Qi Yufeng nodded and immediately saw the blue bricks on his feet and cried and sank more than half an inch.

Ling Huchong immediately exulted, "Come on, let’s try Jianping." Then he put his arm around his shoulder and walked to the back with a smile.
On the way, I met the people around me. Ling Huchong suddenly met Se Yizheng and said, "Thanks to his brothers, there is one more thing. You have to do me a favor."
Qi Yufeng laughed. "But about the Hua Quan Gate."
Ling Huchong nodded. "Yes, it’s quite strange. I want to find out about this Huashan Mountain near Ri Mountain, but you have to stay in the town before."
Qi Yufeng just thought about it and knew that although many people in this mountain got through the governor’s second vein, fencing was far from him. If a master like Yu Canghai came, he should be his opponent except him.
If you go to the poor Huashan Sect, it will be enough. At this time, this growth medicine is in the mountains, but it is difficult for anyone to peek.
When he also face se a grave nodded and said, "well, I remember"
Ling Huchong added, "Then there is Lao Denuo …"
Qi Yufeng had this doubt yesterday. He knew this person was a jiān, and he was fine. Later, I was even more puzzled to see that he actually helped Lao Denuo break through the second pulse of the governor
Ling Huchong sighed, "After all, Lao Denuo stayed in Huashan for more than ten years and asked him not to make any movement. How can I kill him casually? In that case, wouldn’t it be cold for all the younger brothers? I hope everyone will be happy."
Qi Yufeng frowned. "Brother Hu Ling, this woman is kind …"
Ling Huchong waved his hand and said, "When my master dies, the Huashan Sect is lonely and lonely, and all factions in the Jianghu are cold-shouldered. I hope that one day I will recover my Huashan Sect. Lao Denuo is now diligent and kind to Huashan, so I can’t easily punish him."
Qi Yufeng added, "But …"
Ling Huchong looked at Qi Yufeng in a hurry and smiled with interest. "But what?"
Qi Yufeng said urgently, "But what if he tells Zuo Lengchan that we have all improved our skills in this snake soup?"
Ling Huchong touched the Pakistan and mused, "On the tenth day of every month, Lao Denuo Mountain handed the message to Songshan Mountain. He will have a red flower in a tree …"
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help but get a fright and quickly cried, "Do you know all this …?"
Ling Huchong nodded and said, "No, I’m afraid everyone knows that I’m a three-teacher, four-teacher, Gao Gen and six-monkey."
Qi Yufeng collapsed on the spot. What is this? jiān is fine. It is the first failure in history to do such a failure.
When you think about it, he is also aware that these other disciples are laughing and talking with each other. It seems that these people are keeping a certain distance from Lao Denuo in intimacy, and there is both indifference and pity in their eyes.
Ling Huchong sighed, "In fact, when the master was here, he did a perfect job, but our other disciples never found out that it was the crisis of Huashan School three years ago. Everyone helped each other in the same boat, but he showed some flaws at this time and deliberately let us find out that you said it was strange."
Qi Yufeng frowned. "Does he have the intention of taking refuge in Huashan School?"
Ling Huchong shook his head and said, "I don’t know if I have this idea. Huashan School is short of manpower. I hope he can be a monk for a day."
Qi Yufeng bowed his head and said in silence for a while, "But it is a hidden danger for him to go like this after all."
Ling Huchong nodded and then looked up at Qi Yufeng and laughed. "This is why I came to see you this time."
Chapter 5
Ling Huchong and Qi Yufeng spoke for a while, and then they went back to their rooms. When the rest of Huashan brothers saw that Ri’s head was getting higher, they all gave up breakfast and went back to their rooms to sleep.
After turning his room, Qi Yufeng lay high in bed and carefully experienced some changes in his body. If he said that he had done a good job in practicing magic and hanging Yandang Mountain, then now this snake soup has made him have a certain foundation.
Now, his strength and power have increased a lot. Although this bowl of snake soup can’t let him have decades of kung fu skills at once, he also realizes that he should have achieved great success among his peers.
He is lying on his side in bed at this time, but he can feel a burst of fever in the abdomen, and the hot air slowly flows around the governor’s second pulse. If you guide the breath a little and control the running speed of the true qi, you can feel a mass of gas rolling and boiling in the abdomen, slowly growing up and rushing to the top of your head along the body cavity. For a moment, he felt that the hot air seemed to lift the top of your head to come out from scratch, and his mind was clearer than before.
He studied the Yandang Mountain Skill, breathing the true qi into the abdomen, inhaling the true qi into the sea of qi, and breathing for a moment, forming a circulation of supervision. It is not fast to enter the country, and it is not necessary to deliberately seek natural conditions to achieve "breathing * * gas * * to keep the spirit"
At this time, he has to do a little work on the governor’s second pulse, and the acceleration of blood flow is extremely fast and continuous, and there is absolutely no exhaustion. If he practices it, he will gain extremely fast.
However, according to Sanqi, this kind of force is forced by medicine. Although it is strong, strong and overbearing, it may not be solid and mellow. It is not pure yang and righteousness, and it is not a way of keeping in good health. In the past, there was a great warrior whose martial arts were extremely powerful and almost enemy. Unfortunately, he was too persistent in his practice and never died well.
It’s the authentic skill to learn from time to time and let nature take its course and rely on its own potential.
Qi Yufeng thought that he still had a long time to do this, which was a rare situation and would be insatiable? When I think of Sanqi again, he once said that there are four sentences in practicing this skill: thinking rules, forgetting physical weakness, being lucky and dying, being alive and flourishing, and being y and n gone.
To sum up these four sentences … wouldn’t it be best to practice while sleeping?
At this time, his body’s drug power has not completely subsided, and there is still a residual stirring in his bowels. When he leans on his side according to the practice method, he is a city master who is clear and soul-wandering.
At first, he thought about this day, and he still had some thoughts about the ups and downs of Hao, but he gradually thought about the work, breathing, luck, quiet and contemplation, breathing and breathing slowly for a long time, and he felt calm and calm. There was a hot air slowly flowing through all the limbs in Andantian, and soon he snored and fell asleep.
At noon, he didn’t get up for dinner, but he heard that Ling Huchong had already led Gao Gen and Lu Dayou Mountain, so after dinner, he slowly came to Shijianping to watch Lao Denuo guide the teenagers to practice.
Lao Denuo is looking at a group of second-generation brother Zama bu "or horse stance just look at Qi Yufeng walked near and couldn’t help smiling and saying" Brother Qi ".
Qi Yufeng smile happily also said good morning and nodded his head, then put the sword on the side and stared at Lao Denuo’s teaching.
After a while, I heard a young brother say, "My uncle’s leg is sore. Can you have a rest?"
Lao Denuo cried with a straight face. "I have to plunge into the horse for three years to get started. This is the Huashan gate rule. If I violate it, I will be expelled from my master!"
That brother immediately spat out his tongue when he heard this martial uncle pressing people with the door rules, and dared not speak again.
Qi Yufeng observed for a while and found that these younger brothers’ skills were already quite deep. They practiced hard but didn’t lose their chance. I couldn’t help but frown.