However, Xu Shao still asked tentatively with some concerns, "But who are you?"

Big castellan laughed. "You can rest assured that you will never disgrace me … I am Zhou Yuhu."
"Zhou Yuhu" Xu Shao was surprised. "Aren’t you always in charge of all the greenwood cottages in the north of the Yellow River? But you should be in Taihang Mountain? "
Zhou Yuhu said, "You are knowledgeable."
This is not that Xu Shao is knowledgeable, but that Zhou Yuhu is too famous. He was once a bandit, but he was not vicious. He is also very loyal to his friends. Kung fu, not to mention less sealing, can’t beat him, but I’m afraid it’s hard for his father Xin to take advantage of the dragon.
Xu Shao nodded because he couldn’t figure out what he would lose by becoming sworn to such a person.
As soon as he nodded, someone untied him, and then many people came to give him medicine to stop bleeding and bandage the wound, which are the best medicine.
Zhou Yuhu introduced him to his "head strategist" and his younger sister. It turned out that it was not a "head strategist". He was the owner of the Wolf Mountain Castle and Zhou Yuhu’s younger brother. Although he couldn’t catch up with his brother, Xu Shao still knew his name.
The last introduction is that his sister, Xu Shao, is going to marry a wife … although he doesn’t want to.
He doesn’t want to, not because he doesn’t like her, but because he doesn’t know how to explain to his family, especially now that he knows about Wuxiang, he doesn’t know how to explain to Wuxiang’s dead soul as if he were facing the night fairy.
Sister Zhou Yuhu’s surname is not Zhou, but Wolf. Her name is Wolf Yingying.
-How can someone be surnamed Wolf? Xu Shao is really strange.
Zhou Yuhu told him about the story of Wolf Yingying. In fact, she was very poor. She was thrown into the deep mountain as early as she was a baby. This is the Wolf Mountain. There is a wolf coming to Wolf Mountain. Yingying is bound to die, but it happened that she was saved by the wolf. Her "mother" was the mother of the wolf pack. The king of the wolf pack was her child. No one dared to bully her. So after seven years, she grew up and was accidentally hunted by the Zhou brothers. Now she adopted her and taught her everything.
Although Zhou Yubao is the stronghold leader of Sirius, Zhou Yuhu is owned by his brother, and he told the people in the stronghold to call himself the second master, so the wolf Yingying became the third master, because the Zhou brothers all cherish this sister’s place. In recent years, she has finally had a good life.
Years of living in the mountains have gradually made her head a little gray like a wolf’s fur, but she is very beautiful, with big eyes, high nose and tall mouth. I can’t see that she is sixteen years old
This handle must be worshipped.
After a simple arrangement, Xu Shao and the Zhou brothers knelt on the ground and bowed down together.
Then Xu Shao turned to leave Zhou Yuhu but grabbed him and laughed. "Brother, you seem to have forgotten something, don’t you? ….. You are going to kick my sister just after you are released? "
Xu Shao wry smile hand way "eldest brother forgive me brother these days is really inconvenient"
Zhou Yubao said, "I don’t care if it’s not convenient for you to marry my sister. You can’t stay away from Sirius Shanzhai."
Soon everything was ready for the wedding, and the red wedding words and red candle embroidery were embroidered by the crested chaplet, and even Xu Shao’s new clothes were ready, although it was a little lenient.
These king eggs are so wicked. Why do they rob everything?
Xu Shao had to make a bitter face to accompany the three masters to worship heaven and earth, thinking that this misunderstanding would be even greater if the two masters of Night Fairy knew about it.
After the worship of heaven and earth, two girls came over and took the three masters to the new house. Xu Shao doesn’t like drinking, but today he just has to stay with these people. These people are all greenwood heroes who drink in big bowls and eat large pieces of meat. Xu Shao was soon drunk by them.
When I woke up again, it was already in G, and there was another person. Of course, it was three masters.
Xu Shao’s head hurts, but his brain still knows clearly that he can’t do anything after drinking, but his coat has taken off. This must be that the three masters are taking care of him carefully. He can see that she is sincere in her heart. He always thinks that the marriage was the idea of the Zhou brothers, but when he sees the emotional eyes of the three masters, he realizes that he is wrong. Although the Zhou brothers also want her to tie him down, the wedding is just from their sister’s wishes.
"What don’t you want to marry me? Do you dislike me as a robber’s sister or my past or my unworthiness as your wife? " Three masters and one bite is a series of problems.
Xu Shao quietly lying in G quietly lying in her arms quietly looking at her … She is really beautiful, especially after being deliberately modified, ten times more beautiful than before. There is no reason for such a beautiful wife to refuse, so he has no horse to answer her.
"Why don’t you talk?" Three take charge of looking at him look a little dim.
"I’m looking for something in you that deserves my criticism."
"What about the result?"
"I haven’t found it yet."
Three take charge of smiled and finally smiled and gently stuck a puff face on his face.
"But what’s wrong with you?" Three take charge and ask again
"Because my wife died miserably, I haven’t come yet. I feel sorry for her."
"Have you been married?"
"No, she would have married me if she hadn’t died."
"Ok … I’ll help you"
"You help me? ….. Not too dangerous. "
"I can’t let my husband take the risk alone." She was adamant that Xu Shao didn’t speak again. Anyway, she didn’t know who his enemy was. If he wanted to run out at dawn, he wouldn’t have to worry about it.
Before dawn, the fight broke out in the stronghold.
It was none other than a drunken fairy with a double dragon sword in his hand.
She stopped when she learned that she was looking for Xu Shaosuo’s Zhou brothers.
She came to save Xu Shao, but she never dreamed that Xu Shao had become the groom’s official here. When Xu Shao came out of the back house, she turned purple with anger.
Xu Shao didn’t expect that she would come to save him. His face was very embarrassed.
"Fairy girl …"
The drunken fairy robbed, "I’m sorry Master Xu stirred up your good things. I’m leaving now …" And turned to go.
Xu Shao hurried to recover the flowers at the moment, and Xu Shao had stopped in front of the drunken fairy to show his arms and block her way.
"Fairy girl, listen to me. I’ve made it clear to all the departments about Wujiabao. Whether there are enough people or not, I will go to Wujiabao to get justice for Wujiabao."
The drunken fairy finally stopped but sneered, "Then you still have the luxury to pay homage?"
Xu Shao couldn’t help but sigh "alas ….. it was a misunderstanding"