some treasures were really doing! These things definitely need to be studied slowly, and then they will gradually play a measurable role in the growth of Ming Jianzong!
Sometimes a genius can rise to the status of a clan, and an accidental discovery can also add a clan background. And there are still two-thirds of these things in the secret room. Who can say that Ming Jianzong can’t be promoted to the level of the five giants? ! !
This is a big event, a super big event! ! ! Ming Jianzong’s self-created faction has never had several similar incidents in total. Many peerless figures have lived for a generation until soaring, but all their masters, Zong Wangren, Shi Yunmo, Zuo Ningqing and Ming Jianzong, have driven such a thing!
Zong, Shi and Zuo were all in shock. No one could say anything at the moment, but Xiao asked because he had not yet reached that level and had not fully realized the importance of these things.
After a long time, Zong Wangren suddenly said, "Brother Shi and Sister Zuo must keep this secret for the time being. No one should tell the three of us to study it slowly first and then invite people to join us as appropriate. I wonder if Jianzong can become a giant at this point!"
"Yes!" Shi Yunmo and Zuo Ningqing both promised to come.
"Xiao asked that no one else knew about it?"
"Well, these things must be kept secret."
"Miss Nan still hopes to keep this secret for me. Zongmou is very grateful."
"Patriarch trust is" Nan Yunqing nods.
"Thank you"
Then Zong Wangren didn’t let Xiao Wen leave in the secret room, and they discussed it carefully with Shi and Zuo. At the end of the day, there was only one thing left, that is, dealing with the beads.
They all think that according to the style of God Leizong, if no one preaches the mirage, it may be that God Leizong, who is a monster, may turn a blind eye and ignore this matter. But once someone preaches God Leizong, it is impossible to pretend that he is not aware that he is looking for a door, but in fact, the other 26 cases, especially those who have made friends with God Leizong and made friends with Ming Jianzong, may they not preach it?
Ming Jian Zong will be ready to deal with God Lei Zong from the day!