Mo Yifan was so excited that he almost cried when he saw the handcuffs in his own hands, and then he realized that he was still in the dungeon. If the guards outside found him, it would be in big trouble.
Listen to the sound of playing poker outside. It’s still hot. Mo Yifan is relieved.
The idiot blinked at Mo Yifan as if he were watching an alien. Don’t learn too early. Although I can’t see this iron door lock, my toes guess that this big lock is definitely a hundred times more difficult than the handcuff lock. Besides, we are trapped in the door. I really imagine how you can put a needle in the keyhole outside.
Mo Yifan smiled, stretched out his hand and held a fine hairline needle and squatted down to gently plug it from the crack of the door.
Two gawking wait for a while looked at Mo Yifan and patted his forehead and said, Oh, my God, what are you doing? Put the needle on the ground. Can you still let the needle crawl into the keyhole?
Mo Yifan nodded and said, well, you’re right. That’s what I think. Things that can fly don’t have to have wings.
He said, "No more gawking." He looked straight as if he were watching a monster, took a deep breath, put his hands on the thick cold iron gate and slowly closed his eyes.
The idiot continued to scratch the bald head and couldn’t figure out what the hell Mo Yifan was doing.
That needle can really crawl into the keyhole. Although the world is crazy, it should not be so crazy. Even the needle can fly, so the cock can lay eggs and the sow can tree.
The idiot suspects that Mo Yifan has not just been stimulated too much and has burned his brain, otherwise how could he suddenly suffer from paranoia?
Two gawking at Mo Yifan, hoping to see some signs of madness from his face, suddenly found that Mo Yifan’s forehead was suddenly soaked with a layer of fine sweat and his hair was suddenly wet as if it had just been rained.
Whoo! It worked!
When the idiot was surprised to see Mo Yifan’s head sweat suddenly appeared from nowhere, Mo Yifan had opened his eyes and turned his head to smile at the idiot.
Mo Yifan looks very tired, but he is in good spirits. His mouth is smirking.
The idiot inexplicably asked what was successful.
Of course, the door lock has been locked by me. Well, now we have to discuss that when we rush, the hand must never let the four guards outside take the message.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Bathroom
The idiot stretched out his hand and touched Mo Yifan’s forehead, but he felt a handful of wet sweat. He didn’t feel too hot and should not have a fever, but the idiot still couldn’t believe Mo Yifan’s sanity or often decided that he was talking nonsense.
Are you kidding? You didn’t even move your hand just now. You just lay on the iron gate and said that the door lock was beaten. If you are so good, what are you doing as a lock expert?
Mo Yifan smiled and didn’t explain it. Gu said that there are six people playing cards ten meters away, and two of them should be resting at the left corner outside. Well, I’ll take care of the four playing cards. I’ll give them to you as soon as possible. Of course, it’s best not to kill people. After you come and go, you should immediately find a place to hide and call Xia Wei later. We just don’t know that there is no camera monitoring outside. Oh, whatever you say. I have to be right. That Hao won’t let me walk here alive. I don’t know what tricks he will pull. It’s really tough if he sets a fire or poisons here. We have to leave as soon as possible.
Hey, you’re serious.
Two gawks at Mo Yifan’s words, which are not like a joke, and the lines of his speech are not like insanity, but he still believes that the door lock was really given a wry smile. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the door handle, and at the same time said in a low voice, wake up, you should be special. This door lock can’t even be played by the gods outside. How can you play it inside?
Second, I was conscious of pulling a doorknob, but suddenly I heard a creaking sound from the heavy iron gate, and then I slowly pulled a gap in his mouth.
I didn’t lock the door when I came to the exam.
After two people were thrown in, they heard the iron gate ring like a turning key, but after all, they didn’t see it with their own eyes or the person who locked the door was careless and didn’t lock the door at all.
Mo Yifan is too lazy for him to argue this question with the wave. It is agreed to pull the door quickly. Don’t forget to do what I just said. You are responsible for the two people at the left corner. Try not to let them make too much noise.
Oh, good.
Two stay also don’t know just now when the door squeaked didn’t disturb the outside guards at this time but it is a quick victory but can’t afford to delay.
So the foolish arm suddenly and violently rises a force again, calling for a thick iron gate to be pulled. Just half way through the door, Mo Yifan has already jumped on the four stunned guards at the poker table.
Two gawks followed by drilling into the dungeon. I saw two people and a half lying on a long sofa at the left corner. It seems that the two people just woke up and rubbed their eyes in a daze to see what happened to the white hair.
To deal with such two idiots, of course, you don’t have much strength. If you want to stretch out your hand, you can easily twist these two necks. But Mo Yifan, since you don’t want to kill people, just knock them out casually.
Two stay while exhibition shape to the left corner of the two men swept away at the same time, looking back at the door keyhole suddenly a shock completely froze.
There was a shiny silver needle in the keyhole. Although most of the needles were inserted inside, a small piece of needle tail was exposed outside, Er Ke still saw that it was the needle he had just visited to lock the needle.
Two foolish people doubt whether their eyes are busy, stop to reach for the end of the needle and draw the filigree needle. When the filigree needle is drawn, the door lock Huang immediately sends a light ring and the rectangular lock bar plays immediately.
No way. How is that possible? How is that needle on the ground? How can it fly and insert it into the keyhole? This is impossible.