Andre didn’t respond to whispering in his ear. He was holding his breath to resist the opponent’s attack, while his eyes were still looking at the magic circle that was about to be completed not far away. He was very anxious at the moment, but now he was in a hurry and didn’t have any reality. If the wall dwarves’ magic crystal guns could still fire shells at the moment, it is estimated that Andre and them wouldn’t need to take the risk to destroy them. But now the dwarves have no way to fire a shell. If the dwarves can still fire shells, the bones demon won’t straighten the magic circle. Put it in front of the dwarves. Of course, the dwarves in the city wall are not doing nothing now. They are trying to repair the magic crystal gun destroyed by the undead, while the foundry in the rear is trying to make shells.

But all this takes time. What the dwarves lack most now is the same time. There is Andre, who has been forced by the Bones Devil to breathe hard. It can be said that he can distance himself from the other side if he dodges. Of course, Andre knows better that if he distances himself from the other side, he may die even worse, because from the dwarf’s mouth, he knows that the Bones Devil is still a powerful undead caster, and a caster fights at a distance. It’s not that Andre doesn’t know how to write dead words and how to do such a stupid thing.
Therefore, not only can he not distance himself from the other side, but he must always be close to the other side in close combat to slowly compete for a chance of life. Of course, his greatest reliance is the weapon behind him, but the Bones Devil is not stupid. He can clearly feel the surging power of the weapon handed out, so he has been trying to snatch it. Finally, Andre has to hold it in his hand with two weapons in his hand. He is less than three meters away from the Bones Devil, and a chain impact keeps ringing from his hand.
"Why? Ready to play cards? Little guy! Come on! Make it! Let me see what power this weapon with great power has, so that I will be more happy when I rob him! By the way, you have one minute before my magic circle will be finished! " Holding his chest in his hands, Latamius had no scruples in front of Andre. At this moment, if the dwarves still had hundreds of magic crystal rockets, he would never dare to be exposed to the dwarves so openly, but the dwarves didn’t. They didn’t even have a magic crystal shell
Without saying a word, Andre’s hand was shaking slowly, and the filar silk creaked in his palm, making his hair stand up. At the same time, Andre held a sword in his other hand and stuffed it into his own equipment. At the same time, he held a chain-wrapped blade to dominate the crime.
"My saint Andre bartovid degrees! The seal is broken! !” With Andre’s roar, the original chain wrapped around the weapon instantly disintegrated, and the violent flash appeared in the underground world. The power that was more violent than the lightning contained in the god’s punishment hammer wandered freely in the lava city, sealing a demon to dominate the flash power weapon and showing itself to the world.
"Ha ha! This is it! This is what I nee! What a wonderful smell! I smell the devil dominating! Give up your weapon! " Feeling the strength in the air, the soul fire of the white bone demon is beating wildly. He is not afraid to master this weapon, Andrejin. He has his own confidence. At the moment when Andre unsealed the weapon, the former busy dwarf undead caster had completed the final work, and the magic circle was slowly running with evil breath.
The first volume Chapter four hundred and sixty-one Burning Rapier four blades (2)
"Leading the first dawn in the sky to take control of the first dawn in the sky, and doing my best wherever my light shines!" This is the second time that the brilliant sword has appeared in Chen Kai’s hands. His magic cost nearly ten thousand points, and the magic can only last for a few seconds.
However, for Chen Kai, these two seconds are enough, because he was already waving in one hand at the moment when this god weapon appeared, and when this weapon appeared, he just held it in his hands and swept it across to the surrounding undead.
You know, even if Chen Kai’s brilliant sword castrates the body, it only needs 5% to release the magic value of 5,000 points, and it takes nearly 1 point to maintain it for one second. The total amount of Chen Kai’s magic power can only last for more than 4 seconds, but it has an extremely terrible sharp value. The giant sword sweeps the body of the dead and breaks into two pieces directly, even the magic weapon in its hand is cut off directly.
When ll hands swept a circle, the weapon condensed into a god disappeared completely, while the circle around him was full of two pieces of undead, which were stronger than the divine power, not only cut off their bodies, but also completely cut off the fire that controlled their bodies and souls in their bodies. Now these undead are lying on the ground, let alone waving weapons at ll, and they can even reassemble them.
Of course, Chen Kai is a little weak after finishing the brilliant sword, but the brilliant sword pair has not been fully displayed. After all, all the pairs will not be displayed until two hours later. At the same time, Chen Kai has received four kinds of magical blessings, but his combat effectiveness has soared. From the Bishop of the Temple of Dawn, the blessing of magical powers is absolutely powerful, and whether it is a blessing of strength or a blessing of recovery has an increase effect of less than 5% to 10%
Although the growth rate of the brilliant sword was forcibly lifted by Chen Kai himself after the magical effect disappeared, so that he could be slightly bitten by himself, the bishop-level god officer released the blessing of strength, but it allowed Chen Kai to gain a 10% strength increase, and this increase even added to the strength after the power broke out. After the power broke out, Chen Kai’s strength value exceeded 500 points, which directly brought him close to 600 points, and at the same time restored the blessing, which made Chen Kai’s fighting spirit and physical strength recover more than the usual speed of 5% The recovery effect is better after recovery, so the magic value of Chen Kai’s loss is restored to more than 1000 points in a short time, and the pissing match value is almost the same at the speed of tens of points per second, but it is recovered at a higher speed because the quality of the pissing match recovery medicine carried by Chen Kai is better than that of the magic recovery medicine.
However, if these quarrelling methods support Chen Kai’s profligacy, he can also do it as freely as Bath and others. After the first qualitative change of quarrelling, Chen Kai will be white and ordinary. For some J and jīng English, the damage is actually very small. More often, the damage method caused by quarrelling is the same as the value you have paid. The most important reason why Chen Kai’s quarrelling can cause a lot of damage to demons and undead is that he has obtained the permanent blessing instead of his own fighting ability. The true power of quarrelling was completely revealed after the first qualitative change of Qi was added to the genus Xing, but at the moment, the power of quarrelling and chopping is still equal to that of the strong in the sanctuary. After all, the strong in the sanctuary have at least two kinds of quarrelling genera, in which the qualitative change and the cohesion of quarrelling are enough to make the most common quarrelling become devastating.
Actually, because of the eternal blessing, Chen Kai’s fighting damage sometimes exceeds that of some dwarf sanctuaries, and the fighting damage of the strong is less than that of the undead, which is a filthy creature. In terms of the same fighting value consumption, Chen Kai definitely wins, but the fighting value of Chen Kai is too rare compared with those dwarf sanctuaries. Even if a dwarf who has just advanced to the sanctuary, the total fighting value of the strong is more than 500,000, which is dozens of times that of Chen Kai. The most important thing is that their fighting recovery speed is several times that of Chen Kai. Otherwise, the fighting values of these sanctuaries will almost always be in a
Compared with Chen Kai, it is necessary to count the number of quarrelling values to fight. When these dwarves make quarrelling, the root is whether they tolerate it or not. Almost every attack is filled with a hammer of quarrelling to directly defeat the body defense of the undead, and then quarrelling savagely is better than scattering the soul fire of the other party. Of course, compared with Bath, the strong dwarves in the morning temple sanctuary are simply not enough, because even a paladin with the worst strength can easily fight quarrelling than killing a dozen ordinary undead. This is the damage that temple professionals do to filthy creatures. In fact, the biggest damage to dead creatures is not the Temple of Dawn or the Temple of Glory, nor the Temple of Life, but the Temple of Death, where players are resurrected. Those who play with the Temple of Death can directly destroy thousands of undead with one hand, because it is possible for them to turn the undead into corpse roots again, but they never take part in mortal battles. Unless the undead touch the gate of the Temple of Death, these guardian temples will not make moves.
At the same time, all the undead are naturally afraid of the temple of hades, not to mention touching the gate of the temple of hades, and they are almost afraid to go near that area. But there is no temple of hades in lava city. Dwarves, like most tribes in the underground, believe that they will go to the resting place of their ancestors after their death, rather than the place where hades leads the underworld. There is no temple of hades underground. This is also why Latamisus will summon the undead in the underground without scruples and openly summon the undead in the city.
Andre Dawn Temple sent reinforcements. He was carrying two weapons. One was that he had been making a holy sword, and the other was given a new weapon when he left the holy mountain. However, this weapon was always behind his back. More than a dozen chains with silver Se light were firmly locked. This weapon exuded a hot temperature as if it had just been cast. In fact, this weapon was actually cast not long ago, because the hilt of this weapon was not often held, but it was similar to the bone with a threaded handle like a horn.
When Andre got this weapon, he also knew the name of this weapon, Leila, the master of the crime-breaking blade. From this name, he could tell who the material of this weapon was taken from. The unlucky one was cheated by one of his own people. The demon master had the first-class divine power, Leila, and the material was made into a demon master. The unlucky one was so sad that he was cheated by himself and lost in front of several gods that it eventually became the source of several gods’ materials. The demons around the dawn Lord dominated a horn and made this weapon with powerful flash power. A new dawn temple was built.
However, this handle is not easy to control, because the source of the material is an unruly demon, and it can be said that it is a powerful master who wants to blow himself up when he is caught. The leaked force from the divine power source makes this weapon extremely destructive after it is manufactured. The high-level officials of the original Dawn Temple wanted to find a master for him after obtaining this new handle, but several paladins almost spilled and flashed into coke when trying to control this weapon, so this weapon was finally banned by multiple chains, but even so, the banned sacristy still exudes a terrible flow.
This time, I supported the dwarven kingdom. Although it can’t be said that the Dawn Temple has all the money, just this sacred handle represents the sincerity of the temple. Unfortunately, sometimes sincerity can’t be eaten. For Thuram, they don’t need any sincerity now, but they need real reinforcements to help them recover the city reinforcements.
Of course, for Andre, he has never used this weapon before, even when he rushed to the wall, he always carried his sword with him. The specific effect of this handle on his back, such as he is not clear at all, but only from the feeling, he thinks that the power of this handle should be very terrible.
Accompanied by a rushing chain collision, Andre’s body kept shuttling among the undead. He not only had to make quarrelling against the invasion of the stream, but also had to fight with weapons, but even if he died in his hands, the number of undead was not less than three figures
But what makes Andre feel strange is that up to now, there should have been dwarves, undead knights, and even undead helldogs have not appeared, but on the wall, hundreds of short undead are arranging a magic circle, and the center of the magic circle is a huge blue Se ice.
"buzz! Ron! Seeing the undead didn’t kill them for me! " Andre said to Bath and Ron, of course, his words were more directed at the dwarves around him, saying that these dwarves are not idiots. When he heard Andre’s words, Ma Bai meant the other side, and the devil peed on the wall dwarves. Therefore, when Bath and Ron jumped over the wall with two paladins, several dwarves jumped over the wall and rushed over to the small undead who were arranging.
However, when they rushed to the wall, Mibby undead blocked their way, and the six dead knights riding undead hellhounds also appeared in Bath. Mibby defense line surrounded the wall layer by layer in front of them. At that moment, Andre felt his heart thumped. He felt that the arrangement of the undead at this moment was not a magic circle, but a trap to induce the short people of the wall to destroy.
But then Andre found out that even if Bass and the others fell into the trap, the undead didn’t stop building the magic circle. One by one, the undead spellcasters kept turning white bones into Se runes and melting them into the ground. At the same time, pieces of magic crystals were found from dwarf cities and were embedded in the ground, emitting an extremely evil light.
"Not a trap! So these arrangements are just to stop the dwarves from destroying them! " Andre shook the sword in his hand, and then with a wave of his hand, he turned his side trying to get close to the undead into a piece of broken bones.
"buzz! Ron! Don’t wave the horse to destroy that magic circle! !” Andre’s loud voice shouted at Bath, who was trying to destroy the undead around him, which made the paladin Bath, who was waving a huge weapon, extremely depressed and shouted at the wall.
"Mom! Why don’t you come yourself! " Of course, although the mouth says so, Buzz and Ron are still very obedient, jumping directly from the ground, emitting a strong holy order and flying towards the location of the magic circle
"Young man! Don’t be in such a hurry Will you talk to me, an old guy? " Just as Bath and Ron were about to rush to the edge of the magic circle, a strange sound suddenly appeared beside them, and at the same time, a large number of strong forces than death gathered around them, so the weapons that had gathered in Bath’s hands were directly chopped to the side of their bodies, and the strong sacred forces formed a grudge chop that was more than three meters long
It was none other than bones demon Latamius who appeared beside Bath. When he saw Bath wielding a grudge chop, the flame in his eyes flashed suddenly, and he had been preparing for the spell. Latamius’ claws pulled towards him, and a barrier thicker than death appeared in front of him, forming a surge and a rotating dark cloud. Bath wielded a grudge chop and there was a fierce collision.
"Who are you!" This is the first sentence spoken by the paladin after landing, but his eyes are full of alert, and Ron has set up seven magical skills for himself and Bath. Whether it is a blessing of strength or a blessing of recovery, even a blessing of speed is imposed. After all this, the bishop-level combat god officer takes his own hammer to guard behind Bath. Although Ron is a combat god officer, his defense is still much worse than that of Bath.
"I! Just an old guy climb out of that underworld! " Latamius didn’t attack directly. He wasn’t in a hurry because he was not in a hurry, but in front of two undead spellcasters not far away, he quickly completed the magic circle, and one by one, the bones runes full of evil breath were portrayed on the ground and eventually became a part of the magic circle.
"Then go back to the underworld!" This is Bath’s answer to the Bones Devil. At that moment, a huge weapon exudes sacred power, and even more terrible power emerges. The original weapon disappears and the runes light up one by one, which finally makes the whole weapon emit unprecedented brilliance.
"A handle Rapier? It looks incomplete, but there is no doubt that it is a Rapier! Give me the weapon in your hand and I’ll leave you a corpse! " Latamius saw that the weapon in Bath’s hand exuded extremely powerful divine power. Although the weapon was incomplete, it must have been an extremely famous sacristy in the past.
"Leave a corpse! But I’m going to crush you! Go back to hell! " Turbulent burning and fighting, Bass held a huge weapon in his hand, and finally unsealed it and turned it into a magnificent sword. However, there was a small gap in the position of the sword, and there was a slight problem in the operation of the sacred power. At the moment when Bass waved the weapon, the giant sword lit up and several sacred inscriptions were written. These inscriptions directly spread into the air and formed a circle of shining sacred inscriptions around Bass.
At the same time, behind Bass, Ron pressed the holy deed with one hand, full of charm, and a lot of sacred power spewed out in his mouth. As he sang, he formed a sacred inscription to help Bass attack. At the moment when he saw the joint attack of the two men, the soul fire in the skull of the white bone demon suddenly ignited violently, and then his finger, which was built of white bones, gently buckled and made a ring in the middle.
Then I wanted to swing the sword in my hand to the Bones Devil Bath, and directly turned it around and put it behind me, chopping it out. At that moment, a sword with a length of more than ten meters of gold was smashed, and Roberta, a three-headed felhunter, came towards Bath and Ron.
Roaring and the sword Gang let Roberta prepare to sneak attack the body. Three heads suddenly stopped and immediately sprayed the terror magic power toward the front. However, these spells directly disintegrated when they touched Bath and chopped out the sword Gang. Eventually, the sword Gang was severely chopped in Roberta’s body, and he chopped hard on his left head and middle head to cut out a huge wound that was one meter deep and more than ten centimeters.
"Ow ~ ~ ~" Three heads screamed at the same time, which was extremely shocking. Grusia, another hellhound around Roberta, stopped directly. Three heads stared at his battered wife and then his eyes turned red completely.
The first volume Chapter four hundred and sixty Burning Rapier four blades (1)
Selam’s face became more ugly after listening to Andre’s words. He clenched his fist as hard as a bull M who was about to get angry, but soon his hand loosened and hung down beside him, because he found that he was almost out of anger now. Although the anger flame was still burning above his head, it looked as if it was about to extinguish the candle.