"Hey hey, now it’s my turn!" Lin Sheng looked at where to stay Lu Chaofeng sneer at a way

"Ah …" Then Lu Chaofeng is the absolute being.
"Even if you break through, your true qi has been exhausted just now, and now you are at most half recovered. See you talk big!" Lu Chao wind color in stubble said
"Enough for you" Lin Sheng said lightly.
"Ha ha ….." Fall to the ground Liu Pojun is schadenfreude ha ha size up.
But obviously this Lu Chaofeng is not in the mood to care about him. He is staring at Lin Shengsheng now and even being attacked by Lin Shengsheng.
Lin Sheng took advantage of Lu Chaofeng’s strange move in a blink of an eye and moved to LiuPojun’s side. A roll of palm wind shouldered LiuPojun and ran towards the jungle.
"hmm? ?” Lu Chaofeng wait for a while didn’t understand what this Lin Sheng meant by taking this LiuPojun away, but then he just reacted.
"Ah when chase for me! That’s a bluff! "
"Haha, goodbye, idiot!" Lin Sheng ran away and didn’t forget to laugh at Lu Chaofeng at the same time.
"Bastard!" Lu Chao ethos let out a cry, hurriedly is to chase.
But Lin Sheng, who fled quickly, did Lu Chaofeng catch up with him? The speed was the best among fellow practitioners, and even worse, he still broke through to the middle of Wuling.
He is indeed as Lu Chaofeng said, and his true qi has not recovered much. Although defeating Lu Chaofeng is no problem, Lin Sheng has chosen to escape on the safe side. After all, there are nearly 100 people in the wolf mercenary group there. I don’t want to repeat things in Liu Pojun just now.
Looking at the farther and farther behind, Lu Chaofeng Lin Sheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. When Lu Chaofeng saw that there was no hope of chasing Lin Sheng, he turned around and left without chasing him again.
Lin Sheng this just put the shoulder willow Pojun.
"What help me?" Liu Pojun looked at Lin Sheng and asked
"Because we have a chance to be friends," Lin Sheng replied faintly.
Liu Pojun zheng, but then return to absolute being, laughed and laughed very tragically, thinking that he had worked so hard for most of his life is to pull his mercenary group from a small group of less than ten people to the present, and now it is easy to imagine the pain in his heart.
"Ha ha, we can be friends now …" Liu Pojun repeated with a smile that they can be friends now. He has everything now. He is now shouldering the burden of revenge for his mercenary brothers. He is also facing the wolf mercenary group to kill him and Lin Sheng. The situation is almost the same now.
"good! I’ll give you my back from now on! " Liu Pojun said firmly and held out his left hand at the same time.
"Well, I gave you my back, too." Lin Sheng struck a willow and Pojun’s hand was also firm. If people like them really recognized a friend, it would be a generation thing. This may be the feeling of men. This kind of feeling is difficult for women to understand. Some people can’t figure out why two men with fine blood will give up their lives.
"What’s the plan for Liu Tuanchang to pick it up?" Lin Sheng asked.
"What colonel is not a colonel? Now I’m a bachelor. How old are you? If you don’t give up, call me a brother. I’ll call you a brother."
"Good brother Liu is really refreshing!" Lin Sheng laughed LiuPojun also followed to laugh. The two of them finally pulled the atmosphere to be less formal than just now.
"In my opinion, if you are younger, we should first find a secret place to recuperate the injury these days, and then we will make further plans."
"Well, that’s what I think. When we get well, that’s when Lu Chaofeng died!"
"One thing I’ve always been very surprised, bro, is that the Wangs really have a deep hatred. Why do you make such a big move to catch you? You don’t know. This time, the Wangs can catch the benefits you promised to give these mercenary groups. That’s amazing, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of Dan medicine. What’s always blood?"
"Ha ha, I don’t think that the Wangs are despicable. I just ruined his dude …" Immediately, Lin Sheng told Liu Pojun how to provoke the Wangs, how to be framed and how to be drugged during the duel.
"Hum! This royal family is really ashamed of you for doing things like this! " Liu Pojun heard the ins and outs of things angry and scold a way
"I really regret it. I saw the benefits of Wang’s Xu Nuo, but I didn’t find out what happened at the end of it. It was almost a big mistake and I lost the names of 100 brothers of my iron desert mercenary group! I am really embarrassed to them! " Liu Pojun said sadly.
"What’s the point of being sad now? I want to find a way to avenge those dead brothers!" Lin Sheng exhortation way
"For revenge! Brothers, the blood can’t be shed in vain. I swear to kill Lu Chaofeng, the dog thief, to avenge the brothers! If you violate this oath, it is like this! " Liu Pojun took out a dagger from his pocket and cut off his forehead. His hair was severely said.
"All right, Brother Liu, let’s find a place to settle down first. This place is uneasy. There are many giants in the forest of death who can’t run away when they meet us."
"giant! Is it true that before I heard that there are many species living in this forest of death, there are no species outside us, and the giant’s strength is also heard from our ancestors that we are really not to be taunted? "
"Well, you’ll meet those strange species later."