"The earth tiger is so presumptuous in my Japanese territory to pick me up."

Kappei Yamaguchi slapped an American agent to death, and then several flicker came to the front of the earth tiger. He fought together.
At one time, two people were rolling around air billow, and others were getting close to …
Chapter 424 trick
"It’ s really not good to deceive people!"
I don’t know when Noda Kawaji got up and the air was rolling.
He stared at the tiger, his eyes were red, and a murderous look surged from his head
"kill! If the law is absolutely uncertain, let these thieves escape from Japan and give it to me! "
Say that finish wild rattan Sichuan Ji lead to join the battle.
He and Kappei Yamaguchi fought against the earth tiger alone.
In the end, the number of other Americans is too small, and one-to-many roots are not rivals.
Soon they were pushed to a corner where they could passively defend themselves against the root force and fight back.
The evil tiger was just blocked by this group of people and was not damaged.
Seeing this scene, Muhai smiled and fled.
"Come on, America is not kind enough to occupy my country like Japan. Stop staring!"
The effect of bathing in the sea is as good as that of military orders.
More and more people poured into the bottom of the warship to join the battle.
The warship meeting room is not here at the moment, so many people are pouring into it, and it is difficult to display their fists.
It’s okay for the earth tiger. Did Wild Fujikawa and Yoshi play well?
And the group of people in front of the evil tiger will die like a rainstorm.
Even some fists with sharp light.
"Boom …"
A U.S. agent was punched upside down and hit the wall, then landed heavily on the evil tiger.
"Well …"
The agent struggled, but the injury was too serious, and the root was to move.
"Damn it!"
Evil tiger face an angry roar.
He pushed the agent up and joined the battle color.
"Boom …"
He gave a roar as if he had been torn apart with one punch.
Several Japanese masters were blown to dust by this blow, and there was nothing left.
This scene surprised everyone by looking at the evil tiger.
A ruined man in dantian has such a terrible power?
Even Muhai frowned slightly. I didn’t expect evil tiger’s physical strength to be so strong.
"Hum, why don’t you call? If you want to kill us, you must have the consciousness of being killed. "The evil tiger looked at the Japanese and said coldly.
Suddenly, his chest turned pale, but he quickly recovered his anger and stared at the person in front of him.
Wait for a while, a Japanese agent, looked at the evil tiger and dared not.
Just now, the scene of the evil tiger smashing several people with one punch is still fresh in my mind.
Although they are agents, they are also human beings. They have human weaknesses and are naturally afraid of death.
"Stop staring. Come on, he’s pale and weak."
Then come to Muhaiyin.
This immediately made people find that the evil tiger was unwell. "Everyone is still afraid of him together."
Someone took the lead and immediately someone followed several fists to surge again.
"Damn it!"
Evil tiger’s angry eyes glared at Mu Hai’s face.
Clouds of magic thoughts rose rapidly from his head and went straight into Muhai Dantian.
"If you can kill me by staring at me, I’ve died ten thousand times," Muhai said with a smile.
Hear this evil tiger face is angry.
He roared out with a pair of fists.
"Boom …"
There was a loud noise in front of him, and a dozen secret service departments turned to dust. When the wind blew, there was no residue left.
Another move to get a dozen people.