She held out her hand and handed over something. "I’m afraid I won’t have much chance to get it after years of this trip. Suo Xing will give it to you."

This is a fist-sized disc made of non-gold, non-jade, with no artificial symbols, and the lines are faintly bronzed. Se Ze exudes an involuntary breath of peace of mind and concentration, but you can feel a shocking magic face with a kind of fluctuation familiar to Chen Shaobai.
He once felt that this was power in the six-pointed star array and tunnel of the Qing Xuanmen.
Even if it is several meters away, Chen Shaobai can clearly perceive it, and vaguely guess that it is here. He hesitated for a moment and shook his head unswervingly. "It’s too expensive for me to accept."
If he didn’t guess wrong, this thing is the cornerstone and entry key of Long Mai’s shakotan coast in Y and N. Without it, even if there are ten perfect people who have quenched their breath, they can spy out the little shakotan coast.
Unless there is a fairyland avatar, it is possible to occupy it by force.
Yuhuan smiled, graceful and elegant, which was heartbreaking. "I was found by the demon clan of the day, let alone the Shang country. Even if the whole Dongsheng Shenzhou, I couldn’t stay on this trip. When did I get this secret land?" It’s better to leave it to you so that you can increase your strength and have the power to protect the purple pupil. "
Appear in the channel instantaneous is also the most dangerous and fatal moment, Yuhuan and Chen Shaobai mana j: ng gods are all exhausted, and life and death are all in a moment. If Chen Shaobai has a little distractions and takes the lead in running for her life, she and Purple Pupil can wait for her death. She still hesitates to return home, but Chen Shaobai’s move just now completely dispelled this hesitation.
Although the outside world has passed for a month, they have been together for ten months. Chen Shaobai and Zihong have deep feelings for Yuhuan, and people with good potential have deep feelings for their daughter. What does she have to worry about?
"all right"
Before Chen Shaobai hesitated, he was worried that he owed too much human feelings and left too much cause and effect. After practicing, he was fettered too much, but he was relieved when he thought about gains and losses.
Life is baptized by the world of mortals, how can it not be half-causal? Chance, karma, and karma are all things that a person must have in his life. Sometimes, when he must have a life, he doesn’t force heaven to give or take it, but he bears the blame. This is the case.
Took the y and n boundary Long Mai shakotan coast cornerstone Chen Shaobai felt a faint coolness into the body for a moment and then disappeared, feeling that it had no effect on the body, and he didn’t go into it.
A warm breeze blew over.
Zi zi zi …
The colorful clothes became dark and weak, and the breeze seemed to turn into a pair of magic hands, which blew the sacred instrument into ashes and scattered it into a string of Hua Hudie.
This is the y and n evil spirit in the secret land, which is playing tenaciously.
Contaminated with the flesh, tampering with the magic weapon of soul destruction, and carefully calculating these, Chen Shaobai is a little glad that he didn’t offer a five-star life-saving and thunderbolt protector, otherwise he wouldn’t be missing a killer weapon?
The wind rushes through the forest and scatters the body dust. Chen Shaobai’s solid and perfect body reveals that the muscles are full and smooth without any encumbrance. It feels full of explosive power and more durable. When he is put into the mundane body, he is said to be a "martial arts wizard once in a thousand years."
Suddenly, I felt something was wrong. Chen Shaobai looked up to see Se in Yuhuan and looked at herself strangely.
A touch of gold Se flame rises and turns into a magic treasure, which wraps Chen Shaobai up and even makes people unable to see his face clearly.
"Ahem … jade aunt have nothing I walked first …"
The flamboyant flame covered his reddish face and made him sound like a stranger from nine places.
"Aunt jade? Ah … You’re a nice kid. I’ll admit it. "
Yuhuan waved his hand like driving away a worrying naughty child. "Go and remember that it is the right way to practice the brave J and jīng."
Voice down a touch of golden light across the long Chen Shaobai escape also seems to leave here.
Yesterday, Ri Autumn Fantasy Spring, now, there is only one Yuhuan left in the secret land of Ri Long Mai.
Se in her face looked a little dim, and she sighed faintly in a very distant place.
"Cold wind …"
Hush, ride away, collect dust, and keep looking for you?
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Chapter one hundred and nineteen Evil rages!
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Evil rages!
Shang Guo feng Zhou Jing
The towering clouds faintly reveal five golden Se dragons. Even in the whole Dongsheng Shenzhou Golden Dragon, there is a high status. They are unique, aloof and lofty, and they are used to flying freely in the sky.
However, at this moment, these descendants of the Dragon are shamefully bound by a long black steel chain, and their bodies are branded indelibly and become human cart-pulling tools.
The golden dragon white jade chariot crossed the sky easily, plowing the white fog into a concave trace, leaving a faint glow behind it.
Although it is easy, it is only for the speed of the dragon. If there are mortals looking up at the moment, I am afraid it will be a flash of light before my eyes, and I can’t capture it clearly.
The dazzling whip of the white awn puffed out the air, and rolled a piece of scales from the body of the five golden dragons, and the flesh rolled over, and the thick and thin liquid spilled along the body.
The severe pain made the dragons twitch and tremble, but they had to carefully control the tremor amplitude for fear that they would overturn their own lives. Although they had resentment, they dared to be angry and dare not speak.
"Don’t dare to slow down without my command. You reptiles are born cheap bones. No wonder you want slaves to never turn over!"
Full of tyranny and arrogance, it has never been five golden dragons and a cold, and it has immediately accelerated its take-off speed.
The speaker is afraid that they have felt clearly in the past few months, and there is no challenge to the patient’s patience.
Among the five golden dragons, there is a body with scales everywhere, and the longest wound extends almost from the top of the head to the tail. It seems to have been ravaged by magic and humanity. It raises its faucet and tries its best to take a look at the resentment in its heart.
It should always remember that this human being will repay this shame a hundred times if he has the opportunity.
This is a woman whose skin is tender and smooth, her neck is slender and white, and her breasts are half covered and half covered. If her breasts are stagnant, her hands can be held. It seems that she is young, but she has a way of covering up the vicissitudes of life.
Even from the dragon aesthetic point of view, this woman is a great beauty. From the appearance alone, it is hard to see that this person is vicious and biting
With a low whimper, it made a determined effort to transport its strength and speed up its journey. The other four golden dragons were dragged along half-dead by this.
If they were really hard bones, they would not be pulled by human beings now, but they would be killed in the battlefield early or used as an alchemist.
Haotianmen is famous by an elder who is good at alchemy of life. Although they are young dragons who have refined their own realm, their blood purity is high, and they are naturally intelligent and know what they should do.
"If these little guys are pitiful, don’t force them any more."
The cold tone of indifference is handed out from the white jade chariot. Although it sounds sympathetic, it is more like a habit that causes its tone and half-emotional fluctuations, like a puppet robot.
"yes, miss"
The woman named Guangru withdrew her whip and exuded a faint rosy glow to isolate the clouds. She respectfully responded to Baiyu Tiao in a dragon.
Although she has the strength, she is very aware of her talent and enlightenment. If she doesn’t have face-to-face care, she can even enter the quenching realm, let alone achieve the achievements of today.
And the girl inside is the only brother-in-law of the master. She can’t help but accept her sharp-edged minions and behave humbly.