"So thank you for your kindness, Mr. Ning …" Laughing in my heart, I didn’t expect this sea to kill God, and Ning Boyuan had such a side.

"Ning Boyuan! Can’t you stop me from doing anything? !” War heart see ningboyuan so manner couldn’t help a anger.
"It’s our pride to dare not shine. How can I dare to shine? But is it really a red thing that you are here today?" Ning Boyuan said coldly
You!’ Zen mind a lag, this time she really didn’t come for business, but red Yao fame here Bai Yao if not Ningboyuan absolutely people dare to ask their own things.
Seeing the expression of Zen mind, Ning Boyuan’s peace of mind is not easy to handle and report to be a felony of dereliction of duty.
"Ha ha, I don’t know how Mr. Ning explained this willow girl.
Just when the war was right, a deep voice came from the outside and a tall figure walked in from the outside.
"War!" In Ningbo, there is a cold in the heart, and there is a disaster where there is a war. This war is actually a sinister star.
In those days, he was also a three-generation elder of the outer gate, but his disaster-fit characteristics made the outer gate nai match him to this malefic, and he would appear in this place. To be continued, if you want to know the funeral, please go to Chapter 6 for more.
Chapter 27 Ling Yue reappearance
"The elder brother of the fire ….." See the war war war heart a pleased light call way.
"Master!" As happy as a song, the two little girls also bowed down and saluted.
"Are these two little girls disciples of war?" Ning Boyuan’s heart is bitter and more bitter. I didn’t expect to see the war heart appear. I came forward to find the field, but I touched this big two and three evil stars.
"You girl …" The war is two meters tall and full of metallic luster like golden water pouring. There are two red fire phoenixes in bare arms, and there is also a phoenix feather on the cheek of the war.
There are several levels of strength in the war clan, and people who can have the tattoo of the spirit beast are masters in the clan. Although they are nothing in the door, they are definitely the top strong outside the war clan.
Compared with 36 Yao, it’s just a pediatrician
"You this wench …" War smiled and said, "You red yao is a street sweeper, and your intelligence is too poor. When you got the news from Feng Yuan that wench, I knew it would be bad! Follow up, but you didn’t make a big mistake … "
When I said these words, the war didn’t care about Heisanhe. Obviously, these people are already dead in the eyes of the war.
"This is reincarnation! How can you run around, little girl! " The war is in the mind of the war. ! "Zen mind exclaim a then a stamp" Feng Yuan that dead girl! I cann’t believe I came here to be reincarnated It’s over. I’m going to die this time, but I’m going to cry
"Come on, little girl, I really don’t know how you’ve been here for so many years. You’re an adult and like a child!" War criticise a continue to mind sound way "Feng Yuan michel platini also gave the news to the outside door, saying that it is now a special situation to seek the approval of outside sects. I invited the order to write the names of your three little girls …"
Hearing this, tears in Zen mind’s eyes suddenly disappeared and smiled and thanked the war.
"You are Ning Boyuan, right? Remember you kissed this little girl?" Asked after the war heart war turned to ningboyuan asked
At this time, Ningboyuan has been determined to keep the red eyebrow from smiling at the question of the war after a struggle, but the hatred in his eyes is not hidden at all.
"In those days, it was Zen mind. This girl did something wrong. I’ll apologize to you for her. When I get back, I’ll talk to the Presbyterian Church and transfer you back to the outer door …" Suddenly, the war said.
Seeing the war, it is said that the disaster fit should apologize to himself. Ningbo is far from one leng and I don’t know if it is a reply.
The heart of the war is jiao Chen stamped his foot and said, "Brother Huo is this smelly thing. I don’t know what you want to apologize for!" Fire cold hum a ruthlessly stared at the war heart.
"Girl, this reincarnation is not as simple as you think. Now can’t we offend Bai Yao, a local strongman?" War idea sound track
Zen mind was originally a smart woman. When she heard about the war, she suddenly realized that this fire brother wanted to be reincarnated this time.
Thought of here, the heart of the war brightened. Yes, it’s a matter of the rise and fall of the war clan. If you perform well in this matter, you can not only return to the outer door, but also enter the Presbyterian Hospital.
"When I was wrong, I tried to make it up to you …" I had to put myself in a position to apologize to Ningbo Boyuan because I knew nothing about it.
It’s a good thing that she didn’t apologize. Her apology was loose, but it was suddenly tightened. After being matched by the war heart, Ning Boyuan knew the normal situation very well. This woman would never apologize like herself.
If something goes wrong, it’s a demon. She’s so reluctant to ask for it, but it makes the previous apology for the war disappear in Ningboyuan’s heart.
"Although you don’t know that you are here, it’s a big event. We won’t allow the threat to appear if the goalkeeper gives us Bai Yao’s things. I hope you will take people away at once or I will report everything here to the outside door …" Ningbo is far away.
The war pupil shrinks, and I sneer at myself for putting such a low profile. It’s just a reincarnation. What’s more, there are more than 10,000 reincarnation places, which are not necessarily here. This Ningbo Boyuan is so rampant that it shocks itself. Is the name of this disaster a fake?
"Say yes! Xiaoning has grown a lot since I haven’t seen you for many years! " Just then, a palm rang out and a man walked into the door again.
Eyelids jump straight, okay? This Phoenix House Guild Hall has become a joint place for their warring families.
The people who came in were dressed in similar clothes, but they were all white at the chest mark.
"Lingyue!" War and war at the same time a surprised.
"You came out of the door? !” The war heart is amazed, waiting for the man in front of him. Compared with thousands of years ago, he has matured a lot, but he is not immature, and there is a half-moon scar on his cheek from eyebrow angle to ear to lips, which makes this once handsome man look extremely tough.
It’s chilling to match this cold expression.
Ling Yue was one of the top ten masters of the younger generation with Zhan Xin, but their fate was diametrically opposite. Zhan Xin failed, was deprived of his status as an outside elder and was demoted to thirty-six glory.
Lingyue, on the other hand, entered the gate and successfully broke through the Lingwu Gate 4,000 years ago. The elder is the best among the younger generation.
Hearing the words of war and war makes people feel cold.