"You little not dead? ! ! Haha, I miss Lao Zhang so much. Come on, tell my brother where you have been this year. You know, once you didn’t go back with me, I was almost skinned by your master. "Zhang Hong found that the person in front of him was Mu Qingfeng, laughing and pouncing on a bear hug and hugging him into his dark chest.

"Put away your knives. This is my brother’s best brother. Remember when I told you that the idea of flying is that he came out?" Zhang Hong waved his hand when he found the soldiers at a loss.
"What is Zhang Dage doing so exciting?" Mu Qingfeng asked after knowing the reason.
"Ah, goodbye, Yecheng has been a bad thing recently. The assassination of the report has not been done in vain. Three strongmen have forced their way into the city gate. I am non-stop. When I catch those bad guys, I will come back to my brother and catch up with him." Zhang Hong suddenly realized a problem.
Three strong men? ? ! ! ! ! At present, there are no more, no less, just three people, and two people beside Muqingfeng show their martial arts. Look at them and you will know the truth.
"Well, I don’t know when my brother will arrive, and I won’t tell my eldest brother that I can pick you up." Zhang Hong asked.
"It didn’t take long to just arrive. To be honest, the martial law in Yecheng is quite severe. Ordinary people really can’t get in. I don’t know where thieves and personnel are so strong that they can break into the gate." Muqingfeng still said with a smile.
This is the time. If Zhang Hong doesn’t know that the three men who broke into the city gate are them, it will be a waste for his scouts for so many years.
Zhang Hong’s face was uncertain, rain or shine, and he finally made up his mind to say, "Since my brother has just arrived here these two days, take a good rest. It’s best not to go out in disorder recently." That is, Wing Zhan let himself trust this physical brother.
"Eldest brother rightly points out that younger brother won’t bother eldest brother. When eldest brother is finished, he must come to see younger brother for a drink." Zhang Hong didn’t debunk his identity, and he planned to come and wait until the evening to find out what happened in Yecheng.
"Let’s go, brothers, don’t let the thief go. We’ll search other rooms while we’re at it! !” Zhang Hong greeted the other soldiers and left the room with a cold sweat, longing for the mountains and Xiao Langzhong.
"I was scared to death. I had to do it just now. You know, it’s hard for me to keep my hand when so many people fight," said Xiao Langzhong.
"Now that Zhang Hong has made a good cover for us, I think it will be okay for the time being. Let’s wait here quietly. He will come to me again. It’s better for us to take it here than bump into it like a fly. I’m a little hungry. What about you?" Mu Qingfeng calmly sat back to the stool and seemed to have everything in mind.
The night soon came, and Xiao Langzhong was pacing and watching Mu Chongshan feel uncomfortable all over.
"Old man, can you stop? I really want to slap you unconscious now." Mu Chongshan is really unbearable.
"How do you two have such a big heart? What if he pretends to hold us steady and then raid us? What if there are archers all over the face now? Although our martial arts are high, we haven’t reached the stage of invulnerability! !” Xiao Langzhong expressed his worries,
"Don’t worry, if Zhang Hong had a problem, we would have been arrested by now. Let’s wait honestly. I believe him." Mu Qingfeng was in repose.
Finally, after the door was opened, Zhang Hong appeared in front of everyone.
Seeing Muqingfeng Zhang Hong finally unable to control his feelings, he held Muqingfeng’s hand tightly. "Brother, it’s a good thing you came, otherwise I really don’t know what to do. If you can’t figure out what to do, the world will die."
"What’s the situation now? We don’t know Zhang Dage. Let’s sit down and talk it over with us." Muqingfeng motioned Zhang Hongxian not to get excited.
"How could you fight with the gate guards? I was so scared that I still had people trying to rob prisoners." Zhang Hong questioned today’s affairs after sitting down.
"Don’t let us prove our identity at the door. I thought that Bai Dage didn’t give me a piece of his close-fitting Yu Pei. I didn’t expect the soldiers to see it, but I was a thief and my companions. There was no way to catch us, so we would start work." If I had known there were such stories, Mu Qingfeng wouldn’t have been trapped.
"Bai Dage what’s the matter? I heard people in the inn talking. "
"Something happened. According to Yan Wangfu, Shibai killed Bai Sushen, the prince of Yan." Zhang Hongnai shook his head.
"Bai Dage killed his father? That’s impossible, right? As far as I know, the North Prince of Yan is the only child, so it doesn’t make sense, "Mu Qingfeng said.
"Who said it wasn’t? But Yan Wangfu people just decided that the world did it. Otherwise, Princess Yan couldn’t make her own son into custody." Zhang Hong himself thought impassability.
"Then you didn’t get any news? After all, you are still a general. "Xiao Langzhong couldn’t help interrupting.
"I am a mere scout battalion general, not as important as you think. To be honest, I have no chance to see the world after what happened, even if I believe he didn’t." Zhang Hong explained to Xiao Langzhong.
"Now it is urgent to find a way to see Bai Dage and ask what happened at the beginning. I don’t know General Zhang, but I know where Bai Dage is?" Mu Qingfeng made his own plan.
"I know this," Zhang Hong replied. "The world was detained at the bottom of Yecheng prison, but we don’t want to rescue him to prevent accidents. The North Yanjun surrounded it, and it is estimated that even birds can’t fly out."
"Who said we’re going to bring Bai Dage out? We are going in! !” Mu Qingfeng speaks amazingly.
"What? ! ! Are you crazy? ?” Zhang Hong was shocked when he learned that "the prison is heavily guarded. Do you know that this is the same as dying?"
"Besides, I don’t know what else I can see him." Mu Qingfeng has regarded Bai Qiao as his own brother since he became sworn. How can a big brother stand idly by when he is difficult to be a younger brother?
"Don’t go to commander Yu Mu and doctor Xiao. If I can’t get out, you can still find a way to save me. We can’t get stuck in it." Mu Qingfeng said what to say when he saw Mu Chongshan.
"Rest assured that even if there was an accident, I will save you! ! !” Now that it’s said, Yimu Chongshan still thinks that Muqingfeng should be allowed to do what he wants.
Hearing Muqingfeng’s willingness to take risks, Zhang Hong couldn’t help but plop to Muqingfeng’s knees.
"Mu brothers, I’m a clown. I really can’t think of a way to save the world. Please come on this time. After the war, I’m a good man. He will lead our Northern Yan Army to become more and more severe. Please also ask my brothers to look at us and save the world one by one. I’m here to thank you first! !” Say that finish Zhang Hong severely knock a few head vaguely with a few silk blood.
"As a matter of course, Zhang Dage should stop being a stranger. Now it is urgent to let me get into prison first," Mu Qingfeng said.
"I don’t know if I advise you, you won’t hear it. It’s an old-fashioned drug. Take the antidote and no one will wake up after three feet." Xiao Langzhong took out his treasure
"Then how are you going to get in?" Zhang Hong asked.
cause of death
"Mom stinks and beats me in front of the camp. I haven’t looked for you to calculate the battle. I got a beating from you again this time. Do you think we are impulsive?" Zhang Hong complained while walking with Muqingfeng.
"Isn’t there no way? Otherwise, we can directly tell people that we are going to see Bai Qiao?" Mu Qingfeng quipped that his hand was a little cruel just now. It is estimated that Zhang Hong’s dark circles will disappear for a while.
"The horse went to the prison. Everything should be careful. Death row should be at the end of the floor. Eldest brother can’t help you after you go in. !” The horse can see the gate. Zhang Hong is still worried.
"Hey, this is not a scout camp general Zhang Hongyao how recently was a woman to pay the body? Have you pulled out dark circles? " The guard leader obviously knows Zhang Hong, so he quipped.