"This time it’s not the imperial city but the magic capital."

Yin Ming simply said a question.
"Sanhe will have a deal with the qing gang, but they don’t want to communicate in a way that may be monitored, but we have departments to monitor whether it is a real meeting or a telephone network, so they think of meeting and being safe in the game."
"This is also the scope of our group work, and after we got the news, we communicated with the department in charge of these things over there and decided to jointly enforce the law. Later, someone from there will come and monitor the joint with us."
"Where do Xiaoya and the brothers meet?"
At work, Yin Ming didn’t call An Xiaoya a nickname, but called him by his first name just like everyone else.
"So you ask the other leader to hand over the list of people to Pangu, and I will give a small program directly, and then Pangu will give them a temporary limit and let them come to the reception room here, and then we will act together."
AnXiaoYa said YanMing there has been done-because this place is convenient for Pangu is the back door-such as direct communication with the outside world.
After the communication between Yan Ming and the opposite side, An Xiaoya just gave himself a program and hung up the communication.
"How can we monitor?" He asked again.
After all, because of the sightseeing mode, you can’t communicate with ordinary people or see each other.
"This depends on me! Technical support is not a good look! "
An xiaoya’s eyebrows are wan wan
"That’s up to you!" Yin Ming still believes in An Xiaoya’s ability.
The seven players present are also very confident in AnXiaoya-because on the day of meeting, AnXiaoya directly calmed down one enemy and seven people abused each other.
"If our vice captain is not a law enforcement officer but a person who changes the code himself and doesn’t understand the legal person, it will be extremely difficult to catch!"
Nicknamed Lin Xiaohong, the rough man said this.
Everyone crashing should be
An Xiaoya smiled but remained silent.
She did, and she didn’t get caught.
However, at that time, Yin Ming had already taken the rap and went to prison. Ann and she never had anything to do with her-of course, she didn’t make herself worse, but did something that was not very bright.
"Let’s go to the living room when people come."
Yin Ming looked up at AnXiaoya, who was rushing around to kiss up to him, hoping that the vice captain could give himself some good things.
Although these guys have known each other for a long time, they are so unreliable. Every time they see them, they still make him collapse, okay?
"So soon?" AnXiaoYa a a wink is very surprised.
The brother of the twins in the team laughed. "Lieutenant, of course, this kind of thing is to catch up early and not catch up late!"
The younger brother answered, "And for the first time, people will pay more attention to the wind and rain through World!"
Twins don’t need to talk separately, because both of them will finish one sentence.
"Well, let’s go there."
An Xiaoya waved and a box appeared in front of everyone.
Do you agree when the player invites you into the special meeting room?’
An Xiaoya can do such a bad thing.
Everyone readily agreed.
Then he appeared in the drawing room specially decorated by An Xiaoya.
"Hello, I’m Yin Ming, captain of the" World "detachment of the Cyber Police Brigade. Our detachment will assist you in monitoring and other work this time, and we will try our best to help if there is any temporary need."
"Comrade Yin Ming, hello, thank you for your support. It’s not much to say. It’s close to the other joint. Why don’t we go first?"
YanMing nodded "good wait a moment"
Then turned to AnXiaoYa.
An Xiaoya left a team for everyone present to apply for the past.
Do you want to join the team?’
Under special circumstances, the team doesn’t even show the id of the person, even the initiator An Xiaoya. After all, their team can’t be exposed when they meet.
Otherwise, how can you be a network policeman?
At the place, everyone nodded and confirmed, and then An Xiaoya waved his hand, and everyone appeared in a wilderness.
small theater
Yin Ming ya tou, I think you seem to be getting better and better.
An Xiaoya, because I’m your lieutenant now, the limit is high!
Yin Ming is lucky that we don’t enforce the law and break the law.
An Xiaoya won’t agree even if we want to Pangu! We are the same as ordinary players during the non-law enforcement period!
Yin Mingsuo, have you actually thought about being a dog?
An Xiaoya is still a good friend if she can’t see through it!
Chapter 19 First Law Enforcement Action 3
A gentle breeze rustled the branches of a small forest not far away, and the sky was covered with orange-red clouds-the evening scenery was beautiful.
Sightseeing mode Every corner and every angle of The World looks so beautiful and charming.