Hundreds of monks almost turned their heads together and stared at Qiu with a strange look. Some of them had a bad temper and even looked at Qiu muttering and swearing, and their attitude was not very friendly.

Qiu didn’t care about the strange eyes of everyone, and his eyes haven’t moved since he stared at the Jiuqu back.
"I must get it when I return to the nine songs!"
Keep a close eye on the nine-song back-to-back ginseng, and his eyes are full of longing. He secretly made up his mind to get the nine-song back-to-back ginseng.
Fine Jin Jian light a prosperous autumn course dun light directly across the crowd towards the plant Jiuqu back to be able to slowly fly to want to pick the elixir.
"This younger brother, please slow down!"
Autumn royal sword crossed the crowd and no one stopped it. Everyone was watching a good show. Looking at autumn’s move, when autumn was approaching the nine-song back, suddenly one royal sword stopped in front of autumn and smiled and stopped.
"Well, what is it!"
Seeing that Jiuqu Huishan was about to get it, he was stopped. In the autumn, he was unhappy and frowned slightly, but he still stopped and stared at the monk indifferently and said
Stopping Qiu, this monk is a young man, but he is rich in god and handsome, elegant in expression and courteous in manners, and full of charm. In the induction of Qiu, this person should be practicing in the realm of dzogchen during the foundation period.
"This teacher younger brother’s nine-curve return is not so good. If it was very easy, we would have started work long ago and could not leave the teacher younger brother to come." That young monk in dzogchen, who was in the foundation period, said to Qiu with a gentle smile.
Autumn eyebrows a wrinkly eyes slightly over the young monk took a glance at the strains of Jiuqu back to ask a question.
"After our observation, this strain of Jiuqu Huishen should have been in 2500 years, but it has not reached the year of 3000, and our banned tokens are gone."
When he said this, the young monk was a little depressed. It seemed that his face was somewhat unwilling, but this look passed by, and it would not have happened if it had not been for the sharp-eyed autumn.
There is also a reason why the young monk is depressed and unwilling. Therefore, Zhujiuquhui must be his first one. However, because the year is less than 3,000 years old, he can’t hope that Jiuquhui must be a blank stare.
Of course, the young monk also wanted to attack the elixir and put it into action, but it was only half a day before another monk returned to participate in the nine-curve. Finally, more and more people gathered here, and the number of monks soared to more than a hundred.
"Well, that’s true!"
Just in autumn, suddenly, Jiuqu Huishen was in a good mood, but I didn’t think about exploring the year of the elixir. At this time, after the young monk woke up and observed carefully, it was true that Jiuqu Huishen was less than 3,000 years old.
"What can I do?"
The nine-song back-to-back is less than three thousand years old, and the elixir can’t be banned in autumn, but it’s also hopeful that the elixir will lose its heart for a while and I don’t know what to do.
If Qiuyi shows this nine-curve back, he has to take part in a special ban token to brush the elixir ban, and he can also violently break it to get the elixir. But at this time, there are hundreds of monks around him eyeing Qiuyi, and even if Qiuyi has broken the elixir ban after painstaking efforts, there is no extra ability to rob the elixir and marry others.
"I am Xia Jirui, the third generation elder brother of Shu Feng". After the autumn was stopped and dispelled, the young monk pondered for a moment and suddenly pulled up his royal sword. He said to many monks, "This strain of Jiuqu Hui must be consulted to refine Jiuqu Jin Dan, which is of great help to Brother dzogchen in the foundation period. We certainly all want to get it, but at this time, there is a strong ban outside the elixir, and only when it is broken can we gain something. I know that you are all worried that Jiuqu Hui will have to participate in other people’s income after hard work to break the ban. Of course, I also have
When Xia Jirui said this, more than 100 monks immediately talked about it. Many people kept nodding their heads to recognize that Xia Jirui was right and said what they were thinking.
After waiting for everyone’s discussion to gradually subside, some Xia Jirui continued to say loudly again, "But it’s not a way for us to go to such a stalemate. After thinking about it, I came up with a fairly feasible method. I’ll talk it over and see if it’s feasible."
"Go ahead."
"Say it if you have a way."
"Brother Xia, please say that if this method is feasible, we will do it according to brother Xia’s words. After all, no one wants to be stuck here."
Hearing that Xia Jirui had a way to break the current deadlock, more than 100 monks became happy. From time to time, some people supported Xia Jirui.
It takes 300 to 400 years for the Great Spirit Medicine Garden to open once, but it takes more than 100 monks to come to this treasure-place, but they can gain a lot of money. They don’t want to spend all their time on this nine-curve ginseng.
Autumn roughly looked at this plant, and there were nearly ten monks in the hundred who participated in the Jiuqu Hui. During these construction periods, dzogchen and Friar dzogchen showed that it was because of them that so many monks gathered here.
"This is the case with all the monks. I think this Jiuqu Back must be a foreign elixir. We are forbidden to attack it together, and then the elixir will fall into whose hands." Seeing that all the monks have urged Xia Jirui not to sell him, he smiled gently and said, "There must be some of you who have to participate in this Jiuqu Back. When we make moves, we also ask those watching younger brothers to retreat, which will cause misunderstanding."
After a pause, Xia Jirui continued to say, "By the way, all of us are divided into teams because of the different peaks and pulses. When the horse violence breaks the ban of the elixir, each team can produce five monks in the late period of the foundation period. If dzogchen is in the shot, it can be three times."
It’s really good for Xia Qirui to come up with this method. The monks’ joint efforts can quickly break the ban and attract more people to covet it. And five people from each team still have some strength to guard against those who come to watch the fun and don’t contribute, but want to fish in troubled waters and snatch the nine songs at the end. It’s really a double whammy.
As soon as Xia Qirui’s method was said, many monks thought it was reasonable, so they all agreed and no one opposed it
Chapter two hundred and sixty Joint
It has been half a year since the Da Ling Yao Garden was opened, and the monks from Zongmen have come to this precious place in the Ministry area, and a nine-curved Hui Shu ginseng has been found in one of them, attracting many monks from Zongmen during the foundation period.
More than 100 monks of Zongmen were surrounded by three floors and three floors around the Jiuqu Huixu, and nearly ten of them were in the foundation period. dzogchen needed the Jiuqu Huixu to refine the Jiuqu elixir in the impact of the elixir period.
Except in autumn, most monks can cultivate to the realm of dzogchen in the foundation period, and their spiritual root attributes are good, usually double attributes and other spiritual roots
Of course, there are also three attributes. If Brother Linggen works hard, he will be determined and lucky, and it will not be a problem to practice in dzogchen during the construction period.
If you have a single-attribute pure spirit root, this top spirit root will impact the foundation of the elixir period, and there is little chance of success. Only when you advance to the Yuan infant period will there be a bottleneck, which may be more difficult.
It can be said that no matter what kind of attribute the spiritual root is, Friar dzogchen coveted this nine-song back-to-back.
Even if you have a single attribute, pure spirit root, the top spirit root monk, condenses the elixir, you can’t say that it’s as sure as a gun, and at most you have a chance. It seems that you have a great chance, but if a person is unlucky, he may not succeed.
The maximum difficulty of the first three chances will not increase, but if you fail all three times, the difficulty will double from the fourth time, that is, the original success rate will be 40% for the fourth time, 20% for the fifth time and 10% for the sixth time.
In order to gain a greater grasp, even with the top pure spiritual root foundation period, Brother dzogchen will try his best to find the best Dan medicine that can increase the chance of setting Dan when attacking the Dan period.
A nine-song Hui, which was less than 3,000 years old, attracted nearly ten monks from dzogchen in the construction period. Nai Ling Medicine banned many monks who were unusually strong and restrained each other. At that time, everyone could do nothing.
In this case, Xia Qirui announced that the method he had come up with was approved by everyone, so the monks decided to act according to the plan
Most of the more than 100 monks in the foundation period were members of this nine-curve-back ginseng plant, and a few of them just came to watch the fun. About a dozen people retreated one after another.
"I want to ask if any of your classmates at the scene can come out."
More than a dozen monks turned back Xia Jirui sharp eyes slowly swept over all hesitated for a moment that suddenly a grind determination said
There are many peaks and veins in Danling Sect, but if it is said that it is the highest and most valued peak, it must be Danfeng and Shufeng.
Danling Sect started as an alchemist, and Danfeng has always been the basis of Danling Sect. Compared with the original peak-root method, in recent hundreds and thousands of years, the strength of Danling Sect has been paid more and more attention to by its high-level officials, and the status of Danfeng Sect has gradually risen and become higher in Zongmen. There is a trend that Danfeng is even.
Xia Qirui’s words, deeds and actions of the third generation of master elder brother Shu Feng also represent Shu Feng’s majesty and attitude to a certain extent, so he has to strive to do everything in a watertight way.
Although the status of Shufeng in Danling Sect is getting higher and higher, Danfeng is flush with Danling Sect, but after all, Danfeng has been in the old peak since Danling Sect, and Xia Qirui should show some respect in the face.
"I am Brother Mendanfeng. I wonder if Brother Xia has any advice?" Autumn eyes flashing some uncertain Xia Jirui meaning in the words, but he didn’t hesitate to answer directly.
"It turns out that the younger brother is a vein of Danfeng, and you and I will jointly command this operation?" In autumn, when Xia Jirui answered, he cast his eyes and saw that five monks followed behind him. Knowing that he was also a master, he discussed the tone and said to Autumn.
I heard that Qiu Zhicheng was a vein of Danfeng, and many monks looked at him in succession. There were many meanings in the eyes, including surprise, envy, jealousy and so on
"If you don’t join hands to break the nine songs, you must take part in the elixir prohibition method. Brother Xia wants to come up with this action, so Brother Xia will be in charge of the command. I have no problem with it."
He shook his head slightly and refused to give Xia Jirui a subtle hand, by the way.
"This … this is not so good," Xia Jirui looked at Qiu carefully to see if he really hesitated.
When I saw Xia Jirui, I wanted to promise, but I was hesitant. I was afraid that I was just saying what I looked like. Qiu simply wanted to laugh.
But Qiu also knows that if he really laughs, Xia Jirui will be really nasty and hate himself. He doesn’t want to have an enemy without rhyme or reason, so he can secretly laugh in his heart.