After entering the game, Chu Yun immediately beat the auction house system.

"Ding, you are enlightening on a special map"
"Uh …" Chu Yun paused and tried to open the gold coin trafficking system.
"Ding, you are enlightening on a special map"
"…" Chu Yun stare big eyes what test tower can’t rev?
How can Faqi pay back the money himself? Maybe let the monster kill here?
Chu Yun is good at continuing to kill, hoping that the problem of money can be solved earlier. It should be delayed for a few days. If you still fail to give up in a few days, you will give up and get a chapter in the trial tower. What is not satisfied?
Chu Biwan didn’t go to class early. Her eyes were red.
The food has been cooked for a long time, but Chu Yun is not in the mood to eat it, but she doesn’t want her mother to worry about eating it in one bite.
See son eat ChuBiWan heart not heart a few minutes.
It doesn’t matter that Chu Yun didn’t study after seeing his mother finish breakfast like this …
It’s a sin for my son not to learn from Chu Biwan if it affects his study because of his own affairs.
"Mom, just let me stay with you." Chu Yun won’t leave. "Don’t worry about money. I have an idea."
After persuading many times, Chu Biwan stopped persuading her. Deep down in her heart, she didn’t want her son to leave her.
"Mom, do you know The King?" Chu Yun is going to confess everything to mom. It’s an idiot.
Chu Biwan nodded. No one on earth will not know this game, right?
"The school said that if you play this game well, you can add credits when you take the exam …"
"Do you want to play?" Chu Biwan wasn’t surprised that every ball recommended the game and all kinds of news reports. How could she not know?
"The students are playing in the playground, and I played for many days as soon as I played …" Chu Yun wry smile this recruit acting after acting, I don’t know what mom’s expression is?
To Chu Yun’s surprise, Chu Biwan was not angry, but rubbed his head and said with a smile, "If you want to play, let’s tell you that a secret mother is also playing."
"…" Chu Yun stare big eyes unbelievable, but if you think about it, you will be relieved of the popularity of "The King" and the curiosity of the game equipment. Even if you don’t play, you will try it, but this try will be deeply infatuated.
"This game may really be the second world of mankind," sighed Chu Biwan, because the truth in it is exactly the same as in reality.
Chu Yun heart andao is not perhaps a certain!
"Don’t go to work after mom, okay?" Chu Yun said that this was Chu Yun’s real goal. He didn’t want his mother to work so hard.
"Then who will support you?" Chu Biwan smiled. If you don’t work, how can you get money?
"Can develop in the game …" Chu Yun said lightly.
"Mom is not a professional player …" Chu Biwan smiled bitterly and said that he was a rookie in the game to talk about making money?
"The son raises you …" Chu Yun laughed. "The son is doing well in the game."
Chu Biwan is both moved and funny. She knows that children can learn and may be good at it, but games …
On this day, Chu Yun accompanied her mother to chat with her. The topic revolved around "The King". Fortunately, my mother didn’t object and supported it, but it couldn’t affect her study before.
In the blink of an eye, it was evening when there was a knock at the door outside. After Chu Yun knocked on the door, he saw two beautiful girls there.
Chu Yun hurriedly let two people in. Don’t say that he must have failed to learn and worried people.
Two women asked Chu Yun what had happened, and ChuYun told them everything.
Two women opened their mouths when they heard the number of one million.
"I’ll take care of this myself." Chu Yun knew that Mengyao would help, but how dare he let his girlfriend pay?
If Meng Yao moves his family’s money, Chen Hongtu will look down on himself even more, and Chen Renjie will say that it is difficult to prevent domestic thieves.
Lin Weiwei is better. She knows that Chu Yun’s achievements in the game may be less than 1 million now, but they will be all together in a while.
Chu Biwan didn’t expect that two women would come to see Mengyao and keep comforting her son’s heart. If the average girlfriend heard the number of one million, she couldn’t say for sure that she would turn around and leave.