When I heard the news, I had the biggest reaction. Fortunately, her place was far behind, and few people saw her with a look of surprise.

I don’t know how to look at the streamer. The reaction is different from others, which makes him think more.
"At this difficult time, you must make every effort. This is the moment when the mark of the career can be released. You can block a fatal move to protect your safety." Xunxun commanded five marks to fall into the back of their hands with a wave of his hand, as if a pig had passed the quarantine inspection.
The famous dumpling is still in that cave, and she is puzzled all the way. Maybe she was dragged away by some people as if by car?
When Elena decided that several people lamented that the years in the cave were long and the caves were different, and the caves were as big and spacious as the performance hall.
Mingjiao is also here.
The streamer looked intently and saw the famous dumpling, but she couldn’t help shouting. Others glared at the streamer, and the news was sent to a nearby channel. She was really sure that she had taken the famous dumpling away, but what dumpling was still in this hole? Isn’t it taken by her? What, is it still yawning? !
She’s full of thoughts, and even though I’m an iron fighter and unknown, I’ll be assigned
When I was called back, I looked at her and asked her something unknown. My eyes were tight. "I’m sorry, what did you say just now?"
"Why are you absent-minded" is unknown. First of all, the state of her mind is assigned to attack. She has been restless physically and mentally, which has a lot of influence on their attacks. But don’t look at me as an iron rider; It’s hard for a famous dumpling to hit this NPC once, and she’s also distributed the same to her.
"Probably had a bad dream and didn’t sleep well." Streamer smiled and looked at her deeply. Streamer’s words and smiles were very perfunctory and didn’t want to say to him.
I hope BOSS can push it better this time.
Don’t look at me. I made an OK gesture to them, and then I attacked the BOSS. Unknown, Elena followed behind, and attacked the vegetation. Running with melee distance just formed a triangle. She can get milk. Don’t look at me. I can also get Elena and unknown.
Time is too slow to attack.
Unknown frown streamer was upset after seeing BOSS. What happened to her?
You know, streamer DPS is relatively high, not selling cute DPS. After eating Elena pills and increasing BUFF, she can hit two people by one person, and they will have five people. The output is higher. Everyone chews Elena pills and everyone outputs double DPS, but streamer. Now DPS is the bottom.
"Streamer, what are you thinking!"
Can’t let her go like this. It’s not far from the BOSS’s first amplification. Unknown in the team channel, drink a way
"Oh, oh, I’m sorry." Streamer realized that she was distracted, and she still had the lock dragon map in her backpack. She also confirmed that the name of the lock dragon map dumpling was also in the process of fighting. She took an appraisal of this famous dumpling in front of her.
Its information appear in front of that streamer.
Famous dumpling (virtual shadow) level 450,000/50,000
Virtual shadow? These two words are so dim that she can hardly see them clearly. Does everyone else know that this is a virtual shadow?
A flash of doubt proved that the dragon was not real. If it was, she would have vomited blood for nothing.
Roughly after the white streamer into the attack, I climbed to the clock with others when I read the skill of the famous dumpling, and then I went back to continue beating after reading the skill of avoiding the stone.
Even if it’s fake, the dumpling’s life value is not underestimated. The skill damage is worse than catching the dragon with her. If you accidentally get caught, you won’t kill yourself on the spot.
"When it spits out Dan, beat it violently. If it doesn’t beat Dan, it will be as violent as it can be. At that time, don’t treat everyone," said Unknown.
"Good" vegetation shows that I know.
When Dan became famous as a dumpling, there appeared a "weak" DEBUFF. Everyone broke out and pressed the blood of BOSS hard. Of course, this blood volume was also visible to the naked eye. He rushed to poke his eyes with a long sword, and the sword rose up. It was pumped three times in one second, which made two men’s stomachs ache faintly.
"BOSS wants to take back Dan’s vegetation, so you should stay away from adding blood, don’t continue to fight, and you should retreat first." Unknown continues to command "fighters, hello, reduce injuries."
No, I don’t know more. One second before BOSS takes back Dan’s enlarged move, don’t look at me as a good enemy of the fighters. She has followed suit and got a shield. Although she finished the famous dumpling alone, she took Dan medicine to tide over the waves. Don’t look at me as an fighters and an unknown body. She still has a lot to learn.
Reduce the injury and carry the BOSS skill once. The vegetation slowly raises everyone’s blood volume.
A few people continue to beat.
A dumpling’s virtual shadow spits green fog at them. As soon as it rolls on the spot, the green fog covers behind her for a few seconds, and the place is corroded and there is a little corrosive liquid.
Scared her into a cold sweat. Fortunately, she ran fast.
"Elena, I told you not to enter the melee circle at will, and you should pay more attention to yourself." The unknown continued to command.
Time flies, eyes wander, and consciously follow me. I’m an iron rider, and I’m a famous dumpling. If something happens, you spit on you ~
15 dragon blood millstone
"That’s it?" The famous dumpling burst out all over the place. Although I am an iron rider, it feels particularly unreal. He also said that they will die hard and come back from the resurrection point again and again, and then they will not be psychologically prepared until they have done it ten times.
When they are still groping for the famous dumpling skills, they are too disillusioned at one time.
"Well, that’s it." Unknown gives an affirmative sentence.
"It’s good that this BOSS is so hard to fight." Elena patted her chest and didn’t slow down. After entering the battle, her heart was always hanging up for fear that she was in the wrong position and would die or bring trouble to others.
Although I am an iron rider and unknown, I still haven’t figured it out. Is this BOSS weakened?
Time pays attention to other people around you. The dumpling looks so good. It’s really what she expected. Although it’s not clear how to pop up a virtual shadow illusion, compared with the entity, the strength is greatly weakened and the blood volume is sharply reduced. They are five people playing fast. That’s for granted.
She wants to put the name dumpling (virtual shadow) on other maps such as Yuhui City, that is, there are more BOSS people in the world, but there are fewer! It is because they have not been made public on the map of Sanxian Mountain. There are five players in Sanxian Mountain. Considering that it is difficult to push BOSS planning with few people, it is difficult to make some adjustments in BOSS life, defense, attack and other aspects. Nevertheless, it is difficult for five people to make a name for themselves at the hero level.
The smooth push depends on their strong team.
Although I am an iron rider, I never wave a defense CD accurately. He is both the output of the second DPS;; DPS first belongs to the five elements of the unknown, which belongs to the accurate response and quick response skills. The talent of predicting is also full of poisonous fog sprayed by BOSS, and he gets the corner to run and output instantly; Streamer DPS is a little higher than Elena, and her own crisis response talent is also full, which often relieves the pressure of wet nurses at the most critical time.
Elena, not to mention a flying feather gate, but the first mother of the team successfully promoted to a pharmaceutical guru. She spilled her promotion drugs in the scope of BOSS, which was almost seconds to kill and hit the damage-
Gan Linlu’s center radius is 20 feet, and the maximum number of friendly targets does not exceed 1. Every second, you can recover 1 point of health of friendly people. The duration is 5 seconds, so that the interval is 3 minutes.
Rubbing her face with expression, she is a little skeptical about life. Elena is Xiao Yu’s gentle upbringing, right? Well, she has been pitted and never surpassed, while Elena is a golden finger, and she has been stout all the way. Sure enough, Elena is the hostess.
Tired or not?
[Team] [Don’t look at me as an iron rider] Whoever comes to the ROLL point with high points will touch the equipment in the past.
A rolling dice pops up on the team panel. Click it and it will stop. The value of 1~1 will be born here. Watch the dice slowly stop and display the square value of 1.