Finally, when a burst of screams came, others were very glad that they didn’t jump out like a cloud. Of course, they all looked at Ll with a hint of waiting for you to look good. In fact, Ll was punished by a team led by Su Xinghe, the future big "Eya" uncle. Of course, the price was that Ll’s eggs hurt in the middle of the night.

I felt a little pain until Chen Kai got up the next morning, but although it was a little painful, Chen Kai knew that he had finally passed a difficult time, because when Shao Su Wan saw him, his face was smiling instead of moving forward a few days ago, which was a cold face to him
But what depressed ll was that Alisha reappeared in the Lord’s Mansion that morning. Everyone was puzzled. Before that, she was eating and drinking. But what people couldn’t stand was that Alisha’s dress became more popular. She wore a triangular trousers and a dress that couldn’t cover many things. Of course, Alisha was wearing a tight cloak before she arrived at the Lord’s Mansion. When Alisha came in, the guards didn’t know that the girl who cried and went back to the Tauren yesterday would wear it so hot.
Actually, when Alisha took off her cloak outside in front of ll, ll directly choked in the trachea with a mouthful of water. Zhao Tiezhu directly hit the stone lock in his hand on his foot. Yu Yunze ran from running and collided with Su Xinghe, and was almost hit in the head by the epee in Haifeng’s hand without blood.
"Miss alisha! Please respect yourself! " Ll looked at the tauren chick in front of him with a serious face. His nose was very itchy at the moment and his eyes tried not to look at Alisha’s seductive body wrapped in gauze. Ll’s only way to suppress his heart is to look at Alisha’s black and white cowhide area, that is, the cow’s hoof on the back of her arm.
"honey, there’s nothing wrong with me wearing it! I often wear this in hot places in the underground world, but the ground cloth is much better than the underground world! Not only cool but also breathable! " Alisha looked at ll with big eyes blinking. At that moment, ll felt a sense of collapse, and Zhao Tiezhu and them screamed behind him to make him even more collapsed.
When Chen Kai tried to catch Alisha, she moved her own steps and twisted her little tail. She turned away from Chen Kai’s exercise place and went to the restaurant of the Lord’s House to eat. When there was wind, Chen Kai’s ears came from the clouds, and their screams made him lose sight of everything. It wasn’t that he didn’t wake up early and had nightmares.
If it’s only one day, forget it. But in the next few days, Alisha appeared in front of Llewellyn in different clothes every day with a very revealing posture. Even if a group of people’s nerves have been exercised, they can’t feel it. Although they no longer appear gaffes caused by Alisha, the price is too high. For two consecutive days, she went to Rola Chen Life Temple to report for duty after early exercise, but not everyone can hold up the "entertainment show".
Actually, Chen Kai can let the guards stop Alisha from entering the Lord’s Mansion, but when Alisha shows that terrible power, he won’t let his soldiers risk their lives to stop Alisha. He can have a strong brother with a holy rank to protect Alisha from fighting by himself, but this doesn’t mean that her strength is weak. On the contrary, Alisha’s rank has reached the rank, which is even more frightening. This kind of power is not that Chen Kai’s soldiers can resist unless Chen Kai orders to stop Alisha, but then Chen Kai’s soldiers may suffer casualties or Alisha will be killed by soldiers. Finally, Chen Kai can protect Alisha from these actions Copper ring has also become the most special indigenous tauren in Berkner town, because she has her own landlord’s house in and out of Berkner town, and she also claims to be Chen Kai’s lover, although Chen Kai has never admitted it.
When Arno appeared in front of Chen Kai, Chen Kai’s mood was very complicated, and he had an impulse to cry. He really wanted to hug Arno and let him discipline his sister so that she wouldn’t bother him at the Lord’s House. But he wanted to know how the thousands of tauren who followed Arno were fooled by him. Chen Kai was a little caught off guard because he didn’t think that Arno could bring back the tauren to Black Point. Even if he did, there would be only one or two tauren at most in Chen Kai’s imagination.
The first volume Chapter 24 From the North Trade Wind (1)
Looking at the tauren Chen Kai who appeared in front of the city wall, the first two words came to mind: refugees, because these tauren are really difficult to connect with the former tauren soldiers. They look skinny except for their large skeletons, and their fur looks like a layer of skin that has lost its vitality.
Those black Se furs, which were supposed to be shiny and shiny, now look like a mess, miscellaneous hairs, dry and bifurcated, and they all seem to be tangled together to form a ball of hair. Those dry hairs still have some blood clots. Chen Kaike can see that there are still many scars on the tauren’s body, which are beyond doubt from sword injuries to whip marks. It can be seen that the life of these tauren is not as satisfactory as Chen Kai used to think.
Of course, it is absolutely impossible for them to see those black-horned tauren soldiers. Because of their personal breath, they feel as if they are about to enter the grave. There is no anger in the eyes of these tauren. If it is not for these tauren’s chest still fluctuating and their nostrils still panting, Chen Kai wants these tauren to be corpses.
However, even if I feel that these tauren are very weak, Chen Kai still hasn’t directly hit the gate of Berkner Town to let them into the city. After all, the number of these tauren is a little too much, with more than 1,700 tauren in the city wall. Even if they are very weak, they are also tauren in the eyes of Berkner Town residents. Sometimes the tauren is synonymous with terror. Even with the buffer of nearly 1,000 tauren in Berkner Town, some residents have realized that the tauren are not necessarily bad people, but it will take a long time for all tauren to integrate into the society of Berkner Town. Nearly 2,000 tauren will
The most important thing is that Chen Kai is afraid that these tauren will be mixed with the drow agent. After all, even in the old tauren, they can serve as the source of information, and not only young tauren can serve as spies.
So Chen Kai didn’t directly let the soldiers hit the gate of Berkner Town to let the tauren enter the city, but the hanging basket put himself on the city wall first. Of course, if those tauren are really mixed with drow agents, Chen Kai’s move is also very dangerous. After all, he is the Lord of Berkner Town. If he is caught, then the drow will threaten the soldiers of the city wall to beat the gate and surrender with his life. Of course, if Chen Kai is an aboriginal aristocrat, he really needs to worry about this. But he doesn’t need to do one thing if he is really caught, that is, he will be resurrected in the city
With the rope creaking, creaking and shaking, ""the sound contained the hanging basket of Llewellyn slowly falling to the ground in the eyes of the tauren, and then a human taller than these tauren appeared in front of them. At the moment when they saw Llewellyn, many tauren’s eyes flashed with fear. The tauren themselves were already very tall, more than two meters tall, which made them proud of many races in the game, but when they faced Llewellyn, they were as tall as three meters.
Chen Kai’s body is not very wide, but even with such a huge height, it still looks like a high wall. Of course, if Chen Kai’s blood is just purified before, it will become the long bamboo pole shouted by Arnault. However, after nearly three or four months of exercise, Chen Kai’s body has become strong again, and his muscles have made his body thin and the bamboo pole is thin. Therefore, Chen Kai is like a huge tower there. Wearing Chen Kai’s armor makes Chen Kai more powerful, and Arnault keeps looking at Chen Kai’s armor and drooling.
He heard about Chen Kaishen’s armor from the elder Mishra, a black dwarf. It was made by several master blacksmiths of the black dwarf. The armor was not only amazing in defense, but also gorgeous in appearance, but it was the first time Arnault had seen the real thing.
However, although he is very envious of Chen Kai’s armor, he is envious of it. If he is given a choice, he will still wear it himself. This hoop armor made by the elder Mishra is more suitable for him. After all, a good armor is most important except that it needs to look good enough. Most of the strong armor is tailored according to their own wearing habits and defense habits. For Chen Kai, it is not necessarily suitable for others. Chen Kai’s armor is not necessarily suitable for himself now. After all, he is still suitable for himself. It’s hard to control the two pairs of huge metal wings behind him. Although these two pairs of wings are very handsome and extremely strong in defense, so far he has no way to transport them like an armband. At the key moment, Llewellyn relies on the wings behind him to save his life. It’s better to believe in himself, but it’s better to block the other party’s attack with his own giant sword.
"Hey! That what! Why don’t you knock? " Arnault obviously doesn’t have much respect for Chen Kai. When he left Berkner town nearly ten days ago, he is a completely different person. His hair has become shiny and black in Liwen’s medicine. At this moment, his hair looks no different from those other tauren. The only thing that is slightly better than those around him is that he is still alive and much stronger than those tauren.
"Arnault! Where did you fool these tauren? Why do you look like you’re dying! I’m afraid they’re sick. ""If all your people have the plague, don’t mention my city residents, even your sister may get it! "ll pull Arno this idiot aside very low voice said in his ear, of course, at the same time ll eyes constantly swept around the tauren want to find from them looks like a spy.
"They all bought this from Zall refugee camp!" After a long time, Arnault told a news that shocked Chen Kai. These minotaurs were not fooled by him, but he bought them back from the minotaur refugee camp with black angle after bribing several minotaur soldiers. Of course, it is absolutely impossible for the refugees to buy so many refugees by relying on Chen Kai to give those gold coins. Arnault took Chen Kai’s banner and borrowed money from the players in the north to buy these minotaurs.
When Chen Kai saw the white stripes in Arno’s hand, he had an impulse to vomit blood, because the white stripes wrote that the loan amount was as high as 1 million gold coins and the monthly interest was as high as 10%. At that moment, Chen Kai had an impulse to throw the white stripes in Arno’s face and then hit the other side hard. Because Arno was ashamed to sign Chen Kai’s name in the borrower’s name, of course, it was not his real name, but in the game, but Chen Kai? Saint? The name Lapston is even more shameful. Arnault, an idiot, even imitated Chen Kai’s handwriting. If Chen Kai hadn’t heard Arnault’s words, he would have signed it himself when he saw the IOU.
For no reason, Chen Kai was in debt of nearly one million yuan. At this moment, he had an impulse to stab Arno with a white knife and let him bleed. When he asked the guards to open the gate and let the tauren enter the city, he wanted to have more than a dozen holes in Arno’s body. Because in Chen Kai’s view, these more than 1,000 tauren were not worth the one million gold coins, and it has been five days since today. Chen Kai has to pay nearly 17,000 gold coins to those bastards.
Finally, Lloyds Chen gave it to Xu Fei to handle this matter, because Lloyds Chen was worried that when he saw those guys who borrowed money, he would choose to pull out a giant sword and cut each other down. Of course, at the moment when he saw Lloyds Chen, Xu Fei also had an instant crazy impulse like Lloyds Chen. If Alisha wasn’t sitting not far away, he would almost get up and raise his hand and give Arno an arcane shell to eat and drink.
Of course, why would it be estimated that Alisha was present? That’s because Xu Fei was worried that the power of arcane shells accidentally reached Alisha’s fragile clothes, and then she accidentally smashed the other clothes, so Su Wan, who was cutting potatoes not far away, would definitely throw her paring knife at him.
Even if Xu Fei is as dreary as Chen Kai, he will eventually have to pay for Arnault, a jerk. "Eya Chapter 24 Comes from the North Trade Wind (1)" Of course, Chen Kai threw the IOUs lightly to Xu Feidong. At that moment, Alisha saw her. Naturally, she learned from her brother that more than 1,700 people were coming, and at the same time, it was very white that his brother risked Chen Kai’s name to borrow money. The most important thing was that it was a very huge fortune to carry those gold coins, Arnault. A holy order almost exhausted such a huge fortune, but Chen Kai handed it over to Xu Fei in such a frivolous manner. In Alisa’s eyes, Chen Kai’s score, which must be grabbed by her husband, increased by several points again.
If Chen Kai knew that his guild would lead to such consequences, then he would definitely expose his iron cock side first, and then let Arno sign more than a dozen unequal treaties before dealing with these debts. Of course, these treaties must add Arno to take care of his sister and not let the other party bother him again. Unfortunately, Chen Kai and them didn’t think of these. Although they still owe Arno Berkner less white-collar workers for one year, the treaties are less or equal. The most important thing is that Arno, a wage earner, has made Chen Kai bear heavy food debts. Those tauren refugees who have been brought back are old, weak and sick, but they have an appetite.
The original members of the nearly 1,000 bronze rings tribe made Chen Kai’s food more tense. Now there are nearly 2,000 mouths, and the food in Barberkna Town is finally in a crisis again. Almost on the day when these tauren entered Berkner Town, the price of the lowest-grade black bread in Berkner Town went up by five coppers, while the price of white bread went up by fifteen coppers directly, from one silver coin per kilogram to one and a half silver coins in J: ng flour. The price of food soared, and Chen Kai’s face turned from red to green in the evening. Finally, Chen Kai had to send Zhao Tiezhu and Hulans with nearly three million gold coins.
But now it’s not the harvest time when the more than three million gold coins can buy food. It may be as high as one fifth in the past harvest time. The difference will be Chen Kai’s own private money to pay the bill. Who will let the tauren who come here be the residents of Berkner Town? But even if Zhao Tiezhu goes to Nice, South Aarti, and the food is transported to Berkner Town overnight, it will take seven days less. At this time, Chen Kai must hit the grain depot to release food to stabilize the soaring food prices in Berkner Town. The most important thing is to fill in. Full of the appetite of those tauren, the appetite of one tauren is almost close to that of three adults. Now there are about 50,000 residents in Berkner Town, and nearly 3,000 tauren have increased the food consumption by 10,000 people instantly. The worst thing is that these tauren have just recovered from hunger and their appetite has almost reached the appetite of four or five adults, which has led to the rapid increase in food prices in Berkner Town, because they are equivalent to adding more than 10,000 mouths to the town.
"Eya" The fact that Chen Kai finally doubted whether these tauren refugees were those drow who deliberately brought Arnault back to him so that they could severely consume Chen Kai’s food, but even if it was intentional, Chen Kai could swallow this very bitter fruit because he could not drive out these tauren, regardless of what Alisha and Arnault would think of Chen Kai, just because these tauren who had a hard time getting enough to eat might break out of danger when faced with the situation of being driven away, let Chen Kai not dare to this order.
When these tauren finally settled down, the population of Berkner Town increased by about 3,000 people. However, there is still a long way to go to digest these tauren and turn them from underground refugees to real residents of Berkner Town. Of course, at present, the most important thing for him is to allocate some people to treat these tauren’s personal wounds and clean them up properly. In fact, in Chen Kai’s view, the latter is more important than the former, because he is worried that there will be many germs in these tauren refugees, which may lead to an outbreak of plague in the city.
Of course, the price of this order is that the whole river base outside Berkner town stinks for the next three days, and the odor around Berkner town slowly dissipates after a shower, and those farmers all find that their farmland base is not fertilized, and the sewage washed by tauren is simply more fertile than the best fertilizer
It is very difficult for Chen Kai to select enough soldiers from those tauren, but for the tauren who enter Berkner town, they have a very serious thing to face. First of all, they should join the bronze ring tribe of Arno to form a bronze ring tribe. These tauren will not object to this, that is, they will wear a bronze ring representing the tribe in their ears or noses or arms.
What these tauren can’t accept is that Chen Kai distinguishes them from the black-horned tauren who are raging in Hugo Di Ling to ask for painting on their horns. This is a very naive move. After all, these new tauren are not as different from the original bronze ring tribe whose furs were changed by magic dyes picked up by Arno. These tauren’s furs, including horns, are not much different from the original black-horned tauren. For the residents of Berkner Town, they are not much different from the black-horned monsters outside the city now.
In order to better integrate these black-horned tauren into Berkner town, they must make changes. Of course, this change is that these tauren are very reluctant to paint their racial symbols, which will make them feel ashamed of their ancestors.
However, Llewellyn is not alone in the battle. Besides Arno, she is dissatisfied with the image of the black-horned tauren. Besides the head of the bronze ring tribe, there is Alisha, a cow who can really talk and keep her word in the "entertainment show" of the bronze ring tribe. When the two of them cooperated, it would have a very Big bounce move. Of course, those tauren horns were not painted. Yan Se was only painted with brass, and they spent several pictures representing the bronze ring tribe symbol, which were similar to the bronze ring.
There are several brass rings on the horn, which makes the tauren in Berkner town look much more pleasing to the eye than the original dark one. Even Arnault, an idiot, thinks that the brass Se ring painted on the horn is better than the dark one in the past.
In the next few days, minotaurs with horns and brass Se circles became special residents of Berkner Town. Of course, only those aborigines and players who have been staying in Berkner Town know that these minotaurs are actually black-horned minotaurs, which is not a strange new race.
When Zhao Tiezhu and Hulans returned to Berkner town with grain worth more than 3 million gold coins, the tauren in the whole town had gradually adapted to the new life here. Of course, they were much happier than the tauren in the new bronze ring tribe in the town of Beihu, which was controlled by Zall. Of course, those bad habits were gradually changed when they were suppressed in Arno, but some habits still could not be changed, such as tickling and rubbing their backs in front of others.
The first volume Chapter 249 From the North Trade Wind (2)
For Arnault to tickle and rub his back in front of everyone, they have finished their habit. It depends on not rubbing the Zhang Shitou chair behind him when everyone knows that Arnault is rubbing his back, especially in Xu Fei’s eyes. At the same time, the only thing that is fortunate for Xu Fei and them is that fortunately, Alisha has this bad habit. In fact, most female tauren have got rid of this bad habit after coming to Berkner Town.
If Alisha rubs her back in front of Chen Kai and others, that situation may instantly destroy an otaku’s good impression of Alisha. Of course, this impression may have been made by Chen Kai and others. After all, there are not many real players in Berkner town. Of course, there is absolutely no rotten woman to be lucky to see Alisha’s appearance, because she not only saw it but also pinched it in front of many people.
Of course, at the moment, the discussion in the conference room is not about how soft the breasts of Arnault’s sister Miss Alisha are, or how big the problem is, but about the minotaurs of Arnault’s kin. Of course, these minotaurs of Arnault’s kin are not the minotaurs of Berkner Town, but the minotaurs in the north, even if the other party is not a member of the Bronze Tribe, they are also Arnault. For Arnault, the northerners really don’t have much thoughts to save, not only because they have no money, but also because they can’t fool each other.
Because those black-horned tauren not only eat better, but the most important thing is that Ji can be a soldier. Are all tauren Senaru? Miscellaneous hairs die. Maybe some of them don’t like Senaru so much? Zamao, but they will never run with Arnault, not only because their family members are still in Zall’s control, but most importantly, their living standards are not worse than those tauren living in Birkena town.
Actually, the residents of Beihu Town didn’t take much with them when they evacuated. Although the urban fighting was fierce when Jiabeihu Town was captured, it didn’t last too long. More than half of the urban facilities in Beihu Town were reserved. The drow and tauren who are occupying Beihu Town are not troubled by the rain and wind. Of course, the so-called no trouble is only for some tauren and drow. After all, if there is no trouble, Arnault can’t exchange one million gold coins for more than one thousand tauren refugees.
You know, the number of tauren in the world is not just a few thousand now in Beihu Town. Actually, Arnault doesn’t know how many tauren there are in the world. Maybe there are 100,000 or 50,000. For Chen Kai and them, they want to have thousands of tauren in the world, and Berkner Town won half of them. That would be the best. It’s a pity that this is a delusion after all, because according to Alisha’s knowledge, she knows that the tauren tribes add up to more than 30, and each of them has nearly a thousand people. ""Only that. The combined population of some small tribes is more than 30,000, while there are at least three large tribes like Zamao tribe in the world, and each large tribe has a population of 5,000. Therefore, the combined population of large, medium and small tauren tribes is about 50,000, which does not include those small scattered tauren who hide.
This is definitely a very large number. If all these tauren become drow fighters, then even if Chen Kai has 100,000 soldiers in his hand, he will turn around and run away. Fortunately, most tauren have become the most J and NG sharp fighters, but even if they don’t train a little J and NG sharp, they can become very good soldier. This is not good news for Chen Kai. In fact, the news is even worse. Compared with the black-horned tauren, the drow population in the world is more. Otherwise, it is impossible for them to become the most powerful in the world. Fortunately, the Hans Court Empire is bigger on the ground
Of course, even if they don’t dare to make too much trouble, these droves are still very terrible opponents for the indigenous people and players in Hugo. Now the bad news in front of Chen Kai is that the number of droves and tauren in Beihu Town has doubled, but the number of droves and tauren has increased from the ruins of the old city in Hugo. Just three days later, the number of droves and tauren has doubled. After receiving this news, the faces of indigenous nobles and players’ lords have almost become ugly like Chen Kai. Therefore, Se and These news came to Chen Kai’s desk together with a bunch of letters for help from players and lords in the north near Beihu Town and the old city of Hugo. Of course, in addition to players, there are also aboriginal nobles