However, Jiwu is no match for Yudong after several rounds. The latter has the upper hand with the true spirit of the earth. If there is only one opponent in Yudong, then Jiwu will have no other way to change the final result of failure except to escape as far as possible before exhaustion. However, Yudong was soon trapped by 7,000 seven-yuan warships with extreme cooperation in light, dark, gold, wood, water, fire and earth, and Jiwu was kicked away to deal with another star’s true spirit player.

Melee, absolute melee, neither side has an absolute killer. The opponent’s strength is quite equal, and he fights hard to kill, fighting a brave word; The opponent’s strength is asymmetrical. The weak side does its best to show its flexible posture and do its best to use a clever word; Many to one, few to many, both sides spell a word of wisdom. Show the use of comprehensive strength and daily training level.
The moon sinks and the stars fall, and the sun rises. When the habitable planet of the rainforest galaxy ushers in another new day, the battle for vanity is still in full swing.
"What a battle. Brother Xin, do you want to send two Huayuan legions to defeat the team of stars? "
Far away in the void, Tianxin, Tongya, and Seven Elves arrived with the follow-up Yuan Legion.
"No, Yaya, this battle is a good exercise for Chaduc and Jiwu, and it will also be a good promotion for the participating legions." Tianxin looked at the void in the direction of the star country and thought a little tunnel.
The country of the stars is the capital.
"Your majesty. What’s wrong with this? Yudong didn’t fight! " In the bedroom of the Emperor’s Temple, on the high-legged bed of dark black, and on the pink bedding, there is a stunning beauty with graceful rose lips.
Spit out delicate words.
"Caiji, don’t talk nonsense." The main domain of the country is locked in eyebrows. Ignoring the stunning scenery in front of him, he has been watching Star Wars all night here.
"Your Majesty, do you want to transfer the support of the Western Star Guard or the Southern Star Guard? The other party is not good." A beautiful woman in bed passed a different color in her eyes, and a charming face was rich. The voice turned faint.
"I went to court." Domain bully didn’t reply, adjusted her clothes and disappeared.
"Pursuit … this old ghost!" Faint voice a little frustrated.
As everyone knows, the domain bully who was going to the Emperor’s Temple was blown by the morning breeze, and his eyes were cold and electric. "A child is Qing. One adopts Ji, the other is suspicious, and the other is a civilized war that seems to be afraid of loneliness and not invading. This day … "
The imperial palace.
"Your majesty, I tossed and turned all night, and my thoughts were restless. I secretly thought that the pounce was pretty, and its potential was fierce. I prepare two prescriptions for your majesty, one is to communicate with him, know what he thinks, and then consider the countermeasures; Another dose is to appease it with power, so as to show the demeanor of our star country as a big country … "Guo Xiang Chongren said.
"Communication, appeasement?" Domain bully thoughtfully, turned to military minister domain spirit, "what do you think?"
"Your majesty, as ChongGe old said, can talk about it, can’t talk about it. All military officials believe that they should be prepared with both hands! "
"Talk, who will talk about it? Fight, does the military think it can win? " Domain bully majestic tunnel.
"Your Majesty, the old minister led the foreign ministers to talk." Guo Xiang worships benevolence and pleads for mercy.
"You go," Yu Ba’s eyes flashed with strange light, and he almost lost his voice. However, after a while, he nodded, "It’s all right for you to try!"
"The old minister should show his golden tongue and prove for your majesty that the country will be forever solid."
"Go ahead!"
"Domain spirit?" Domain bully thought for a while.
"I am here."
"Do everything possible to protect the capital river system."
Rainforest galaxy
Tong Ya met with Chongren, the country of the star, and his party on the habitable star of Binli. These days, Chaduc and the ten vanguard legions of Jiwu’s men have been fighting with the East of the Star Kingdom, and the two sides have won and lost each other. However, the ten vanguard corps won more and lost less, and the momentum was like a rainbow. After each war, they pushed at least one star system to the countries of the stars. Everyone can see that the front of this army is directed at the capital of the star country, and the star country without natural barrier or incomplete star defense can’t stop this army.
The military is not armed, and it is difficult to speak. At this point, this is precisely the difficulty of Guo Xiang Chongren and his party.
"Chongge is so proficient in the language of the rainforest galaxy. If you want to finish, you should also understand my three-system civilization, and you should also understand why our dispatch troops is here!" After Tong Ya greeted the emissary of the Star Kingdom, he went straight to the point and made a preemptive strike.
"I’m not sure. Can the general elaborate for me?" Chongren haha, in his heart, actually not.
"In that case, the little girl is not much to say. I went to dispatch troops because your country invaded our border and took my people captive. According to our system, your country may lose some territory, and the perpetrators will also face our treatment. "
"Some border people …"
"Wrong, there are no untouchables in our country, only people. Only the people, understand? The interests of the people must not be sacrificed. This is the spirit of the three systems. Therefore, there is really nothing to talk about between our two countries. Our army came here, only taking relevant people, only taking relevant places, and those who have nothing to do should not get involved. "
"But what the general said about related people is also our people and our territory."
"Pavilion old if stubbornly to the national system to carry everything, including fart pests, my army here, to put it bluntly, is to enforce the law. In addition, this general is also straightforward. All colonial galaxies in your country in Canjun Star Domain have the right to develop our three-system civilization. This is the second purpose of our army coming here. Please tell your Lord that these two points are non-negotiable. As long as it is not resolved, our army will continue to March to your capital. "
"The general deceives people too much."
"Really?" Tong Yafeng dew wei, "pavilion old please walk slowly, no matter internal or external, and only take the parties. In the process of holding, all obstructers, no matter who, are extinct. "
"How dare you, General? Can’t you destroy our country if I stand in the way?"
"So what? Everything has a cause and effect, and all troubles are strong." Tongya light tunnel.
"You …"
"Go back and tell your country that my three-system civilization is not irritating, but if someone provokes it, things can’t be solved, and the three-system counterattack will never stop, one year, two years, one hundred years, one thousand years …"
"What?" Chongren stayed, and a bunch of ministers also looked at each other.
"Go, go back and tell your emperor, this is my attitude of three-system civilization. Whether there is a war or not is not ours, but yours. That’s all. Please consider it yourself. In addition, the rainforest galaxy has a pleasant scenery and is happy. You may wish to walk around and have a look at it when you are old and happy. This general is entangled in military affairs, so I won’t stay with him. "
Tongya drifted away, and the fighting spirit of a room was scattered.
"The phase, it is difficult? What should I do? This trip is in vain. " A foreign minister said.
"Nothing, just go back and tell the Lord. Those who come are not good, and those who are good don’t come. I have done my duty as a civil servant, and the next thing is the military. " Chongren laughed, just laughing that ugly, it seems that there is still some anger. He is a country, and the female general just now is too humiliating. No, Jane just didn’t give any face, as if she came here as an envoy to listen to the instructions.
In another building.