She will never give up if she doesn’t take a trip to Mohe suddenly, so she can go to Li ‘an Palace with Mohe as the last farewell.

From then on, they never want to be associated with each other. She never wants to involve people in her own affairs. She never wants to see anyone again. Since her life has been decided, let her go against the sky, just Mohe, Douan, Fengqing and so on. Don’t let her do anything again.
Even if she wants to rewrite her life, it can’t be at the expense of others, especially the people around her.
If so, she would rather die if she was saved!
"Good" Pan Hui didn’t say anything. She slowly straightened herself and pulled Mohe a little distance.
Mohe is very careful to run to the door and don’t forget to look back at Pan Hui. It seems that he wants to confirm whether he is hallucinating or not. When he sees Pan Hui coming towards himself, he knocks the door and goes out first.
Suddenly come into contact with the sun Pan Hui consciousness narrowed his eyes and raised his hand to cover a this just slowly open face is a bit complicated.
During these days, her life seems to be in the dark, even a little eye can shine into her all the time, so she will continue to endure it until she can kill the punishment, just like that day or until she can’t help but choose to commit suicide. I never thought about the day in out of the dark.
It is …
If getting out of this darkness is to sacrifice another person, she really doesn’t want it.
Mohe walked in front without saying a word. It was indeed that no imperial secretary dared to stop him, but someone quietly left to inform Mohe. After careful observation for a while, it was found that most of these imperial secretaries were martial arts practitioners, and a few of them were not skilled enough to deal with some assassins, but it was impossible to catch him.
Time should be enough!
If you want to punish them, they will definitely be able to escape from this palace!
The two men walked into Li ‘an Palace in tandem, and it was obvious that all the people who were watching them gathered outside Li ‘an Palace to form a small encirclement. It was not so much monitoring as preventing them from escaping.
It’s no problem that so many people have come to guard against the real punishment and the failure to repair Pan Hui.
Pan Hui’s first face when she entered the door was her face exactly like hers, except for the laziness and cunning in her eyes.
She couldn’t help but frown softly and whispered, "I can’t hide it without your belly." Of course, the punishment is different from her, and there is that pregnant woman who has been pregnant for five months and slightly bulges her abdomen.
Punishment Qiao Yin smiled and said, "You don’t need to worry about this. I know more about how he cheated him than you do. I have several secret passages in my heart. I have checked them. There is no problem, but is it convenient for you to have water now?"
Or is it true that the secret passage was never found, not because he didn’t find the passage at the bottom of the artificial lake in the imperial garden, but because he didn’t find that the passage was two sections, one leading to the outside of the imperial city and the other to Li ‘an Palace?
Mohe wants to sneak into the artificial lake of Li ‘an Palace with Pan Hui. That passage is not absconding but hiding.
When the punishment is really like finding Pan Hui missing, it will inevitably think of the secret passage of the artificial lake. When the punishment is really like chasing Pan Hui and Mohe out of the palace, there will be an escape opportunity and it will be absolutely sufficient!
Pan Hui hesitated. "How are you going to explain to him that you have disappeared?"
She and Mohe escaped, and Qiao Yin was left alone in Li ‘an Palace. Even if the punishment was really like temporarily believing that the present person was Pan Hui, where did Qiao Yin go? !
"So I didn’t intend to cheat him …" Punishment Qiaoyin smiled very comfortably. "I was ready to tell him from the beginning that you … were let go by me!"
With this punishment, I can’t wait to go out of the palace to find someone, and the possibility of Mohe and Pan Hui being exposed will be reduced. She plans everything to be implemented smoothly.
Nothing in this world is more reassuring than the dead, especially a woman who makes punishment really unforgettable.
Chapter 515 Mohe save lives (3)
Punishment Qiaoyin didn’t tell Mohe that she didn’t intend to let Pan Hui live from the beginning, but where this man died was very particular.
Since the punishment is really like handing Pan Hui over to her, she naturally can’t let Pan Hui die in the palace, and she can’t die at the end of the punishment, can she?
Pan Hui heart suddenly gives birth to a bad feeling can’t help but look at the punishment QiaoYin deeply.
Punishment Qiao Yin is smiled and turned them to lead the way without saying another word.
Mohe mind move left hand has been deducted punishment Qiao Yin right wrist.
For this woman, he really doesn’t believe it, especially the flash in Qiao Yin’s eyes just now. Be sure that you are absolutely right.
Punishment Qiao Yin Mohe’s eyes turned white when he touched them. The abacus in his heart was probably seen through. Just as she was contemplating how to perfunctory Mohe, Pan Huiyin rang from the side.
"Not to take me away? What are you doing here? "