"mom! Kaichen is the king’s egg! " When Feng Buyun heard that Chen Kai refused to send reinforcements, his face was very ugly. He didn’t care about Chen Kai’s reasons. In Feng Buyun’s view, Chen Kai’s failure to support him was the biggest insult to him. In fact, in the eyes of most players’ presidents, Chen Kai’s hurricane workshop was just an outbreak due to the sudden rise of a game. Actually, this is also the reason why many players’ associations in Hugo Di will eventually get along badly with Chen Kai. You should know that in the 22 nd century, gamers are a huge interest group, and game associations have often changed from the purest players’ play exhibition organization to

For these guild organizations, the game is no longer their entertainment tool, but has become a tool for making money. For this reason, with the continuous development of Chen Kai’s territory, the presidents of these players’ guild have become more and more threatened, and at the same time, when the jewel abyss appears, the threat of greed becomes hatred.
If it weren’t for Chen Kai’s development, the focus was not on the players and his strength was too strong, then find the information in Chen Kai’s reality. It is estimated that the players’ lords will definitely rise up and attack him, and they will be vicious enough to carry out humanitarian destruction in reality. You know that Su Xinghe was originally smashed by people in reality, but Chen Kai was not discovered. The most important reason in reality is that he often runs around and rarely stays in one place for a long time. It is the game body that protects players’ personal data very closely, and Chen Kai’s former hurricane workshop was also lifted when they made a fortune in the game. It is naturally more difficult for people to find a real position without Chen Kai’s former workshop and his current place of residence.
However, no matter how well Chen Kai hides and how fast the game develops, it can’t change his shallow foundation and the lack of strong comprehensive team support. It’s already very good to rely on Chen Kai and his dozens of people to develop until now. Because there is no credible player Chen Kai can be an aboriginal official, it makes him and the players not so good. Of course, it’s not just that there is no contradiction with those high-level ordinary players of the players’ guild and Chen Kai. Some players list Chen Kai as their idols.
It’s a pity that sometimes civilian idols usually become high-level enemies in some games. Of course, this kind of high-level refers to people like Feng Buyun who are higher in the game. For example, when they come to a guild at the level of Lin Lei, they will not be afraid of the development of Chen Kai, because in their view, Chen Kai can’t threaten him even if he develops. Although Lin Lei envies Chen Kai’s luck, he will not be jealous of Chen Kai because he knows that all these are made by Chen Kai himself.
However, unlike Lin Lei, Feng Bu Yun’s family is not afraid of anything, and Lin Lei’s game is much better than that of the fighters’ guild. At the same time, the reputation of the Raytheon Guild is even greater than that of the fighters’ guild. Compared with the number of members and the number of territories, the fighters’ guild only got two territories when it took more than half a year in Hugo. At this time, the Raytheon Guild has already gained the first batch of benefits except for being close to Yadog Raytheon.
If it weren’t for many small territories, it wouldn’t have been possible for Ma to launch his own newly acquired territory after Raytheon fortress was captured, but it was very resource-consuming, and Lin Lei didn’t directly smash gold coins to build territory like Chen Kai. Most of the time, Lin Lei used money to develop business in its own guild, build territory, and expand the territory little by little, and at the same time develop the economy in the territory.
In this way, although the development of a territory is very slow, it has its own mature industrial system. Unlike Chen Kai, there are quite a few buildings in the territory, but there is not even a place where beds and furniture are sold. There are not even people who buy and sell grain. The most important thing is to eat bread, but they have to make it by hand. Therefore, when Chen Kai and his team arrived in the territory, most veterans ate half-baked bread, and some bread was baked for reasons of making it, which smelled like a burnt smell. This is not basic in the slowly developing player territory. It may happen that players will take these into account when the game establishes its territory, and there will not even be a baker if there is a semi-monk Lord player like Chen Kai who takes over or builds a good city.
However, if Chen Kai has survived and now developed into the most powerful Lord in Hugo Di, the players’ guild presidents who despised Chen Kai will feel psychologically unbalanced. In fact, these players’ lords were very dissatisfied with Chen Kai before, and it was because of this dissatisfaction that the players’ presidents colluded with Lord Kemal Darjue later.
It’s a pity that the situation can’t change. When these players’ presidents were full of energy to kill Chen Kai and occupy his territory, Chen Kai came to a Jedi to turn over the Earl of Hugo once. If it weren’t for the earl’s dark chess, Chen Kai would have completely sat on the head of these players’ presidents and become the new Lord of Hugo. Even if it was a degraded earl’s territory, it would be an earl’s title. Even if Chen Kai might become a nominal Lord, it would be just a title, but this name is what these players’ presidents want most.
In these players’ presidents, it’s hard to be glad that Count Hugo didn’t get rid of their heads completely. When the emperor was missing, the drow J: ng spirit ran out to make trouble again, which made them miserable. If it wasn’t for the shortage of troops, Feng Buyun didn’t want to ask Chen Kai for help. Unfortunately, now he asked Chen Kai for help, but he didn’t send reinforcements to his face, which made Feng Buyun almost tearing his hair out.
However, even if the wind and clouds want to vomit blood, it can’t change the fact that Chen Kai doesn’t send troops to rescue him. The only thing he can do is to prevent the residents in the town from hiding in the cellar, and at the same time, a large number of online game players are called up by him. At the same time, the whole territory of the Iron Rider Club is running at a high speed under the command of the wind and clouds, and at the same time it is still in the same situation. However, after Chen Kai refused to send reinforcements, the first battle broke out, but it was not the public domain of the two players closest to the old city of Hugo, but the
The first volume Chapter 222 Death unknown movement (4)
Beihu Town, as its name implies, is located in the north of the lake, which is a very rare lake in the whole Huguodi. Actually, the area of the Luomo Lake in Sevanto is much larger than that of the whole Chenkai Berkner Town, but it is a long and narrow lake rather than a circular lake, but even so, the narrowest part of the lake is one kilometer wide.
Therefore, for Beihu Town, this great lake is a natural barrier, and Beihu Town is one of the few in the whole Huguodi collar. It has been in the ancient town since before the Earl of Huguodi’s time, and it is very complete. Lord alzas was in this town before.
Of course, although there is a Lord in alzas, he is really unable to make a town close to the sixth order crown his name. Beihu Town is still Beihu Town instead of alzas Town or alzas Town.
For the whole residents of Beihu Town, there are about two skills for their livelihood. The first is fishing, and the second is farming. Of course, fishermen and farmers are the main means of livelihood for the bottom residents. In fact, there are still many handicraft manufacturing industries in Beihu Town. For example, shipbuilding is very rare in Huguodi. Of course, even if the great lake of Luomo, Sevanto is very large, it is impossible to accommodate too many fishing boats. The shipbuilding industry in Beihu Town is underdeveloped and only a few fishing boats are built.
However, for the residents of Beihu Town, their greatest advantage is that they can run to the lake by boat in case of danger. Of course, this is definitely a move, because the lake of Sevanto is not particularly located in the game world, and the water is usually the most dangerous place, even in the freshwater lake. Aquatic Warcraft is far more ferocious than the ground Warcraft, and it is even bigger.
In fact, the origin of the name of this lake is not only the earliest Lord, but also the most important thing is that there once appeared a giant freshwater octopus in this great lake, which is more than 10 meters in length than the aquatic Warcraft. Sevanto Luomo Octopus was once a specialty of Beihu Town. This freshwater octopus was tight in muscle and very fleshy. Q-bomb was once the most important specialty of Beihu Town, but when a Sevanto Luomo Octopus mutated, this specialty disappeared because no one wanted to provoke a giant octopus with a length of more than 10 meters.
Although the octopus was finally chopped down by brave adventurers, a strange weapon, Sevanto Moran Sting, was produced. Even though the so-called strange weapon was not necessarily a sacred object, it was blown away by many theories, the weapon with the title of strange weapon was at least a purple Se weapon, and this Sevanto Moran Sting was actually not just a sacred weapon. From the fact that it used to be the weapon of Salavin, the ocean god, we can know that this weapon is also a sacred object. Even though the ocean god has fallen for many years, it still exists in Beihu Town.
However, whether the hallows are sleeping in the Great Lakes can’t be changed. Now Beihu Town has suffered a tragedy. Although Lord alzas is a very competent Lord, there is no evidence to prove the emergence of the drow J Ι ng spirit by many players. He still believes in the players and sent players to Chen Kai for help at the very beginning, becoming the first one to ask Chen Kai for help from the player Lord. You know, even though the whole Huguodi aboriginal aristocracy has not changed much about Chen Kai, the player baron.
At the same time, those players who reported to alzas are also very glad that they were not arrested for spreading rumors and riots. You know, they have almost no evidence to prove that the Zall J Ι ng spirit attacked and wanted to escape in the Zall J Ι ng ghost killer because the killed player entered the game by root method. At present, very few players can really do it.
Therefore, it is difficult for many players to be sure that Lord alzas won’t treat them as mental derangement when reporting, but in the end, Lord alzas seems to suddenly understand that he not only closed the city gate at the fastest speed, but also sent several strong men from the Lord’s House to search for the Zall J: ng ghost killers who entered the city. Before these shadow killers destroyed them, they were surrounded by soldiers who rushed to Beihu Town like hungry wolves.
In fact, in this land of Huguodi, besides Chen Kai’s soldiers, there are some people with strong fighting capacity, that is, the militia in the town like Beihu Town, which has a long history and has not been strangled by the Emperor’s regiment, did not join the rebellion when Count Huguodi rebelled. Actually, it was not that they were not intimidated, but that their fighting capacity was not valued by the count, but one thing that the Count Huguodi dared not ignore was that all the militia in the old town were once soldiers, perhaps more or less, but they just retired from the army and became militia.
Only from the fighting capacity, these former veterans are stronger than the fighters of Count Hugo, but they are a little old or their bodies are incomplete. Even so, some of these militia are strong, and some of them are beyond the order. Together, the fighting capacity of hundreds of militia can definitely suppress these ghost killers who rushed into Beihu Town. What’s more, Lord alzas also recruited himself to several senior hands and sent out a big knight who was sent from his family to help him. A big knight of half a step is in Beihu Town.
Of course, the strong man in Beihu Town is not just the great knight, because Beihu Town is a waterway along with other northern territories. Of course, these territories are not the territory in Hugo’s first territory, but another territory in the north. The metal ore in Hugo’s first collar can be easily transported out through the waterway transport in Beihu Town. Beihu Town is an important source of metal minerals for a Lord in the north, and that Lord is the backstage behind Lord alzas.
If it weren’t for the Lord’s support in alzas, how could such a Lord become a baronet town Lord like Beihu Town? Unfortunately, the so-called distant water can’t put out the near fire. Even if the Lord in the north supports alzas, it is impossible to station an entire army in Beihu Town. The only thing he can do is to shoot more mercenaries. But at this time, these mercenaries just sent a place. Because they are in alzas, the Lord can easily destroy the Zall J and jīng ghost killers who entered Beihu Town.
It’s a pity that even with these mercenaries, the strejīngth of Beihu Town is still insufficient, because the whole town can fight for less than 2,000. Of course, it refers to the level of minotaurs who can fight against drow J and ng. There are still many ordinary soldiers in Beihu Town, but the number of these ordinary soldiers is not many, because Beihu Town is not a populous city. In a place like Huguodi, it is still a real big city, but it used to be the town of Kaida, which is almost close to the fifth-order town of Bierkna. It’s a pity that with the confirmation that Lord Kemal Darth took refuge in Count Hugo, Kelda town is now in a state of no lords. Losing lords will naturally lead to a large number of residents fleeing from the original abnormal prosperity. Now Kelda city is almost becoming a city, and Berkner Town has accepted at least 5,000 Kelda residents and even nearly 1,000 Kelda soldiers.
Alzas Li, the younger brother of Lord Kemal Daryl, was very active in accepting the legacy of Lord Kemal Daryl. More than 3,000 city guards received at least 1,500 yuan from Chen Kaila. He also secretly bribed the acting sheriff of Kelda City to buy back some magic crystal guns and guarding equipment in the city. Lord alzas was not short of garrison weapons, but he still felt that he was not safe enough, so he sent a rescue letter to Chen Kai. Unfortunately, Chen Kai can’t help the first aboriginal nobleman who asked for help from himself, thus establishing his prestige in the whole Huguodi because of himself.
Although the overall strength of Berkner Town belongs to the most powerful in the whole Hugo collar, ll still has a short board. This short board is that ll is not a hereditary aristocrat and has no way to enfeoffment, so he can’t attract a large number of indigenous strong people to serve him. Even if he has money, he can’t stop hiring thugs to deal with the Zall J and NG ghost killers. No matter how many players there are, the most important thing is to send food. The number of Zall J and NG ghost killers in Berkner Town is very large, and his strength is far greater than that in Tieqi Town at the moment. Or at dusk, those drow j: ng spirits are much stronger. Will don’t know if he was stared at by a big boss in drow j: ng spirits. When he stayed alone and walked out of the Lord’s House, he was faced with a dozen drow j: ng ghost killers who were assassinated and instantly fell to the ground. Those soldiers lost their lives without seeing each other’s faces clearly. If it weren’t for Drake, they would really hang up once.
In this case, let alone let Chen Kai send reinforcements. He really hopes that his troops can come to save him quickly. Unfortunately, at this head, his troops are searchijīng for those drow J and ng ghost killers in the town, and they don’t know that their Lord has been attacked. Lord alzas wants reinforcements, which is almost impossible because Chen Kai is in danger at the moment.
Of course, compared with ll itself, Lord alzas, the shadow slayer in the city, has just been cleared. He found that a greater threat appeared in front of himself. For more than 3,000 black-horned tauren, nearly 2,000 drow J and NG spirits appeared outside Beihu Town. For alzas, he didn’t understand anything. These drow J and NG spirits would stare at him for 5,000 troops and could almost crush his soldiers. What surprised him most was that he actually saw two casters flying in robes. Can make the flying caster that is absolutely very high-order, but on the ground, the caster has a unified pronoun, that is, a * * division is very strong. When the caster reaches the * * division level, he is completely divorced from the normal combat professional. For the caster, it is just a * * division mage, that is synonymous with nuclear bombs, just like Chen Kai, who encountered such a cow in the underground world. The division can release extremely horrible taboo spells and instantly cover a range of hundreds of meters. Facing such a nuclear bomb level, even the lowest holy order will be honored after the root of the ordinary melee holy order can’t fight the caster to reach the holy order. Because in the eyes of ordinary people, the * * division is synonymous with the holy area mage.
Only those who have reached the odd level or are close to the odd Lord level can be qualified to confront a * * The teacher can really see the attack degree of the opponent’s attack with high-order spells, but the odd-level warrior is very rare in the strong in the big Lord level sanctuary, and it is even less. Actually, the people who can be called by the Lord or the big Lord are extremely abnormal. In the base, they can fight a hundred, but they are more than a few orders. Even after they advance to the sanctuary, they can fight against some demon lords in physical combat power and get the title suffix of Lord. Generally speaking, they can be crowned by a certain Lord. People with demon blood or strong blood, such as Chen Kai, who was born in Adolik Town, have the title of Lord. This Lord is not only because he is the Lord of Adolik, but more importantly, he is stronger than fighting capacity.
There is no strong Lord in Beihu Town, but there is a Lord in alzas, whose fighting capacity is almost inversely proportional to his waistline. There is a beer belly. Lord alzas even needs help to climb a war horse. How high is the fighting capacity? Let’s not talk about it. He can cram himself into an armor and tie the two steel plates to the protective equipment. When he saw two divisions flying in the sky in Chengtou, the whole person almost didn’t plant on the wall. Fortunately, his entourage dragged him back when he reacted, and then protected him before the fireball of Zall J and jīng wizard swept over.
In alzas, the Lord was less than a minute away from the wall, and the timid Lord climbed back again because he knew that if he escaped from those soldiers, he would not fight hard. Although Lord alzas was very timid, he insisted on staying in the city head and watching the soldiers launch magic crystal guns and attack the Zall J: ng spirit mage crazily in the distance even though he was almost afraid of peeing his pants when he died.
A road of glittering and translucent light kills people. It is not a magical world battle, but a cosmic war in reality. It is not a magic crystal gun light, but a laser cannon installed on a ship in reality.
But for Lord alzas, he still thinks that the magic crystal gun is not dense enough, and the beam power is not strong enough. If not, in what day, the two Zall J and jīng spirit * * divisions didn’t fall, but quickly rose to join the battle. When the first fireball crossed the distance of nearly a kilometer and exploded in Chengtou, the battle in Beihu Town officially broke out, and thousands of players stayed in Beihu Town. At that moment, they received a unified decree to defend the town.
Of course, for these players, they are willing to join the battle even if they are not forced by the system. Although Lord alzas is timid, he is still very generous. At this time when he wants to save his life, he has given 50 gold coins to every player who participates in the battle and killed a black-horned minotaur. Even the ordinary reward amount is as high as 500 gold coins. Lord alzas almost saved his life, but it is a pity that no amount of money can change the dilemma of insufficient troops in Beihu Town.
Although the total number of troops in Beihu Town added up to more than 15,000, when the overwhelming monsters behind the drow J τ ng spirits appeared, everyone felt that the soldiers on the wall were a little less. Although the total number of residents in Beihu Town was close to 10,000, not everyone was suitable for fighting. Some people chose to escape to the water after hearing the J τ ng bell ring. In Sevanto, a large number of fishing boats soon appeared in this great lake, and people were crawling with packages on their backs.
It is precisely because of these fleeing residents that the morale of the soldiers fighting together in Beihu Town is not very high. In addition, suddenly there is a dark wall of monsters, and the phenomenon of desertion appears. At this time, the former Lord alzas suddenly got up, pulled out his waist and sword and slashed a soldier who tried to escape.
"Don’t escape! The horse will have reinforcements! Baron Berkner is on his way. Do you want the men in Beihu Town to be laughed at? " Lord alzas’s voice is not loud, but I don’t know if he is too scary to hold a bloody weapon or if his escape phenomenon suddenly stops because of his words. Although the soldiers didn’t turn to fight, they still quietly stayed where they seemed to be waiting for Lord alzas to get to the wall first.
In the face of such a situation, even if Lord alzas is afraid that he can bite the bullet and rush to the wall personally, āo, a crossbow is used to send a crossbow, and a thick crossbow with one arm is inserted into the black-horned tauren camp at a rapid speed. I don’t know if it’s lucky that Lord alzas’s attack directly exploded a tauren squad leader’s head, and the bloody arrow penetrated from the other side’s eyes and then came out through the skull.
The first volume Chapter 223 Death unknown movement (5)
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I am the section āo dividing line.
For Lord alzas, the Lord of Beihu Town, tonight is destined to be the most fearful and painful day of his life. The wall of Beihu Town, which has been built for thousands of years, smells burnt in the fire. It is caused by the burning of the wall body and the trap of the wall has already been filled with mud.
When there are two * * divisions in the Zall J: ng spirit, everyone knows that it is difficult to hold the city. Although the whole Hugo lords have the ability to buy magic gems to attract spellcasters because of Berkner Town, that is, the abyss of Chen Kai gems, especially the convenient waterway transportation in Beihu Town where Lord alzas is located makes Beihu Town a favorite place for adventurers and spellcasters in the northern territory. Although it is not very safe to plug into the lake, it takes much faster to travel by boat than to walk on land.
In Beihu Town, there is a passenger ship dedicated to the lakeside town in the northern territory. It is a huge ship with a length of more than 40 meters. The ship can be full of 100 people to and from Lakeside Town in one day. If the monthly cargo ship is added, the number of ships from Beihu Town to and from Lakeside Town will be even more.
Because of the busy business with Lakeside Town, there are many spellcasters in Beihu Town. However, most of the spellcasters are low-level, which means a ninth-order spell tutor at the highest level. Because it is impossible for most * * teachers to come to Beihu Town to buy materials themselves, even if they will go to Huguodi in person, they will go directly to Berkner Town to buy first-hand ore that has just left the mining area instead of second-hand gemstones here in Beihu Town.