Wu Xiang sobbed as if to pour out all the years of humiliation and bitterness.

Xu Shao barely smiled and comforted her with gentle caresses.
For a long time, Wuxiang finally smiled, although it was a little reluctant, but her smile was so cute!
"Xu Shao, I’ve always wanted to see you. I hope you can avenge me, but now … I really love you."
"I know"
Xu Shao is a beautiful man, a wise man, a man of status and position, and a great talent. Now he almost has a peerless martial art "Tian Xian Zhi", but these are not the real reasons why Wuxiang loves him.
Wuxiang loves him because of his sincerity, courage and kindness.
Because of these, it is the most important virtue for a person!
The dragon and the phoenix are auspicious … It’s not practical. It should be "the dragon and the phoenix are detailed"!
However, the dragon and phoenix mentioned here do not refer to Shuanglong and Feather Phoenix, nor to Drunk Fairy and Fragrant Yu, but to Dragon Yu and Phoenix Yu … This is really a big lie, because the root of The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword is not in the sword.
-Xu Shao had a feeling of being stupid when Cher said she didn’t know the meaning of "dragon and phoenix are auspicious"
Everyone has been pawned by Wu Hong, the owner of Wujiabao!
He is really not a good man, and as Xu Shao analyzed in advance, Wu Hongyi is not only scheming deeply, but also dying from s and selfish interests, that is, from s and literally. He will not easily hand over The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword to "outsiders".
This may be because he is worried that the Xin family will no longer need the Wujiabao after they get the secret, so he set up this scam.
Although he gave the dragon Yu to Xu Shao as a token of less than half sincerity, if Xu Shao can’t get the drunken fairy and Xiang Yu’s letter, he can get the formula of "dragon and phoenix become auspicious" from them; Or get the sword and formula but abandon the concept of "black incense" psychologically; Or maybe he won’t come to Wujiabao, then he will still solve the mystery of "Dragon and Phoenix Becoming Lucky" and he will never get the martial arts secret of "The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword" in this life.
This is the problem that Wu Hongyi, a long-dead man, has given Xu Shao, a future son-in-law.
Now "Dragon and Phoenix Chamber of Secrets" finally hit Xu Shao and finally saw the martial arts secrets carved on the wall, but he was not happy at all because Wu Hongyi was suspicious and missed him, because now he has not enough time to study the martial arts secrets of The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword; Because now, for half a day … it won’t be so long before Xin Yan will take people into Wujiabao, and everything will be over!
Xu Shao looked at the wall full of secrets of budo, but his heart trembled! He can’t imagine what he will see when he goes out of the Chamber of Secrets later. If his sister and good friends are dead, even if he learns "The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword", what does it matter? What fun is it if he lives? ….. But if you don’t learn The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword, how can he reverse Gan Kun and turn the tide?
-Xu Shao’s heart is really painful!
Just then, I suddenly heard the south gate rumbling! Someone broke in …
-She still has "Shuanglong" and "Feather Phoenix" in her hand.
The two of them got a fright when they saw Cher, and then their faces turned red!
-because they are still dressed very thin!
Cher giggled when she saw them, and said, "You two can be considered as romantic and happy, but you can suffocate me!" "
Xu Shao was even more surprised! Busy asked, "when will you come? How to get in? "
Cher unhurried tunnel "I’ve been here since you didn’t come here, but it’s outside the south gate … I didn’t come in because I couldn’t get in, but because I wanted to give you a’ convenience’"
LiuReGong is surprised and asked, "how did you find here? ….. And even I can’t hit the south gate? How did you get in? "
Cher said, "the south gate machine is not very strict. I just want to play the machine through the stone wall! It’s a long story to say that Yu Ru found here! ……
Shortly after the accident at Hongye Mountain Villa, I entrusted Qinglong Escort Agency with a trip to the Wujiabao owner. At that time, Qinglong Escort Agency was in charge or the drunken fairy father. I entrusted him with a treasure-Tianxian Qin.
There are two treasures in the Violet Sect, one is’ Ghost Violet’ and the other is’ Celestial Piano’. Celestial Piano is a living magic piano, and I have been its sole owner since the death of my master. I can feel it, and I gave it to the owner of Wujiabao because I was a fugitive at that time, and it was inconvenient for me to take it with me. At that time, my skill was not enough to protect it. All the pianos were temporarily kept by the owner of Wujiabao! The owner of Wujiabao is a greedy man … Because he has been greedy since S and S, he not only accepted it, but also hid it in the safest secret room of Wujiabao, and my other purpose is to find out where the secret room of Wujiabao is through the string piano. Because I was eager for revenge at that time, I also wanted to get the combination of violet sword and red leaf villa as soon as possible. It was never expected that the stone gate outside the’ Dragon and Phoenix Chamber’ blocked my way.
The Dragon and Phoenix Chamber of Secrets is different in Shimen. Only when you get both the Dragon and the Phoenix can you beat Miss Suowu. Over the years, you haven’t been able to practice "The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword", have you? "
Wu Xiang nodded.
Xu Shao looked at "Shuanglong" and "Feather Phoenix" and asked Cher, "Did you see them? Are they all right? "
Cher smiled a face of proud expression way "Xu Shao you are so brave! How dare you play tricks under the eyelids of the thirteenth sentence and change their lives? We really love you! ….. But your play is too real! My two sisters almost committed suicide when they went back, and I had to persuade them to take away the’ Shuanglong’ and’ Feather Phoenix’. "
Xu Shao was relieved to hear that they were all right, but Zheng quickly asked, "How did you hurt … is it fake?"
Cher smiled again. "Of course it’s fake! I want to save my life to help you slaughter in Wujiabao! ….. This time I pretended to be badly hurt and deliberately asked you to go to Wujiabao by yourself because I believed in your ability and asked you to find Feng Yu. Second, I want to take the opportunity to dump my dirty friends because I also doubt them; Third, it is to help them mislead the punishment thirteen, so that he and I can get rid of this’ catastrophe’! I didn’t tell you because I knew you were clever and you didn’t disappoint me, because I saw that they were once again benefited by you and went to Liulin Town to deliver letters to Master Wu … Haha. "
Xu Shao also smiled and then asked, "Did you tell your sister to postpone the action?"
"There is no reason why I can judge whether you are safe before I see you."
Xu Shao can’t help but worry, "but what should I do now? ….. We can’t practice’ violet sword combination’ in such a short time! "
Wu Xiang’s mood became heavy after listening to her words …
Cher smiled and said, "It’s not us, it’s you! ….. you will be able to practice’ violet sword combination’ "
Xueer said, "If you want to practice the combination of violet sword and sword as quickly as possible, you must meet three conditions at the same time. First, you must be smart; Second, learn "Extremely Magic" first; Third, the right hand and the left hand must be equally flexible … but you meet these three conditions, because I heard that you are a big talent and can write Meihu ā seal script with both hands, even if you are a beginner, you will be able to practice quickly! "
Xu Shao breathed a sigh of relief, but he was still uneasy and asked, "But even so, I can’t practice in such a short time?"
Cher smiled again, as if she were not worried at all, and said, "You have stopped learning a trick here! ….. Because you have learned the key trick, now you have to remember the combination of violet sword and sword and practice it slowly! "