Suddenly, there was a rare scene in the middle of nowhere, when several Luo Jinxian and Taiyi Jin Xian smashed into the lich battlefield like dumplings.

At this time, the large array was broken, and Di Jun was also seriously injured for the first time, losing his combat capability. At the same time, he also hurt Di Jun Daoji’s associated Lingbao, and the dim light was obviously hit hard.
After the large array was broken, Di Jiang focused on Taiyi and Fuxi again, so they kept resisting the low-grade in the storm attack of ancestor Wu.
But just recklessly, Fuxi was attacked by the Wu clan. When people didn’t pay attention, they saw that after Fuxi’s death, there was a y and n sun be the spirit that swept Fuxi away.
At this time, in the Wa Palace, Nuwa immediately shouted "Brother!" when she saw her brother’s death.
But after seeing that Y and N sun be the spirit swept away his brother’s true spirit, he bowed to shouyangshan and said, "Thank you for your help."
After Fuxi’s death, Taiyi was also seriously injured and lost his fighting ability. At this time, Kunpeng was left alone in the lich battlefield. When Zuwu was preparing to turn Kunpeng into ash, he suddenly received the sound "All right! Kunpeng, stay! After he also can’t afford to turn over much wind and waves to do business matters. "
Hearing the measured sound, everyone quickly gave up Kun Peng’s oath according to the measured command, and swore one by one when he saw that the ancestors and witches were maintaining the large array of twelve gods and evil spirits.
Di Jiang "Pangu Father God is here! Today, Di Jiang, the ancestor of the Wu nationality, is willing to embody the law to manage the flood law so that the flood is not in turmoil. "
Candle nine y and n "Pangu Father God is here! Today, the ancestor of the Wu clan, the witch candle, y and n, is willing to embody the temporal law to manage the universe, so that the universe is out of order. "
Ju Mang "Pangu Father God is here! Today, Ju Mang, the ancestor of the Wu nationality, is willing to embody the law of wood to manage the law of wild wood so that the law of wild wood is not in chaos. "
Ru Shou "Pangu Father God is here! Today, Ru Shou, the ancestor of the Wu nationality, is willing to embody the golden rule to manage the golden rule of the flood and drought so that the golden rule of the flood and drought will not be chaotic. "
Gong Gong "Pangu Father God is here! Today, Wu Zu Wu Gong Gong is willing to embody the water law to manage the flood water law so that the flood water law is not chaotic. "
Zhu Rong "Pangu Father God is here! Today, Zhu Rong, the ancestor of the Wu nationality, is willing to change the law of fire to manage the law of flood and fire so that the law of flood and fire is not chaotic. "
Hou Yi "Pangu Father God is here! Today, Houyi, the ancestor of the Wu nationality, is willing to embody the law of soil to manage the law of flood and wasteland so that the law of flood and wasteland is not chaotic. "
Tianwu; "Pangu father in god! Today, Wu Tianwu, the ancestor of the Wu nationality, is willing to change the wind law to manage the flood wind law so that the flood wind law will not be chaotic. "
Strong and good "Pangu Father God is here! Today, the ancestor of the Wu clan is willing to embody the law of thunder to manage the law of flood and drought so that the law of flood and drought will not be chaotic. "
Huzi "Pangu Father God is here! Today, Wuzi, the ancestor of the Wu nationality, is willing to embody the law to manage the law of the wild and the wild so that the law of the wild and the wild is not in chaos. "
Luxury corpse "Pangu father god is here! Today, Shebi, the ancestor of the Wu nationality, is willing to embody the weather rules to manage the flood weather rules so that the flood weather rules are not chaotic. "
Xuan Ming "Pangu Father God is here! Today, Xuan Ming, the ancestor of the Wu nationality, is willing to embody the law of rain to manage the law of flood and drought so that the law of flood and drought will not be chaotic. "
May the father allow the road to help the heaven to learn!
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Chapter sixty-three The general trend does not change the small trend
As the voice of Zuwu just fell, the lich battlefield suddenly darkened, and the dark clouds gathered for a short time to form a purple Se eye.
It was that day that the Taoist eye came, but this time the Taoist eye was bigger than it appeared. The twelve heavenly gods and evil spirits just appeared, and the virtual shadow of Pangu became deep, and the whole virtual shadow atmosphere continued to rise.
Zuwu suddenly found that this virtual shadow was out of his control, and it was not long before the virtual shadow was completely solidified.
Heaven’s eye is also condensed, and it is emitting terror and power, and the eyes keep flashing with the destructive thunder; Let the eyes of the creatures who watch the Battle of the Unforeseen Mountain be filled with horror, and they can’t help showing a little shock in the eyes of the saints in their respective Dojo.
With the appearance of Heaven Eye and Pangu, the two lich families have stopped fighting, and they all look at the giant man and the horrible purple Se eye. The mountain is full of depressing breath, and everyone is suppressed by this breath, and some people are unable to breathe properly, but they are sweating.
But it didn’t take long for everyone to wait. Pangu and Zi Se’s giant eyes all moved. Pangu raised his axe in his hand and pointed it at the eye of Heaven. It was a split and an attack on the strange axe. Huge and windy, like the eye of heaven.
As the axe gas approaches; Heaven’s eye is not to be outdone. There is a destructive thunder, and two attacks collide in the middle.
At that time, the whole universe was filled with the light formed by the impact of these two attacks, and hanging the sun star high in the sky was better than going to the universe. Everyone was temporarily blinded by this light.
When everyone lost their vision in the wild, they heard a roar from the wrong direction. When everyone regained their vision in the wild, they saw that every day the Taoist eye had disappeared and the giant man had disappeared.
At that time, everyone didn’t know what had just happened. Some quasi-holy magicians vaguely saw that the big fellow seriously injured the eye of Heaven, and then the two of them retreated as if to discuss it.
At this moment, from the chaos in the two worlds, a piece of merit and golden clouds rushed out, and instantly arrived at the disbanded large array of ancestors and witches, and all ethnic groups saw that these witches had changed in the baptism of merit.
When I saw that the body of Zuwu was slowly dissipating when the merits shone, I saw a mass of J: ng blood with the breath of the earth in the place where Zuwu dissipated.
With the disappearance of the ancestors, twelve Hanazono Sakura world appeared all over the world at this time. See those twelve ancestors who have become J: ng blood and their tribal people all disappeared instantly in the mountain. In their respective Hanazono Sakura world.
At this time, I heard that the twelve ancestors swore together that "Heaven is here! I, a witch, would like to maintain the world in the wild. I, a witch, officially changed its name to the wild witch protoss. When the wild was in Jin Mu, the weather was hot, rainy and thunderous. I, a witch, officially became a god in the wild.
With the vowing of the witch tribe, Heaven has been here for a while; Decreasing the number of merits means acknowledging the oath of the witch. After the witch was admitted in heaven, the whole witch’s fortune rose a lot, and those witch wizards at the boundary point also broke through to the quasi-saint. Now they should be called the witch protoss
At this time, the heaven was hurt by Pangu’s remnant thoughts, and there was no way to help it. This heaven seemed to be compromised by the witch family. This witch ancestor also helped break through the quasi-saint and reach the mixed yuan and pick the golden fairy in the avenue.
Moreover, the amount of calculation has become a master who is not in the position of the saint’s law. All this āo longitudinal amount has also been rewarded by the merits of the avenue, but it has been fooled by the vast universe and the heaven, and at the same time, it will permanently enjoy 20% luck of the witch.
The first batch of gods and witches gave themselves good names when the Wu clan became a flood. Di Jiang called the Lord God Candle Nine y and N called the Lord God Ru Shou called the Lord God Golden Ju Mang called the Lord God Wood Gong Gong Gong, the Lord God Water Zhu Rong called the Lord Fire God Hou Yi called the Lord Earth God Tian Wu called the Lord Wind God Strong and Strong, and the Lord Thunder God Hu Zi called the Lord God extravagant, the Lord Weather God Xuan Ming called the Lord Rain God Twelve people called Pangu the Father of Creation.
Then Zuwu named Houdi the reincarnation of the Lord God, and measured the evil corpse. feng du’s ghost god Yun Teng’s good corpse was transformed into ten halls, and Yamaraja’s ghost god’s hand was called the Lord God at the same time.
Aside from hearing the titles of the ancestors and witches, they all laughed and encouraged them to give him a title and let him down a peg or two.
Just when Zuwu and Quanliang cheered, the demon race left behind in Buzhoushan is now miserable. Now Nu Wa has been invited to keep the chat room, and no one cares about them. At this time, Di Jun feels that the demon race has a few luck left.
Di Jun looked up for a week and couldn’t help but flash across a sadness in his heart. When did his demon race actually become like this?
At this moment, Taiyi also woke up to see the surrounding situation and felt bad in my heart. At this moment, Di Jun suddenly heard xi he sound "Di Jun! A robbery cloud suddenly gathered outside the Sun Palace, and this robbery cloud is directed at our son. "
Hearing xi he’s words, Di Jun’s heart was in a hurry to transport himself to the only mana calculation; Knowing that one’s demon race’s luck had plummeted, he could not suppress the karma of the three little golden bodies, so he was found by heaven before.
Get this situation Di Jun suddenly rushed to spit out one mouthful blood. At this time, Taiyi came to Di Jun and quickly asked what was going on. Di Jun didn’t answer Taiyi’s question. His eyes were dementia and he looked at the sky and muttered, "The sky is going to die, my demon family!"
When I heard Di Jun mumbling to Taiyi, I was surprised. It was a calculation that I learned that my demon race was not only in a bad luck, but also in the number of karma, which made Taiyi worry that my three nephews were threatened by the scourge at this time.
At this moment, Di Jun’s eyes suddenly flashed yoshimitsu and struggled to get up and shouted to the sky, "Today, there is a demon emperor who is willing to continue the demon race’s fate and hope that Heaven will allow him! After that, I saw a golden light of merit from heaven cancel out the karma of the demon family, so that the demon family left a trace of blood and at the same time dispersed their own punishment.


"I have to guard against it!" Mei Qing sighed, "There are more and more high-ranking people in the family, and I want to do something bad, so I have to ban the three lights and five elements and close my mind, otherwise it will not be a big loss to have a pornographic photo door!"

In another room, Brigitte really threw a mirror in her hand and said, "What the hell! There is no signal when the key is pressed! Old people will get some bad goods to deceive people! "
Say but can’t help but red in the face.
"What did you say? Let A Bi marry that little Mei Qing! ?” Sixth Master sneered, "Nice abacus!"
Opposite the loyal uncle a face of betting with a smile, "this is abacus? I’m not worried now, am I? Who else can I marry if I don’t marry Mei Qing? Can you manage it? "
Sixth master was choked and didn’t say a word. His eyes stared at the boss. "Are you coming to annoy me on purpose?"
Uncle Zhong laughed. "I’m not angry that you came back from Mei Qing today …"
"what! ?” Six ye a frown "I didn’t know? What do people at the bottom of their hands do to eat? "
With that, he stretched out his hand in the side and listened to a door ring for a while and came in with a straight face.
Although Uncle Zhong was sitting opposite Sixth Master with such a big smile, Wu Bing bowed to Sixth Master as if he didn’t see this man, but he didn’t speak.
"Mei Qing’s kid came back today to find out what’s going on. There’s no letter?" Six ye light tunnel
Five C made another ceremony and turned to leave.
"How come there is no news from A Bi?" Sixth master said to himself, suddenly remembering something and suddenly looking at Uncle Zhong.
"Don’t look at me. The young couple will come back together and now they are in Meifu." Uncle Zhong’s hand spread out.
Liu Ye’s eyes widened again in an instant and growled, "Good old man, you mean to read old jokes!"
"I’m so anxious to discuss it with you?" Loyal uncle a face of injustice in the mind is laughing "not good!
Six ye was so angry that he wheezed for a long time to calm down and then some hate tunnel "you know the emperor’s side of the old thing A Bi identity …"
"Come on, take this word for reference" Zhong Shu or tunnel "Mei Qing is going to marry A Bi, will it stop over there? Do you believe it yourself? "
Six ye some frustrated tunnel "even if there is no stop A Bi himself willing to get married? She wants to be a Taoist herself. What can others do? Who doesn’t want to marry a prostitute? Do you think it’s good for your daughter to be a double-cultivation couple? "
Uncle Zhong Hehe laughed. "Awesome! The Royal Guards commanded six adults to stop the children’s night crying, so that the officials could not tolerate their daughters?"
"Less gloating!" Six Ye roared, "If six Bing is so powerful, what am I going to do as a six Ye?"! Are you what I say? Even long live the grandfather who is still weighing everything up! "
Uncle Zhong blinked. "Actually, I don’t think A Bi really likes being a female Taoist priest, but she’s angry with you. Now she’s adding fire to this affair with Mei Qing. Maybe if she’s happy, she’ll be vulgar and recognize you as a father. Isn’t everyone happy!"
When Sixth Master heard this, his heart leapt to the ground, and his voice was a little loud. "Old thing, I have known you for so many years, and you still make this sentence sound a little reasonable. Let me think about it. Is this feasible?"
As he spoke, the sixth master moved his steps and suddenly sat down. "You don’t know how stubborn this girl is. When she entered the Taoist temple, she swore that she would never recognize me as a father!"
The third volume Ten years of night rain The third chapter sneak into their positions
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"oh? Is this still the case? " Uncle Zhong was a little surprised to read the latest chapter > Suddenly his eyes blinked and asked, "Which one did he mean to deny? Are you still 6 Bing? "
"I am not 6 Bing?" Sixth master angrily said, "What’s the difference?"
"Of course it’s not the same." Uncle Zhong said in a serious way, "Six lords are six lords, six beans are six beans. That’s two different things. Everyone in Beijing knows that in this case, six lords’ daughter and six bean’s daughter are also two different things. Six bean’s family girl likes to be a female Taoist, so let her be a six lords’ daughter. It’s not appropriate to marry her."
"What do you mean?" The sixth master was confused. "How can I not understand?"
"Stupid!" Uncle Zhong hated iron and didn’t produce steel. "At that time, you were the commander of the Royal Guards in front of Sanqing. A Bi refused to recognize that nature was the 6-bean. But if we want to find a way to make her recognize Sixth Master as a father, it’s not that she violated her oath, right?"
Said the loyal uncle while gather together to small said to six ye "six to tell the truth this six ye when it’s cool? Your Royal Guards conductor Liu Bing never dares to cross the line step by step in everything. It’s convenient to take care of any one you want, and you’re not afraid of fame or imperial shrapnel. I think you are much more energetic than the Royal Guards conductor! "
"Nonsense!" Six ye face a plate "officer is also a holy share ….."
"Uncle Zhong, otherwise," let’s talk about this in front of you. It’s serious business to discuss with you. I want to tell this story to A Bi. There’s a girl named Zhener who recognized Sixth Master, your long-lost father, and then married Mei Qing. Isn’t it beautiful that Bizhen Taoist still treats her father, Liu Bing, as if she didn’t miss it? "
"True son? ….. Don’t give the old girl a blind name. Besides, can A Bi be willing? " Master Liu is still not sure.
"Really, this name is Mei Qing. Your daughter promised to be happy. I saw your daughter. Really, when you look closely, you are a troublemaker. Let Mei Qing tell her about it. It’s so fun to get married openly. It’s strange that she won’t be in a hurry to agree. It’s cheaper then. You picked up a good girl for nothing and set up a good son-in-law." Uncle Zhong smiled quite evil.
"It sounds feasible … why are you laughing so much? You’re not thinking about something bad, are you?" Six ye frown way
"What is this!" Uncle Zhong is right. "Tell me about this. You have recognized your daughter’s wish. A Bi didn’t break his promise and married Ren Huang. That doesn’t take back the imperial decree. Mei Qing married his wife. It’s really beautiful. What is my own plan?"
Sixth Master hesitated to open his mouth and finally had some strength. "Even if it depends on you, it’s still not easy …"
Uncle Zhong laughed. "I know that the command of the Royal Guards made 6 Bing unable to be the master, and so did our sixth master … and A Bi’s grandmother came to get it, right?"
"How do you know?" Sixth Master was shocked. "That crazy … I mean, how did you know that grandma A Bi came to work?"
"You don’t care if I know how I can fix this, do you want to listen?" Uncle Zhong has a profound face.
Unblinkingly, Sixth Master stared at Uncle Zhong deeply, and looked back at him without giving in.
"Well, tell me what the hell you are, the youngest son." Sixth Master finally gave in. "To be honest, I can’t believe that I remembered you as the most awkward one."


"Hey hey, now it’s my turn!" Lin Sheng looked at where to stay Lu Chaofeng sneer at a way

"Ah …" Then Lu Chaofeng is the absolute being.
"Even if you break through, your true qi has been exhausted just now, and now you are at most half recovered. See you talk big!" Lu Chao wind color in stubble said
"Enough for you" Lin Sheng said lightly.
"Ha ha ….." Fall to the ground Liu Pojun is schadenfreude ha ha size up.
But obviously this Lu Chaofeng is not in the mood to care about him. He is staring at Lin Shengsheng now and even being attacked by Lin Shengsheng.
Lin Sheng took advantage of Lu Chaofeng’s strange move in a blink of an eye and moved to LiuPojun’s side. A roll of palm wind shouldered LiuPojun and ran towards the jungle.
"hmm? ?” Lu Chaofeng wait for a while didn’t understand what this Lin Sheng meant by taking this LiuPojun away, but then he just reacted.
"Ah when chase for me! That’s a bluff! "
"Haha, goodbye, idiot!" Lin Sheng ran away and didn’t forget to laugh at Lu Chaofeng at the same time.
"Bastard!" Lu Chao ethos let out a cry, hurriedly is to chase.
But Lin Sheng, who fled quickly, did Lu Chaofeng catch up with him? The speed was the best among fellow practitioners, and even worse, he still broke through to the middle of Wuling.
He is indeed as Lu Chaofeng said, and his true qi has not recovered much. Although defeating Lu Chaofeng is no problem, Lin Sheng has chosen to escape on the safe side. After all, there are nearly 100 people in the wolf mercenary group there. I don’t want to repeat things in Liu Pojun just now.
Looking at the farther and farther behind, Lu Chaofeng Lin Sheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. When Lu Chaofeng saw that there was no hope of chasing Lin Sheng, he turned around and left without chasing him again.
Lin Sheng this just put the shoulder willow Pojun.
"What help me?" Liu Pojun looked at Lin Sheng and asked
"Because we have a chance to be friends," Lin Sheng replied faintly.
Liu Pojun zheng, but then return to absolute being, laughed and laughed very tragically, thinking that he had worked so hard for most of his life is to pull his mercenary group from a small group of less than ten people to the present, and now it is easy to imagine the pain in his heart.
"Ha ha, we can be friends now …" Liu Pojun repeated with a smile that they can be friends now. He has everything now. He is now shouldering the burden of revenge for his mercenary brothers. He is also facing the wolf mercenary group to kill him and Lin Sheng. The situation is almost the same now.
"good! I’ll give you my back from now on! " Liu Pojun said firmly and held out his left hand at the same time.
"Well, I gave you my back, too." Lin Sheng struck a willow and Pojun’s hand was also firm. If people like them really recognized a friend, it would be a generation thing. This may be the feeling of men. This kind of feeling is difficult for women to understand. Some people can’t figure out why two men with fine blood will give up their lives.
"What’s the plan for Liu Tuanchang to pick it up?" Lin Sheng asked.
"What colonel is not a colonel? Now I’m a bachelor. How old are you? If you don’t give up, call me a brother. I’ll call you a brother."
"Good brother Liu is really refreshing!" Lin Sheng laughed LiuPojun also followed to laugh. The two of them finally pulled the atmosphere to be less formal than just now.
"In my opinion, if you are younger, we should first find a secret place to recuperate the injury these days, and then we will make further plans."
"Well, that’s what I think. When we get well, that’s when Lu Chaofeng died!"
"One thing I’ve always been very surprised, bro, is that the Wangs really have a deep hatred. Why do you make such a big move to catch you? You don’t know. This time, the Wangs can catch the benefits you promised to give these mercenary groups. That’s amazing, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of Dan medicine. What’s always blood?"
"Ha ha, I don’t think that the Wangs are despicable. I just ruined his dude …" Immediately, Lin Sheng told Liu Pojun how to provoke the Wangs, how to be framed and how to be drugged during the duel.
"Hum! This royal family is really ashamed of you for doing things like this! " Liu Pojun heard the ins and outs of things angry and scold a way
"I really regret it. I saw the benefits of Wang’s Xu Nuo, but I didn’t find out what happened at the end of it. It was almost a big mistake and I lost the names of 100 brothers of my iron desert mercenary group! I am really embarrassed to them! " Liu Pojun said sadly.
"What’s the point of being sad now? I want to find a way to avenge those dead brothers!" Lin Sheng exhortation way
"For revenge! Brothers, the blood can’t be shed in vain. I swear to kill Lu Chaofeng, the dog thief, to avenge the brothers! If you violate this oath, it is like this! " Liu Pojun took out a dagger from his pocket and cut off his forehead. His hair was severely said.
"All right, Brother Liu, let’s find a place to settle down first. This place is uneasy. There are many giants in the forest of death who can’t run away when they meet us."
"giant! Is it true that before I heard that there are many species living in this forest of death, there are no species outside us, and the giant’s strength is also heard from our ancestors that we are really not to be taunted? "
"Well, you’ll meet those strange species later."


She held out her hand and handed over something. "I’m afraid I won’t have much chance to get it after years of this trip. Suo Xing will give it to you."

This is a fist-sized disc made of non-gold, non-jade, with no artificial symbols, and the lines are faintly bronzed. Se Ze exudes an involuntary breath of peace of mind and concentration, but you can feel a shocking magic face with a kind of fluctuation familiar to Chen Shaobai.
He once felt that this was power in the six-pointed star array and tunnel of the Qing Xuanmen.
Even if it is several meters away, Chen Shaobai can clearly perceive it, and vaguely guess that it is here. He hesitated for a moment and shook his head unswervingly. "It’s too expensive for me to accept."
If he didn’t guess wrong, this thing is the cornerstone and entry key of Long Mai’s shakotan coast in Y and N. Without it, even if there are ten perfect people who have quenched their breath, they can spy out the little shakotan coast.
Unless there is a fairyland avatar, it is possible to occupy it by force.
Yuhuan smiled, graceful and elegant, which was heartbreaking. "I was found by the demon clan of the day, let alone the Shang country. Even if the whole Dongsheng Shenzhou, I couldn’t stay on this trip. When did I get this secret land?" It’s better to leave it to you so that you can increase your strength and have the power to protect the purple pupil. "
Appear in the channel instantaneous is also the most dangerous and fatal moment, Yuhuan and Chen Shaobai mana j: ng gods are all exhausted, and life and death are all in a moment. If Chen Shaobai has a little distractions and takes the lead in running for her life, she and Purple Pupil can wait for her death. She still hesitates to return home, but Chen Shaobai’s move just now completely dispelled this hesitation.
Although the outside world has passed for a month, they have been together for ten months. Chen Shaobai and Zihong have deep feelings for Yuhuan, and people with good potential have deep feelings for their daughter. What does she have to worry about?
"all right"
Before Chen Shaobai hesitated, he was worried that he owed too much human feelings and left too much cause and effect. After practicing, he was fettered too much, but he was relieved when he thought about gains and losses.
Life is baptized by the world of mortals, how can it not be half-causal? Chance, karma, and karma are all things that a person must have in his life. Sometimes, when he must have a life, he doesn’t force heaven to give or take it, but he bears the blame. This is the case.
Took the y and n boundary Long Mai shakotan coast cornerstone Chen Shaobai felt a faint coolness into the body for a moment and then disappeared, feeling that it had no effect on the body, and he didn’t go into it.
A warm breeze blew over.
Zi zi zi …
The colorful clothes became dark and weak, and the breeze seemed to turn into a pair of magic hands, which blew the sacred instrument into ashes and scattered it into a string of Hua Hudie.
This is the y and n evil spirit in the secret land, which is playing tenaciously.
Contaminated with the flesh, tampering with the magic weapon of soul destruction, and carefully calculating these, Chen Shaobai is a little glad that he didn’t offer a five-star life-saving and thunderbolt protector, otherwise he wouldn’t be missing a killer weapon?
The wind rushes through the forest and scatters the body dust. Chen Shaobai’s solid and perfect body reveals that the muscles are full and smooth without any encumbrance. It feels full of explosive power and more durable. When he is put into the mundane body, he is said to be a "martial arts wizard once in a thousand years."
Suddenly, I felt something was wrong. Chen Shaobai looked up to see Se in Yuhuan and looked at herself strangely.
A touch of gold Se flame rises and turns into a magic treasure, which wraps Chen Shaobai up and even makes people unable to see his face clearly.
"Ahem … jade aunt have nothing I walked first …"
The flamboyant flame covered his reddish face and made him sound like a stranger from nine places.
"Aunt jade? Ah … You’re a nice kid. I’ll admit it. "
Yuhuan waved his hand like driving away a worrying naughty child. "Go and remember that it is the right way to practice the brave J and jīng."
Voice down a touch of golden light across the long Chen Shaobai escape also seems to leave here.
Yesterday, Ri Autumn Fantasy Spring, now, there is only one Yuhuan left in the secret land of Ri Long Mai.
Se in her face looked a little dim, and she sighed faintly in a very distant place.
"Cold wind …"
Hush, ride away, collect dust, and keep looking for you?
Chapter ps1 This number is very auspicious. I wish everyone a promotion and a fortune!
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Evil rages!
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Evil rages!
Shang Guo feng Zhou Jing
The towering clouds faintly reveal five golden Se dragons. Even in the whole Dongsheng Shenzhou Golden Dragon, there is a high status. They are unique, aloof and lofty, and they are used to flying freely in the sky.
However, at this moment, these descendants of the Dragon are shamefully bound by a long black steel chain, and their bodies are branded indelibly and become human cart-pulling tools.
The golden dragon white jade chariot crossed the sky easily, plowing the white fog into a concave trace, leaving a faint glow behind it.
Although it is easy, it is only for the speed of the dragon. If there are mortals looking up at the moment, I am afraid it will be a flash of light before my eyes, and I can’t capture it clearly.
The dazzling whip of the white awn puffed out the air, and rolled a piece of scales from the body of the five golden dragons, and the flesh rolled over, and the thick and thin liquid spilled along the body.
The severe pain made the dragons twitch and tremble, but they had to carefully control the tremor amplitude for fear that they would overturn their own lives. Although they had resentment, they dared to be angry and dare not speak.
"Don’t dare to slow down without my command. You reptiles are born cheap bones. No wonder you want slaves to never turn over!"
Full of tyranny and arrogance, it has never been five golden dragons and a cold, and it has immediately accelerated its take-off speed.
The speaker is afraid that they have felt clearly in the past few months, and there is no challenge to the patient’s patience.
Among the five golden dragons, there is a body with scales everywhere, and the longest wound extends almost from the top of the head to the tail. It seems to have been ravaged by magic and humanity. It raises its faucet and tries its best to take a look at the resentment in its heart.
It should always remember that this human being will repay this shame a hundred times if he has the opportunity.
This is a woman whose skin is tender and smooth, her neck is slender and white, and her breasts are half covered and half covered. If her breasts are stagnant, her hands can be held. It seems that she is young, but she has a way of covering up the vicissitudes of life.
Even from the dragon aesthetic point of view, this woman is a great beauty. From the appearance alone, it is hard to see that this person is vicious and biting
With a low whimper, it made a determined effort to transport its strength and speed up its journey. The other four golden dragons were dragged along half-dead by this.
If they were really hard bones, they would not be pulled by human beings now, but they would be killed in the battlefield early or used as an alchemist.
Haotianmen is famous by an elder who is good at alchemy of life. Although they are young dragons who have refined their own realm, their blood purity is high, and they are naturally intelligent and know what they should do.
"If these little guys are pitiful, don’t force them any more."
The cold tone of indifference is handed out from the white jade chariot. Although it sounds sympathetic, it is more like a habit that causes its tone and half-emotional fluctuations, like a puppet robot.
"yes, miss"
The woman named Guangru withdrew her whip and exuded a faint rosy glow to isolate the clouds. She respectfully responded to Baiyu Tiao in a dragon.
Although she has the strength, she is very aware of her talent and enlightenment. If she doesn’t have face-to-face care, she can even enter the quenching realm, let alone achieve the achievements of today.
And the girl inside is the only brother-in-law of the master. She can’t help but accept her sharp-edged minions and behave humbly.


"You little not dead? ! ! Haha, I miss Lao Zhang so much. Come on, tell my brother where you have been this year. You know, once you didn’t go back with me, I was almost skinned by your master. "Zhang Hong found that the person in front of him was Mu Qingfeng, laughing and pouncing on a bear hug and hugging him into his dark chest.

"Put away your knives. This is my brother’s best brother. Remember when I told you that the idea of flying is that he came out?" Zhang Hong waved his hand when he found the soldiers at a loss.
"What is Zhang Dage doing so exciting?" Mu Qingfeng asked after knowing the reason.
"Ah, goodbye, Yecheng has been a bad thing recently. The assassination of the report has not been done in vain. Three strongmen have forced their way into the city gate. I am non-stop. When I catch those bad guys, I will come back to my brother and catch up with him." Zhang Hong suddenly realized a problem.
Three strong men? ? ! ! ! ! At present, there are no more, no less, just three people, and two people beside Muqingfeng show their martial arts. Look at them and you will know the truth.
"Well, I don’t know when my brother will arrive, and I won’t tell my eldest brother that I can pick you up." Zhang Hong asked.
"It didn’t take long to just arrive. To be honest, the martial law in Yecheng is quite severe. Ordinary people really can’t get in. I don’t know where thieves and personnel are so strong that they can break into the gate." Muqingfeng still said with a smile.
This is the time. If Zhang Hong doesn’t know that the three men who broke into the city gate are them, it will be a waste for his scouts for so many years.
Zhang Hong’s face was uncertain, rain or shine, and he finally made up his mind to say, "Since my brother has just arrived here these two days, take a good rest. It’s best not to go out in disorder recently." That is, Wing Zhan let himself trust this physical brother.
"Eldest brother rightly points out that younger brother won’t bother eldest brother. When eldest brother is finished, he must come to see younger brother for a drink." Zhang Hong didn’t debunk his identity, and he planned to come and wait until the evening to find out what happened in Yecheng.
"Let’s go, brothers, don’t let the thief go. We’ll search other rooms while we’re at it! !” Zhang Hong greeted the other soldiers and left the room with a cold sweat, longing for the mountains and Xiao Langzhong.
"I was scared to death. I had to do it just now. You know, it’s hard for me to keep my hand when so many people fight," said Xiao Langzhong.
"Now that Zhang Hong has made a good cover for us, I think it will be okay for the time being. Let’s wait here quietly. He will come to me again. It’s better for us to take it here than bump into it like a fly. I’m a little hungry. What about you?" Mu Qingfeng calmly sat back to the stool and seemed to have everything in mind.
The night soon came, and Xiao Langzhong was pacing and watching Mu Chongshan feel uncomfortable all over.
"Old man, can you stop? I really want to slap you unconscious now." Mu Chongshan is really unbearable.
"How do you two have such a big heart? What if he pretends to hold us steady and then raid us? What if there are archers all over the face now? Although our martial arts are high, we haven’t reached the stage of invulnerability! !” Xiao Langzhong expressed his worries,
"Don’t worry, if Zhang Hong had a problem, we would have been arrested by now. Let’s wait honestly. I believe him." Mu Qingfeng was in repose.
Finally, after the door was opened, Zhang Hong appeared in front of everyone.
Seeing Muqingfeng Zhang Hong finally unable to control his feelings, he held Muqingfeng’s hand tightly. "Brother, it’s a good thing you came, otherwise I really don’t know what to do. If you can’t figure out what to do, the world will die."
"What’s the situation now? We don’t know Zhang Dage. Let’s sit down and talk it over with us." Muqingfeng motioned Zhang Hongxian not to get excited.
"How could you fight with the gate guards? I was so scared that I still had people trying to rob prisoners." Zhang Hong questioned today’s affairs after sitting down.
"Don’t let us prove our identity at the door. I thought that Bai Dage didn’t give me a piece of his close-fitting Yu Pei. I didn’t expect the soldiers to see it, but I was a thief and my companions. There was no way to catch us, so we would start work." If I had known there were such stories, Mu Qingfeng wouldn’t have been trapped.
"Bai Dage what’s the matter? I heard people in the inn talking. "
"Something happened. According to Yan Wangfu, Shibai killed Bai Sushen, the prince of Yan." Zhang Hongnai shook his head.
"Bai Dage killed his father? That’s impossible, right? As far as I know, the North Prince of Yan is the only child, so it doesn’t make sense, "Mu Qingfeng said.
"Who said it wasn’t? But Yan Wangfu people just decided that the world did it. Otherwise, Princess Yan couldn’t make her own son into custody." Zhang Hong himself thought impassability.
"Then you didn’t get any news? After all, you are still a general. "Xiao Langzhong couldn’t help interrupting.
"I am a mere scout battalion general, not as important as you think. To be honest, I have no chance to see the world after what happened, even if I believe he didn’t." Zhang Hong explained to Xiao Langzhong.
"Now it is urgent to find a way to see Bai Dage and ask what happened at the beginning. I don’t know General Zhang, but I know where Bai Dage is?" Mu Qingfeng made his own plan.
"I know this," Zhang Hong replied. "The world was detained at the bottom of Yecheng prison, but we don’t want to rescue him to prevent accidents. The North Yanjun surrounded it, and it is estimated that even birds can’t fly out."
"Who said we’re going to bring Bai Dage out? We are going in! !” Mu Qingfeng speaks amazingly.
"What? ! ! Are you crazy? ?” Zhang Hong was shocked when he learned that "the prison is heavily guarded. Do you know that this is the same as dying?"
"Besides, I don’t know what else I can see him." Mu Qingfeng has regarded Bai Qiao as his own brother since he became sworn. How can a big brother stand idly by when he is difficult to be a younger brother?
"Don’t go to commander Yu Mu and doctor Xiao. If I can’t get out, you can still find a way to save me. We can’t get stuck in it." Mu Qingfeng said what to say when he saw Mu Chongshan.
"Rest assured that even if there was an accident, I will save you! ! !” Now that it’s said, Yimu Chongshan still thinks that Muqingfeng should be allowed to do what he wants.
Hearing Muqingfeng’s willingness to take risks, Zhang Hong couldn’t help but plop to Muqingfeng’s knees.
"Mu brothers, I’m a clown. I really can’t think of a way to save the world. Please come on this time. After the war, I’m a good man. He will lead our Northern Yan Army to become more and more severe. Please also ask my brothers to look at us and save the world one by one. I’m here to thank you first! !” Say that finish Zhang Hong severely knock a few head vaguely with a few silk blood.
"As a matter of course, Zhang Dage should stop being a stranger. Now it is urgent to let me get into prison first," Mu Qingfeng said.
"I don’t know if I advise you, you won’t hear it. It’s an old-fashioned drug. Take the antidote and no one will wake up after three feet." Xiao Langzhong took out his treasure
"Then how are you going to get in?" Zhang Hong asked.
cause of death
"Mom stinks and beats me in front of the camp. I haven’t looked for you to calculate the battle. I got a beating from you again this time. Do you think we are impulsive?" Zhang Hong complained while walking with Muqingfeng.
"Isn’t there no way? Otherwise, we can directly tell people that we are going to see Bai Qiao?" Mu Qingfeng quipped that his hand was a little cruel just now. It is estimated that Zhang Hong’s dark circles will disappear for a while.
"The horse went to the prison. Everything should be careful. Death row should be at the end of the floor. Eldest brother can’t help you after you go in. !” The horse can see the gate. Zhang Hong is still worried.
"Hey, this is not a scout camp general Zhang Hongyao how recently was a woman to pay the body? Have you pulled out dark circles? " The guard leader obviously knows Zhang Hong, so he quipped.


Even if you send muskets to Hengshan, the martial arts, you will be frightened. Even the Shaolin devil can’t escape being beaten into a hornet’s nest by muskets, and their situation will be even worse.

Some of them simply follow the crowd. On the one hand, it seems that people in Zhao, who are close to Zhao Yang, suffer little. On the other hand, they openly play the devil’s advocate, and they don’t have the courage or the need.
Why ask for unhappiness when there is no conflict of interest?
"Everybody be quiet" Zhao Yang raised his hands to signal everyone to be quiet. "Do you know where this is?"
"Guishan may be seen by everyone. It is not only Guishan but also a cemetery." Zhao Yang dialect is like a stone thrown into the lake, causing waves.
"Zhao people want to put the banquet here? Is it because there is no better place? No, "Zhao Yang sighed lightly, but everyone could feel the sadness in Zhao Yang’s tone." Zhao is thinking that people will never become a pile of loess after a hundred years, just like our feet are bones. We are now in the bones of our predecessors, but what about our descendants? They will be in our bones. "
"Zhao hopes that when our descendants are in our bones, we won’t revile us, we won’t revile us for leaving them a disaster for ten thousand years, we won’t revile us for failing to do our duty … and let them suffer the humiliation experienced by their ancestors again."
Zhao Yang choked up. He thought of being looted by the enemy in the past hundreds of years.
Facing everyone’s surprised eyes, Zhao Yang said word for word, "Zhao Mouren hopes that all of you here can remember my words today to subvert my clothes in China. In addition to the Japanese, there are also Changbai Mountain Tatars. If we don’t want grandchildren to replace slaves, let us clear this hidden danger for them in this life!"
Chapter 5 [Threats]
Leng Zhao Yang’s words are like a small stone thrown into a stream, slightly turbid and dizzy, and all traces are wiped out by the cheerful and smooth water.
Zhao Daxia’s foresight is really admirable.
Zhao Yang turned his head and pressed his bass. This fellow is crazy again. I don’t know what to say. Can a Japanese country still threaten China? At best, the Dalai Lama in Changbai Mountain is a skin disease. In those days, the Dalai Lama failed to destroy the Southern Song Dynasty. Can the Dalai Lama destroy me today?
I have to say that this argument is still very marketable, because the attitude of the Great Dynasty towards barbarians is so bad that it is almost hateful.
Whether it’s minister Mongolia or other ethnic minorities, their food and clothing are strictly restricted. Salt flows into ethnic minorities, and salt is enough for them to barely measure iron. That control is even more strict. It is said that Zhao Yang considers it a great disaster, and only ten residents can have a kitchen knife and an iron pot.
If not, how could Nurhachi be able to rely on 13 pairs of real armor to go outside and inside?
That’s because thirteen pairs of real armor are invincible weapons in front of those unarmed clods!
Zhao Yang’s alarmist words did not ruin everyone’s good mood.
In Chongxu, the hero of Huguang 34 Road jointly recommended the leader of Zhao Yang Baidao Wulin.
Although the roots of these thirty-four heroes are not enough to represent the white martial arts in China, it is enough to come forward by Chong Xu. A few days later, messengers from various sects and gangs in Henan, Shanxi and Hebei also rushed to express their congratulations to Zhao Yang on behalf of their respective sects.
Zhao Yang’s ceremony for the leader of the White Road Wulin is very simple. It is to hastily set up a wooden table to put these two plush chairs, one big and one small. Zhao Yang rushes to each other, and then Li Tianfeng, the master of ceremonies, sings the singles. Men from all walks of life hold representatives to recognize Zhao Yang’s status, line up on the wooden table in turn and submit the papers to the master of ceremonies.
Zhao Yang issued the first leader’s order, which made all the heroes present feel cold in their vests.
Reduce the destruction of the enemy to the south of the Yangtze River, publicize the prestige of China, and draw elites from various sects to form a rebel army to destroy the enemy.
One out of five!
But what can be called a gang without hundreds of people? There are thousands of people, especially the Caobang of the Yangtze River, and the number is close to 5 thousand.
How can others live if they smoke one out of five?
It’s so noisy to sit on a wooden platform in Zhao Yang, but it doesn’t move, while rushing aside. It’s already restless and scratching its head. This Zhao Yang is so unreasonable to play!
It seems that this fellow is very dissatisfied with me pushing him to the stove, but even so, he can’t be fooled by Zhao Yang.
The leader of the White Road Wulin was given away by the White Road Wulin in less than a day. That’s not just a joke of Hengshan Sect, but also a joke of the White Road Wulin!
Shaolin was destroyed, the white road was weak, the magic road was rampant, and Zhao Yang was pushed to the leader’s seat in the hope that Zhao Yang could stand up and teach Dong Fangbubai to fight hard to alleviate a dangerous Wulin situation
Zhao Yang, you fellow, you can’t afford to help Dou. It’s really disappointing to the old road!
Blunt, sad and angry eyes were about to pour out to Zhao Yang, but he was unwilling to see the master of ceremonies, Li Tianfeng, pulling out a five-color banner from his arms to meet a dance.
Isn’t this the flag of Wuyue Alliance? What does Zhao Yang want?
"Swish swish swish …"
"Hey, hey …"
Noisy heroes from all walks of life slowly calmed down, and their faces showed a look of hesitation. This sound is very familiar to them. Because of this sound, they have been tossing around not far away for the past two days. I heard that this is called exercise.
Zhao Jiajun Zhao Yang, what’s this fellow doing in Zhao Jiajun?
Does he-does he want to suppress us?
A few eyes turned pale suddenly and flexibly, holding the steel knife in their hands tightly to larger foe, but more often, they stepped back and others pulled the distance.
Zhao Jiajun, that’s a demon more powerful than the devil.
Although everyone didn’t see Zhao Jiajun, it was like fighting the Shaolin remnant bandits, but it took less than half a column of incense from the time the gun sounded to the time when the Shaolin remnant bandits died. Zhao Jiajun saw no casualties except the gray face.
Everyone is contemptuous of muskets. muskets are no problem for ordinary people, and they have little effect on masters.
Hengshan Sect can destroy Shaolin bald donkeys in such a short time. It can be said that these people’s martial arts skills are the killer weapon of Hengshan Mountain in Zhao Yang’s snow-covered area.
No wonder Hengshan Sect can destroy Songshan Sect, and there are so many masters, let alone Songshan.
Even if it is magic, it may not be Zhao Yang’s opponent.
What caught everyone’s eye was a row of twenty people, like tofu, neatly in a green square, with one color, green clothes and strong black and shiny muskets. More than 2,000 private soldiers from Zhao Yang shook their arms and strode uniformly and rolled in.
A peerless fierce beast, a wild beast, showed his cold teeth to everyone who was as weak as a lamb.
Who came to the meeting from all walks of life didn’t have a few or dozens of lives, but in the face of this like an army, he didn’t change his face and saw fear.
Generally, Jianghu experts are often tied behind their backs when they meet the enemy, and they can make five achievements in martial arts. Sometimes, when they face the enemy, these experts are not as good as street hooligans because of their lack of courage.
It is common for these pirates to travel across the ocean to come to the big enemy, but it is difficult for those martial arts experts in the Central Plains to do so.
Great men are nationals, but the dead heroes will never be touted.
Maybe it’s mean, but even Zhao Yang didn’t think that the enemy would perish together. Even Zhao Yang wanted to gain greater reputation by pacifying the enemy and compete for greater honor by himself!
No matter how big it is, even if it is Guo Jing or Yang Guo, how can it be?
Where are Guo Jing and Yang Guo at this time when the Mongolian cavalry is rolling and Xiangyang is still breached?
When they knew that Xiangyang was the gate of the Southern Song Dynasty, they should spend time in Xiangyang and train their disciples to make hundreds of thousands of residents of Xiangyang become masters. Even if Meng Yuan is strong, it will be difficult to conquer this strong city with hundreds of thousands of masters.
The truth is, I’m going to brush my clothes, but I want Huashan’s name!
"Raise your gun!"
Rough crazy sound up more than two thousand dark muzzle straight forward aiming at the people.
Irrepressible panic grows crazily in people’s minds. Zhao Yang is crazy!


"So thank you for your kindness, Mr. Ning …" Laughing in my heart, I didn’t expect this sea to kill God, and Ning Boyuan had such a side.

"Ning Boyuan! Can’t you stop me from doing anything? !” War heart see ningboyuan so manner couldn’t help a anger.
"It’s our pride to dare not shine. How can I dare to shine? But is it really a red thing that you are here today?" Ning Boyuan said coldly
You!’ Zen mind a lag, this time she really didn’t come for business, but red Yao fame here Bai Yao if not Ningboyuan absolutely people dare to ask their own things.
Seeing the expression of Zen mind, Ning Boyuan’s peace of mind is not easy to handle and report to be a felony of dereliction of duty.
"Ha ha, I don’t know how Mr. Ning explained this willow girl.
Just when the war was right, a deep voice came from the outside and a tall figure walked in from the outside.
"War!" In Ningbo, there is a cold in the heart, and there is a disaster where there is a war. This war is actually a sinister star.
In those days, he was also a three-generation elder of the outer gate, but his disaster-fit characteristics made the outer gate nai match him to this malefic, and he would appear in this place. To be continued, if you want to know the funeral, please go to Chapter 6 for more.
Chapter 27 Ling Yue reappearance
"The elder brother of the fire ….." See the war war war heart a pleased light call way.
"Master!" As happy as a song, the two little girls also bowed down and saluted.
"Are these two little girls disciples of war?" Ning Boyuan’s heart is bitter and more bitter. I didn’t expect to see the war heart appear. I came forward to find the field, but I touched this big two and three evil stars.
"You girl …" The war is two meters tall and full of metallic luster like golden water pouring. There are two red fire phoenixes in bare arms, and there is also a phoenix feather on the cheek of the war.
There are several levels of strength in the war clan, and people who can have the tattoo of the spirit beast are masters in the clan. Although they are nothing in the door, they are definitely the top strong outside the war clan.
Compared with 36 Yao, it’s just a pediatrician
"You this wench …" War smiled and said, "You red yao is a street sweeper, and your intelligence is too poor. When you got the news from Feng Yuan that wench, I knew it would be bad! Follow up, but you didn’t make a big mistake … "
When I said these words, the war didn’t care about Heisanhe. Obviously, these people are already dead in the eyes of the war.
"This is reincarnation! How can you run around, little girl! " The war is in the mind of the war. ! "Zen mind exclaim a then a stamp" Feng Yuan that dead girl! I cann’t believe I came here to be reincarnated It’s over. I’m going to die this time, but I’m going to cry
"Come on, little girl, I really don’t know how you’ve been here for so many years. You’re an adult and like a child!" War criticise a continue to mind sound way "Feng Yuan michel platini also gave the news to the outside door, saying that it is now a special situation to seek the approval of outside sects. I invited the order to write the names of your three little girls …"
Hearing this, tears in Zen mind’s eyes suddenly disappeared and smiled and thanked the war.
"You are Ning Boyuan, right? Remember you kissed this little girl?" Asked after the war heart war turned to ningboyuan asked
At this time, Ningboyuan has been determined to keep the red eyebrow from smiling at the question of the war after a struggle, but the hatred in his eyes is not hidden at all.
"In those days, it was Zen mind. This girl did something wrong. I’ll apologize to you for her. When I get back, I’ll talk to the Presbyterian Church and transfer you back to the outer door …" Suddenly, the war said.
Seeing the war, it is said that the disaster fit should apologize to himself. Ningbo is far from one leng and I don’t know if it is a reply.
The heart of the war is jiao Chen stamped his foot and said, "Brother Huo is this smelly thing. I don’t know what you want to apologize for!" Fire cold hum a ruthlessly stared at the war heart.
"Girl, this reincarnation is not as simple as you think. Now can’t we offend Bai Yao, a local strongman?" War idea sound track
Zen mind was originally a smart woman. When she heard about the war, she suddenly realized that this fire brother wanted to be reincarnated this time.
Thought of here, the heart of the war brightened. Yes, it’s a matter of the rise and fall of the war clan. If you perform well in this matter, you can not only return to the outer door, but also enter the Presbyterian Hospital.
"When I was wrong, I tried to make it up to you …" I had to put myself in a position to apologize to Ningbo Boyuan because I knew nothing about it.
It’s a good thing that she didn’t apologize. Her apology was loose, but it was suddenly tightened. After being matched by the war heart, Ning Boyuan knew the normal situation very well. This woman would never apologize like herself.
If something goes wrong, it’s a demon. She’s so reluctant to ask for it, but it makes the previous apology for the war disappear in Ningboyuan’s heart.
"Although you don’t know that you are here, it’s a big event. We won’t allow the threat to appear if the goalkeeper gives us Bai Yao’s things. I hope you will take people away at once or I will report everything here to the outside door …" Ningbo is far away.
The war pupil shrinks, and I sneer at myself for putting such a low profile. It’s just a reincarnation. What’s more, there are more than 10,000 reincarnation places, which are not necessarily here. This Ningbo Boyuan is so rampant that it shocks itself. Is the name of this disaster a fake?
"Say yes! Xiaoning has grown a lot since I haven’t seen you for many years! " Just then, a palm rang out and a man walked into the door again.
Eyelids jump straight, okay? This Phoenix House Guild Hall has become a joint place for their warring families.
The people who came in were dressed in similar clothes, but they were all white at the chest mark.
"Lingyue!" War and war at the same time a surprised.
"You came out of the door? !” The war heart is amazed, waiting for the man in front of him. Compared with thousands of years ago, he has matured a lot, but he is not immature, and there is a half-moon scar on his cheek from eyebrow angle to ear to lips, which makes this once handsome man look extremely tough.
It’s chilling to match this cold expression.
Ling Yue was one of the top ten masters of the younger generation with Zhan Xin, but their fate was diametrically opposite. Zhan Xin failed, was deprived of his status as an outside elder and was demoted to thirty-six glory.
Lingyue, on the other hand, entered the gate and successfully broke through the Lingwu Gate 4,000 years ago. The elder is the best among the younger generation.
Hearing the words of war and war makes people feel cold.


No matter whether the punishment is really traced back to the punishment Qiaoyin or Zhao Changqi Yangcheng, she can’t stay any longer. Since the punishment is really as today, it is obvious that Qi has fallen into his clutches and she must leave for Zhou as soon as possible.

Zhou Guo’s national strength is the strongest among the four countries in Zhongzhou mainland. Now the punishment is really as good as that of the Three Kingdoms War at the same time. It’s lucky that Zhou Guo should still be safe unless … the plague happens again.
Plague …
Pan Hui dumped her head and felt that she should worry too much.
In those days, the plague was made by people, but now the punishment is really like cultivating a great success. It is no longer necessary to learn from the soul of life and practice, but it should also be learned from cultivating immortals …
Pan Hui’s feet suddenly turned white and she was upset.
If the punishment really needs to absorb the soul of the cultivator, are those who follow the punishment really like the emperor’s palace brothers around? !
A group of slave who have been deprived of their soul and blood!
Pan Hui went to her back door and looked back. When she saw that no one was coming, she quickly flashed in and tied the back door before she ran back to her room to pack her things.
As soon as she entered the door, she was covered with her nose and mouth from behind, and her hands were held hostage. A man’s voice came from behind, "Don’t say that we won’t harm you, but we will borrow you to hide."
Pan Huimei’s heart puckered up, and she knew something about it. She immediately nodded, and the other party held her nose and mouth loosely, so she needed a hand knife to knock her dizzy. Pan Hui’s eyes were slightly narrowed, and then she kicked her hands. Although she was still captured, she bent down to avoid the other party’s hand knife, and the whole person directly knocked the person behind her to the ground with her hands freed.
She turn over is severely buckle the man’s neck eyes cold mountain flash cold way "I kindly take you in but you want to stun me? !”
"Pan Hui?" A sound sounded from the side with some indecision.
Pan Hui turned to look, only to find her bed ~ half lying alone or an acquaintance-Punishment Qiaoyin.
She had guessed that the other person might be Zhao Chang when the man came out, but she didn’t expect punishment Qiaoyin to lie in her bed ~
Pan Hui looked at the punishment Qiao Yin, who was also looking at Pan Hui. She was even more surprised when she saw that Pan Hui was dressed in coarse clothes and her abdomen was slightly long. "Are you pregnant?"
Punishment Qiao Yin took Zhao Chang to avoid punishment, which is really like hunting. She was injured and could find a place to hide first. She found that the people in this residential building came in with Zhao Chang to have a rest, but she didn’t expect that the owner here was Pan Hui.
"What brings you here? Didn’t you say you went to Wansheng Island? " Punishment Qiao Yin a confused look at Pan Hui see its body without a cultivate immortality breath suddenly flashes in my mind "you … you won’t be without repair? !”
Pan Hui let go and got up and never cared about lying on the ground again. Zhao often went straight to the punishment Qiaoyin’s side and looked at her coldly. "The punishment is really like searching outside. You will find it here soon. If you don’t want to die, you’d better hurry."
"What about you?" At this time, Zhao Chang has come to the bedside, and Qiao Yin struggled to sit up. In Zhao Chang’s hand, his right hand tightly covered his lower abdomen and his face was very poor.
"It’s you he’s looking for, not me who wants to leave with you. I’m absolutely safe." Pan Hui suddenly saw a slight change in her face. "Who?"
Punishment Qiao Yin bit his lip and hesitated for a moment, saying, "Seal off the Qing Dynasty"
Two months ago, although it was not long, it was enough to make the punishment Qiaoyin figure out the origin of the man who was tied by himself. When she found out that the pure-yin man turned out to be Pan Hui’s younger brother, the punishment Qiaoyin felt that her luck was not too bad. With this child, she might be able to seek shelter from Chang Xuan in the future. After all, the punishment is really as scruple as Pan Hui won’t be so quick to Chang Xuan’s hand.
Is to let punishment Qiao Yin didn’t expect Pan Hui to leave the long porch and also repair it, which is obviously not a good news.
Is it really Qing?
Pan Hui closed her eyes and opened them again, and her heart had already made a decision.
She went to the kitchen to get some dry food and oil paper wrapped up and went back to the back room. "Come with me. I’m not sure where the punishment is. It’s urgent to get out of the city first." After going out of the city, she walked all the way north. Although Aoqing is gone now, the Arctic ice sheet is still a place where cultivators dare not easily step into because the environment there is too sinister unless they are familiar with the route. Others are easily lost in the ice sheet.
Punishment qiao Yin light way "thank you"
Pan Hui poked her head out of the back door and looked at the situation. She found that the emperor’s brother waved to him behind him, but said, "Don’t thank me. I’m not saving you. It’s just a child. No matter whether Qing Er volunteered at that time or not, this child is always the blood of Changxuan. Since I met him, I can’t be punished by him. If I get lost, I can’t save you."
She turned the back door lock around in the criss-crossing alley until she came to a well. She stopped and looked around to make sure that no one was there. Then she asked Punishment Qiaoyin, "Can you swim in the water?"
Punishment Qiao Yin and Zhao Chang all nodded.
Pan Hui pulled through the cable way of the bucket on the water surface of the well. "Go!"
This is a passage that she found not long after she came here. I don’t know what the people who originally built this passage came to do, but now it can save their lives.
Chapter 52 In deep trouble (2)
Pan Hui took the lead in jumping. At the moment she entered the water, she closed her eyes and held her breath until she sank into the water. She emerged hand and foot side by side ~ The surface of the water opened her eyes to distinguish the direction, leaned against the borehole wall, looked up and made a gesture opposite.
Punishment Qiao Yin decided to take the rope and jumped into the icy well water, which made her shiver and didn’t call out. She knew that if she was asked to make a sound now, people would be attracted, and none of them could run away.
Pan Hui ripped the punishment Qiaoyin from the water and continued to stick to the edge. When Zhao Chang came together, he took a deep breath and sank into the water and swam towards the channel at the bottom of the well.
Swim through a short waterway Pan Hui took two people to swim for a moment and then surfaced. It was still dark. Obviously, Pan Hui still blinked in the dark tunnel, wiped the well water and found the direction. She swam a distance from the water to the shore.
Punishment Qiaoyin and Zhao Chang followed closely.
The wind blew from nowhere, making all three people shudder unconsciously.
Punishment Qiao Yin looked around and wondered, "Is this … underground water?"
"Well," Pan Hui nodded and walked along the direction of water flow. "This is a river. I found that walking along the river can lead to ten Li Po outside the city."
When she first found this tunnel, she didn’t expect the river to be so long, so she turned back halfway. When she came back for the second time, she brought dry food and found the end of the tunnel. She also had to sigh with emotion that the people who built this tunnel had a great mind.
Ten Li Po is known as ten Li Po, but it is not ten miles away from the city, but at least twenty miles away. This is already a long distance. Although twenty miles is not far to cultivate immortals, it takes at least two and a half hours for mortals to walk twenty miles, which is enough to get refugees out of danger.
After a threesome of about an hour and a half, Pan Hui first stopped to find a dry place to sit on the floor, took out the dry food, threw a piece of cake for Zhao Chang, took half a piece for himself and chewed it up with water.
Now, although Pan Hui can still get through the valley, in order to live three meals a day like a mortal, she will never be short, and she will supplement herself with some food when she is tired.
Zhao often took the cake and looked at Pan Hui and then at the punishment. Qiao Yin smiled at him, and he also learned to eat it like Pan Hui. Anyway, he had been used to sleeping in the open air and starving for more than a month since he fled the palace. Now Pan Hui can kindly share him a piece of cake, which is already great kindness for him.
Punishment Qiaoyin slowly moved to Pan Hui’s side and saw Pan Hui glance at herself lightly and then sat down with a smile. "What are your plans?"
"Are you going to follow me all the time?" Pan Hui chewed the cake and tilted her head to see the punishment. Qiao Yin looked very indifferent. "After going out, we will go our separate ways. You go your own way and I will cross my wooden bridge. Since you are going to the punishment, it’s really like muddy water. You should go there yourself. Don’t pull me. I’m an ordinary person now and I don’t want to talk to you anymore. If it weren’t for the children, I wouldn’t save you. You should understand."
Punishment Qiao Yin wry smile a bow ~ get the dress light way "you you really can get away? When I took the risk to bring Zhao Chang out, I thought about finding a place to live in seclusion, but it’s really like the palm of my hand that I still can’t hide from the punishment. Now he doesn’t know that you are not on Wansheng Island. If he finds a trace … you can’t escape that person, he is no longer alone. He is completely possessed. None of us can escape. Besides, all this is because of you. Do you hide and let others take the consequences for you? "
"What did you say? What started with me? !” Pan Hui stared at the criminal Qiaoyin intently, wondering what she meant by "because of you".
Punishment Qiao Yin looked up to see Pan Hui faint smile with something of ridicule "you don’t know? You didn’t know? I don’t know if he became a demon? "
Pan Hui’s heart jumped wildly and said, "Make it clear!"
It was not that she didn’t guess that punishment was really like magic. Many years ago, the trip to Weishan was true. She was possessed by a demon in Weishan. Now, there is something in the sentence. Is it that there is something else?
Punishment Qiaoyin raised her hand and brushed her hair lightly ~ The lip sounds drifted a little more than before. "He was possessed. After contacting a person eleven years ago, I was also possessed by demons. Later, by chance, I discovered that the root was not possessed by demons, but The Hunger entered the body. He transferred the original seal to a human body, The Hunger, not to let The Hunger, who had gradually awakened, seize the man. He has always been a powerful mind control body, The Hunger, but was still corroded by demons. In the end, although he was not possessed by The Hunger, he was completely swallowed up by The Hunger, but he was possessed by demons. It should be said that it is a half-man, half-demon monster! "
"That man … is me?" Pan Hui stared at the punishment Qiao Yin and didn’t even realize when the cake in her hand fell to the ground. She just said that.
After knowing someone eleven years ago,
Pan Hui couldn’t think of anyone else except herself.
Weishan that time suddenly bloodthirsty possessed after waking up, white memory and punishment are as true as various measures later.
Because she didn’t know the truth of punishment before, she didn’t know what the truth of punishment was before, and she didn’t know that the temperament of punishment changed greatly from that day. However, the punishment Qiaoyin has been growing up with the truth of punishment, and she is the one who can see it most clearly
"He was not what he is now."
Maybe it’s too long since I’ve revealed my heart to anyone, but Qiao Yin actually fell into memories and didn’t answer Pan Hui’s questions.
"I remember when I was a child, he was very painful, and I was also very friendly to my other disciples in the palace. Whenever anyone has something to ask for, he must try his best to help me. When I was seven years old, I didn’t know that the punishment eagle threw my brother’s department around me into the crater because of a furious rage. In the end, the punishment was really like saving them one by one, and I still couldn’t understand the punishment eagle’s anger when he was in disregard for human life. Once upon a time, the warm and jade eldest brother suddenly changed into another person, which made me strange and scared me …"
It also made her more excited to take this person as her own.
Punishment Qiaoyin admitted that her desire in her bones made her even more obsessed with this man after the punishment really changed her temperament, even if it was extremely dangerous and even if it was likely to be beyond redemption.
Chapter 53 In deep trouble (3)


See really dying in the sword.

Xiao zhong da hai
Desperately and quickly, the Jedi cut off the arm of the black dress person with a sword.
In the eyes of murder.
However, it is impossible for him to avoid the attack of hundreds of swords behind him.
Instantaneous section 514 Chaos is the heart. 1
Several cold swords were driven around his neck.
Not dead, thanks to Sima Luo’s order to take him alive.
Is lose XiaoLingLong a look at my brother didn’t die in mark inexplicably relieved or not.
The two brothers and sisters were captured together.
Linglong, you are so stupid to sigh.
Brother, I was angry just now that you wanted to die. Xiao Linglong’s eyes were angry but full of tears.
I, Xiao Zhong, can’t tell the bottom of my heart that my loved ones didn’t escape, and I was anxious and angry, but she didn’t abandon herself and fled, and she couldn’t say that she was excited. That kind of person would die, and loneliness and sadness would no longer be there. On the contrary, it filled a feeling of not giving up and gave birth to a feeling of death and regret.
Suddenly Xiaozhong suddenly smiled. I’m sorry. Linglong died by fate. I hurt you tonight, but I don’t regret it. My big hand tried to wipe tears for my sister. The more tears she shed, the more blood she got on her cheeks. Haha, I love crying. How could my sister cry?
It’s you who dazzled me. Let’s cry and hum. Xiao Linglong stared at the masked man in front with hatred. He didn’t doubt that the person in front of him must be the mastermind. He gnashed his teeth and hated Brother Dao. Who is the enemy and what is his name? After death, I will turn into a spectre to seek revenge on him.
Sima Luo’s wife Xiao Zhongping answered quietly.
It’s no big deal to figure it out at this time.
Life has nothing to fear but death.
But when a person has accepted death, what is there to be afraid of? The only thing that he doesn’t regret is that he has killed his sister, but on second thought, he doesn’t regret doing so. If time gives him a choice again, he will still do it.
all of a sudden
Haha, what a brother and sister. Sima Luo laughed
Arrogant and arrogant, cold and cold without any emotion
Presumably, people in the distance will smell the laughter echoing in the cold night. Section 515 Drama is a human heart. 11
Presumably, people in the distance will feel gloomy when they hear the laughter echoing in the cold night.
Smile suddenly break simaluo cold drink.
Say where people are.
Xiao Zhong listens but doesn’t smell.
Sima Luo’s mouth evoked a sneer at Yin and brought the girl.
For a moment, two black guards brought Xiao Linglong to kneel in front of Sima Luo.
Xiaolinglong wanted to struggle, but he was shocked by a word.
Dare to touch Wang Ma Ling’s blood-bloodbath. Sima Luo is awake. His patience is running out. When he achieves his goal, he will not choose the way.
Exquisite Xiaozhong’s eyes are worried again.
Sima Luo’s eyes in the dark take a step back and force Xiao Zhong that they are not alive. At present, it is the most important and his most heart-felt problem.
Who are they referring to? Xiao Zhong didn’t return to Xiao Linglong’s, but he asked doubtfully and looked at his brother.
Sima Luo lives in a high position and squints at Xiao Linglong’s eyes. Who is it that the king tells you? Shen Suer Mu Chuxue asks the king well if your brother didn’t kill them just now. If I am satisfied with the answer, I can know the general’s office and other people.
Sue, why are they here in the first snow? Will Brother kill them? Xiao Linglong’s wondering eyes look at Xiao Zhong again. She really has no idea about what is happening at present and what is causing it, but she believes that her brother is qualified to believe that he is because he is his brother. This one is enough.
Xiao Linglong also disdained to say that he didn’t know what you were talking about, but it was impossible for my brother to kill them.
Where did the man who didn’t kill go? Sima Luo’s eyes fluctuated vaguely for a long time, but he still couldn’t get the answer. The murder in the black eyes was reborn. The angry king was impatient and urgently needed blood to sacrifice this mood. If you kill me, you have to die.
Sima Luo suddenly drew his waist sword.
Xiao Zhongxian, your sister’s blood is sacrificed to the cold sword, which quivers in the cold wind and reflects the cold cold light in the moonlight. Section 516 Chaos is a human heart.
The cold blade quivered in the cold wind and reflected in the moonlight, cold and cold, cold and gloomy.



Mo Yifan was so excited that he almost cried when he saw the handcuffs in his own hands, and then he realized that he was still in the dungeon. If the guards outside found him, it would be in big trouble.
Listen to the sound of playing poker outside. It’s still hot. Mo Yifan is relieved.
The idiot blinked at Mo Yifan as if he were watching an alien. Don’t learn too early. Although I can’t see this iron door lock, my toes guess that this big lock is definitely a hundred times more difficult than the handcuff lock. Besides, we are trapped in the door. I really imagine how you can put a needle in the keyhole outside.
Mo Yifan smiled, stretched out his hand and held a fine hairline needle and squatted down to gently plug it from the crack of the door.
Two gawking wait for a while looked at Mo Yifan and patted his forehead and said, Oh, my God, what are you doing? Put the needle on the ground. Can you still let the needle crawl into the keyhole?
Mo Yifan nodded and said, well, you’re right. That’s what I think. Things that can fly don’t have to have wings.
He said, "No more gawking." He looked straight as if he were watching a monster, took a deep breath, put his hands on the thick cold iron gate and slowly closed his eyes.
The idiot continued to scratch the bald head and couldn’t figure out what the hell Mo Yifan was doing.
That needle can really crawl into the keyhole. Although the world is crazy, it should not be so crazy. Even the needle can fly, so the cock can lay eggs and the sow can tree.
The idiot suspects that Mo Yifan has not just been stimulated too much and has burned his brain, otherwise how could he suddenly suffer from paranoia?
Two gawking at Mo Yifan, hoping to see some signs of madness from his face, suddenly found that Mo Yifan’s forehead was suddenly soaked with a layer of fine sweat and his hair was suddenly wet as if it had just been rained.
Whoo! It worked!
When the idiot was surprised to see Mo Yifan’s head sweat suddenly appeared from nowhere, Mo Yifan had opened his eyes and turned his head to smile at the idiot.
Mo Yifan looks very tired, but he is in good spirits. His mouth is smirking.
The idiot inexplicably asked what was successful.
Of course, the door lock has been locked by me. Well, now we have to discuss that when we rush, the hand must never let the four guards outside take the message.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Bathroom
The idiot stretched out his hand and touched Mo Yifan’s forehead, but he felt a handful of wet sweat. He didn’t feel too hot and should not have a fever, but the idiot still couldn’t believe Mo Yifan’s sanity or often decided that he was talking nonsense.
Are you kidding? You didn’t even move your hand just now. You just lay on the iron gate and said that the door lock was beaten. If you are so good, what are you doing as a lock expert?
Mo Yifan smiled and didn’t explain it. Gu said that there are six people playing cards ten meters away, and two of them should be resting at the left corner outside. Well, I’ll take care of the four playing cards. I’ll give them to you as soon as possible. Of course, it’s best not to kill people. After you come and go, you should immediately find a place to hide and call Xia Wei later. We just don’t know that there is no camera monitoring outside. Oh, whatever you say. I have to be right. That Hao won’t let me walk here alive. I don’t know what tricks he will pull. It’s really tough if he sets a fire or poisons here. We have to leave as soon as possible.
Hey, you’re serious.
Two gawks at Mo Yifan’s words, which are not like a joke, and the lines of his speech are not like insanity, but he still believes that the door lock was really given a wry smile. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the door handle, and at the same time said in a low voice, wake up, you should be special. This door lock can’t even be played by the gods outside. How can you play it inside?
Second, I was conscious of pulling a doorknob, but suddenly I heard a creaking sound from the heavy iron gate, and then I slowly pulled a gap in his mouth.
I didn’t lock the door when I came to the exam.
After two people were thrown in, they heard the iron gate ring like a turning key, but after all, they didn’t see it with their own eyes or the person who locked the door was careless and didn’t lock the door at all.
Mo Yifan is too lazy for him to argue this question with the wave. It is agreed to pull the door quickly. Don’t forget to do what I just said. You are responsible for the two people at the left corner. Try not to let them make too much noise.
Oh, good.
Two stay also don’t know just now when the door squeaked didn’t disturb the outside guards at this time but it is a quick victory but can’t afford to delay.
So the foolish arm suddenly and violently rises a force again, calling for a thick iron gate to be pulled. Just half way through the door, Mo Yifan has already jumped on the four stunned guards at the poker table.
Two gawks followed by drilling into the dungeon. I saw two people and a half lying on a long sofa at the left corner. It seems that the two people just woke up and rubbed their eyes in a daze to see what happened to the white hair.
To deal with such two idiots, of course, you don’t have much strength. If you want to stretch out your hand, you can easily twist these two necks. But Mo Yifan, since you don’t want to kill people, just knock them out casually.
Two stay while exhibition shape to the left corner of the two men swept away at the same time, looking back at the door keyhole suddenly a shock completely froze.
There was a shiny silver needle in the keyhole. Although most of the needles were inserted inside, a small piece of needle tail was exposed outside, Er Ke still saw that it was the needle he had just visited to lock the needle.
Two foolish people doubt whether their eyes are busy, stop to reach for the end of the needle and draw the filigree needle. When the filigree needle is drawn, the door lock Huang immediately sends a light ring and the rectangular lock bar plays immediately.
No way. How is that possible? How is that needle on the ground? How can it fly and insert it into the keyhole? This is impossible.