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"Remember to go to the city for ten gold coins. I don’t care what you do. Just be honest when you get here." The owner of the house shouted at ll with a full face of lost face dwarves. The loud voice shocked the dust on the whole roof.
"Pay the money first, and then go in one by one. When you get inside, don’t touch it and just follow the mark." After seeing ll they nodded, the dwarves limped to a bed and quickly lifted the bed board and turned the rocker on the bed board to show the ground tunnel.
After the delivery of ten gold coins per person, Chen Kai and others entered this secret passage found out from the players’ mouths, which was specially used for smugglers, gangsters and thugs to enter and leave Huguodi illegally, and connected a blacksmith shop in Huguodi city, which was also the safest one among dozens of passages.
The passage of nearly one kilometer is built more than ten meters from the ground. The whole passage is very narrow. It is said that it is built in dwarf shape, but what Chen Kai thinks should be built in accordance with goblin or dwarf shape, because he can almost crawl on the ground to move forward, even if he bends, he will touch the top of the tunnel.
"This damn tunnel" after walking out of the underpass, Ll vomited a mouthful of saliva and ran to the pool to scrub the palm of his hand, because when he was crawling in the passage, Ll accidentally pressed his palm to some bastard to pull a lump of shit in the passage.
Therefore, after leaving the tunnel, the first thing Chen Kai did was curse the tunnel and quickly rushed to the blacksmith’s pool to wash his palm with yellow poop. However, after washing it for more than ten times in a row, Chen Kai could still smell the faint smell of the palm.
"column! Find the owner of the blacksmith’s shop to repair the equipment shield. If it can’t be repaired, let him recast a small fly to inquire about the situation of a spell association. Old four, you should be careful when you go to the thieves’ guild to inquire about the situation yourself ~ get together at Yilan Hotel in the evening. Now let’s go. "After sorting out a bag, Chen Kai quickly divided them into several teams and slowly integrated into the crowd in Huguodi Street according to their different goals, while Chen Kai carefully left the blacksmith’s shop with Su Xinghe and Rola Chen Wang Feifei and turned into a hidden alley.
Chen Kai knows that he is actually the most eye-catching target in the whole team, not only because of the huge sword behind his back, but also because of his face. Although there is no wanted notice posted in Huguodi City, Chen Kai has reason to believe that the guards have mastered his portrait. Maybe if Chen Kai is seen by the guards, he will be surrounded by hundreds of soldiers. After hearing all kinds of smells from the Lord of Huguodi, Chen Kai is very sure of his thoughts.
Although the castellan hasn’t done anything against the players, he has done no less bad things than Ji. The two people that the aborigines hate most in the whole city of Hugo are castellans except the tax collectors.
Walking in a dark alley, Chen Kai finally understands why Hugo Di will be associated with European medieval towns in the player’s evaluation. Here, there are almost no other cities with neat alleys. The whole city gives people a sense of squalor, and all kinds of characters are constantly shuttling in all corners of the city. When Chen Kai and Su Xinghe are walking, they encounter no less than ten road robberies and beat 30 thieves.
In the whole alley, all kinds of messy characters keep walking through, and even some of them say that they are prostitutes. Of course, these are not for the players, even if some of them can’t help but lure the players to pay money, they will finally find that they seem to have encountered physical obstacles.
However, Hu Gedi’s dirty place is a good cover for Chen Kai and them. Without their dark cloaks, they won’t look so conspicuous in the alley. After all, the whole alley doesn’t wear cloaks, except those gangsters who are lying by the gutter and beggars, and the rest are the pale poor.
After walking through several lanes, Chen Kai finally arrived at their first target, Yilan Hotel in the east of Hugo City. According to the player’s information, the owner’s name is Hera. Ms. Hawailan is also carrying a grade about a teenager.
Looking at the hotel Chen Kai, which is located at the edge of the commercial street, they carefully avoided the city guards like hooligans and slowly walked into the hotel. When Chen Kai entered the hotel, he knew that he seemed to have fallen, because he saw a teenager who was very similar to Havadillo walking through the crowd with plates, but his current situation was very inconsistent with the information in the intelligence, because according to the player information, the boss of the hotel should be studying at the Hugo Di aristocratic school instead of being a waiter here.
Although Chen Kai felt very strange, he didn’t interrupt the other worker’s plan, but let Rola Chen go to the counter and rent several rooms. At the same time, he ordered a large number of supplies. The most important thing was to order a whole dinner for twelve people and appoint the waiter to deliver the food. When he left, Chen Kai also directly threw a gold coin to the waiter who was very similar to Havana Di Luo and paid a small fee before a gold coin was given.
However, Chen Kai didn’t find that when he left the hall for his room, the proprietress of the hotel went into the kitchen and spoke to a servant inside, and then the servant quickly walked out of the hotel and walked towards the duke’s house in the west.
An hour later, everyone returned to the hotel with the good things they bought. At the same time, Chen Kai also informed the innkeeper to send the dinner she had ordered. When she left the counter, Chen Kai found that the innkeeper’s eyes were a little strange, although her face was smiling, but it seemed that there was a strange feeling lurking in the smile.
"Sir, this is your dinner now." Chang and Havadillo are somewhat similar. The waiter respectfully saluted Chen Kai and let Chen Kai order the last dish. When he saw several girls wearing simple silk dresses, the young waiter couldn’t help blushing and quickly lowered his head to leave the room.
"Excuse me, could you please wait a little?" In the moment when the other party exits the room, Chen Kai stops him. It is he who moves that makes the other party feel very strange.
"Do you need anything else? Sir, "in the waiter’s view, ll stopped himself and wanted to order something.
"Don’t be nervous, I just want to ask your name." Chen Kai tried his best to slow down his tone. He wore a cloak and no matter how he looked, he couldn’t give people a sense of security.
"Ha Vardis? Emperor? Yilan waiter listened to Chen Kai’s words for a while, but then he said his name very quickly.
"So your mother is called Hera? Hawayilan? " Ll tone is a little high and there is a strange excitement in his tone.
"Is there a problem?" The young waiter named Ha Vardis felt very strange, but then he froze because Chen Kai pulled out a broken aristocratic badge. He had seen the badge. It was his mother who secretly told himself that he knew he was an illegitimate child of an old knight named Havadillo, and he was the most shameful one to have an illegitimate child with a servant.
"Who are you?" Looking at the broken aristocratic badge, the waiter’s face became very serious. He was very scared. He was afraid of Chen Kai. Which vicious aristocratic lady sent him to kill him? Because there was no news for a long time for the old knight who had sheltered their mother and son.
"Don’t worry, I came to help you at the request of Cavaliers Havadillo. Now tell me if you are his son?" Chen Kai slowly took off his cloak and hat to reveal himself and showed his noble emblem at the same time.
"I am," said Ha Vardis in a bitter tone. He knew what it meant for the other party to come here with this emblem. That said, the old knight who had been protecting their mother and his own father might have met with misfortune.
"Hurry up, those guys are in the face." When ll was very happy and wanted to talk to Ha Vardis, he came from the corridor outside the house and slammed with many weapons
"Damn it, it must be Aunt Helala. She informed the guards." Ha Vardis immediately thought of the portrait that was handed over to the hotel proprietress, that is, his aunt Helala. He knew that his greedy aunt must have informed the guards of Chen Kai and them as suspects, and now he is coming here with soldiers.
Chapter 227 The earth staff Hugo first dark shadow (in)
The second dark shadow (in)
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"What? You said that the proprietress is your aunt? " After hearing the noise, ll quickly pulled out a brand-new one-handed sword from Zhao Tiezhu and took out a skin shield at the same time. When he heard Ha Vardis’s words, ll couldn’t help but stay for a while, especially when he called the boss’s wife’s name.
"The shop owner is not Hera? Haveyilan? When did it become Helala? " Cloud asked strangely as he swept the table food into his backpack.
"This store was run by my mother a month ago, but after my father disappeared, she left it to my aunt to take care of it." Ha Vardis finally solved Chen Kai’s doubts, but they were even more surprised why Ha Vardis would be a waiter in this hotel.
"There are few dozens of guards outside." Su Xinghe carefully hit the window of the room and leaned his head toward the outside. Su Xinghe could clearly see the glittering weapons in the building holding the torch.
"This is really good news." Wang Xuewen fell into bed depressed. At this moment, they were caught by those soldiers like a group of turtles in an urn at any time, but the only good news was that they were having dinner together because everyone was in one room rather than in other rooms.
If Chen Kai and others are distributed in other rooms to eat now, it is estimated that the guards will be divided by one before they find out, and then they will either be reunited in prison or hung in the temple of hades to wait for resurrection. Of course, when Chen Kai and others are resurrected, they will be discovered by those guards again and arrested.
"Is there an emergency passage here, such as a hidden door or a secret passage?" Leaning against the door, Chen Kai asked Ha Vardis, who was hiding at the table. He hoped that this former hotel boss could know if there were any escape tunnels in his hotel.
"Our hotel is a regular business. How can there be those things?" Vardis held his head and said that he wanted to take a weapon from Zhao Tiezhu, but Zhao Tiezhu refused directly.
"Then we are ready to kill out," ll said with a sigh, and then turned his head to the door and his body was constantly ready to go out again at any time.
"Wait, if you’re not afraid of being burned, there’s still a way," Ha Vardis said to the smoky fireplace, where the burning firewood is still beeping.
"You said let’s climb the fireplace? Do you want us to climb the roof? " Cloud looked at Vardis strangely because there was not much difference between climbing to the roof and rushing out the door when he saw it.
"Hum" When Ha Vardis wanted to answer, Su Xinghe and Wang Xuewen had spilled a lot of water into the fireplace. In a short moment, the original burning flame was extinguished by their water, and Su Xinghe directly withdrew from the bed, wrapped the sheets in his palm and got into the fireplace, which was still emitting hot air.
"Knock on the door, give it to the old man. The gangsters are inside. The Lord of the city said that he had caught a reward of one hundred and caught the reward of the head." From the outside, he broke the duck’s voice and told ll that their soldiers had rushed outside the door, and with the voice falling, the thick door quickly came to a loud collision.