"But I hope that during this period, the second brother will also enter the law for experience! This kind of opportunity is rare! " Thoughtfully for a moment, Xiao Qing continued

"Come on! Sister, please spare the second brother! I will practice hard, but I will never enter that array! " Yang Xiao said with a bitter face oath
"Everyone is the second brother who suffers from bitter food … alas!" Looking at the Yang Xiao has run away figure small sunny nai sighed.
"Ha ha!" See Yang Xiao awkwardly situation Zhang Dianfei laughed Zhang Dage! You also advise Sister Liner to join the array and get a little training! There is still a lot of room for the ghost to repair in the medium term! Don’t wave this precious law and time! "See laughter Zhang Dianfei Xiao Qing said not to shift the line of sight to his body.
"Er … it suddenly occurred to me that I have some things to do! Let’s talk again next time! " Zhang Dianfei stopped smiling and scratched his head, embarrassed and said that the figure disappeared in a flash.
"alas! Why don’t they want to enter this array? " Looking at the direction of the invisible figure, Xiao Qing is quite nai murmured
"I can enter the law when I have a rest for a few days! This time, we must rise to the peak of the ghost king! " Looking at the nearby narrow escape X large array Xiao Qing said firmly.
It’s nothing to be able to quickly increase your strength! When I thought that I had learned martial arts and had been doing it for so long beside Ling Tian, I thought to myself that Xiaoqing had learned the Four Elephants and Steps, and there were two steps to enter the law and then come out alone, so it was not a problem.
Fortunately, Xiaoqing can combine the four elephants with the seven stars, but she can’t combine the four footwork parts! Otherwise, it really startled Yang Xiao! You know, Xiaoqing didn’t absorb black liquor! But this is already very scary in the general ghost repair. Xiao Qing attacked Zhang Xiaotian mentally and they have seen it! Although they can’t absorb a lot of black liquor, compared with them, their mental frequency is already higher than the natural green qualification. If every ghost person’s mental attack is like Xiao Qing, it’s really like what Bing Ling said. The ghost person’s mental attack is really terrible!
When Zhang Dianfei arrived here, Hou Xiaotian gave him a bottle of psychic black liquor without telling him, and then Zhang Xiaotian entered the X array of narrow escape in Zhang Dianfei’s dumbfounded! For Zhang Xiaotian, they kept it a secret, and Zhang Dianfei was not angry. After all, it was really an incredible and exciting thing, and Zhang Dianfei couldn’t guarantee that if he had known that Zhang Xiaotian had such a treasure, he would have robbed it directly! However, after absorbing a lot of black liquor, Zhang Dianfei was finally able to successfully combine the four postures, which made Zhang Dianfei’s strength soar a lot!
Looking at the nearby narrow escape, the tenth large array, Xiao Qing, has a complicated face and doesn’t know what’s going on in her heart.
One day passed, two days passed, and gradually a month passed! Zhang Xiaotian spent a whole month in the law.
After Zhang Xiaotian entered the array for half a month, he practiced the four elephants a little skillfully, and Xiao Qing slowly passed away when he entered.
During this period, Yang Xiao sneaked out and brought back a piece of news that was neither good nor bad! Pang Shen’s death seems that no one knows that there has been no big change in hell.
Doubt at the same time Yang Xiao some lucky in their hearts! Fortunately, otherwise they really don’t know what to do!
"Strange! How come no one is present when Pang Shen is dead? " Hill Yang Xiao squatted on the ground, holding the bar in his hand, puzzled and murmured.
"Do you remember a sentence that Tsepongshen said in the ghost town?" Aside Zhang Dianfei hesitated for a moment and said slowly
"What sentence?" Yang Xiao to some curious look at Zhang Dianfei.
"He said he would travel in hell for ten years!" Zhang Dianfei bowed their heads and thought for a mouth and said
"well! He did! " Yang Xiao nodded suddenly Yang Xiao eyes a bright "Murphy …"
"Maybe someone else has traveled!" Nodded Zhang Dianfei light said with a smile.
"If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean we won’t worry about others looking for us for at least ten years?" Hear Zhang Dianfei so Yang Xiao said with a face of joy.
"This is a guess, I’m not sure!" Zhang Dianfei gave a wry smile and said
"It must be so! Haha! " Yang Xiao to turn over a somersault from the ground up and said with a smile
"Let’s wait until tomorrow comes out of the array!" Nodded Zhang Dianfei mouth said now Zhang Xiaotian is the strongest among them and their hope!
"Yes! Better get out quickly! I’ve been worried since I came to hell. I’ve never been around! " Yang Xiao nodded and said slightly excited.
"oh! Haven’t you had enough fun going out these days? " Looking at Yang Xiao Zhang Dianfei said with a face of Gherardini.
"Who went to play? I was out spying! " Yang Xiao face a red embarrassed and said
Zhang Dianfei smiled and stopped talking.
"hey! Someone is fighting! " Suddenly Yang Xiao light yi export said
"Fight? What repair? Where is it? " Hear Yang Xiao talk Zhang Dianfei heart is not a tight out of a series of inquiries.
"hey! Only the ghost king level! It’s a little noisy! Not yet! " See Zhang Dianfei a face of nervous Yang Xiao smiled a contemptuously laughed.
"Er …" Zhang Dianfei said this with a burst of words, "Only the level of the ghost king!" "Small fights!" If others hear it, it will be a big talk! You know, even Yang Xiaodi himself is just "the early days of the ghost king!" It’s the lowest level of the ghost king!
However, just after Yang Xiao finished, his face slowly changed.
"What’s the matter?" Now Yang Xiao face expression is wrong Zhang Dianfei mouth asked again.
"Niang! It turns out that they are after us. Now they are discussing how to allocate the problem! " Yang Xiao to a face of bitterly said
"What?" Zhang Dianfei face expression is very strange!
"Hum! They say there are treasures in this fog to treasure! " Yang Xiao sneered and said, "Now they are discussing the distribution after finding the treasure!"
"Is there a ghost king level repair?" Zhang Dianfei asked tightly.
"well! The highest talent is the peak of the ghost king! " Nodded Yang Xiao asked
"Well! If there is no ghost emperor level ghost repair! " Zhang Dianfei relieved light said with a smile.
"Zhang Dage! After all, you are also the ghost king at his peak. Why are you so afraid of the ghost emperor’s ghost repair? " See Zhang Dianfei this pair of expression Yang Xiao to some uncomfortable said, "my brother just ghost will peak period can beat Qin Wen you all ghost king peak period …" Obviously for Zhang Dianfei this pair of worry mentality Yang Xiao is very dissatisfied.
"How can I compare with Xiao Tian? After his purple psychic force is integrated into his body, his physical strength can be comparable to that of the ghost emperor in the middle period! I don’t have the purple spirit to integrate into my body! " Zhang Dianfei a face of wry smile continued, "besides, your brother also said that the ghost emperor level ghost repair but has a ghost emperor domain have you seen the ghost emperor domain? Your brother is not afraid of that ghost emperor field. Can we not be afraid? Even the ghost level ghost repair in the ghost emperor field can affect us. Why is it not affected? "
"Zhang Dage! You are too worried! The ghost emperor level ghost repair is coming, so we won’t go out! " Be Zhang Dianfei said a phone call it happened that Yang Xiao returned the law to refute the last Yang Xiao can shan said.
"all right! They are coming! " See Zhang Dianfei what to say when Yang Xiao hurriedly export interrupted.
"Three demons peak three demons later and two demons in the middle! There is a ghost king in total! " Yang Xiao smiled and sneered and said
"Dare to provoke us is really impatient! Hey, hey, we’ll let them in and out! Zhang Dage has a total of four demons, four of you and four of me. Don’t rob me! " Yang Xiao looked back at Zhang Dianfei with a face of tension and said
"hmm!" Zhang Dianfei light nodded with a smile.
Outside the fog at the foot of the hill! A ghost king stood there quietly watching the fog in front of him.
Looking at the very calm fog in front of me, one of the demons, a 30-year-old white-clad youth, looked at the two demons at the peak and said, "Brother Lu! Brother Bao! Let’s go in quickly. This is the territory of Eagle Nine and Tiger Two. It’s not good for them to know! "
"Eagle Nine and Tiger Two?" One of them, a young man with two horns, disdained to smile and then said, "Brother Rabbit! The three of us are afraid of them together? "
"That’s it! Two guys who didn’t farm, but two brothers went in and didn’t come out, so they were afraid to go in! Such a timid root doesn’t deserve to be our soul beast! Before losing them, they kept saying how they were like the Flying Tiger and the Purple Eagle! Hey! " Another man with a pattern on his face nodded and chimed in.
"That’s why we should be more careful about Eagle Nine and Erhu. They are not cowards! Even they dare not go in easily and say that this fog is really not simple! " Shook his head, the white youth mouth previously said
"Hum! Gray cattle and brown bears just robbed their territory at the peak of the ghost king. They dare not even fart. What is cowardice? " Called brother Lu, the blue robe man coldly said with a cold hum.
The white man shook his head and didn’t want to say much on this topic just now, so he said, "Let’s go in! Every place with natural array will have different treasures! I think that when Xiao Ran’s ghost emperor entered the ghost fog, his strength has advanced by leaps and bounds! What will happen to us this time depends on our respective luck! "
"well! Good! " Brother Lu and Brother Bao looked at each other and nodded.
"That brother, I will leave first!" The white man smiled and said, "Say that finish, and then he flicker and walked to the fog." Three ghosts behind him followed by ghost repair in the later period, which also passed.
"Hum! A rabbit can’t get rid of his timid destiny no matter how tall he is! " Looking at the white man and the three demons who entered the fog in the later period, Brother Lu said disdainfully
"I really don’t know what the Universiade is that he can practice until the peak of the ghost king! You know, jumping rabbits are generally ghosts! " Brother Leopard sighed with a face of complexity that the talent of ghost level spirit beast should practice until the peak of the ghost king. This is really not a general variation! This luck has to be envied!
"He’s so lucky. Don’t let him rob all the good babies. Let’s hurry in!" After hearing what Brother Leopard said, Brother Deer’s face couldn’t help but change into a face of nervousness. Then he took Brother Leopard and flashed into the law. Finally, the two demons followed them in the middle of the ghost repair.
"Hey hey! They are in the array, let’s go in! " See the ghost king department into the law Yang Xiao hands rub the rub said with a quick smile.
"Wait!" When Yang Xiao was about to go to the law, Hou Zhang Dianfei suddenly stopped him.
"What’s the matter?" Hear Zhang Dianfei sound Yang Xiao stopped shape a face of doubt and looked round.
"I think we’d better not hurt their lives!" Thoughtfully for a moment Zhang Dianfei said
"What? Without hurting their lives? " Yang Xiao froze without hurting their lives, which is much more difficult than killing them directly!