Even if you send muskets to Hengshan, the martial arts, you will be frightened. Even the Shaolin devil can’t escape being beaten into a hornet’s nest by muskets, and their situation will be even worse.

Some of them simply follow the crowd. On the one hand, it seems that people in Zhao, who are close to Zhao Yang, suffer little. On the other hand, they openly play the devil’s advocate, and they don’t have the courage or the need.
Why ask for unhappiness when there is no conflict of interest?
"Everybody be quiet" Zhao Yang raised his hands to signal everyone to be quiet. "Do you know where this is?"
"Guishan may be seen by everyone. It is not only Guishan but also a cemetery." Zhao Yang dialect is like a stone thrown into the lake, causing waves.
"Zhao people want to put the banquet here? Is it because there is no better place? No, "Zhao Yang sighed lightly, but everyone could feel the sadness in Zhao Yang’s tone." Zhao is thinking that people will never become a pile of loess after a hundred years, just like our feet are bones. We are now in the bones of our predecessors, but what about our descendants? They will be in our bones. "
"Zhao hopes that when our descendants are in our bones, we won’t revile us, we won’t revile us for leaving them a disaster for ten thousand years, we won’t revile us for failing to do our duty … and let them suffer the humiliation experienced by their ancestors again."
Zhao Yang choked up. He thought of being looted by the enemy in the past hundreds of years.
Facing everyone’s surprised eyes, Zhao Yang said word for word, "Zhao Mouren hopes that all of you here can remember my words today to subvert my clothes in China. In addition to the Japanese, there are also Changbai Mountain Tatars. If we don’t want grandchildren to replace slaves, let us clear this hidden danger for them in this life!"
Chapter 5 [Threats]
Leng Zhao Yang’s words are like a small stone thrown into a stream, slightly turbid and dizzy, and all traces are wiped out by the cheerful and smooth water.
Zhao Daxia’s foresight is really admirable.
Zhao Yang turned his head and pressed his bass. This fellow is crazy again. I don’t know what to say. Can a Japanese country still threaten China? At best, the Dalai Lama in Changbai Mountain is a skin disease. In those days, the Dalai Lama failed to destroy the Southern Song Dynasty. Can the Dalai Lama destroy me today?
I have to say that this argument is still very marketable, because the attitude of the Great Dynasty towards barbarians is so bad that it is almost hateful.
Whether it’s minister Mongolia or other ethnic minorities, their food and clothing are strictly restricted. Salt flows into ethnic minorities, and salt is enough for them to barely measure iron. That control is even more strict. It is said that Zhao Yang considers it a great disaster, and only ten residents can have a kitchen knife and an iron pot.
If not, how could Nurhachi be able to rely on 13 pairs of real armor to go outside and inside?
That’s because thirteen pairs of real armor are invincible weapons in front of those unarmed clods!
Zhao Yang’s alarmist words did not ruin everyone’s good mood.
In Chongxu, the hero of Huguang 34 Road jointly recommended the leader of Zhao Yang Baidao Wulin.
Although the roots of these thirty-four heroes are not enough to represent the white martial arts in China, it is enough to come forward by Chong Xu. A few days later, messengers from various sects and gangs in Henan, Shanxi and Hebei also rushed to express their congratulations to Zhao Yang on behalf of their respective sects.
Zhao Yang’s ceremony for the leader of the White Road Wulin is very simple. It is to hastily set up a wooden table to put these two plush chairs, one big and one small. Zhao Yang rushes to each other, and then Li Tianfeng, the master of ceremonies, sings the singles. Men from all walks of life hold representatives to recognize Zhao Yang’s status, line up on the wooden table in turn and submit the papers to the master of ceremonies.
Zhao Yang issued the first leader’s order, which made all the heroes present feel cold in their vests.
Reduce the destruction of the enemy to the south of the Yangtze River, publicize the prestige of China, and draw elites from various sects to form a rebel army to destroy the enemy.
One out of five!
But what can be called a gang without hundreds of people? There are thousands of people, especially the Caobang of the Yangtze River, and the number is close to 5 thousand.
How can others live if they smoke one out of five?
It’s so noisy to sit on a wooden platform in Zhao Yang, but it doesn’t move, while rushing aside. It’s already restless and scratching its head. This Zhao Yang is so unreasonable to play!
It seems that this fellow is very dissatisfied with me pushing him to the stove, but even so, he can’t be fooled by Zhao Yang.
The leader of the White Road Wulin was given away by the White Road Wulin in less than a day. That’s not just a joke of Hengshan Sect, but also a joke of the White Road Wulin!
Shaolin was destroyed, the white road was weak, the magic road was rampant, and Zhao Yang was pushed to the leader’s seat in the hope that Zhao Yang could stand up and teach Dong Fangbubai to fight hard to alleviate a dangerous Wulin situation
Zhao Yang, you fellow, you can’t afford to help Dou. It’s really disappointing to the old road!
Blunt, sad and angry eyes were about to pour out to Zhao Yang, but he was unwilling to see the master of ceremonies, Li Tianfeng, pulling out a five-color banner from his arms to meet a dance.
Isn’t this the flag of Wuyue Alliance? What does Zhao Yang want?
"Swish swish swish …"
"Hey, hey …"
Noisy heroes from all walks of life slowly calmed down, and their faces showed a look of hesitation. This sound is very familiar to them. Because of this sound, they have been tossing around not far away for the past two days. I heard that this is called exercise.
Zhao Jiajun Zhao Yang, what’s this fellow doing in Zhao Jiajun?
Does he-does he want to suppress us?
A few eyes turned pale suddenly and flexibly, holding the steel knife in their hands tightly to larger foe, but more often, they stepped back and others pulled the distance.
Zhao Jiajun, that’s a demon more powerful than the devil.
Although everyone didn’t see Zhao Jiajun, it was like fighting the Shaolin remnant bandits, but it took less than half a column of incense from the time the gun sounded to the time when the Shaolin remnant bandits died. Zhao Jiajun saw no casualties except the gray face.
Everyone is contemptuous of muskets. muskets are no problem for ordinary people, and they have little effect on masters.
Hengshan Sect can destroy Shaolin bald donkeys in such a short time. It can be said that these people’s martial arts skills are the killer weapon of Hengshan Mountain in Zhao Yang’s snow-covered area.
No wonder Hengshan Sect can destroy Songshan Sect, and there are so many masters, let alone Songshan.
Even if it is magic, it may not be Zhao Yang’s opponent.
What caught everyone’s eye was a row of twenty people, like tofu, neatly in a green square, with one color, green clothes and strong black and shiny muskets. More than 2,000 private soldiers from Zhao Yang shook their arms and strode uniformly and rolled in.
A peerless fierce beast, a wild beast, showed his cold teeth to everyone who was as weak as a lamb.
Who came to the meeting from all walks of life didn’t have a few or dozens of lives, but in the face of this like an army, he didn’t change his face and saw fear.
Generally, Jianghu experts are often tied behind their backs when they meet the enemy, and they can make five achievements in martial arts. Sometimes, when they face the enemy, these experts are not as good as street hooligans because of their lack of courage.
It is common for these pirates to travel across the ocean to come to the big enemy, but it is difficult for those martial arts experts in the Central Plains to do so.
Great men are nationals, but the dead heroes will never be touted.
Maybe it’s mean, but even Zhao Yang didn’t think that the enemy would perish together. Even Zhao Yang wanted to gain greater reputation by pacifying the enemy and compete for greater honor by himself!
No matter how big it is, even if it is Guo Jing or Yang Guo, how can it be?
Where are Guo Jing and Yang Guo at this time when the Mongolian cavalry is rolling and Xiangyang is still breached?
When they knew that Xiangyang was the gate of the Southern Song Dynasty, they should spend time in Xiangyang and train their disciples to make hundreds of thousands of residents of Xiangyang become masters. Even if Meng Yuan is strong, it will be difficult to conquer this strong city with hundreds of thousands of masters.
The truth is, I’m going to brush my clothes, but I want Huashan’s name!
"Raise your gun!"
Rough crazy sound up more than two thousand dark muzzle straight forward aiming at the people.
Irrepressible panic grows crazily in people’s minds. Zhao Yang is crazy!