"I have to guard against it!" Mei Qing sighed, "There are more and more high-ranking people in the family, and I want to do something bad, so I have to ban the three lights and five elements and close my mind, otherwise it will not be a big loss to have a pornographic photo door!"

In another room, Brigitte really threw a mirror in her hand and said, "What the hell! There is no signal when the key is pressed! Old people will get some bad goods to deceive people! "
Say but can’t help but red in the face.
"What did you say? Let A Bi marry that little Mei Qing! ?” Sixth Master sneered, "Nice abacus!"
Opposite the loyal uncle a face of betting with a smile, "this is abacus? I’m not worried now, am I? Who else can I marry if I don’t marry Mei Qing? Can you manage it? "
Sixth master was choked and didn’t say a word. His eyes stared at the boss. "Are you coming to annoy me on purpose?"
Uncle Zhong laughed. "I’m not angry that you came back from Mei Qing today …"
"what! ?” Six ye a frown "I didn’t know? What do people at the bottom of their hands do to eat? "
With that, he stretched out his hand in the side and listened to a door ring for a while and came in with a straight face.
Although Uncle Zhong was sitting opposite Sixth Master with such a big smile, Wu Bing bowed to Sixth Master as if he didn’t see this man, but he didn’t speak.
"Mei Qing’s kid came back today to find out what’s going on. There’s no letter?" Six ye light tunnel
Five C made another ceremony and turned to leave.
"How come there is no news from A Bi?" Sixth master said to himself, suddenly remembering something and suddenly looking at Uncle Zhong.
"Don’t look at me. The young couple will come back together and now they are in Meifu." Uncle Zhong’s hand spread out.
Liu Ye’s eyes widened again in an instant and growled, "Good old man, you mean to read old jokes!"
"I’m so anxious to discuss it with you?" Loyal uncle a face of injustice in the mind is laughing "not good!
Six ye was so angry that he wheezed for a long time to calm down and then some hate tunnel "you know the emperor’s side of the old thing A Bi identity …"
"Come on, take this word for reference" Zhong Shu or tunnel "Mei Qing is going to marry A Bi, will it stop over there? Do you believe it yourself? "
Six ye some frustrated tunnel "even if there is no stop A Bi himself willing to get married? She wants to be a Taoist herself. What can others do? Who doesn’t want to marry a prostitute? Do you think it’s good for your daughter to be a double-cultivation couple? "
Uncle Zhong Hehe laughed. "Awesome! The Royal Guards commanded six adults to stop the children’s night crying, so that the officials could not tolerate their daughters?"
"Less gloating!" Six Ye roared, "If six Bing is so powerful, what am I going to do as a six Ye?"! Are you what I say? Even long live the grandfather who is still weighing everything up! "
Uncle Zhong blinked. "Actually, I don’t think A Bi really likes being a female Taoist priest, but she’s angry with you. Now she’s adding fire to this affair with Mei Qing. Maybe if she’s happy, she’ll be vulgar and recognize you as a father. Isn’t everyone happy!"
When Sixth Master heard this, his heart leapt to the ground, and his voice was a little loud. "Old thing, I have known you for so many years, and you still make this sentence sound a little reasonable. Let me think about it. Is this feasible?"
As he spoke, the sixth master moved his steps and suddenly sat down. "You don’t know how stubborn this girl is. When she entered the Taoist temple, she swore that she would never recognize me as a father!"
The third volume Ten years of night rain The third chapter sneak into their positions
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"oh? Is this still the case? " Uncle Zhong was a little surprised to read the latest chapter > Suddenly his eyes blinked and asked, "Which one did he mean to deny? Are you still 6 Bing? "
"I am not 6 Bing?" Sixth master angrily said, "What’s the difference?"
"Of course it’s not the same." Uncle Zhong said in a serious way, "Six lords are six lords, six beans are six beans. That’s two different things. Everyone in Beijing knows that in this case, six lords’ daughter and six bean’s daughter are also two different things. Six bean’s family girl likes to be a female Taoist, so let her be a six lords’ daughter. It’s not appropriate to marry her."
"What do you mean?" The sixth master was confused. "How can I not understand?"
"Stupid!" Uncle Zhong hated iron and didn’t produce steel. "At that time, you were the commander of the Royal Guards in front of Sanqing. A Bi refused to recognize that nature was the 6-bean. But if we want to find a way to make her recognize Sixth Master as a father, it’s not that she violated her oath, right?"
Said the loyal uncle while gather together to small said to six ye "six to tell the truth this six ye when it’s cool? Your Royal Guards conductor Liu Bing never dares to cross the line step by step in everything. It’s convenient to take care of any one you want, and you’re not afraid of fame or imperial shrapnel. I think you are much more energetic than the Royal Guards conductor! "
"Nonsense!" Six ye face a plate "officer is also a holy share ….."
"Uncle Zhong, otherwise," let’s talk about this in front of you. It’s serious business to discuss with you. I want to tell this story to A Bi. There’s a girl named Zhener who recognized Sixth Master, your long-lost father, and then married Mei Qing. Isn’t it beautiful that Bizhen Taoist still treats her father, Liu Bing, as if she didn’t miss it? "
"True son? ….. Don’t give the old girl a blind name. Besides, can A Bi be willing? " Master Liu is still not sure.
"Really, this name is Mei Qing. Your daughter promised to be happy. I saw your daughter. Really, when you look closely, you are a troublemaker. Let Mei Qing tell her about it. It’s so fun to get married openly. It’s strange that she won’t be in a hurry to agree. It’s cheaper then. You picked up a good girl for nothing and set up a good son-in-law." Uncle Zhong smiled quite evil.
"It sounds feasible … why are you laughing so much? You’re not thinking about something bad, are you?" Six ye frown way
"What is this!" Uncle Zhong is right. "Tell me about this. You have recognized your daughter’s wish. A Bi didn’t break his promise and married Ren Huang. That doesn’t take back the imperial decree. Mei Qing married his wife. It’s really beautiful. What is my own plan?"
Sixth Master hesitated to open his mouth and finally had some strength. "Even if it depends on you, it’s still not easy …"
Uncle Zhong laughed. "I know that the command of the Royal Guards made 6 Bing unable to be the master, and so did our sixth master … and A Bi’s grandmother came to get it, right?"
"How do you know?" Sixth Master was shocked. "That crazy … I mean, how did you know that grandma A Bi came to work?"
"You don’t care if I know how I can fix this, do you want to listen?" Uncle Zhong has a profound face.
Unblinkingly, Sixth Master stared at Uncle Zhong deeply, and looked back at him without giving in.
"Well, tell me what the hell you are, the youngest son." Sixth Master finally gave in. "To be honest, I can’t believe that I remembered you as the most awkward one."