In the end, it is in such a situation; Hesitant Sunday finally failed to get the first move, but the royal elder sister realized that she was much more decisive than Sunday, but she didn’t enter the celestial world until the end. Although the royal elder sister also knows that Sunday’s identity even pretends to be fake, it is not clear what this title represents at first, and secondly, it is also influenced by the education when the fix true world, which makes the celestial world too mysterious and powerful, and some people are afraid of it; Naturally, the brain mi paste failed to respond correctly at the first time.

Royal elder sister didn’t move; Other women are naturally more unbearable, so it is like this; Sunday and his party have reached the moment when they have to act first, but they still haven’t done anything too much until Sunday reacts; When you want to start work again; It was then that the clear water fairy arrived at the celestial world where they were on Sunday.
"Fairy come in; Speaking of which, your brother is visiting us, and it’s just the right time for nun 1. "
"well; I know I just came to see him. "
"I see; Fairy come in. "
Far away; Then the dialogue between the clear water fairy and the emperor will reach Sunday’s ear. After listening to the words of the clear water fairy; On Sunday, however, some mi paste the words that Sunday’s family knows about their own affairs to explain and teach; If the myths on the earth’s surface are similar, Sunday knows them very well, but Sunday knows how to explain them; After all, Sunday is not really an interpreter, but now he pretends to be an interpreter. However, I was accidentally hit by a real interpreter. How could it not be strange for the clear water nun to say that on Sunday?
But no matter how strange it feels on Sunday; The clear water nun 1 can’t explain anything on Sunday, so she can’t figure out what the other party wants to help him hide his identity on Sunday. The clear water nun 1 is slowly approaching Sunday in the hospitality of the immortal emperor.
"Teacher younger brother still doing here? Saint, please; Still not quick to go back with me "say that finish; The clear water fairy also didn’t give Sunday a chance to speak, so she was ready to leave by pulling Sunday directly.
Sunday mi is burnt; I don’t even know what’s going on. It’s not that she mistook me for someone else. Sunday can’t remember when she went to explain how she was in a fog. Zhou Tianyan doesn’t even know anything, and he becomes an interpreter himself.
Wait; Some reaction came over on Sunday, as if the clear water fairy said that she was a saint and wanted to see him.
Thought of here; On Sunday, when the cold sweat came out with a brush, who was the saint? There should be no one else besides Yuan Tianzun, the sage of the Fairy Mouth in Bishui. Yuan Tianzun wants to see him. Sunday is naturally flattered by this kind of thing if I can meet a saint; Whatever the sage rewards him, it is estimated that the benefits will be enough to make Monday poor.
But at this time of the eye; Sunday is the last thing I want to meet, that is, the saint summoned this kind of thing
First; At this time of the eye, Zhou Tianshen has a road machine that most people can’t see; Don’t saints still see that if that yuan wants to rob him of his avenue machine, it will be backed up; I don’t know if I have a chance to hide in Sunday, let alone; By means of saints; It is a question whether there is one after hiding on Sunday.
Second, words; It’s also the most important point, but Sunday was just there not long ago pretending to be a brother’s eye. At this time, the sage of elucidation immediately called someone to call him over. It’s not clear whether it was connected or not, but from both sides, it’s impossible to make people think about it.
It’s not that you don’t want to escape from Sunday, but what is the sage? If this ancient universe is regarded as a game world; Then the saint is Gm, and you, a player with equal strength, have offended GM; People can kill you by doing something casually, and the saints have to deal with Sunday dialect; Zhou Tiangen didn’t resist. Maybe Sunday really couldn’t think of any other way to deal with it at this time except that he was honestly obedient and arranged by the other party.
That is, in such a situation; Although it was already felt that I was at the end of the world on Sunday, in the end, I didn’t dare to resist the pull of the clear water fairy, that is, I was honestly pulled away by the clear water fairy and was ready to leave at that time.
Seeing the clear water fairy’s reaction; Fairy emperor’s face is almost not laughing huā. Although he had an unpleasant Sunday, he also doubted whether Sunday’s identity was true or not when he saw the change of Sunday’s face Se. After today’s incident, he is going to ask Sunday for help after taking the Zhou antenna; He also has a reason, which is for the immortal emperor; It’s definitely a great happy event. How could he be unhappy?
For one reason; Even the clear water nun 1 didn’t put him in the eye to show that he was a fairy emperor, and that fairy emperor didn’t have any dissatisfaction. Looking at the clear water nun 1 with a smile, he was ready to send them on Sunday.
However; Then the fairy emperor suddenly saw the royal elder sister and other women, but the heart was a j and spirit; Hurriedly to prepare to go on Sunday a line of people cried; "Daxian walks slowly; Your companions … "
"For the time being, let them stay with you. The sage summoned the teacher younger brother here; In his several Taoist couples, it’s up to you to arrange to wait until my teacher younger brother meets the saint before picking them up. "Don’t give Sunday a chance to reply; After directly helping Sunday to answer; The clear water fairy took out a magic weapon directly from her bosom and threw it at Tianyi, then she saw that the magic weapon turned into a spaceship resembling a locomotive, and then directly pulled the magic weapon on Sunday. In a moment, the spaceship disappeared into the sight of the fairies present.
Because of the fairy tale of Bishui; Fairy emperor naturally took Sunday as an explanation for his younger brother, so the royal elder sister, and they were a couple in Zhou Tiandao. Although it was not an explanation, the fairy emperor did not dare to look down upon them after watching them leave on Sunday. At that time, he turned his head and looked at the royal elder sister with an almost flattering expression. "A few fairy goddesses please take a break here and pick you up when the big fairy comes back."
Look at each other; Although they can be said to be finished with what has happened to the eyes, it does not prevent them from judging whether it is going on on Sunday or what kind of power it is to explain. Anyway, judging from the performance of the fairy emperor, they should have a good time staying in this celestial world. Anyway, the eyes don’t know the situation of the celestial world, and the royal sisters naturally dare not make a move. Since the fairy emperor makes that arrangement; They will live in this celestial world first.
"What’s going on? Don’t say you really know me. I don’t even know when I joined you to explain. How could I become your younger brother inexplicably? What did you just say in the celestial world? It’s not a bad idea." When I left the celestial world; On Sunday, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. How do you say that because of the clear water fairy, his identity was confirmed, so the royal sisters stayed in the celestial world? It is estimated that there will be no danger. What needs to be done on Sunday now is to act like that in the end. Even if you die on Sunday, you need at least nòng to know whether you are dying or not, so you have to listen to the arrangement of the other party.
However; It’s okay if you don’t talk on Sunday. When you talk on Sunday, the clear water nun’s reaction is big.
I don’t know if that clear water fairy is growing up according to her practice; The clear water fairy is not young, but her personality is still like a grown-up lady after listening to Sunday’s words; Is directly Lu an angry expression bold stare at Sunday and nu way; "You return not bashful to talk now that you dare to cheat in the name of our explanation, if you don’t want to meet your words; I have to fly a sword to poke holes in your body, so don’t be honest; Come with me to see Zhang Jiao’m, and then I’ll decide what to do with you, but it seems to me that since you dare to pretend to be our teaching brother’m, you will at least be imprisoned for thousands of years. "
After listening to the words of the clear water fairy; Sunday some want to vomit words; Regardless, is it possible for a saint to ask such a trivial matter? Just say that the saint has asked; Is it just confinement on Sunday? With this kind of punishment, it is estimated that the creatures in this world will not be so afraid of them.
However, although there are many vomiting points; However, on Sunday, after listening to the words of the clear water fairy, it was at that time that I got up and put my heart at ease anyway; Saints are unlikely to ask about the little things that were done Sunday, but they can be sure; That Yuan Tianzun would never get even with him for pretending to be his brother. There is also the danger of the avenue machine, but at least compared with the previous situation, Zhou Tianyan still feels that his safety is much more assured.
On Sunday when thinking about those things; Clear water nun 1 is already driving her magic weapon to fly back to Yu virtual palace in Kunlun Mountain.
Just a magic weapon of clear water fairy; Sunday immediately ushered in hundreds of curious eyes at that time, and when Sunday was stared at by those eyes, Hun immediately felt cold. A stiff body at the same time not from some guilty.
The reason why the celestial Sunday was really ignored is very simple; Because although the other party is famous in the celestial world, the number of fairies in the world is not much, so the kittens are naturally rooted in the strength of those fairies on Sunday, so they will not be regarded.
But; It’s obvious that the situation is completely different. I cast a curious glance at those people on Sunday because they didn’t hide their reasons for repairing. On Sunday, they naturally got the sense that they had repaired Luo Xuanxian and Taiyi Jin Xian. Since the weakest has the strength of Taiyi Xuanxian, it is only a group of four or five generations of younger brothers who live outside Kunlun Mountain. So, Hugh …
Sunday’s theory of strength has just reached the realm of Taiyi Xuanxian, and it is explained here; It’s really not too much se. Although the combat power of Xuangong is strong, there are saints sitting in the teaching. I don’t know how many such thoughts are there; Sunday doesn’t even have the courage to deal with these younger brothers. If there is any conflict between them, I feel absolutely doomed when I think about it on Sunday.
Come all the time; The main reason why Zhou Tiandan dares to do anything dangerous is that he has this great retreat to face the saints. When Sunday’s ability can’t make it out, it’s inevitable to feel a little guilty when Sunday is faced with the huge force of explaining and teaching. If the eyes are not unable to see each other at this time, Sunday really has the impulse to turn around and flee now.
"Let’s go" is afraid on Sunday; After all, on Sunday, I was afraid of all those monks, and the water nun knew them, not to mention that the water nun was stronger or weaker than them, even weaker than each other; It is impossible to be afraid of such a situation because of familiarity; She naturally also can’t have the same reaction on Sunday.
Seeing Sunday’s stagnant reaction; The clear water nun 1 directly cast a contemptuous glance at Sunday, which is the clear water nun 1′ s glance; To also really played a big role.
Anyway, there is no way to hide this thing today, even if you are afraid of it again, what is the root? Eye he is so timid performance is white let a person look down upon by clear water nun 1 so a j: and; Sunday also simply put those luàn seven bad ideas all emboldened, and then directly followed the footsteps of the clear water fairy.
The general situation is due to the fact that Yu Xugong is the residence of saints; It is such a situation that spells or magic weapons cannot be used in this place; Want to see the original Buddha; On Sunday, you can walk in and lead by the clear water fairy; On Sunday, it was clear all the way, and at the same time, after seeing the layout of Yu virtual palace; On Sunday, it was sour water in my heart.
Envy, jealousy and hate are helpful; Compared with ordinary monks, Sunday is already a rich man. At least, whatever kind of elixir is needed on Sunday, it will take a while to cultivate itself. Any kind of panacea can come out
However, although Sunday can cultivate an elixir, it needs a kind of seed to cultivate it, and no matter what kind of root can make it grow, there are quite precious things; Although Sunday hand has such a big super-cultivator, as far as the spirit root panacea is concerned; However, there are also some low-grade species that are not allowed to be on the table. Except for a few lotus stands, it is still a good panacea. But it can be regarded as an ordinary species.