The unknown releases the intellectual man’s lightness skill for himself. People are floating when they walk. Although I am an iron rider, I didn’t insist on my past. Let the unknown be careful and take people to wait in place to be continued.

Dry this bowl of Ganges water
Unknown to control his own direction, Elena refused to give him a torch, and groped for the rock wall with both hands and slowly drifted to the sound direction.
The cave is full of moist gas, and the road is gradually narrowing. Tick-tock can be heard everywhere. It is water droplets dripping from stalactites into small puddles on the ground.
A large number of small puddles of water on the ground will be separated from the torch, and the cave will be opaque, so that it can barely see the scene of the cave with this faint water light.
Although I am an iron rider, I have been paying attention to the unknown dynamics. I think he has stopped for a long time and should have arrived at his destination.
Team, don’t look at me. I’m an iron rider. Are you here?
The team is unknown. I’m not close to it. It’s really that famous dumpling. I’m still at this distance. You put out the torch and come here in the dark. It’s not surprising that one person bends down and walks. In some places, one person can bend over and pass.
Secret chat, you quietly said to the unknown, Great God, what are your first few bags? # Sneak
I’ll tell you quietly that you’ll know your first few bags when you feel your way over.
Streamer pie pie her night vision ability is excellent. You can still see it in the cave where you can’t see your fingers. Don’t look at me. I’m an iron rider holding hands with my fingers clasped. He’s at the front, giving love to the vegetation and behind Elena Road.
Oh, it’s really enviable.
Just when she thought that Elena stopped to reach out and groped in the direction of streamer, she said, "Streamer, where are you coming to hold my hand?"
Liuguang obediently put her hand in her hand, as if she had done it a long time ago, a little older than her, holding her fleshy little hand and shaking it gently.
Well, can Xiao Yurou be so warm?
She thought back, but no matter what she thought, Zhang Yongyuan’s batting practice face was gherardini.
They groped all the way over and turned east and west to meet the unknown success.
There is diffuse water light to help them barely see the famous dumpling.
Boss chose a good place, which should be the center of the cave. They are located in the mountainside, and its resting place is as wide as a sports ground. It needs to be rolled up, rolled flat or stretched freely, but the passage leading to it is very narrow. They are still bending over their heads and stalactites are hanging like swords, which makes people breathless.
Unless one person is secretly rubbing and stabbing, it is absolutely impossible for two or more people to sneak up on it. There is a way to get here from outside the cave, which is the streamer. They can put an end to the sneak attack where their feet are now, or they can appear in the square in groups to attack and attract its attention.
The wind in the cave is very strong, and there should be no entrance and exit.
You have found the trace of the famous dumpling.
Everyone came to broadcast in unison, right now!
A dumpling suddenly opened its eyes and looked in their direction with a vertical pupil, spraying air claws, and the light spot soon condensed into a solid light mass.
Team, don’t look at me as an iron rider. It’s worse! Time, you come here, we two support the shields, and the rest of you speed back. It’s fate that you are brushing blood in the middle!
The streamer dialed the person in front to squeeze in. Don’t look at me. I’m an iron rider. I just got up. The cave passage is as bright as day. The white light is so dazzling that everyone looks bright. Descendants! Everyone has to close their eyes, which doesn’t affect the streamer and don’t look at me. I am an iron rider, releasing the vegetation and feeling strong.
The light hit the shield with a loud bang, and the streamer spewed out a mouthful of blood. Life value jumped off the cliff and fell to the bottom, leaving only a little blood skin.
The group treatment of vegetation and affection favored her to get a trickle of rain reply
Before she chewed gold sore medicine and blood coagulation pills herself, she was able to make natural enemies by combining the enemy’s state with her senior brothers’ double shields. In the final analysis, they were too far away from the famous dumpling, and the enemy became crushed together by defeat.
Team, don’t look at me. I’m an iron rider. We’ll go out and fight.
They left the cave passage one after another and left the passage. In the square, there was outside light, and the only light was on the famous dumpling body.
Famous dumpling with "weak" debuff blood is visible, but more than 10,000 health values. It is estimated that the five of them will have to fight for half a day …
It has been angered into a red name and actively attacked them. The streamer hasn’t left yet. Don’t look at me. I’m an iron rider. Charge to resist it. The dragon’s tail sweeps the vegetation. The speed is in place. Don’t look at me. I’m an iron rider and unknown. Elena is in the middle. She has a range of treatment skills. She can also be treated remotely behind her.
Time, etc. Don’t look at me. I’m an iron fighter, stabilizing hatred and attacking in front of a shield.
I didn’t know how difficult this boss was until I faced it myself.
Team Elena, God, so many mss!
It’s hard to break the iron horse without knowing the team. Try it first.
The famous dumpling and streamer are unknown, and their level gap is too big. There is no way to break through the defense at all. Even if they can attack, they will attack with 11 streamers, and a large number of skills will appear. The mss is very depressed and unknown.
Seeing grass at the sight of the wind can restrain the famous dumpling, but they don’t know whether they can succeed in the end. I hope that the system will not harm them here
Don’t look at me. I am an iron fighter. I quickly bring up a tree from my backpack, crush it, squeeze out the juice and smear it on the weapon to attack the dumpling again.
In addition to being "weak", debuff, a famous dumpling, appeared a state called "paralysis".
Paralytic wind sees grass toxin intrusion and reduces defense remaining time by 56 seconds.
The streamer pike followed closely. Although I was attacked by fighters, the bright red value floated out. She was ecstatic, which was a breakthrough. Otherwise, these 11 girls would have to fight for a long time.
The team has broken the defense!
Don’t look at the team. I am an iron rider. It takes one minute to see the grass in the wind. If I remember correctly, there are 21 trees in all of us. We also have 21 minutes to break through the defense. If we can’t finish the fight, we will go back to the camp and collect more grass in the wind, and then we will make dumplings.
Can do the same.
Everyone agrees not to look at me as an iron rider.
When a tree sees grass in the wind, it is unknown that it is too big in the middle. Just one move by him will knock out boss5′ s health and set a record of 10,000 dps per second for the individual of the squad. Unfortunately, it is handsome, but there is half an hour of cooling and half an hour behind the 10,000 dps for 3 seconds … which is exactly their limit.
In the first minute of the game, the team joined forces to play boss, and 5 of them were contributed independently by the unknown.
I roughly calculate the fate of the reads’s vegetation; The heartbeat is calculated according to the health value of hitting boss4 for one minute. We have 21 trees that can hit its blood line. 2boss should be able to break through the defense level, and then your attack will not be annoying again. mss can be worn out and refueled!
The relationship between plants and trees is the ideal state, and the boss does not move, so he just plays hide-and-seek with them, as if they can walk and keep attacking once in a while
However … Is it really that easy?
Mingjiao said you were naive.
It thunders all over the sky to express deep feelings. Calm down, teenagers.
The Agkistrodon is thick, and every silver split can smell the fragrance of meat. Besides, her friends have all been wiped out by the famous dumpling thunder. Whoever crushed it will be judged as high or low, and they can score 1.
Streamer lying on the ground