You have thought about it, but we have found a way, haven’t we? Asked Dantè s eagerly.

Is it true or not? They happened to send a deaf and blind sentry to guard this corridor outside us.
He is blind and deaf. The young man said in a very firm tone that the priest could not help shivering.
No, no, the priest said it was impossible. Dantè s tried to bring the subject back, but the priest shook his head and refused to talk about it any more.
Three months have passed.
Do you feel strong enough? The priest asked the young man Dantè s, and he answered that he picked up the chisel, bent it into a horseshoe, and then straightened it easily.
Can you promise me that you will have to hurt that sentry if you can’t?
My personality guarantee
Then the priest said that we might be able to carry out our plan.
How long will it take us to finish the necessary work?
One year less
Shall we do it right away
We have wasted a year, said Dantè s.
Do you think that the past twelve months have been waves? asked the priest in a warm reproachful tone.
Ah, I’m sorry, said Edmund, blushing
Forget it, forget it, said the priest. People are people after all, and you are probably the best person I have ever met. Let me show you my plan. Said the priest, he took a design drawing and showed it to Dantè s. The tunnel in Dantè s’ dungeon is connected.
In this tunnel, he proposed to dig another tunnel, which would be the same as the miners’ roadway, but once they reached the sentry post, they would dig a big hole, and at the same time, they would spread a big stone in the corridor to loosen a piece. When necessary, the sentry’s foot would collapse when he stepped on it, and the sentry would fall to the bottom of the hole, so that they would tie him up and gag him. He would never be shocked by this fall, so they fled from the corridor window to the priest’s rope ladder to climb the outer wall. As soon as Dants heard this simple and obviously grasped the successful plan, his eyes were filled with
On the same day, the two diggers began to work together. Because of their long rest, they recovered from fatigue, and most of their hopes were destined to come true. They worked very hard, and there was nothing to disturb their work except that they had to go back to their cells and wait for the jailer to see them. When the jailer came to their cells from the stairs, his footsteps were very light, but they had learned to distinguish this almost imperceptible sound. The jailer never realized that they were doing it. They dug new soil this time. But they were extremely careful to throw the old tunnel away from the window of Faria or Dantè s’ cell, and they crushed it into powder and let the night wind blow it far away without leaving a trace.
They spent more than a year in this project, and their tools were a chisel, a knife and a wooden stick. Faria taught Dantè s this language while working, and sometimes told him the history of various countries when she spoke that language. Those great men who left behind a glorious footprint remembered that the priest was a man who had experienced many vicissitudes. At that time, he was good at imitating Dantè s, and at the same time he absorbed his elegant and gentle demeanor, which he lacked before, unless he had the opportunity to associate with those noble and educated people frequently.
Fifteen months later, the tunnel was dug into the corridor, and the cave was completed. Whenever the sentry walked up and down the two excavation heads, they could clearly hear the even footsteps. They were waiting for a dark moon night to cover their escape. What they were most afraid of now was that the stone was destined to fall from there. The stone would fall before the time was ripe. To prevent this, they had to take another measure to prop it up. This pillar was made in the foundation of the wall when they were digging tunnels. Now on this day, Dantes is propping up this piece of wood, and Faria is cutting a rope ladder buckle in Edmond’s cell. Suddenly, Dantes hears Faria calling him in a painful voice. He hurried back to his cell and found his face pale in the middle of the room, his forehead sweating and his hands clasped tightly.
Oh, my God, exclaimed Dants. What’s the matter? What’s the matter with you?
Quick, quick, said the priest, listen to me.
Dants looked at the face in horror. Faria Faria’s eyes were covered with black and blue, his lips were white and his hair stood up. He was shocked and held it in his hand. What happened when he fell to the ground? He exclaimed
I’m finished. The priest said that I had a terrible disease, and I might die. I think the horse will be sent soon. I also sent a medicine to deal with this disease once a year before I went to prison. I’ll tell you what it is. Go to my cell and dismantle the foot of the bed. Can you see a small bottle of red liquid hidden in a hole at the foot of the bed? Bring it to me or no, no, I may be found here. Help me back to my room while I still have a little strength. Who knows what will happen when I get sick?
This unexpected trouble dealt a very heavy blow to Dantè s’ passion, but Dantè s was not blinded by it. He dragged his unfortunate companion through the tunnel and dragged him back to his room, and immediately put him to bed.
Thank you, said the priest. His limbs are shaking like ice in his veins. I have epilepsy. When it is very severe, I may lie still and cry like a dead man, but maybe the disease will be much more severe than this. I may have a terrible spasm and foaming at the mouth and scream uncontrollably. This is important because if I shout, if someone hears me, they will move me to another place, so that we will be separated forever when I become motionless. Don’t move, it’s cold and hard, like a dead body. You should remember when it’s necessary, but don’t pry my teeth too early and drop ten drops of medicine in the bottle into my throat. Maybe I’ll recover.
Perhaps dantes asked painfully.
Help! Help! The priest suddenly shouted, I’m dead, and I’m so ill that the unfortunate prisoner couldn’t finish the sentence. He twitched violently and trembled. His eyes bulged out, his mouth turned askew and his cheeks turned purple. He twisted and frothed, and it was terrible. He told Dantè s to cover his head with a sheet quickly. This hair lasted for two hours, and then he twitched for the last time, and his face blacked out. It was almost colder than a piece of rotten wood, whiter than a big stone, and weaker than a reed stepping on his foot.
Edmond waited until life seemed to have completely disappeared from his friend’s body before picking up the chisel and prying the closed teeth. He carefully dropped the red liquid into the stiff throat according to a certain number of drops, and then anxiously waited for an hour to pass before the old man showed signs of recovery.
Dantè s was afraid. He was afraid that the medicine might be too late. He put his hands in his hair and stared at his friend’s angry face in pain and despair. At last, his iron blue cheeks flushed and his consciousness returned to his dull eyes. A slight sigh came from his mouth. The patient struggled hard to move his body.
Save the life. Save the life. Dantè s couldn’t help shouting.
Although the patient was still unable to speak, he pointed to the door and looked very anxious. Dants listened to tell the jailer’s footsteps. At that time, it was almost seven o’clock. Edmond was so anxious that he forgot. When the young man rushed to the mouth of the cave and carefully covered it with stones, he went back to his cell. He had just finished everything, and the jailer took a casual look and saw the prisoner sitting by his bed as usual. Dants was obsessed with remembering that his friend didn’t want to eat. He didn’t wait for the key to lock it. Without waiting for the jailer’s footsteps to disappear in that long corridor, he hurried back to the priest’s room. As soon as the stone on his head rushed to the patient’s bedside, Faria was completely conscious now, but he was still very weak and lying on the bed.