However, Lu Zhan suddenly flashed back at the moment when the last string of laser came out from the muzzle.

The audience was dumbfounded.
The land show flashed its sudden appearance, and the last one was sure to hit.
After the flash, the last blow of the place failed, but the other side actually hit him with a big move.
Through a simple calculation, Lu Zhan actually hit three more than the other side in the same time!
Accurate calculation is simply appalling!
However, this also made Lu Zhan lose the flash, and the back movement was definitely not so smooth.
"What if you don’t flash!"
Obama, the other party, came to Lu Zhan fiercely. Lu Zhan was not afraid to meet him directly.
Two people each lost a Q.
Because the distance is not far and there is a short stop when releasing Q, both of them hit each other’s skills
Then a blue light appeared at the same time from the muzzle of the two men and was thrown at each other’s body, which was that they were ruined and sent to the scene.
By this time, the ruin has been weakened, and the blood-sucking has been reduced by 3%, but it is still very tube for the two people who are in the duel.
After the ruin, the distance between them is very close. In fact, up to now, they have not played general attack, but have developed their skills.
In fact, Obama’s growing popularity depends not only on skills, but also on his passive use of skills, which can be used twice at a time.
Q skills are released, and the two men attack each other two times. Finally, it’s time for the real knife to dry up.
Chapter 696 Around the back
"pa! Hey! "
Relying on the passive effect, two people played two general attacks on each other at the same time, and both of them were adjusting their positions to try to attack each other at the farthest distance.
Lu Zhan obviously doesn’t know Obama as well as the other side, and he doesn’t have a strong sense of distance from the other side. He can observe the scope of Obama’s general attack by pressing the A key, but the effect is no worse than the other side.
After the exchange attack, they reached the farthest distance, and both of them threw a W at each other at the same time.
Cross-shaped lasers are emitted from the guns of the two men and fly towards each other like mirror images.
Lu Zhan dodged that skill when he walked backwards in the middle of the skill, but after the other side played the skill, he actually chased Lu Zhan and ate a W injury, and then gave Lu Zhan a combo, but when Lu Zhan turned around, the other side had already run out of the general attack range.
"Being blindsided!"
Xiao Shengqiang and others were relieved and hung up again. Lu Zhan was not familiar with Obama’s W skill, which was not Obama’s main output skill. The other party was enchanted to resist the banshee’s magic damage and got two general attack opportunities, which was much more painful than his W skill.
Come to Lu Zhan to occupy a slight advantage through big tactics, but in this call, the other side pulled back some blood.
After the two sets of skills are finished, the blood volume of the two people is similar.
"There is still a gap! Lu Zhan has an advantage. "Zhang Xi’s eyes are tense and staring at the projector curtain. Lu Zhan’s double bloodsucking outfit shows an advantage."
Not the kui is being put in the finale battle. I’m afraid the ad showdown is more sinister than the previous one. Just a few exchanges of skills will leave one-third of the blood between the two.
Not surprisingly, the outcome will be decided after a round of skills.
"But Obama’s e skills will be passively reduced by D …" Burning the night shows his concern.
After Obama finishes his skills, he can play two general attacks. If the general attack hits the hero once, it will be reduced by 2 seconds. E skill D Just now, the other party hit two more general attacks than Lu Zhan, which means that his E is four seconds earlier than Lu Zhan.
Getting the displacement four seconds earlier is enough for the other side to make a life-saving weight in such a dangerous game
The other party probably also feels that he has an advantage to pre-empt it.
According to his idea, if he pursues Lu Zhan, he will run at the same speed as the other two. If Lu Zhan does this, there is nothing he can do. Once he has a good E skill, he will have an advantage.
To his surprise, Lu Zhan did not retreat, but actually walked towards him with his own Obama.
The two heroes walked towards each other and narrowed the distance a little.
He was a little confused and didn’t know what medicine was sold in Lu Zhan’s gourd, but he felt that he had e skills and d advantages and was not afraid at all.
He played Lu Zhan Lu Zhan but didn’t give him a general attack. When Lu Zhan came to him, his Q skills improved.
"Is there a small card machine?" Lu Zhan’s persistence made him very confused, but now is not the time to doubt. Play the skills first, willy-nilly! Can you miss at this close range?
With this in mind, he pressed the Q key, and Obama shook his pistol and a laser came out from there.
The two were almost close to each other, but at such a close distance, he actually hit Q!
That laser roared and lit up a white line around it, leaving white traces. Obama is no longer in the way of white light.
Lu Zhan Obama has walked behind the other Obama at the moment when the other side played Q skills.
As we all know, Obama’s Q skills will have a short rigidity, which is very short at this time. It may be nothing at ordinary times, but it seems to be fatal now!
Because Lu Zhan came behind Obama at this time.
Hard to resist a general attack and go around the back of the opponent!
"pa! Hey! "
Around the back at the same time, two general attacks of land exhibition appeared
He just let himself accumulate two general attacks and passives, and he hasn’t played until now
Although he came later than the other party, his e skills had to be refreshed, and he had one more Q than the other party.
Now it’s time to let go of this Q moment.
Lu Zhan had already distanced himself from the other side during these two general attacks, which led to the other side not being able to go around the back like him because of insufficient time.
This laser has an eye longer than the other laser, which makes him avoid it.
His eyes lit up at night. He didn’t expect Lu Exhibition to turn the situation around in his own way after being passive.
Lu Zhan doesn’t know Obama as well as the other side, but he does know the hero communication method, such as Obama’s skills. If he reacts quickly enough, he can avoid it by bypassing his back.
The so-called wrap around the back is to move behind the opponent in a close-fitting position and let him attack his skills head-on
Many people don’t know how to move their position in the fierce battle, so it is much more flexible for the opponent’s skill department to hit the land exhibition. Every time the attack gap is moved, it will achieve its expected effect.
This can be said to be a kind of cutting, but it is higher than cutting, because you have to know when the other party will put this skill.
If Lu Zhan estimates the opponent’s E skill, he may not be accurate to the second, but he can calculate the Q.
The other person loses Q with himself at the same time, which proves that both Q will look at their skills at the same time, and it is not difficult for him to calculate others.
It was at that moment that Lu Zhan came up with the idea of meeting the enemy, bypassing the package and fighting back, and moved the situation back through his mastery of skill D.
The game is still going on. After Lu Zhan and the opponent’s Q, they both played passive two-way attack at the same time. After the attack, their blood volume was very small, but Lu Zhan’s blood volume was more than 1, but it was less than 4.
Not only did he cheat the other side of a Q skill, but also because his double blood-sucking effect was more than the other side, he continued to have an advantage in the general attack and match.
Lu Zhan’s 56-point thrashing chasing each other to attack each other is very unintelligent and flashes back temporarily away from Lu Zhan’s attack range.
Now the blood fight between the two men is almost over, so both of them are very cautious and surround each other again
"Who do you think will win?" Li Xiuyue doesn’t know much about League of Legends. She can determine the situation through the reactions of several professional players around her.