No matter whether the punishment is really traced back to the punishment Qiaoyin or Zhao Changqi Yangcheng, she can’t stay any longer. Since the punishment is really as today, it is obvious that Qi has fallen into his clutches and she must leave for Zhou as soon as possible.

Zhou Guo’s national strength is the strongest among the four countries in Zhongzhou mainland. Now the punishment is really as good as that of the Three Kingdoms War at the same time. It’s lucky that Zhou Guo should still be safe unless … the plague happens again.
Plague …
Pan Hui dumped her head and felt that she should worry too much.
In those days, the plague was made by people, but now the punishment is really like cultivating a great success. It is no longer necessary to learn from the soul of life and practice, but it should also be learned from cultivating immortals …
Pan Hui’s feet suddenly turned white and she was upset.
If the punishment really needs to absorb the soul of the cultivator, are those who follow the punishment really like the emperor’s palace brothers around? !
A group of slave who have been deprived of their soul and blood!
Pan Hui went to her back door and looked back. When she saw that no one was coming, she quickly flashed in and tied the back door before she ran back to her room to pack her things.
As soon as she entered the door, she was covered with her nose and mouth from behind, and her hands were held hostage. A man’s voice came from behind, "Don’t say that we won’t harm you, but we will borrow you to hide."
Pan Huimei’s heart puckered up, and she knew something about it. She immediately nodded, and the other party held her nose and mouth loosely, so she needed a hand knife to knock her dizzy. Pan Hui’s eyes were slightly narrowed, and then she kicked her hands. Although she was still captured, she bent down to avoid the other party’s hand knife, and the whole person directly knocked the person behind her to the ground with her hands freed.
She turn over is severely buckle the man’s neck eyes cold mountain flash cold way "I kindly take you in but you want to stun me? !”
"Pan Hui?" A sound sounded from the side with some indecision.
Pan Hui turned to look, only to find her bed ~ half lying alone or an acquaintance-Punishment Qiaoyin.
She had guessed that the other person might be Zhao Chang when the man came out, but she didn’t expect punishment Qiaoyin to lie in her bed ~
Pan Hui looked at the punishment Qiao Yin, who was also looking at Pan Hui. She was even more surprised when she saw that Pan Hui was dressed in coarse clothes and her abdomen was slightly long. "Are you pregnant?"
Punishment Qiao Yin took Zhao Chang to avoid punishment, which is really like hunting. She was injured and could find a place to hide first. She found that the people in this residential building came in with Zhao Chang to have a rest, but she didn’t expect that the owner here was Pan Hui.
"What brings you here? Didn’t you say you went to Wansheng Island? " Punishment Qiao Yin a confused look at Pan Hui see its body without a cultivate immortality breath suddenly flashes in my mind "you … you won’t be without repair? !”
Pan Hui let go and got up and never cared about lying on the ground again. Zhao often went straight to the punishment Qiaoyin’s side and looked at her coldly. "The punishment is really like searching outside. You will find it here soon. If you don’t want to die, you’d better hurry."
"What about you?" At this time, Zhao Chang has come to the bedside, and Qiao Yin struggled to sit up. In Zhao Chang’s hand, his right hand tightly covered his lower abdomen and his face was very poor.
"It’s you he’s looking for, not me who wants to leave with you. I’m absolutely safe." Pan Hui suddenly saw a slight change in her face. "Who?"
Punishment Qiao Yin bit his lip and hesitated for a moment, saying, "Seal off the Qing Dynasty"
Two months ago, although it was not long, it was enough to make the punishment Qiaoyin figure out the origin of the man who was tied by himself. When she found out that the pure-yin man turned out to be Pan Hui’s younger brother, the punishment Qiaoyin felt that her luck was not too bad. With this child, she might be able to seek shelter from Chang Xuan in the future. After all, the punishment is really as scruple as Pan Hui won’t be so quick to Chang Xuan’s hand.
Is to let punishment Qiao Yin didn’t expect Pan Hui to leave the long porch and also repair it, which is obviously not a good news.
Is it really Qing?
Pan Hui closed her eyes and opened them again, and her heart had already made a decision.
She went to the kitchen to get some dry food and oil paper wrapped up and went back to the back room. "Come with me. I’m not sure where the punishment is. It’s urgent to get out of the city first." After going out of the city, she walked all the way north. Although Aoqing is gone now, the Arctic ice sheet is still a place where cultivators dare not easily step into because the environment there is too sinister unless they are familiar with the route. Others are easily lost in the ice sheet.
Punishment qiao Yin light way "thank you"
Pan Hui poked her head out of the back door and looked at the situation. She found that the emperor’s brother waved to him behind him, but said, "Don’t thank me. I’m not saving you. It’s just a child. No matter whether Qing Er volunteered at that time or not, this child is always the blood of Changxuan. Since I met him, I can’t be punished by him. If I get lost, I can’t save you."
She turned the back door lock around in the criss-crossing alley until she came to a well. She stopped and looked around to make sure that no one was there. Then she asked Punishment Qiaoyin, "Can you swim in the water?"
Punishment Qiao Yin and Zhao Chang all nodded.
Pan Hui pulled through the cable way of the bucket on the water surface of the well. "Go!"
This is a passage that she found not long after she came here. I don’t know what the people who originally built this passage came to do, but now it can save their lives.
Chapter 52 In deep trouble (2)
Pan Hui took the lead in jumping. At the moment she entered the water, she closed her eyes and held her breath until she sank into the water. She emerged hand and foot side by side ~ The surface of the water opened her eyes to distinguish the direction, leaned against the borehole wall, looked up and made a gesture opposite.
Punishment Qiao Yin decided to take the rope and jumped into the icy well water, which made her shiver and didn’t call out. She knew that if she was asked to make a sound now, people would be attracted, and none of them could run away.
Pan Hui ripped the punishment Qiaoyin from the water and continued to stick to the edge. When Zhao Chang came together, he took a deep breath and sank into the water and swam towards the channel at the bottom of the well.
Swim through a short waterway Pan Hui took two people to swim for a moment and then surfaced. It was still dark. Obviously, Pan Hui still blinked in the dark tunnel, wiped the well water and found the direction. She swam a distance from the water to the shore.
Punishment Qiaoyin and Zhao Chang followed closely.
The wind blew from nowhere, making all three people shudder unconsciously.
Punishment Qiao Yin looked around and wondered, "Is this … underground water?"
"Well," Pan Hui nodded and walked along the direction of water flow. "This is a river. I found that walking along the river can lead to ten Li Po outside the city."
When she first found this tunnel, she didn’t expect the river to be so long, so she turned back halfway. When she came back for the second time, she brought dry food and found the end of the tunnel. She also had to sigh with emotion that the people who built this tunnel had a great mind.
Ten Li Po is known as ten Li Po, but it is not ten miles away from the city, but at least twenty miles away. This is already a long distance. Although twenty miles is not far to cultivate immortals, it takes at least two and a half hours for mortals to walk twenty miles, which is enough to get refugees out of danger.
After a threesome of about an hour and a half, Pan Hui first stopped to find a dry place to sit on the floor, took out the dry food, threw a piece of cake for Zhao Chang, took half a piece for himself and chewed it up with water.
Now, although Pan Hui can still get through the valley, in order to live three meals a day like a mortal, she will never be short, and she will supplement herself with some food when she is tired.
Zhao often took the cake and looked at Pan Hui and then at the punishment. Qiao Yin smiled at him, and he also learned to eat it like Pan Hui. Anyway, he had been used to sleeping in the open air and starving for more than a month since he fled the palace. Now Pan Hui can kindly share him a piece of cake, which is already great kindness for him.
Punishment Qiaoyin slowly moved to Pan Hui’s side and saw Pan Hui glance at herself lightly and then sat down with a smile. "What are your plans?"
"Are you going to follow me all the time?" Pan Hui chewed the cake and tilted her head to see the punishment. Qiao Yin looked very indifferent. "After going out, we will go our separate ways. You go your own way and I will cross my wooden bridge. Since you are going to the punishment, it’s really like muddy water. You should go there yourself. Don’t pull me. I’m an ordinary person now and I don’t want to talk to you anymore. If it weren’t for the children, I wouldn’t save you. You should understand."
Punishment Qiao Yin wry smile a bow ~ get the dress light way "you you really can get away? When I took the risk to bring Zhao Chang out, I thought about finding a place to live in seclusion, but it’s really like the palm of my hand that I still can’t hide from the punishment. Now he doesn’t know that you are not on Wansheng Island. If he finds a trace … you can’t escape that person, he is no longer alone. He is completely possessed. None of us can escape. Besides, all this is because of you. Do you hide and let others take the consequences for you? "
"What did you say? What started with me? !” Pan Hui stared at the criminal Qiaoyin intently, wondering what she meant by "because of you".
Punishment Qiao Yin looked up to see Pan Hui faint smile with something of ridicule "you don’t know? You didn’t know? I don’t know if he became a demon? "
Pan Hui’s heart jumped wildly and said, "Make it clear!"
It was not that she didn’t guess that punishment was really like magic. Many years ago, the trip to Weishan was true. She was possessed by a demon in Weishan. Now, there is something in the sentence. Is it that there is something else?
Punishment Qiaoyin raised her hand and brushed her hair lightly ~ The lip sounds drifted a little more than before. "He was possessed. After contacting a person eleven years ago, I was also possessed by demons. Later, by chance, I discovered that the root was not possessed by demons, but The Hunger entered the body. He transferred the original seal to a human body, The Hunger, not to let The Hunger, who had gradually awakened, seize the man. He has always been a powerful mind control body, The Hunger, but was still corroded by demons. In the end, although he was not possessed by The Hunger, he was completely swallowed up by The Hunger, but he was possessed by demons. It should be said that it is a half-man, half-demon monster! "
"That man … is me?" Pan Hui stared at the punishment Qiao Yin and didn’t even realize when the cake in her hand fell to the ground. She just said that.
After knowing someone eleven years ago,
Pan Hui couldn’t think of anyone else except herself.
Weishan that time suddenly bloodthirsty possessed after waking up, white memory and punishment are as true as various measures later.
Because she didn’t know the truth of punishment before, she didn’t know what the truth of punishment was before, and she didn’t know that the temperament of punishment changed greatly from that day. However, the punishment Qiaoyin has been growing up with the truth of punishment, and she is the one who can see it most clearly
"He was not what he is now."
Maybe it’s too long since I’ve revealed my heart to anyone, but Qiao Yin actually fell into memories and didn’t answer Pan Hui’s questions.
"I remember when I was a child, he was very painful, and I was also very friendly to my other disciples in the palace. Whenever anyone has something to ask for, he must try his best to help me. When I was seven years old, I didn’t know that the punishment eagle threw my brother’s department around me into the crater because of a furious rage. In the end, the punishment was really like saving them one by one, and I still couldn’t understand the punishment eagle’s anger when he was in disregard for human life. Once upon a time, the warm and jade eldest brother suddenly changed into another person, which made me strange and scared me …"
It also made her more excited to take this person as her own.
Punishment Qiaoyin admitted that her desire in her bones made her even more obsessed with this man after the punishment really changed her temperament, even if it was extremely dangerous and even if it was likely to be beyond redemption.
Chapter 53 In deep trouble (3)