Chapter 625 Sky blue

"Lu Zhan, that move you just made was so handsome. I was worried that they wouldn’t let you direct it. Now it’s really interesting that Tianlan gave Mo Li a fight. I wanted to give them a lesson a long time ago. You don’t know what Priestess of Death and Mo Li’s face has become. It’s just pig liver color."
When the meeting was over, Xiao Shengjiang whispered beside Lu Zhan
Although the sound is small, it is hard to hide the excitement in my heart.
"Yes," even Zhang Xi smiled.
Lu Zhan nodded with a smile. This is the first step he has to take. If he wants to win, he can’t let Mo Li command. This has been done, but more needs to be done later.
Because it was not aimed at Priestess of Death Lu Zhan and he didn’t make any obvious mistakes, he was not afraid that General Manager Wu would force the system against him, but it would be very difficult for the team to have two games left after the contradictions became public.
"The key is whether this sky blue can command him. What if he doesn’t command well?" Xiaoshengqiang asked a little.
"Just ask others." Lu Zhan glanced at the corner of the corridor where a teenager was waiting.
He knew that Tianlan would definitely take the initiative to find him.
Lu Zhan asked Xiao Chengjiang and Zhang Xixian to go back to the room, and he came to the sky blue himself.
"Lu Zhan …" Sky blue looked up at Lu Zhan awkward.
"Didn’t you play the tablet? What have you been playing recently?" Feeling a little embarrassed, Lu Zhan started from other places.
"Just playing some small games" Tianlan scratched his head.
"Lu Zhan, I came to the Star Race because I was chosen by the fans. I can’t command," Tianlan continued
Tianlan’s implication is that I’m here to make soy sauce.
Before the fact was passed, he showed that he was really holding a soy sauce mentality.
No matter what the situation is, when Lu Zhan sees Tianlan, his hand is either holding a mobile phone or a tablet, even when he walks.
"Is the speed of mobile game opponents high?"
Lu Zhan suddenly asked in an absent-minded way that he didn’t play many mobile games, but he played fruit cutting and ninja raid on the internet on his own, and he also played everyday flying and cool running without delving into it.
"Well, puzzles need brains, but most of them still need hand speed." Tianlan nodded.
"Have you cut the fruit? I want to have a look, "said Lu Zhan sincerely to him.
"Cut the fruit …" Sky Blue hesitated for a moment and finally took the tablet out of her pocket.
Like Lu Zhan, because the mobile phone system has become a display place, he didn’t bring his mobile phone with him, but he carried the 7-inch tablet with him
Lu Zhan was a little surprised to see him take out the flat plate in the same tomato scrambled egg clothes, only to find that his clothes should be modified by himself and specially made a flat plate pocket.
"This is much more inseparable from the tablet!" Lu Zhan shook his head and took his tablet from him.
Sky blue has adjusted the interface of cutting fruit.
Cut in normal arcade mode within a limited time
Lu Zhan looked at the sky blue record and it was 125 points. He was brewing an emotional point.
When he received it, his fingers slid quickly on the screen, and apples, pineapples, bananas and other fruits were cut off quickly by him.
Sometimes we wait for combo, but every combo is an accurate hit.
Lu Zhan scored 112 points at the end of his hand speed with only one finger.
"worse than your record" Lu Zhan shook his head.
Even so, the sky blue around him is full of surprises.
You know, arcade mode will judge people when it reaches a high score. He scored more than 12 points by accident and has never broken it since.
Lu Zhan didn’t produce a lot in that game just now, but he still scored a thousand points.
"Very strong. Did you often play before?" Sky blue asked.
"Occasionally," Lu Zhan replied sincerely.
Sky blue nodded. He knew that Lu Zhan didn’t have to lie to himself and said that if he played occasionally, he wouldn’t be a frequent player.
It is not surprising that the game is an interactive land show, which can play League of Legends so well and other games well.
"It’s a pity that there is no record," Lu Zhan said again.
"It’s already very good." Sky Blue took her tablet and cut it immediately.
When the time came, he scored 9 points. Even he couldn’t have scored a thousand points every time.
"Come again!"
Sky blue is over 1000 this time again, but there is still no land-breaking score.
"Come again!"
Unconsciously, Tianlan fell into his own mode. After playing seven games in a row, he finally scored more points than Lu Zhan.
However, there is still a gap between this score and your abnormal record.
After playing so many games for more than ten minutes, he realized that he had just been so immersed in it that he forgot to have Lu Zhan around.
"If I didn’t guess wrong, you have been playing mobile games, which is also a record!" Lu Zhan didn’t care about his neglect
"Yes" sky blue nodded.
"That’s right. For me, Star Race means that I want to hit the record. I think it should also be your record. How about Mo Li’s command? I think you know in your heart that he can’t do it. You have come to realize this record and prove that you can fight!" Lu Zhan said
As soon as the words were finished, Lu Zhan patted Tianlan’s shoulder and left him there, staring straight back to his room.
Sky blue has been thinking about the landing exhibition with a tablet in his hand.
"I record …"
Tianlan remembered his high school days when tablets were not so popular, but he also kept his mobile phone with him.
From snake eating to cutting fruit, he has always been the strongest player in the class.
For him, the game in his hand is another life.
League of Legends is actually as important as mobile games, but it is not glory for him to play as a hobby.
In the Yuege team, he is not the absolute core, but it is the most important part of the early band rhythm, otherwise he will not be selected by fans because of his brilliant performance.
In lpl, he can enjoy the game with his teammates, but the atmosphere of the star team is obviously not suitable for him.
He has been playing his own game, regardless of his teammates until Lu Zhan pulled him out today.
"Not if I want to. I can’t break the record."
Lu Zhan’s words benefited Tianlan a lot. He took out the tablet again and challenged his own record in that year.
But at this time, his mentality has become good enough.
Chapter 626 The third European team
The star team didn’t train all day because of mutual trouble.
Lu Zhan didn’t even see Mo’s roommate burning the night without seeing anyone in one day.
Nai Lu Zhan has to play Europe with Xiao Chengqiang.
The location of the hotel in Paris, the organizer of the competition, requires that each room must be equipped with two brains so that their brains are enough.