We brought a letter to the three palace masters to get the real water that day. When we arrived at the Yanguang Pavilion in Yingxian Island, we first met the keeper of your palace named Wu Fan, who entrusted him with the letter and sent a letter to Thaksin. Without asking us to wait in the pavilion, we went into the tunnel first and didn’t see it for a long time. Is this your hospitality?

After waiting for several hours, another woman came to pick up the letter and still told me to wait and wait for some time. I still think that although our two families are not the same, they are both in need of each other. Why are you so arrogant and ignore us in Emei? Do a group of people in the water still despise us?
I’ll tell you that all factions and immortals will come here to attend the meeting soon, and I’ll be eager to come back to the mountain after the two people’s work. When I come back, I’ll smell the mystery of the sacred sand tunnel in your fairy palace, so I want to take advantage of the sightseeing place to take the liberty of paying my respects at the palace gate.
Who knows that the host in the tunnel wants to put us both to death when he sees us waiting in succession? That’s why you Taoist friends want us to invest ourselves or we won’t get the letter. At first, the two defenders, Yan Guangting Company, were not very advanced in welcoming guests, so they could just go in and out. "
Looking at Ji Jinchan’s small mouth, he turned black and white, and he felt that the other party was a stranger. It’s okay to count himself as Emei Gate, but what has been clearly opposed but will be charged with various crimes? And wantonly belittle each other. He can’t figure out what Qi Jinchan means.
However, Ji Jinchan ignored his idea and continued to say wildly, "Since you Taoist friends want to test whether I have this dangerous palace and the God Sand in the array is so powerful, we naturally turn our backs and try our best to deal with it. If you Taoist friends have this magical skill, they should still be in the dark and can’t command it. What is the name now?
I think you should still look at whether our two junior students at the end of Emei Gate have the ability to break through these forty-nine big Yan arrays and come out of the palace gate. What is the problem when our two talents rush into the third array and become angry from embarrassment and rely on numbers to come out? It’s really petty.
In my opinion, the group of immortals will be robbed in the 500-year-old, and the array of the sand tunnel will be close to the gods. Although it is wonderful, we can still break in at the end of the road. How can we resist the last robbery? It’s better to give me a few bottles of Tianyi Zhenshui and leave some incense for me. It’s necessary to send your elders to the crisis to remember the past. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a hand?
If you insist on deceiving others, you can’t laugh. Don’t talk about it. In case the two of us need to be granted back that day, it will be too late to regret it! "
After he finished, he squinted at several people and saw that each other was so angry that he couldn’t speak. In his heart, he felt proud and thought to laugh. After he taught these words, he had to learn more when he went back. It was so cool to watch each other get angry like this! Hey, hey, these devious guys let you know that Xiao Ye is amazing.
Shi Sheng listened to Qi Jinchan’s performance and thought about it not long ago. He felt as if he had fallen into a trap. This performance of Qi Jinchan chilled him. He was not stupid. From all kinds of situations, it seems that even his ancestors were calculating his mother. As Song Shishu said, when his mother soared, everyone knew that she was going to suffer. Why didn’t anyone save her?
It’s not because she needs this excuse to complete some people’s eyes. The thought that her mother is all in the game is a pain in her heart. What’s even more uncomfortable is that she didn’t expect that she was a friend. Ji Jinchan actually thought about how to calculate herself inside and outside, which made Shi Sheng, who had never made a few friends, very sad.
When he thinks of Uncle Song, he can’t help but think of Shuangying, who came with him, and of the worrying days of several people in Mangcang Mountain. At that time, everyone was very worried, and no one calculated who. Now that Emei takes himself as chess, even his ancestors take his mother as chess, just like Uncle Song said that everything can be done by himself.
He wanted to think, while Ji Jinchan finished gloating and Ziyun Palace was angry, when you were ready to start the method card in the future, this was a one-time thing, and Xu Feiniang got the heart needle from yuan gui Temple’s scattered fairy Yi’s home on Monday, almost all of which were visual array method to stop the start, so that the information here could be given to people with the same method card.
However, the concentric needles can be limited to different times, so it is very difficult to refine this method card, and even if it is scrapped once, there is not much such a big faction as Emei. If it were not for this special situation, it would not have been taken out and won the favor of Shishengdi. Qi Jinchan generously let him wear the method card and put the other side in Qi Lingyun’s hand.
The fluctuation of the starting mana of Xunfa brand made Ji Jinchan stunned. He didn’t know what it meant that Shisheng started now. I’m not trapped, I can’t rush out, and I don’t need help. What’s wrong with starting now? At the same time, I wake up five people who are angry. They are angry and angry, and they all don’t know how to do it. After all, Emei is a master of big faction, and many friends from other factions are in groups. Although they are angry that the other party ruined the sacred sand tunnel, they are a little afraid to do it.
I don’t know whether to start first or say some nonsense first. When the other party actually cast spells, they have already started to cope with each other’s favorite magic weapon and spells. With different purposes, five people made moves, light and heavy, but they also made the two people cope with the hurry-scurry.
Among the five people, Huizhu is a thousand-year-old clam reincarnated in this life and practiced Hinayana Buddhism. Her temper is calm and her heart is kind. The lightest plan is to trap two other elders to reason again, while Sanfeng and Dongxiu are the most ruthless. They all look at the magic weapon in their hands and are determined to kill them and seize the magic weapon.
Erfeng and Jin Xunu were helped by two dwarfs in Songshan when they took treasure in the Moon Cave in the Fire Sea. At that time, when the two dwarfs made a pre-announced statement and later generations went to Ziyun Palace, they hoped to leave some leeway for them not to kill them all. Both of them failed to contribute and Huizhu played an idea to trap each other first.
Two people don’t know how many people fight in a golden hall in Ziyun Palace at the bottom of the sea. It is clearly shown in a mirror suspended by ling. The mirror is about one meter in diameter and presents an oval shape. A stunning female face looks at several people with Shaqi, and her eyebrows are gradually wrinkled.
After watching and meeting these two lovely fairies with jade snow, I was a little surprised that they could hold on to the siege of Ziyun Palace with magic weapons. I muttered softly to myself, "I, the first phoenix, are rare in the world. I don’t want a big pie, even two children can have such a way and magic weapon. No wonder I dare to be so rampant."
See a few people have been deadlocked together three phoenix and winter show Siming landlord attack while huizhu and other three people are beside the prey array to cope with the early phoenix frown more severely. She looked at a letter next to her eyes, and a little anger passed through her eyes in a clot, hitting the mirror with a few tricks and then opening her mouth to the mirror. "I asked you to catch you in the future. What are you doing?" War! "
End of volume 24
Volume 25 Union Lian Heng Chapter two hundred and forty-one Xuan Guangbao ruler
Hearing Chu Feng’s voice, several people were stunned. They didn’t expect Chu Feng to be able to see and give it to several people without the help of the central array. This phenomenon can tell a problem that Chu Feng, who has been closed in the Huangjing Temple, has learned how to make a crystal mirror, a treasure in the palace.
It turns out that although there are many powerful array methods and treasures in Ziyun Palace, these array methods and treasures are all made by jellyfish who built this palace three thousand years ago. However, after the jellyfish soared thousands of years ago, most of their cousins and servants either soared with them or their skills were insufficient, such as Qi Lingyun, Qin Ziling, Chu Feng, Er Feng, San Feng, and Jin Xunu.
However, because the jellyfish soared, the whole Ziyun Palace was closed. Simply protecting the palace array automatically operated. Hundreds of years ago, the old clam Huizhu entered the people’s palace from a weak array, which attracted several people, including Chu Feng, Er Feng, San Feng and Jin Xu Nu. Although they got some palace treasures, they were all ordinary things.
The real treasure of jellyfish and all kinds of powerful arrays in the palace should not be obtained, but some magic weapons they got, and they don’t know how to realize the crystal mirror. This is the treasure. At the beginning, they got a lot of such treasures, but now they can realize it with great success.
At the beginning, because we couldn’t get treasures and laws from the palace, a few talents worked together to refine Ziyun Shensha, and established Shensha Tunnel, where Huang Jingdian is the center of the whole palace. Chu Feng has been practicing enlightenment there. A few people didn’t expect that she had realized the method of observing and making palace crystal mirrors this time.
When a few one leng, Chufeng also knows that they can’t rely on themselves to move the polar circle through the law. You know that the big Yan figure is the whole god sand tunnel to the law hub. How can you defend this polar circle without some magic weapons? The whole array figure has just been reversed by the magic of Chufeng and others. Qi Jinchan’s sword light attack is the ability.
When the polar circle moved, it saw a white aperture flashing, and the unsuspecting stone circle was first put in it. The aperture was just about to shrink and close, but it was blocked by the stone-protected dirt clock. The two were deadlocked. You know, this dirt clock is self-blissful, but it is woven and shaped like a silk cover. There are colorful clouds all over the body, and it is hard to infringe.
When Sanfeng saw that Shisheng had been trapped by the elder sister, he tried his best to attack Jijinchan. Several other people saw that Chufeng had already made moves with anger, and naturally he dared not drag on.
However, Sanfeng is still the main attack. She is mainly in a bad mood and greedy. Because it is her rotation today, she has been destroyed by the enemy for negligence. Seventeen arrays have been destroyed. At the same time, she is also greedy. She has many good things, but when it comes to flying swords, she has nothing to do with a good sword.
Everyone in the palace now makes the best flying sword, but it’s not high-quality, and Qi Jinchan’s thunderbolt Yuanyang sword is extremely flying sword. She saw it, and if she could not be greedy, she would be the most ruthless, but her flying sword was poor in quality, which was the urgent attack. It was natural for the two flying swords to collide with each other, so the quality naturally showed up.
Sanfeng’s immortal sword, like others, is a treasure hidden in the jade pillar of the Golden Court in Ziyun Palace, but after all, it is refined by jellyfish to make the quality of the younger brother not high. Although it has been refined by her sisters for many years, after all, their training ground is a side door and magic spells are not white. Where is the opponent of Qi Jinchan’s thunderbolt mandarin duck sword?
See a brilliant brilliance dancing and hovering out with that brilliant brilliance, and it was almost strangled by those two brilliant brilliance as soon as it was handed over. It’s fair to say that their side is outnumbered by two phoenixes, Jin Xunu, Hui Zhu, and Dong Xiu. Seeing three phoenixes flying swords in distress, they all stepped in to help, and this just barely got back, but now it’s just like this. Several flying swords have been handed over, and Guanghua has lost many swords, too.
As soon as Sanfeng withdrew his sword, several other people released their own sword light into a dogfight. Jijinchan’s double swords were trapped in a polar circle. Shisheng saw the enemy’s potential and saw that he had nothing to do here at the moment, and he also came out to signal that several people should be here soon. He didn’t want Jijinchan to release his own Galaxy sword to help him if he failed so quickly.
The two men’s swords and light unite to see one red and one purple, two brilliance and a slip of silver rain, all of which are sandwiched with talk. The four blue light fights in Ziyun Palace will rise up, and each of them will shine brightly. Three swords in Ziyun Palace actually suppress the four swords, which makes Sanfeng, who is distressed by her flying sword, wink at Jin Xunu to urge him to make a magic weapon.
Because a few people have gold beard slaves, because they got the magic weapon of the master’s treasure in the fire moon cave Lianshan in those years, and they were moistened at most by a few people. After one piece, there are still many three phoenixes and Dong Xiu who have been greedy all the time. Now the enemy’s flying sword is badly defeated by nature, and of course it is the magic weapon that most people sell.
But Kim Soo-nu is playing the fool, so he doesn’t understand. At the beginning, Phoenix was captured alive, and someone ordered him to be injured by his favorite shark. At that time, he was angry and went to war with everyone. But when he got here, he couldn’t help but feel a drum in his heart. But he knew that the orthodox religion was not easy to deal with.
At the same time, I thought to myself, "The two people are not old enough to look at each other, but they are just new scholars of Emei Gate’s younger generation, but it’s conceivable that they have been so disciplined and taught by their predecessors."
I was surprised at the same time when I backed down in my heart, and I suddenly remembered that "when my parents in Songshan helped me to get the treasure of Master Lianshan from Yueer Island, I once told me that if there is something going to Ziyun Palace in Emei Gate in the future, it is necessary to leave some incense for his parents’ help, so as not to hurt people."
Today has come true. If I destroy these two people, I will not only explain them in front of my parents, but now the world has been robbed at the end of the world. Wouldn’t it be more difficult and dangerous if I first build such a strong enemy as Emei? Besides, both of these two children are deeply injured, and I’m afraid it’s too much trouble
Look at these two people. They are not ordinary people. Although they are hateful, they are looking for fault. But since they dare to do so, how can there be no protection behind them? Sister Sanfeng and Sister Chufeng don’t ask the name and origin of the bearer, so they will automatically hand in case the magic weapon hurts them badly by mistake. It’s even more difficult to clean up, and I’m afraid there will be capsizing disaster in the palace. "
The more he thought about it, the more afraid he was of giving his thoughts to his wife, Erfeng, and ignoring Sanfeng’s glances, he refused to use his magic weapon to deal with people, but he couldn’t always be so stupid to deal with Sanfeng. He shouted, "Are you afraid that you two are sharp-tongued but refuse to give your first name?"
Two people listen to is one leng JiJinChan first reaction to come over, he recognized the talk to men have some soft or root don’t ask the name and proudly drink a way "afraid of? Young master, I won’t change my name to Qi Jinchan, but this is a rock. Who is afraid of you? I don’t need to tell you if I don’t tell you my name. Do I have to name you people? " Many people don’t know who Shisheng is, but they all know the weight. Qi Jinchan is a thing that Emei teaches real people to love, but they have heard Xu Feiniang talk about it several times. It’s not so good to see the fruit at first sight, but people are young and the magic weapon is flying swords.
The more others dare not take the liberty to be afraid of trouble, so the command to fly swords is switched to the defensive posture next to Sanfeng, who is very angry. When she sees that Jin Xunu refuses to hand over two people, there are many bad feelings to see him, so that she knows that he is perfunctory and unwilling to help, and she can’t help but take out the white jade ruler on impulse.
That Jijinchan and Shisheng Feijian each have their own mysterious diseases, such as a lot of stars, a little sparse, and a few people will suffer, and they will be forced to turn to the defensive situation in the wind, and they will be pressed to the edge of failure. The jade ruler in Sanfeng’s hand is the treasure that the gold beard slave got from the master of the Moon Hole in the Fire and the mountains was later given to her.
After this gracious ruler reached Sanfeng’s hands, I knew it was a different treasure with a little effort, but I never knew that the real method of transportation didn’t even have the tactic of offering and refining. I always knew that this root couldn’t wield the power of this ruler, and I once tried the tactic of offering and refining with other methods, but unfortunately it didn’t work.
However, in this way, when the scattered fairy Zhenhai invaded Ziyun Palace, Sanfeng’s fancy light ruler trapped Zhenhai’s magic weapon and saved Chufeng’s life. Although it’s a pity that she didn’t know the law, it was so wonderful to see this ruler without knowing the law, but she also knew that it was easy to be robbed of the magic weapon and not to make it easily without sacrifice.
Now, seeing that the enemy is powerful, she doesn’t leave her hand. Naturally, she takes it out to make it clear that just at first, thousands of colorful apertures of one meter of the earth are hovering and dancing. Two phoenixes and other four people all know that this magic weapon is very busy, and each of them will take back his own sword light and stand aside to watch the damage. At the same time, they also know that three phoenixes are malicious for a while, and they don’t know how to lose their temper when it’s over.
When Ji Jinchan and Shi Sheng were fighting happily, they suddenly saw that the woman who started first took out a magic weapon and flew out of several colorful apertures with a wave of her hand. At the same time, the enemies also withdrew, and when they flew their swords, the aperture was caught by it as soon as they touched it. The two swords turned fast, but they were still entangled in the colorful aperture.
Volume 25 Union Lian Heng Chapter two hundred and forty-two Nervous
Although Ji Jinchan is young, his head is very good. He is a kid and a big guy. Although his surface is rampant, his mind is very close. At first, when he saw that Ziyun Palace came out with so many people to deal with himself, he took more precautions. Not only did he not make it clear that Shi Sheng was a Qingcheng Sect, but he also gave the enemy the illusion that Emei was powerful, and he also took out the day to hide from the mirror.
Nowadays, seeing those colorful apertures come with fierce evil, while trying to collect flying swords, they shine out the day-dodging mirror and the grace ruler. At that time, Jin Guangxia’s colorful aperture was twisted into a magic weapon of several wonderful landscapes, which gave Ji Jinchan the opportunity to collect swords.