The hoarse and indifferent voice rang out in everyone’s mind, "The keeper has ordered those who interfere with the dead to be burned at the stake of Nine Ghosts from today!"

Soon the evil wind dispersed and the hospital returned to normal.
They were frightened and denounced in succession.
"Bold evil spirits dare to come to the world of dragons and turtles!"
"The dogma has no response!"
"What nonsense hades quickly reported to worship you!"
But what scares them is that the imperial court has issued a decree before sending a letter. Since then, the necromancer has been abolished, and the offender must not interfere with the ghost!
They don’t know that this is the case. It happens in many worlds.
It’s good to say here that some of the world’s mainstream achievement methods are to refine the soul and seize the soul, and many clan doors have been destroyed overnight.
Well-informed, the world’s top management naturally banned it.
They know that the heaven is in chaos now, and they rely on the fairy officials, and their own people are hard to protect themselves, and they are even worse to get involved in such a thing.
Besides, nothing happened in dogma, saying that the trip to hades has been recognized by heaven and earth …
In the darkness and emptiness, there is a little fire.
A road of the dead twists and turns to communicate with the world
In the darkness in the distance, Wang Xuanlin suspended his forehead and Candle dragon watched silently with golden eyes.
The stone bridge used to be different from this dead road, but the iron lock was built to form a pavement.
It seems a little weird to climb the face of the dead
Wang Xuan eyebrows slightly wrinkled somberly.
These chains are very familiar. It was the ones that hades saw trapping gouhun birds at that time.
At that time, he was shallow in Taoism, but now he can see that the chain is a representation, but it is actually a congenital rhyme.
It’s stronger than the celestial lock. No wonder you have to destroy the magic gun to cut it off.
Thought of here, Wang Xuan’s mind sank into the dreamland of the sacred tree.
With the completion of Mandala of the Mixed Stars into the third layer of the magical tree dreamland, earth-shaking changes have taken place.
Looking up at the sky, you can see the huge shadow of the mother tree of the stars, and the islanded dragons, turtles and whales hover around the giant tree.
Even Candle dragon’s eyes can see the distant sky, and there are also several starlight soaring into the sky, which is his heavenly mother tree, but he can’t see the appearance
The central part is still a lake, but the fog is scattered, and you can see the projection of the universe.
Except for the Dihuang world, which has been completely covered up.
The lake is naturally nine secluded places.
The sea of ghosts is still creepy at the margin, and strange waves are formed from time to time to pour out of the lake and disappear into the dreamland
Wang Xuan knew that this was the source of the disaster.
Those ghosts disappeared, and the gods and demons of Tianhou reappeared. Even the representative avenue Beichen Emperor had to seal it.
The lake has also changed.


"Do you think Xinyang Army and Suizhou can stop the army from attacking?"

"The south? !”
Field officers don’t breath in air conditioning.
"I now increasingly suspect that there is collusion between the army and the thief army."
Joo Won  went to Wang Yan’s side and said, "When the thief army acted, the army made a big show of martial arts and even entered the country to take the initiative to provoke. This has never happened before, but it has happened now. What if this is the army acting in cooperation with the thief army?"
Wang Yan was silent for a while before he spoke slowly.
"This is not the worst case. The worst case is that the army will encircle us from north to south and the thief army will trap us in death from south to north."
Wang Yan analyzed that one of the officers who appeared was livid.
It is precisely because this speculation is reasonable and very likely that they will be livid.
And Wang Yan’s speculation has not stopped.
"If the guess is that the real thief army and the army intend to besiege Xiangyang and destroy our army, then their intention is definitely not just a Xiangyang, but a barrier to Jinghu, and Jinghu is the waist of Dasong.
Xiangyang is not guaranteed, Beijing Lake is not guaranteed, and the back of Dasong is no longer guaranteed. The territory of Dasong will be cut off by the country, and the Yangtze River moat will be meaningless. What will happen then? "
Chapter 14 Wang Yan is a famous star
Wang Yan said his guess.
Joo Won  swallowed and his face became very ugly.
"All control you say these … are the worst may be no more possibilities, isn’t it? China is still overhauling the Yellow River. Will they help the whole country to the south? Impossible? "
"I always prepare for the worst when I fight a gold thief."
Wang Yanleng said, "It is still necessary to be so careful to fight against the gold thief. Now I am far better than the gold thief. If I don’t plan for the worst, it will be difficult for the army to be wiped out and the bones will be ruined. I will be laughed at by future generations.
If we build the Yellow River, we can’t go to war on a large scale, so we will be too underestimating our enemies. I’m afraid we will become a Xia country. Your countries have been dormant for a long time, but we are afraid that the sky will fall. We are in big trouble. "
People were frightened and turned to Wang Yan for strategies to solve the problem.
Since there can be a problem, let’s say that Wang Yan also has a solution to the problem, right?
They are very eager to see Wang Yan.
However, they don’t know that Wang Yan himself regrets why he is in such a hurry. If he is a little slower, he may not dare to come to Xiangyang at this critical time to face such a terrible situation.
What way?
The other party has taken the lead. What can you do if they want to surround you and panic in Xiangyang?
Retreat south now?
I’m afraid the troops of the military exercise will not be able to follow us until one day when they get the news. At that time, Xiangyang army will definitely not be able to intercept before the retreat is completed, and then there will be pursuers born to die.
Retreat east?
I’m afraid we haven’t walked a few steps yet. It’s a big problem whether the elite fighters of the Wine Cup Army will be in danger when they raid the south.
Retreat west?
The mountains in the Qinling Mountains are mountainous, and the roads are difficult to travel. A few people can still take it as a life challenge. Tens of thousands of troops will cross the mountains. Even if two or three of the last ten people can follow the troops to Hanzhong, even if they win, others will desert and escape if they are not dead.
That’s the country’s land and people’s army waiting for you there. Are you afraid of taking the initiative to die now?
Reasoning Wang Yan is really not broken. Let him see that he is already capable.
With a sigh Wang Yannai shook his head.
"Conspiracy can break open plan such as nai? We, the 40,000 people, are sticking to Xiangfan without the last chance to break the enemy law. "
Wang Yan pointed to the map and Xiangfan attracted people to look down together.
If the Southern Song Dynasty imperial court did something good during the confrontation between Jin and Song Dynasties and during the Song War, we can also talk about their management of Xiangfan.
Xiangfan is the two cities of Fancheng, Xiangyang, which are separated by the Han River. The two cities of South Xiangyang and North Fancheng are high and thick.
There is a good advantage in the establishment of Fancheng water trap in Xiangyang.
Even if the land traffic is blocked, it can also transport grain, weapons and armor from Hanshui River to Xiangfan through the advantage of Song Jun Navy.
Even if Xiangfan is in an extremely dangerous situation, the two cities can contact and support each other through waterways and pontoons.
Moreover, in order to fight against the Jin State for a long time, Xiangyang and Fancheng, the imperial courts of the Southern Song Dynasty, have accumulated rich food. At present, there is enough food in the second city of Xiangfan for three years
After verification, weapons and ordnance are few and the yield is low, but there are a large number of professional craftsmen in Xiangfan No.2 City who want enough raw materials to produce ordnance ambassadors at full capacity.
This is the biggest advantage of the second city of Xiangfan, and it is also the best way to rely on the army and the peasant army.


Base Xingtian witch spirit in battle that is deathless endlessly pestering to the end.

King Kong is very strong, which is bound to be a protracted war.
Xingtian’s most powerful way of fighting is to follow Sun Hao’s instructions for a long time. Xingtian’s witch took a big step to take the mountain and catch the moon, jumped into the empty crystal square shield with both hands holding the shield and growling. The corner of the square shield suddenly aimed at King Kong’s thigh and crashed in.
For King Kong, Abel War Star is not as big as its palm, while Sun Hao and Xingtian Wu Bo are really negligible dust or bacteria.
King Kong’s eyes are not good, or he didn’t take Xingtian’s witch spirit seriously at all, and he didn’t think it would be dangerous at all. He paid attention to Abel War Star.
King Kong, who suffered for the first time in his life, swore that he would destroy Abel War Star and make it into dust to get rid of his evil spirit.
Xingtian Wu ‘o thrust his shield into King Kong’s thigh with both hands. The shield made of virtual crystal shows Sun Hao’s expected ability to break through.
Poof, a virtual crystal square shield was deeply inserted into King Kong’s thigh, and a huge pit groove appeared in front of Xingtian’s witch’s spirit.
According to the intention of Sun Hao’s war, Xingtian swooped into the groove willy-nilly, holding a shield in both hands and suddenly thrust it into the thigh of King Kong.
What will happen if a parasite invisible to the naked eye bites a mortal body? For example, who will feel when a beriberi parasite bites? Unless a large number of insects come out to bite, it will be a little itchy.
Xingtian’s witch dashed into King Kong’s thigh, and the result was not much different from that of parasites biting mortals.
King Kong felt a slight itch in his thigh. He reached out and fished for it. He didn’t feel anything too abnormal, so the horse turned around and continued to hunt Abel War Star.
Sun Hao attached a wisp of consciousness to Xingtian’s Wu ‘o body and bravely rushed inside to smash more than 20 shields. This just blasted a broken skin of King Kong later generations and perceived the liquid layer in front of the flame.
Regardless of the willy-nilly, Sun Hao drove himself, and Xingtian Wu’s body plunged into the layer.
Poof, a light ring, Xingtian’s witch got into it, and suddenly it was too hot and rushing, and layers of it washed away. Xingtian’s witch’s body was Zhang Liu’s golden body was flashing. Xingtian’s wild tactic prompted Xingtian’s witch to be brave and diligent, devouring the surrounding area bravely, and trying to practice her own body.
Sun Hao, a body, has been driven by the melting pot of Medicine God Heaven and Earth, and it has been refined for hundreds of years. It has been refined into a peerless elixir and nine-in-one promotion Mahayana.
On Sun Haogan’s second estimate among the monks in the virtual world of the flesh, no one can say that it is the first.
But even if it is so strong, it is still gradually melting in the flesh, and the vitality around the flesh is too strong. For the first time, Sun Hao and Xingtian’s wild tactic also produce a feeling of indigestion
It’s a bit difficult, but Sun Hao’s penance for so many years is not for nothing. A virtual crystal square shield in his hand helps Xingtian’s witch’s body stubbornly resist too much erosion and didn’t collapse. Instead, it is too drifting and I don’t know where it has gone.
Compared with Sun Hao and Xingtian’s witch spirit, King Kong’s body is actually as huge as the vast expanse of emptiness.
Xingtian’s witch’s spirit is worse than a page in a boat into the sea, so he can’t find his way.
This is doomed to be a protracted war for many years.
Sun Hao is not in a hurry to see that when Xingtian’s witch’s spirit stabilized himself in King Kong’s body, the horse took back a wisp of his will and let Xingtian’s witch’s spirit freely exert his will, but he began to drive Abel’s war star to face King Kong with his heart. This is bound to be a protracted war that must be carefully fought.
Friar, even the most powerful Mahayana friar in this world can’t say that he will surely win King Kong Sun Hao, so he can’t.
Once the huge absolute power sweeps Abel’s war star, it is estimated that the war star will definitely rush to collapse and the brother of the war star estimates that there is really not much left.
There is Abel’s collision angle that can really hurt King Kong, but even if you hit King Kong, if you can’t find a way to restrain yourself, the end result will inevitably have little impact on King Kong.
Sun Haoling, the star of the war, skillfully spun off the powerful attraction of the black hole again from King Kong’s footboard.
Before King Kong attacks again, Sun Hao-li drives Abel War Star to jump faster than arrival. King Kong’s instep hits the corner, and Sun Hao slams it along King Kong’s ankle.
Poof, a collision angle deeply pierced King Kong’s ankle, and his mind moved. Abel War Star All the monks helped Sun Haoli to drive the war star according to Sun Hao’s command.
The war star is surrounded by white brilliance, virtual collision angle, virtual wings and virtual tail. The components of the war star, which are refined from these three virtual crystals, come into effect in order, and fly in a circle along the impact and stab parts.
King Kong once again let out an earth-shattering scream.
It seems that Sun Hao’s move is effective. King Kong actually feels pain like a normal creature.
Shout a grandson heroic longitudinal Abel war star with thick too flame flew out from king kong ankle.
This King Kong was badly injured, and there were bursts of red light on his ankle, just like a mortal bleeding profusely.
King Kong’s body covered his calf with a slight push of his hands.
The monks who are qualified to watch the war and have the ability to see the general situation suddenly burst into cheers. Actually, those monks who are not qualified to watch the war have already cheered together when they hear King Kong’s miserable shout.
It’s definitely after the injury that you get squeal and angry.
That peerless power can still hurt King Kong, and everyone is really saved.
Abel’s war star flashed leisurely, and Sun Hao flew out and shook off a flame.
Slightly swept a sun Hao heart can’t help but shake your head slightly and sigh.
At present, King Kong’s body is really too strong. It should be said that he has completely cut his ankle for thousands of miles, but how long has it been since King Kong’s ankle has recovered by 30%?
King Kong, who suffered heavy losses one after another, was really angry. In a roar, he threw himself forward with a huge body and a pair of iron fists with Taishan coping potential, and suddenly slammed Abel’s war star.
This whole virtual world suddenly shook Abel’s war star and suddenly trembled as if it had encountered great oppression.
There is no reason for the absolute power of King Kong’s huge body in the vast void to smash the Abel war star.
This attack covers such a wide range that even the speed and flexibility of Abel War Star can’t avoid King Kong’s angry attack.
Seeing Abel’s war star can’t dodge King Kong’s face, a proud and ferocious smile emerges. No one in this world can resist his brave attack. He doesn’t believe that little one can stop himself.
Corleone’s body flashed slightly and his eyes narrowed. Brother Sun Hao quickly issued a series of commands in his heart.
Abel war star light big poof a drill into the virtual place to leave a black hole.
King Kong’s body swoops down, and his fists suddenly hit him.
Behind King Kong, poof, Abel War Star rushed out with a long flame tail …
Chapter 276 Make an enemy of King Kong (2)
After encountering a real opponent, King Kong Power broke out and showed even greater power.
From a distance, the second ancestor and King Kong fought in Dima Xiancheng. At this moment, all the monks who came here for nothing, Hou Changping and Sheng Wangshi didn’t attract much interest from King Kong. I remember that King Kong was always lazy and waving his fists when the three leaders of Terran attacked.
At that time, everyone was still too big, slow and clumsy, but for that, the three leaders could not support it for so long
Boy, it’s time to fight against the second ancestor. The strong fighting ability of the second ancestor stimulated this guy to finally show his glory.
Jumping in the virtual is incredibly agile.
By this time, Kim has really shown that he belongs to the great ape, and the great ape is powerful, sensitive and quick to respond.
King Kong fully embodies this feature.
For example, this scene of jumping up and clenching fists is absolutely shocking.
In the second ancestor, a monk went to even the city, and this potential was vigorously hit by a heavy blow to escape being smashed.
Even if it is not hit by fists, it will be directly crushed by its violent body covering a large area.
But the second ancestor is an exception. The second ancestor Abel is more flexible than the war star, and he can also quickly disappear in the same place. It is already behind King Kong.
King Kong’s super reaction ability made everyone lose heart and didn’t hit Sun Hao. Before he waited for his body to move, it was like the back of his head with eyes. King Kong retreated back and ran into Sun Hao.
With the same hand and right elbow, he slammed back against Abel War Star, and when he shot it down, he responded quickly, which was too fast. Be agile and coherent, so the behemoth really couldn’t say it accurately.
Everyone who watched the battle in front of the monk and then watched King Kong’s performance began to worry that this guy was too difficult, right?
Especially the holy king feels that the language is extremely strong. If King Kong suddenly comes to fight with him, it is estimated that he will be defeated in less than a moment.
The second ancestor’s car, Abel Warstar, has flexibility far beyond everyone’s imagination.
When King Kong attacked quickly, the second ancestor had climbed up and crossed a perfect arc from the top of King Kong’s head and flew away. King Kong looked up and saw the floating Abel War Star.


"Thousands of master, please come back quickly. We can’t bear it …"

A few guys hugged and sobbed.
RuXiaoNan with XuanYu two petrochemical like watching in the corner.
It turns out that … the seven-flower knife method is too quick, and every time I cut vegetables, even the cutting board is chopped together.
Looks like we’re going to eat meat buns with chopping boards today.
Ru Xiaonan felt that it was dark all over his head.
Ah, ah, ah … I miss normal food so much … When will the Seven Flowers Day be the end!
RuXiaoNan seemed to have lost her soul all the way until she returned to the door of QingMoyan’s office, and she suddenly smelled a strong osmanthus bouquet.
"It’s drunken shrimp with rouge!" RuXiaoNan pushed the door and ran in and almost knocked down a man.
"Ah little nan" long hate Wu wear the chest nai sighed.
"Long hate? Why are you here? "Ru Xiaonan’s eyes fell to the table and there was a box." You’re not here to grab food! " Protect the food box quickly.
Long hate and wry smile.
Blue ink Yan primly said, "She’s here to consult the five emperors’ mother princess."
Ru Xiaonan let her guard down when she saw someone grabbing food from her.
"Yu Yuanjun’s mother is ill?"
Long hate nodded femininity imperial concubine suddenly lived in prison, how can you adapt to it?
"My emperor will leave her in limbo" long hate sighed.
Blue ink yan gently shook his head "the emperor even determined to get rid of these forces in the palace this time in the end what is the charge … he jun I just need to listen to the holy will"
"I’m white." Long hate replied and turned to go. Suddenly, I remembered something and asked a sentence. "By the way, I heard in the Fifth Hall that it was quite fierce recently. He asked for a face saint and even touched the wall."
RuXiaoNan was taken aback.
Touch the wall … Is Yu Yuanjun trying to blackmail him to death?
It’s a pity that now he is in prison, even if he wants to see the emperor.
Qing Mo Yan thought for a moment, "You go and see him later and tell him about his mother princess’s illness. He was a white man. He should have heard about the little prince at the beginning, but we won’t talk any more. If he doesn’t want to follow the old path of the little prince, let him stop."
Long hate was brought to prison with a medicine box.
Ru Xiaonan was disappointed with the sad fate of the royal family.
However, when she saw that the green ink had cleaned her hands and peeled the rouge shrimp for her to eat, she suddenly lost that melancholy to the claw depression country.
That’s why she wants to live a delicious, handsome and considerate life … Ah, not a husband.
Don’t worry about food and clothing. What’s her complaint?
Looking at the alacrity bulging cheeks to help eat, Ru Xiaonan’s eyes overflow with smiles.
Sure enough, the little greedy cat will forget all her troubles if she wants to have delicious food.
Chapter 371 Say sorry to her for me. Where is Qiancheng going?
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
Dalisi prison
The five emperors Yu Yuanjun fidgeted around like a trapped beast.
Outside the prison, several guards turned a deaf ear to the movement of the prison.
They have long been used to this kind of thing. When a noble person is brought in, there will be such a toss. When he is tired of tossing, he will naturally be quiet.
Yu Yuanjun has never suffered such a crime because he touched his forehead several times, let alone even hurt him after being injured.
"I want to see my father!" Yu Yuanjun roared and shook the iron gate of the prison.
A jailer pulled out his ear. "You’d better save some energy in the Fifth Hall. You can’t hear it in this shouting palace."


"Yes," Dinghammer shook his head. "How do you know?"

"It’s not nonsense? I also came from the age of 14 or 15. "
"Go away. When have you ever been good and obedient?" Fixed hammer pie pie slightly disdain said, "that’s it. It’s okay to let her spend the summer vacation here. Anyway, no one in this place may be able to handle her."
"Well, I can’t tell you until I have a bag." The ham sausage looks very casual. "Don’t get excited when you know it."
"Don’t sell"
Ham sausage threw the bowl in her hand and looked up at the hammer for a long time. When she saw that the hammer was numb, she suddenly said, "Bao is not a natural person."
"What the hell? What is a natural person? "
The ham sausage didn’t answer directly, pointing to Bai Fei’s "Let your seventh district flower tell you"
Bai Fei glanced at the ham and said half jokingly, "I think it’s because you are too low-key, otherwise this flower in the seventh district must be what you do. Don’t you satirize me in the dark every day?"
The ham sausage snorted and turned into a dazzling silver-white metallic color. "Iron the seventh district flower?"
"All right," Dinghammer said to Bai Fei with a wry smile, "Let her have more temper."
Bai Fei is much more mature than ham sausage in the end. She smiled faintly. "We found a secret bag when we made the final debugging for Leona, not a natural person."
"Don’t … explain to me what a natural person is first."
"Isn’t a natural person a living person? It’s not a natural person. Isn’t that an artificial person? How are you so stupid? " Ham sausage hates iron and doesn’t produce steel, interjected, "You’ve been alive for most of your life?"
"Wait …" The hammer was swept away in a daze. "Is the bag an artificial person?"
"There was an abandoned microchip in the back of her head, and we took it out. This thing was the culprit that caused her initial language and perception disorder," Bai Fei said with certainty. "I think the person who made her thought that she could not meet the technical standards and abandoned her, but for various reasons, she didn’t destroy her and let her run out. After the reverse decomposition from ham sausage, the information in this chip belonged to that strange organization."
Ding hammer didn’t speak after listening, but rubbed his nose and said in a low voice, "You mean … even Bao is the organizer?"
"To be exact, it was abandoned, but she didn’t die. She was quietly released and just adopted by you."
The verb pinched his forehead to "continue"
"The chip number is two. I think she should be the first test subject. Her spirit is tough and unstable because of this chip. Now she can easily control it and belongs to her spirit."
Ding hammer decided not to listen to it anymore, because it has been a long time since he knew Bao and adopted Bao, and Bao has already become a part of Ding hammer’s life, which can replace that part. This kind of feeling that is not contaminated with evil spirits is a very precious treasure, and Ding hammer feels that he doesn’t care whether it is a natural person or an artificial person.
"The real me is just that." Sausage shrugged. "You are not so decadent, but if people find out, you will definitely be in trouble."
"Just sweep away whatever is troublesome." Fixed hammer pie pie. "Whoever dares to touch the boss will burn down his house."
"If I had known you would say that, I would have known it." Sausage reached out and patted the hammer on the shoulder. "But through the package, we can know a little. When we get back, we have to start investigating the information of replicators and artificial people. The sooner the better, so can I."
The hammer didn’t respond, but Bai Fei frowned slightly. "Don’t you think this is inhuman?"
"What do you care if I copy myself?" The eyebrows of the ham sausage are raised. "The names are all figured out. What do you care about ham sausage No.1 to ham sausage No.16?"
"Okay, okay," the hammer gave a hand. "Your heart is better than this …"
"I know I won’t tell Bao." Sausage waved his hand. "Do you have to wake me up? You don’t weigh your IQ. "
In the next few hours, ham and sausage were given a hammer to explain the problems of artificial man and clone. From her explanation, the hammer knew what package would be abandoned, because artificial man is not much different from natural man. Even if they are controlled, a normal human’s self-awareness and thinking activities are too strong, which is not good for a cult organization.
On the other hand, although replicators will always copy a part of others, their ability will not be more developed than that of artificial people, but just like a less sophisticated instrument, they will always be modified, and replicators can selectively extract their self-awareness and turn them into tools completely. Otherwise, if there is any deviation in artificial people like Bao, then large-scale mutiny is foreseeable.
Ding hammer held his arm and frowned after listening. "It seems that we have a tough battle to fight, but why do they want to copy the dead super soldier?"
"You use your head and know that I’ll give you an analogy. For example, they copied ten thousand Sun Ding hammers, so when these ten thousand replicators come to you, the subject or the mother will be fatal to them, and your spirit and their roots are the same, so that these powerful thugs will not become a part of your body? The somebody else also make a fart ah "ham pie pie" don’t think "
Ding hammer clapped his hands. "You should do it as soon as you get back, but I do have a less cruel suggestion."
"fart quickly"
"When I was a child in my hometown, I knew that human roots can’t beat almost big beasts. What about turning these replicas from humans into semi-mechanical beasts or insects? I think the effect is better."
"Don’t you think this looks like a villain?"
"What are you and us? Didn’t you look at the brochure? " Ding hammer took out a small volume from his pocket, which was set with all kinds of demonized red flags. "Anyway, people are staring at it. Besides, I really want to see if an A-class super soldier can stop a pig that is 400 kilometers per hour and is extremely hard to kill."


At this time, a soldier backhand picked his back, and a disposable individual rocket fired a high-explosive bomb. The ship’s side exploded loudly. Fang Xiaoqiang gave him a look and almost touched the hangar door. The swarm was scattered by the bombardment just now. A few powerful giant shrimps waved their giant claws in the water in vain, and they could not live.

Fang Xiaoqiang finally breathed a sigh of relief. "Take the rocket launcher and leave the deck. Others come with me!" After that, I rushed into the nearby passage to the hangar.
Soon after, Xiao Qiang led the soldiers to the hangar, and everyone was divided into two groups to guard the two doors separately … Outside the door was the elevator, and the soldiers were dismayed to see that the doors were full of dents, which could be breached by giant shrimp at any time.
No.2 hatch was first broken by giant shrimp, and half of the giant pincers were directly embedded in the hatch. Fang Xiaoqiang rushed to the hatch without saying that aiming at the giant pincers was a random bullet that immediately penetrated the shell of the giant pincers … But there was no egg, and the giant shrimp root didn’t know the pain, and then it was hard to pull out the giant pincers and hit the hatch.
Fang Xiaoqiang hardly suffocated when he didn’t come in one breath.
After tasting the sweetness, the giant shrimp continued to knock on the hatch and soon tore it apart, staring at two small dark eyes and looking into the hangar.
Fang Xiaoqiang seized the opportunity to hit the giant worm’s forehead and instantly cut off the nerve center of the giant shrimp.
The giant shrimp, which was alive and kicking just now, was like frost hitting the legs of eggplant worms and the giant claws. After waving for a few times, it was completely silent.
Fang Xiaoqiang shot and stared at the dead giant shrimp for a while, and the whole person was relieved.
I finally got killed. Once I knew where the weakness was, it was easy to fight … At this moment, another giant shrimp broke through the hatch and waved giant claws as if to fight everyone.
"Fire!" Fang Xiao powerful roar a first to the giant shrimp gun "hit the head to greet the old skull!"
This thing is similar to lobster, but there are still many differences. The head is much more conspicuous than the real lobster. It takes a lot of work not only to aim.
The soldiers followed the good advice and stopped the giant shrimp brain fire. More than 20 bullet beams passed through the hatch to form a sparse warfare.
Hatch No.2 is busy here, and hatch No.1 over there has also been breached by giant shrimp. The soldiers have tried to block the deck and supported several individual rockets from time to time, and finally managed to control the problem near the elevator.
At this time, the safety of the elevator was neglected, and rockets exploded one after another, shrapnel hit the hull and tinkled. The elevator was relatively fragile, and both sides worked together to persist for a short time and then completely fell asleep.
Fang Xiaoqiang is almost crazy. The giant shrimp is not easy to deal with. If we can’t block the hatch, the giant shrimp will continuously attack the hangar from here.
The problem is that Fang Xiaoqiang can’t find anything that can block the hatch. Let’s take it one step at a time and stop the swarm first
Chapter 149 Lack of firepower phobia
There are more than 20 people in Fang Xiao Qiang. Despite the best efforts of the team members, there are more and more giant shrimps climbing into the hatch, and the limited forces are stretched and stretched.
Fang Xiaoqiang is bent on dealing with the giant shrimp root and thinking about other things.
As soon as it squeezed into the hatch, the giant shrimp was lucky not to be intercepted by the defenders. It carefully hid in the corner of the hatch. Its bucket’s thick waist suddenly expanded in a circle without warning, and then a stream of water suddenly gushed out from the worm’s mouth like a high-pressure water gun, directly spraying a soldier’s chest, and the soldier rushed back a few steps and finally fell to the ground, thus avoiding the subsequent stream.
The fighting power of the giant shrimp comes from those giant claws. No one expected that this thing could spray water and its strength was so strong.
The fallen soldier’s brain hasn’t turned around yet, which comes from the fear that completely panicked him.
This is a giant bug spitting. Is the saliva strong acid or strong alkali? It must be a particularly corrosive liquid!
But after waiting for a while, he found that he had no abnormal armor and no signs of melting except getting that suit.
He didn’t understand that it was common for giant shrimp to spit out.
He quickly got up and took up his rifle to continue the fire.
However, it is to get up again. In this short time, the situation between the enemy and the enemy has changed dramatically.
The giant shrimp knocked down a soldier, but it wasn’t just as simple as knocking down a soldier. The defensive line was already tense, and one person was missing. The firepower suddenly dropped a lot. More giant shrimp squeezed into the hatch and the water column was sprayed on the fire fighters, knocking the soldiers to the ground.
Not many people were knocked down by giant shrimp again, and half of the hangar cried chaos, and the soldiers panicked when they were not knocked down by water column.
At the critical moment, reinforcements finally arrived, and two dozen sailors rushed to the hatch with their weapons.
Several of the strongest fighters held a gun, not a gun, not a gun, nor a gun, and hung an automatic Grenade launcher with a huge drum. The reinforcements set up an automatic Grenade launcher over a hundred meters away and fired at the giant shrimp.
No matter how high the water column is, the range is not more than 100 meters, right?
The 35mm armor-piercing grenade specially made for dealing with giant worms is powerful, penetrates the shell of giant shrimp without effort, and instantly explodes the giant shrimp into a rotten meat when the shell explodes.
Although there are two launchers, this thing is so powerful that it can reimburse a giant shrimp with one shot. There is no better weapon than it. Armored rifles and sniper guns are slag in front of them!
The only drawback is that the amount of ammunition in this thing is too small. The largest drum can hold 15 grenades at a time, and it won’t take long.
The military also has a way to make the chain Grenade launcher 30 rounds better than the drum, but the Yuzhou didn’t.
Two sniper guns have run out of ammunition and 30 rounds of grenades have successfully killed 27 giant shrimps and achieved brilliant results-the significance of sniper guns participating in the war is not to kill many giant shrimps, but to participate in the war at the right time to save the impending collapse and the special warfare team members won the adjustment.
All the special warfare players who fell to the ground took this opportunity to get up and quickly shrink their fronts and retreat.
When the sniper gun runs out of ammunition, the special warfare players will cover the sniper gun again and change the ammunition.
However, the effect of armored rifles is not so good, and the situation has just been contained and once again tilted towards the enemy.
At this moment, Fang Xiaoqiang couldn’t wait to replace all the armored rifles in the hands of all the players with sniper guns.
Well, his sailors also joined the fire. It used to be more than 20 special warfare players. Now the number of guns has doubled, and the density of bullets and rain has doubled. The dense bombs flew around, killing the giant shrimp that poured into the hangar and hitting the bulkhead with potholes.
Armored rifles have large caliber and great power, and the power of ricochet should never be ignored. People who are hit by ricochet are either dead or disabled.
Special warfare players are equipped with dynamic armor, even if they hit directly, they will not be naturally surprised. Those ricochets can’t be used by sailors. They have the simplest dynamic exoskeleton, and once they are hit by ricochets, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Although sailors are not as professional as special warfare players, they are also soldiers. They know exactly what ricochet is, but no one takes a step back in the face of danger, even if they are worried and afraid again.
Fortunately, Fang Xiaoqiang is very experienced. He immediately ordered the special warfare players to block the sailors’ armor as temporary shelters.
A soldier got a ricochet as soon as he blocked the sailor’s breastplate behind him, and he couldn’t help but be glad that if he was a little late, the sailor would be finished behind him.
It’s impossible for the special warfare players to completely block the sailors, but it’s better than not covering them at all. The sailors cried and set their minds at ease. They kept shooting at the giant shrimp in the armor gap of the gun rack.
The giant shrimp showed no weakness. If you want to find an opportunity, you should spray water at the soldiers.
The giant shrimp can spray a sniper gun less than 100 meters away, but it can spray a few tens of meters away. Every once in a while, a water column is sprayed over the soldiers and poured all over their faces.
The good water column is a spent force after flying so far, and there is no trouble except to drench the soldiers.
The hangar is not as spacious as expected. At the same time, the sniper gun is also used to cover the sniper gun, which makes the soldiers in the shooting world have to move forward a little bit away from the hatch, which is only 50 or 60 meters.
In this position, the soldiers can see more than half of the hatch. If they retreat to the sniper gun position, they can see the corner of the hatch. The giant shrimp can’t shoot without entering the hangar.
Everyone covered the sniper gun and quickly replaced the drum, but this time the sailors didn’t catch fire, but observed a situation, unless the giant shrimp rushed into the hangar, it wouldn’t fire.
First, the shooting angle is not good, and second, the sniper ammunition is limited. If it is not controlled, it will not take long to wipe out that Grenade.
However, there are two sniper guns that make Fang Xiaoqiang feel very uneasy. Once the enemy strengthens the attack, two sniper guns are not enough!
I feel that the situation is temporarily stable. Fang Xiaoqiang Ma Lian Bridge requires the bridge to send a sniper team to send grenades less, and the more the better, the more you can send.
Ten sniper teams should be enough.
After receiving the application, Yun Bo was so angry that he almost fainted and shouted at the microphone. "What should I do if I give you the sniper gun?"
There are so many sniper guns in total, and a warship of this size needs people to defend it everywhere. Isn’t that a little sniper gun root enough?
Chapter 1491 See instead.


Chapter 74 Tai Su Q&A

Xuanxuan is a person? Have a history? (Ahem, I wrote here yesterday, but I can’t remember the story today.) Jade Duxiu didn’t know it, but he saw a light escaping across Tai Su Road. Jade Duxiu showed traces in front of the Tai Su ancestor hall and looked respectfully at the hall as a gift "Brother Miaoxiu met the ancestor."
"Come in" in the hall, Tai Su’s ancestor’s dialect is neither slow nor urgent, dignified and holy.
Jade Duxiu smell speech stepped into the hall but saw Tai Su’s ancestor sitting in the middle of the hall as if he were an ordinary person.
"You can finally come and see the Ten Niangs sometimes and return your seat, but you don’t even care about your relatives." Tai Su’s godfather gently said.
Jade Duxiu smiled. "Godfather’s words are poor. It’s important to know that Ten Niangs are my only blood relatives. I don’t care about people’s lives in this world, but Ten Niangs can’t be ignored. I have been living with Ten Niangs since I was a child, but my feelings are deep and outsiders understand it."
Speaking of which, Jade Duxiu once again gave a gift to Tai Su’s ancestor, "I would also like to thank the ancestor for taking care of his younger brother for ten Niang. Many enemies in these days are all magical powers. If it weren’t for the protection of the ancestor, the cat will frighten the world and fear that my little sister would have been found by those enemies."
Then Tai Su’s ancestor took a look at Yu Duxiu. "It’s good that you know your kindness."
Jade Duxiu smell speech finger slightly moved and looked at Tai Su’s godfather’s calm eyes, but he was nervous. That Tai Su’s godfather was kind to Jade Ten Niangs, that is, he was kind to Jade Duxiu. In this case, the cause and effect will always be liquidated.
"You’re afraid that your little sister will be assassinated, and you won’t dare to come to the door now. Aren’t you afraid of being assassinated in the future?" The Tai Su jiaozu mouth way
Jade Duxiu smiled confidently. "Brother Zheng is in charge of the first god Leiyou, the first god Leidi has fully improved through his innate artistic conception. Compared with before, it is not an empty talk. Brother is confident at this time to sweep away all ghosts and monsters."
Tai Su’s ancestor smiled gently. "You’re just lucky, but you dare to say such wild words. If you don’t look at the quasi-fairy, you must not only rely on the thunder of the first god, but also rely on him. It’s better to show it to the audience."
Jade Duxiu shook his head. "This is my brother’s killer weapon, but life and death are the only way to use it. If you use it before, you will be afraid of being perceived by you, and there will be no unexpected effect."
At Yu Duxiu, the ancestor of Tai Su, "You have a right seat and don’t want to pursue this matter. It’s good that you know it yourself. You have always had extraordinary means. In these days, you are a monk who can’t see through the clouds. If you look at the mystery, it’s not worse than the ancestor demon god."
Speaking of this, Tai Su’s ancestor said, "If you want to hold the Jade Ten Niangs one day, Tai Su Road will surely ensure that the Jade Ten Niangs are unscathed."
"Thank you, Godfather" Yu Duxiu saluted Tai Su’s Godfather.
Then Tai Su’s ancestor said, "Don’t be so busy taking care of you, but you have something to help."
Jade Duxiu knew with a sigh that there was no lunch in this world, but it was not up to him to say, "I don’t know if my brother can help my ancestor."
The ancestor of Tai Su said, "It’s not difficult to sit on the throne. You are asking if you can bring the Queen Mother from the throne to call Tea to the throne."
Jade Duxiu smell speech was a lag, but it was distressing. She scratched her hair. "Godfather, this is a difficult thing to learn. The dry day, Wen Yingji’s throne, are destined by heaven. Although our monks have the ability to change the weather, they dare not violate the will of heaven and earth. Who dares to touch the high throne with great cause and effect?"
"Are you loathe to give up your old lover fell deified skeletons? You can rest assured that Wen Yingji should give up the Queen Mother’s seat and give it to a star god. "Speaking of this, the Tai Su ancestor’s face is teasing." Besides, Wen Yingji is a dry media and is marrying a wife. Although you have something to do with Wen Yingji, you should know that it is a dew marriage. Unless it is dry and dead, Wen Yingji becomes a widow, you can’t have any thoughts. "
Jade Duxiu smell speech suddenly a black forehead with a black line is like a waterfall, but everyone knows it, but no one directly picks it out in front of Jade Duxiu. Isn’t that embarrassing?
Looking at Yu Duxiu’s faint blue face, Tai Su’s godfather smiled gently. "You don’t want to be angry and say it’s a fact. If you can drive Wen Yingji out of the throne, you will use your great magical power to explore your child’s air machine for you."
"Is this really true?"
That Tai Su’s ancestor’s words fell only to see Yu Duxiu’s face suddenly move and his eyes flashed at Tai Su’s ancestor.
Tai Su’s ancestor nodded. "Although this statement is not proficient in easy calculation, it is not difficult to find the trace of your child after all."
Jade Duxiu smell speech took a deep breath and looked at the little fluorescence in the eyes of Tai Su’s godfather. It took a while before a faint sigh. "Alas, although I want to promise my godfather, it is almost impossible to drive Wen Yingji to the throne."
"Oh impossible? I remember that you have dragon slaying skills. Is it possible to welcome Ji Long Mai if you slaughter that dry day? " Tai Su’s ancestral way
Jade Duxiu was furious when he heard this. "This can’t happen. This can’t happen."
“?” Tai Su’s ancestral way
Many ancestors may vaguely know some secrets about the worship of gods, but you have to ask who knows the most about the worship of gods. There is no doubt that this person must be a jade show.
Looking at the Tai Su ancestor Yu Duxiu’s light convergence with a sigh in his eyes, "Godfather doesn’t know that the celestial Long Mai is my Terran Long Mai or the vein where the celestial vein and earthworm converge, but it is definitely different that day. If the pulse is significant, it will forcibly cut off my Terran’s fate, not to mention that the number of gods will be turbulent with the celestial vein being cut off, or the gods will be deprived of the gods by heaven and earth and knock down the mortal bones."
"Oh," Tai Su’s godfather looked suddenly dignified. "There are such consequences."
Hearing the words of Jade Duxiu, Tai Su’s ancestor knew that it was not necessarily Jade Duxiu’s downfall. According to what she said in the wonderful state of his ancestor, she would naturally feel something. If Jade Duxiu told a lie, she would be perceived.
"That would be like driving the Wen family girl to the throne?" Tai Su’s ancestral way
Jade Duxiu shook his head. "It depends on chance, luck, and doom. If the fate falls, the Wens will naturally be implicated in the fall of the gods. If the timing is not even if we wait for thousands of schemes, we can’t resist the fact that two people will inevitably turn the corner unless they are godparents who are not afraid of causality and force them to kill them."
Tai Su’s ancestor heard the news with disappointment, but it’s not impossible for him to kill Wengu’s daughter in a dry day. It’s because this cause and effect is too great, even if he can’t reach Tai Su’s ancestor, he will also fall to Tai Su to teach.
What should we know about Tai Su’s father’s plans? Not yet. Let her own clan prosper. If she can do such a thing that harms the poor, unless she is crazy.
"Oh, is there no way?" Tai Su’s ancestor Youyou Road
"No" Jade Duxiu decisively cut off all the thoughts of Tai Su’s ancestor


However, Jianhe just rushed out of a jade figure and flew to the front of the Buddha’s lamp, blocking Jianhe, which was slammed and thrown thousands of miles away to the depths of death.

Jade Beauty saved thirteen emperors and blocked this sword.
She was almost killed by Jianhe, and she fell into the depths of a Jedi thousands of miles away, where there was an ancient broken wall of gods, and from a distance, it seemed that there were several shadows walking in the ancient wall and an ancient well full of Buddha’s rays.
"Stupid woman!" Guo Yi shook his head to himself.
In the black Buddha’s Light, a golden light rushed out of the 13th Emperor, and the Buddha’s Light flew unexpectedly, and escaped. At this time, he became even more ferocious. His body was covered with black corpses, his golden robes were broken, and his eyes were still bursting with a raven like a monster.
"Guo … Guo … Yi … Death …"
He shouted vague words in his mouth, and there was hatred in his eyes. He suddenly rushed out of the ground and several black mans were intertwined with his body
"Hey, hey ….. I think you misunderstood me. Jade Beauty and I don’t have any money. We didn’t wear any green hats for you. It’s all nonsense. You know I like jokes." Guo Yi felt that the fighting power in the thirteen emperors’ bodies rose rapidly, which led to a vision. There was a temple with a virtual shadow glaring at the Buddha, and the Buddha projected a bloody nine-petal lotus.
All kinds of visions appear around him, which is a sign of the birth of demons!
The green cow turned around and ran away without hesitation. She also read, "Good and evil resin Buddha has once again advanced to this monster, and it is better to escape as far as possible."
Suddenly a figure flew in front of it. Guo Yi turned around, hey hey smiled, and then flew up and kicked the green cow back. The cow’s ass directly hit the thirteen emperors.
Green cow found herself in the hands of thirteen emperors, and the long black corpse brushed the back of the cow.
The hair of a cow is standing up!
"Guo rogue, you are not kind!" Green cow with KuQiang way
"You are not kind first!" Guo Yi smiled back. "This monster has become a climate. I can compete with you and me. I’ll go out and call someone. You will be strong first and come back soon to save you."
Guo Yi fell to the ground and quickly ran to the outside of the forbidden area of death. The projection of the temple has been shattered, and the golden giant clock has also been in the hands of the thirteen emperors. Now the forbidden area of death is not without turning back. Although it is still dangerous, it has a little vitality.
There seems to be something terrible in the depths of the forbidden area of death. The uber is awakening, which is several times more terrible than the corpse Buddha becoming the thirteenth emperor. Although it is still far away, the smell is absolutely true.
Deep in the forbidden area of death, a demon woke up!
If you are as aggressive as a reckless man, you will eventually die without even slag.
Yu Qingniu this bastard is definitely not as simple as the surface. Even Guo Jiazu’s blood and ancient secrets all know that there must be a cause. It is impossible to die so easily in the hands of thirteen emperors.
A burst of earth-shattering sound came up, as if there was a mountain moving transversely, and as if the rushing sound of hundreds of millions of ancient animals was getting louder and louder, shaking the ground to roll over.
An avalanche of war came from outside the forbidden area.
Not only did Guo Yi stop the pace, but even the Thirteen Emperors and the Green Cattle stopped and looked out of the forbidden area at the same time.
A chariot, like a hill, slowly emerged from the red sky fire, carrying a enchanting white woman with a beautiful posture and a flame mask. "Guo Yi, you can’t leave today."
As high as a mountain, four million people in the back of an ancient car are wearing black, and the Zhan Kai Xiandao Army is overwhelming. The huge fighting spirit is like a cloud of gods that will crush the skyfire.
This is waiting for the momentum of terror. Even the Taoist king will be scared when he sees such a battle. His legs are weak and he can turn around and run.


Only by doing this step can we truly pin our minds on emptiness, emptiness and immortality!

The rapid combination of 40,000 divination crystals is gradually building into a Yushu prototype.
His immortal spirit has taken shape, but Su Ying’s mind crystallization is too few, and 40 thousand pieces are barely constructed to build a Yushu, which is not stable, and he needs to constantly ascend his mind to make Yushu strong
? ? At this time, the immortal true spirit can maintain the immortality of the flesh by accepting the immortal energy of the flesh at most, and the strength of the flesh will be greatly weakened after being damaged every time, which is in danger of falling into the realm!
Su Ying should estimate that the immortality of the Yushu form can be achieved if the true spirit is thoroughly refined. Even if it is broken, the immortal spirit will condense into a new body, which will not be much worse than before!
If he refines the immortal spirit to the height of the world tree, even Su Yingxiu can generally achieve immortality.
He has just smashed and exploded a lot of spiritual thoughts, and new spiritual thoughts are still constantly breeding. At this time, there is only one Yushu left in the whole sea of knowledge, and those new spiritual thoughts are constantly pouring into Yushu to make the slow growth gradually stabilize.
"The world tree is a tree of heaven and earth. If the immortal true spirit is refined into the shape of a world tree, it is equivalent to placing the immortal true spirit on the world tree. If the world tree is immortal, then I will never die!"
Su Ying opened her eyes and the immortal spirit quietly flew out of the sea of knowledge and disappeared.
He turned his hand and gave a gentle vibration. Jin Gangzhuo suddenly hung a golden glow and brushed it away for miles ahead.
That piece of emptiness was immediately smashed by brush. Su Ying snorted, and the immortal true spirit was smashed by Jin Gangzhuo Xiaguang, and the crystal of the gods was flying four times. It was smashed by this wisp of power of Lingbao the day after tomorrow!
? "The true spirit is immortal!"
Su Ying’s mind moved slightly to see the crystal fragments of several spiritual thoughts rushing together and merging together to form a Yushu spiritual thoughts. Yushu is full of cracks, but the remaining spiritual thoughts are more crystal clear and full.
Apparently, a lot of Su Ying’s own method was used to drive away impurities by Jin Gangzhuo’s brush just now.
"It’s still too weak for the holy soldiers to attack and destroy the true spirit. A forbidden array pattern can completely shock the monks. I can’t stop it if I don’t destroy the true spirit!"
He knows that the sea is open, and there are new ideas and crystals flying out of it, filling the cracks and repairing the true spirit.
Su Ying kept offering sacrifices to Jin Gangzhuo, brushing off the golden light again and again to form the immortal spirit. The crystal of the immortal spirit became smaller, denser and stronger, and all impurities were brushed out by Jin Gangzhuo.
Su Ying sat for half a month, and his immortal spirit was blasted by Jin Gangzhuo several times. He knew that the spirit was refined in the sea, and now it has all been re-derived and finely honed, and the back part was beaten into the immortal spirit by him.
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-six Complete Nie Jing
It was supposed that one’s mind could be condensed into a complete world tree, but at the moment, all the mind was constantly condensed by Jin Gangzhuo, but it was still the little tree that had just started.
But Sue should be able to feel that the lowest solidity of the immortal true spirit she is now refining is dozens of times that of the previous one!
Jin Gangzhuo’s golden light has been hard to break. It takes a joint shock to break the immortal true spirit. It is a shock, not a shock. It can be seen that Su Ying’s immortal true spirit has risen to a certain level!
Not only that, but Su Ying also feels that his immortal energy has not been reduced in the slightest, but has expanded by dozens of times, which can make his flesh repeatedly broken and reborn more than a hundred times, and his strength and realm will not be weakened in the slightest every time!
"The world tree and I are integrated, and the true spirit is the life of the world tree, which means that I am the world tree at this time, and the world tree is me."
? "Now that the immortal spirit has become me, I can finally go further!"
Su Ying grew up and roared for a long time. Suddenly, he collapsed with a roar. He saw a stream of essence above his head, such as a column, blowing into the virtual turbulence and pouring out of the enemy peak to form a constantly rotating black hole!
Su Ying’s eyes were radiant with fairy light, and the fairy light roared out of his abdomen like a real dragon.
The world tree in his abdomen is spreading hundreds of millions of branches and roots, constantly waving and sucking all the fairy light into the tree, and then refining and repairing it!
It takes amazing energy for him to force a breakthrough after condensing the immortal true spirit. The ordinary pulse root method is so huge that even the fragments of pure yang pulse will be sucked dry by Su Ying in an instant. Only the pure yang pulse in day order can be so huge.
However, the immortal light in the abbot’s fairy mountain is a breath left when the ancient immortal road is transformed. Every immortal light contains the horrible energy of the Great Sage. After being refined by the Su Ying World Tree, it is not as good as that of the Great Sage, but it is similar.
Only with fairy light can he be so horrible. Now Sue should break through a surge of energy to refine nearly a hundred fairy lights. The energy is staggering!
Thick energy poured into Su Ying’s body, Yuan Shen and the method of heaven and earth, and then poured into his immortal true spirit. Huge energy was injected into Su Ying’s self-cultivation and continuous ascension!
Although refining fairy light will cause a part of energy loss, nearly a hundred fairy lights contain energy, which will break through Su Ying’s own boundary barrier after a few breaths after the huge refining and repairing.
Let him learn from the fifth place in Sumeru and soar to madness!
Sumeru is the sixth, seventh, ninth!
Until sumeru territory ninth the fairy light energy was only a smaller part.
Then the majestic repair was dragged by Su Ying’s immortal true spirit and poured directly into it. The immortal true spirit gathered energy in an instant and filled his body with huge energy!
This energy is enough for Su Ying to be physically destroyed and reborn a hundred times, and every time it is in a prosperous state!
"The ninth weight, I took a leap to the ninth weight in an instant, and I condensed the immortal true spirit. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the sea is still not complete, and I am still twenty-two times short, otherwise I can enter the realm of heaven now!"
Su Ying shook her head to get the remaining fairy light up, then put away the world tree and slowly open her eyes.
Immortalization of the true spirit is the basis of entering the realm of heaven, while sumeru’s knowledge of the sea is necessary for opening the realm of heaven.
Knowing the sea is not complete, even if there is an immortal true spirit, there will be a breakthrough. What’s worse, Su Ying should know the sea is thirty-three times. He is still making it the eleventh, and there are still twenty-two times that Sumeru knows the sea without cohesion.
Even if it breaks through the heavens, then his repair is not complete
Naisu deserves to stop.
"Congratulations on the further strength of the host. Does the host open the character lottery?"
At this time, the unified sound suddenly came.
"People draw?"
Su Ying thought about it, but he didn’t get anything good in the lottery. The biggest gain was that he got the Lei Di Jing, but now he has made great progress and made breakthroughs, so he can stagnate if he doesn’t learn the sea satisfactorily.
Wanted to think Su Ying service road "extraction"
"There is no limit to the number of characters extracted immediately, but it still does not exceed the realm of heaven. Please wait patiently for the host."
As the system shows that Su Ying’s mind came to the system again.
A moment later, the big blue screen began to reverse, and then he began to wait patiently.
This time, the scrolling speed was so fast that Su Ying felt dazzled. Before she could react, a figure appeared on the big screen.
Sue should look up and suddenly look one leng.
Because of the appearance, he turned out to be a monk!
The man was dressed in a dirty cassock and holding a staff, and his face was miserable, giving people a feeling of compassion.
"Congratulations to the host for winning the three thousand-year-old attached skills of the Buddhist character of the sandalwood merit!"
As the host woke up, he suddenly asked, "Are you kidding me?"? You gave me a monk? Isn’t the meritorious Buddha of the sandalwood Tang Sanzang? "
Please pay attention to the fact that you never make a mistake in your words, but this time it is an ancient sandalwood merit Buddha.
Su Yingnai is a monk, but after all, he has three thousand years of magic.
Of course, before becoming a Buddha, Tang Priest was a mortal. He was the Buddha’s second brother Jin Chan in his previous life, and then he took the Mahayana Sutra and went to the Western Heaven.
In the end, the merits were successfully sealed as the Buddha of Tan Gong De.
Can be described as a family figure.
"Does the host work immediately?"
Sue should think that she has just broken through Sumeru, but she hasn’t condensed yet. No matter how much mana she has, she still says "no" to him.
"Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Tathagata printing method of the Nirvana Sutra"
"At the end of the lottery, please make persistent efforts to reach a new level, so please look forward to the upgrade."
"Upgrade? How to upgrade? " Sue should be one leng immediately asked in the heart, but the root system did not answer and was completely immersed.


"What’s the matter?"

Tianshan saint is very polite, just like Xuanmen saint, which makes Liu Yu depressed. Is it so elegant to become a saint?
"Brother Liu, we also want to enter this small world. Besides, we are in the same world. Why don’t we let bygones be bygones?"
Tianshan saint didn’t go around any bend, so he just made a request.
"Hello?" Liu Yule "are you sure you didn’t make a mistake? It’s dangerous to follow me. "
"Ha, ha, ha, mr.liu you will sell yourself short? If our strength goes forward together, if we don’t meet ancient kill array, we can have something to stop us from killing? "
Nine emperors laughed and recognized that Liu Yu was overrated.
Liu Yu frowned. I don’t want to pit, but you have to jump. You can’t blame me. Of course, it’s good to deal with blood corpses.
"Well, since you think so much about me, come on."
After he nodded, the Tianshan Saint thanked him first, and then he and Liu Yu just negotiated with each other. The woman next to Liu Yu didn’t say a word. This is not putting on airs, but the strength of others. If you ignore them, it will be condescending.
Three people don’t talk, but they make eye contact in private.
At this time, the queen said, "The blood corpse will return to the blood cliff at full moon, and maybe we can just wait for it."
Liu Yu touched the bar "full moon? Then wait and see. "
You’re too lazy to run around looking for it. That saves a lot of trouble.
"Blood corpse?"
This information was captured by the last three people, but I was too embarrassed to ask.
Listen, it should be a tough guy, otherwise Liu Yu wouldn’t have said that before.
The queen added, "Are you going back after this?"
"Well, I don’t belong here," Liu Yu said truthfully. Then he looked at the queen and seemed to ask her what she meant. If they really have offspring, it seems that two adults are unfair to their children forever.
"You and my child such as choice? Or will you go out? "
The queen asked flatly.
However, this huge amount of information immediately smashed the last three people.
Too much information flooded their heads, and then summed it up with only the word’ terrible’
"Well …" Liu Yu turned to look at the three elder brothers with a full face of consternation. "I think it is necessary to explain a …"
Although he may not be able to explain it clearly, he will try.
I didn’t know that Tianshan Sheng raised his hand and stopped. "No, we don’t need Mr. Liu. We all know that we are white."
"You …" Liu Yu dumb words old, yao didn’t put a fart you know what?
"That Nine Emperors is really not what you think, for example, you try to listen to me explain." He aimed at the Nine Emperors again.
"Mr. Liu doesn’t have to count 13 from the heart."
Wang Bo immediately raised his hand as if he had beaten chicken blood. "Mr.Liu is a good sister-in-law. You should cherish it."
Liu Yu "…"
I% * @% *
If he stops talking, it’s unnecessary to explain. What is he afraid of if he doesn’t fuck? Are you still afraid of being crooked?
It’s a pity that the Nine Emperors look at you with their heads tilted, not as crooked as their eyes.
It’s amazing to think about it. It forces Liu Yuyou to fight with one hand, so I won’t say it. Even picking up girls is so strong.’
Wang Bo wondered in his heart
If it weren’t for the old face, it would be a slippery kneeling in the past, and it would be so fast to make the strong have children …’
Nine emperors are a little envious.
Talent, this is a charming figure. The ancients still have to look at the present.’
Tianshan saint struck his tongue and stopped talking.
Chapter 7 Titan is really here
After the negotiation, the birds platform took off and went to the direction of blood cliff.
With the help of flying Warcraft, they can go on their way and work hard, which can greatly shorten the time.
They have been flying for three days.
Flying Warcraft inside is very strong, and its endurance is longer than that of ordinary raptors outside, so they have hardly stopped for three days.
"How long before we arrive?"
This kind of flying Warcraft carries a cabin on its back, which is relatively simple. Queen Liu Yu lives in a house with nine emperors, and they can wronged the other side, although it is not very big.
The queen went to the window, looked up at the outside and said, "It’s no accident that she will arrive tonight."
Although this small world can’t be compared with the mainland outside, how can it be written by a saint? So it’s a small world, but it’s not necessarily small.
These days, Liu Yuyou went out of the door, and the nine emperors in the small living room talked on the floor.
"Since you have followed me, I will not expire. I am going to a blood cliff to seal a blood corpse, and the strength is very likely to be outrageous."
These words are not said to scare people, but to see that everyone is not easy to come from a world experience, Liu Yu, there is no need to cheat them
On the contrary, Tian Shansheng was very calm. He touched Bath and said, "May I ask if Mr. Liu is realistic?"
When this question comes out, the expressions of the nine emperors and Wang Bo are slightly Zheng, and some of them look at Tianshan Sheng, which is a bad thing. Do you dare to ask such a question?
But the result surprised both of them, and Liu Yu chose to answer "the challenge of deification"
There are not many metaphors and words, but there is such a short sentence, but it gives the atmosphere to the town owner. Liu Yu doesn’t need to deceive them, and this strength can challenge the gods. Can it be simple?
They saw the distance, and the teenager in front of them was a typical demon. They forgot to eat and sleep, and they kept up with the progress. The distance between them widened every day.
"Well, what’s the problem?" Liu Yu said look at some sway god tianshan saint.
Tianshan Saint smiled bitterly, and his face was full of Naise. He was forced to accept the reality that some people really went too far. No matter you chase, it will be in vain. Except for Liu Yuke, it can be said that the three of them are famous in the mainland, but the reality has taught them a lesson.