The old monk in white looked at Qi Yufeng and smiled, "Xiaoyou’s move is futile. It’s still quite confident. I heard that Xiaoyou is young, but he is a fencing expert. Please break your arms and go with me."

Qi Yufeng laughed angrily. "Old monk, can you lick your elbow with your tongue?"
Hearing this, the old monk in white bowed his head and said "No".
Qi Yufeng said, "Your tongue can’t reach your elbow, but you taught me how to break my arms. Please ask the old monk to demonstrate this skill."
The old monk in white smiled faintly. "Since Xiaoyou can’t bother to help him over there."
Say Yang Yunfei Zhuang Bifan stepped forward together and drew a long sword in his hand. "Qi Shaoxia is said that you won the title of Wulin leader and even Kunlun Sect is no match. Let’s have a lot to do and bother two people to fight one. Don’t take it amiss."
Qi Yufeng said, "It doesn’t matter that some people are ten years old together. It’s never too young to be my grandfather, but there’s nothing I can do if I don’t respect my age and live in a dog."
Yang Yunfei is now in his seventies, and Zhuang Bifan is only in his early sixties. Two people know that his words are inappropriate, but it is not easy to refute them. All of them are old faces, one red and one silent.
While thinking and thinking, "I’ll help you", I also flashed a sword Qi Yufeng in one place.
Zhu Fuhua couldn’t help feeling jealous and resentful when he saw the two men floating in the air. "Qi Yufeng, you fight first!" " Say, rub your body forward and hold the waist sword like a flurry of flash, draw your sword and stab Qi Yufeng alongside of.seem.
This sword is full of murderous look, but it is a dusty road flyover. In recent years, combined with his 72-way fast sword J: ng heart, he has developed "sword drawing", which has a trick of sneak attack.
Qi Yufeng cold hum a sword in his hand, and then he started to attack at three o’clock in his targeting top. Suddenly, blood waves flew out of Zhu Fuhua’s animal and threw a sword over his two smashed gills. The gang was terrified. Ho, ho, can’t make a person.
Qi Yufeng stared at him and turned to jilt a sword. Blood spattered on Zhuang Bifan and Yang Yun. "It’s a coup, but people are not so good."
Yang Yunfei couldn’t help frowning when he saw that Qi Yufeng’s swordsmanship was fantastic like a ghost. "What kind of swordsmanship is this, Xiao?"
Qi Yufeng said, "It’s better to imagine the lives of your two disciples than to think of their swordsmanship?"
Yang Yunfei heard that Qi Yufeng talked about his two apprentices, and he couldn’t help but frown. At the bottom of his heart, he secretly worried that Zhuang Bifan laughed. "If you want to delay the hour for an excuse, you’ll have to leave the seven turns and the soft muscles will disperse for dozens of hours. It’s no use waiting for you. It’s better to surrender."
Qi Yufeng saw the fireworks flying over the villa and there was no movement at all. I was annoyed in my heart and shouted, "Cut the crap, aren’t you two playing one?" What’s wrong with two old bastards doing something with that thick skin? Have to be a Han jiān? "
He stabbed them in the heart with a single word, and Yang Zhuang was ashamed. They couldn’t help but blush and growl, "This is what you asked for!"
Qi Yufeng, Pei Hu and others were worried and roared, "You have a mace, and I have a crown to bully people. What the fuck is sven?" Come on, come on? "
He was so furious that the two operatives saw that the sword in his hand was shining with golden light, and the whole person was as awesome as a leopard, and his eyes were as bright as flashing, and he could not help but retreat slightly.
Yang Yunfei and Zhuang Bifan glances all know that this young swordsmanship is J: ng, and the sword in his hand is sharper than when he slowly stepped forward and handed a sword one by one. These two men and one man made Shaolin Sect initiate Dharma swordsmanship, and Tianshan Sect initiated three-point swordsmanship in this swordsmanship, which has already been perfected.
Qi Yufeng heart way today ri is I die also want to pull the two men temporarily beware of a horizontal wave of the sword to ZhuangBiFan.
Zhuang Bifan stabbed Qi Yufeng at Laogong point in the palm of his hand with a stroke of flapping light and catching shadows. Who knows that this young man’s sword potential is fast, but he even points to his wrist with four strokes of Qi Yufeng’s sword potential, but he still points to his wrist exactly.
Zhuang Bifan’s heart said that the Wulin Congress revealed the sharpness of the sword and the ability to connect with the gods. It turned out that he still didn’t believe it. When I saw this, I couldn’t help but retreat and hide this trick.
Qi Yufeng saw that he was retreating and didn’t pursue the letter. The sword was broken just for Xi Sisi to resist Yang Yunfei’s sword. Xi Sisi took this opportunity to pick Yang Yunfei’s sword and change it. He immediately threw his hand and threw a sword, but he still scratched a sword in his hand.
He threw a sword in his right hand and then deceives himself, while his left hand showed a sword pointing to Xi Sisi’s attack. Xi Sisi went in a hurry and flashed back. Qi Yufeng’s long sword stabbed Yang Yunfei’s throat and Yang Yunfei made a move, and then he grabbed the long sword with a sudden retreat.
Yang Yunfei and Zhuang Bifan took one look at each other to attack Qi Yufeng.
Qi Yufeng took up the sword and attacked the generation to defend the brush. The two men fought. When Xi Sisi saw that the three swords were dense, he couldn’t help secretly worrying.
Qi Yufeng’s heart is also secretly complaining that if he is in good health, he is young and energetic, and the other party is old and afraid that he will not dare to storm when Xuanjinbao’s sword is sharp.
But after a few moves, he was involved in hurting his chest, and he dared not work hard. The two looked like J and jīng, and their strength was no less than that of a teenager, such as Hao. One wave after another, and every sword made him complain.
The two men saw that his swordsmanship j: ng was wonderful, and it was often hidden that he was unable to succeed, and he was not in a hurry. He infiltrated Xisisi bit by bit around the circle, and he could resist a few moves back to back.
Qi Yufeng thought for a moment, and a sword pierced Yang Yunfei’s heart. Zheng Li felt that if the sword was blocked, he should be prevented from changing tactics. If he was prevented from changing tactics, he needed to block the plate. I really don’t know if I should parry and retreat two steps to avoid greeting Xi Sisi. Zhuang Bifan came over to attack together.
Zhuang Bifan listened to the greeting and drank a "good sword!" Without stopping, he descended, and even the man with a sword stabbed Qi Yufeng with a fierce way.
Qi Yufeng turned his wrist with a sword and wiped his elbow with a touch of moonlight and golden light. Zhuang Bifan’s wrist sank sharply in his busy schedule, and the sword stabbed to the ground with a backlash and a somersault.
Fu Kangan couldn’t help but frown when he saw this. Both of them are masters who besieged a teenager, but they were so embarrassed that they turned and said softly, "Master, what do you think?"
The old monk in white ha ha smiled and said, "This young man’s swordsmanship is very good. He can beat him with both hands, but he will fail in thirty strokes."
Fu Kangan wanted to let the old monk in white make moves. Who thought that he would just nod his head and sigh?
Qi Yufeng watched the two men listen to the old monk’s talk and boasted that he would fail in thirty strokes. He couldn’t help but say, "Defeat you, uncle!"
Upon hearing this, the old monk couldn’t help but ignore him with a snort and a sling in his nose.
Qi Yufeng mouth cheap although accounted for back hand pressure suddenly increased his this interface to detain by Yang Yunfei caught a flaw in the thigh stabbed a sword bleeding profusely.
Qi Yufeng cried when he was surprised, and he was at a disadvantage. If he didn’t act, the assassination of this thigh was even more important. When he was upset, he couldn’t help cursing, "Yang Yunfei Ri, you are n m: in, I am a ball!"
Yang Yunfei was so insulted by this yellow mouth, and Se burst into a blue and white face. He hated his hand and stepped up his desire to poke a hole in this young man with a sword.
Xi Sisi danced a sword into a silver chrysanthemum, forcing Yang Yunfei to retreat and turning to ask, "Are you hurt?"
Qi Yufeng face se pale drops of sweat flow down the hair constantly stared at the front two people.
Zhuangyang two people saw that he was a spent force and immediately smiled at each other. The young man swore at him one night, and now he was seriously injured by his sword. Finally, he fully deserved it.
When the two men are in order, the double swords will stab Qi Yufeng’s throat and Qi Yufeng’s legs will not be able to dodge properly, which can protect Xi Sisi from closing his eyes and waiting for death.
Hear the wind togeher poop-poop two Yang Yunfei Zhuang Bifan lying on the ground to detain the ghost.
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Chapter 14 Give up the Double Heroes
The bridled old monk saw the wall turn over and the two people’s figures flashed. On the spot, one person pushed a palm and hit the middle of the back of Yang Yunfei Zhuang Bifan.
At first, he didn’t take it seriously, but after a moment, he was surprised to see that Yang Zhuang had been slapped and couldn’t afford to fall to the ground and die suddenly.
At this time, the moon hung high as day, but the old monk in white looked up and looked carefully at the two men’s backs, but he felt a chill, like the night walking alone in the deep mountain night tomb and hitting the living ghost
These two people are extremely thin and extremely tall, with sloping eyebrows and long cheeks. They are dressed in black and white, which is just like saying that they are fascinating and haunted, and they look exactly the same. They are actually twin brothers.
The old monk in white hurried to protect Fu Kangan before ha ha sneered, "Who is my way? It turns out that Chang Hezhi and Chang Bozhi brothers of the Red Cross Society have arrived."
Zhu Fuhua poisoned the villa. Only these two people were monitoring the rock platform in the middle of the cliff. The Qing army had not been poisoned. When they saw the fireworks letter of Qi Yufeng Flying Fox, they immediately rushed over.
Xi Sisi rejoiced at the arrival of Master and shouted, "Master Yu Feng is seriously injured. You two should save him quickly."
Chang Hezhi nodded and said, "See", but his eyes did not move. He kept staring at the old white monk’s hands and feet, while Chang Bozhi took out his flying claws and looked at the old white monk.
Both of them saw that the old monk in white was a little weird, although his face was glowing and faintly seemed to have a bright light flowing. He was dressed like an old fairy in a New Year’s picture in a plain white Se frock, but he couldn’t kill the evil spirit in disguise.
Qi Yufeng tore the cloth to tie the leg wound and said, "Two seniors should be careful that the old monk’s nails are poisonous."
When the three men heard this, they were shocked. Chang Bozhi glanced at the finger of the old monk in white and said, "I saw it."
Xi Sisi quietly approached Qi Yufeng and said, "How do you know that his nails are poisonous?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "The old monk’s two paws look like chicken feet, and he has been putting his chest with strength. Either he just finished manicure or his nails are toxic. Guess?"
When the old monk in white saw that Fu Kangan was surrounded by guards, he turned his head at ease and said, "I’ve always heard the name of the two heroes, but I don’t know if we are like this?"
Without saying a word, the Chang brothers suddenly threw a flying claw to excite her to the old monk. The old monk’s figure flashed gently and skillfully, and the two men didn’t leave. One man grabbed a Qing soldier’s throat and the other man grabbed a bodyguard’s chest.
The old monk landed on a tree trunk as fast as a swallow and smiled lightly. "I’ve heard for a long time that when Taoist Huilv died, the two masters of Qingcheng Sect held hands in black sand. Why didn’t you make the door unique but scratched people with this flying claw?"