See really dying in the sword.

Xiao zhong da hai
Desperately and quickly, the Jedi cut off the arm of the black dress person with a sword.
In the eyes of murder.
However, it is impossible for him to avoid the attack of hundreds of swords behind him.
Instantaneous section 514 Chaos is the heart. 1
Several cold swords were driven around his neck.
Not dead, thanks to Sima Luo’s order to take him alive.
Is lose XiaoLingLong a look at my brother didn’t die in mark inexplicably relieved or not.
The two brothers and sisters were captured together.
Linglong, you are so stupid to sigh.
Brother, I was angry just now that you wanted to die. Xiao Linglong’s eyes were angry but full of tears.
I, Xiao Zhong, can’t tell the bottom of my heart that my loved ones didn’t escape, and I was anxious and angry, but she didn’t abandon herself and fled, and she couldn’t say that she was excited. That kind of person would die, and loneliness and sadness would no longer be there. On the contrary, it filled a feeling of not giving up and gave birth to a feeling of death and regret.
Suddenly Xiaozhong suddenly smiled. I’m sorry. Linglong died by fate. I hurt you tonight, but I don’t regret it. My big hand tried to wipe tears for my sister. The more tears she shed, the more blood she got on her cheeks. Haha, I love crying. How could my sister cry?
It’s you who dazzled me. Let’s cry and hum. Xiao Linglong stared at the masked man in front with hatred. He didn’t doubt that the person in front of him must be the mastermind. He gnashed his teeth and hated Brother Dao. Who is the enemy and what is his name? After death, I will turn into a spectre to seek revenge on him.
Sima Luo’s wife Xiao Zhongping answered quietly.
It’s no big deal to figure it out at this time.
Life has nothing to fear but death.
But when a person has accepted death, what is there to be afraid of? The only thing that he doesn’t regret is that he has killed his sister, but on second thought, he doesn’t regret doing so. If time gives him a choice again, he will still do it.
all of a sudden
Haha, what a brother and sister. Sima Luo laughed
Arrogant and arrogant, cold and cold without any emotion
Presumably, people in the distance will smell the laughter echoing in the cold night. Section 515 Drama is a human heart. 11
Presumably, people in the distance will feel gloomy when they hear the laughter echoing in the cold night.
Smile suddenly break simaluo cold drink.
Say where people are.
Xiao Zhong listens but doesn’t smell.
Sima Luo’s mouth evoked a sneer at Yin and brought the girl.
For a moment, two black guards brought Xiao Linglong to kneel in front of Sima Luo.
Xiaolinglong wanted to struggle, but he was shocked by a word.
Dare to touch Wang Ma Ling’s blood-bloodbath. Sima Luo is awake. His patience is running out. When he achieves his goal, he will not choose the way.
Exquisite Xiaozhong’s eyes are worried again.
Sima Luo’s eyes in the dark take a step back and force Xiao Zhong that they are not alive. At present, it is the most important and his most heart-felt problem.
Who are they referring to? Xiao Zhong didn’t return to Xiao Linglong’s, but he asked doubtfully and looked at his brother.
Sima Luo lives in a high position and squints at Xiao Linglong’s eyes. Who is it that the king tells you? Shen Suer Mu Chuxue asks the king well if your brother didn’t kill them just now. If I am satisfied with the answer, I can know the general’s office and other people.
Sue, why are they here in the first snow? Will Brother kill them? Xiao Linglong’s wondering eyes look at Xiao Zhong again. She really has no idea about what is happening at present and what is causing it, but she believes that her brother is qualified to believe that he is because he is his brother. This one is enough.
Xiao Linglong also disdained to say that he didn’t know what you were talking about, but it was impossible for my brother to kill them.
Where did the man who didn’t kill go? Sima Luo’s eyes fluctuated vaguely for a long time, but he still couldn’t get the answer. The murder in the black eyes was reborn. The angry king was impatient and urgently needed blood to sacrifice this mood. If you kill me, you have to die.
Sima Luo suddenly drew his waist sword.
Xiao Zhongxian, your sister’s blood is sacrificed to the cold sword, which quivers in the cold wind and reflects the cold cold light in the moonlight. Section 516 Chaos is a human heart.
The cold blade quivered in the cold wind and reflected in the moonlight, cold and cold, cold and gloomy.