Running back to Jiuchong’s front, the venerable man of Luohan Palm Hall, a beast that has already turned into a method, made a standard bow ceremony to Jiuchong.

Jiuzhong said to the venerable master in charge of the temple, "Learn to bark like a dog!"
"Want want! !” Lohan, a method beast, was obedient and learned to bark at dogs.
Jiuzhong looked at the remaining 14 arhats. "If you want to commit crimes in the old hands, you will be told to eat shit!"
“……! !” The remaining 14 arhats are desperate, and the arhats want them to eat shit … This demon king is definitely the devil!
"Now there are want to run again ~? !” Nine heavy smilingly asked
"Mm-hmm …! !” The remaining fourteen arhats shook their heads like rattles.
"In a row! !” Nine heavy one makes fourteen arhats quickly climb into a word and lie down in front of nine heavy ones.
Nine fingers lay on a row of 14 arhats and said to Xia Dongdong, "Let’s have a look at Dongdong." !”
Xia Dongdong came to the team to watch and check the 14 arhats one by one, stepping on their arms and legs, pinching their meat and nodding. "Uh-huh, the quality of this * * standard is really good, not the kui is ten arhats! Although the quality is not as good as the body of the Tibetan king, the victory is alive! "
Xia Dongdong seems to be a pig-raising professional who went to the city to pick up the little pigs and repeatedly pulled them back and forth. It seems that Lohan with long eyebrows is pulling his eyebrows as long as two ribbons. "Aye, aha, this eyebrow toughness is really good. Lao Li asked me to rebuild a rope material for him to catch a hundred hands. It’s coming to the door! Hehe, not bad, not bad ~! !”
After seeing Luohan with long eyebrows, he came to a man and touched the golden blood on his head. "Alas, this blood is also a rare good thing. The most valuable thing is that it is still active and fresh, which can definitely greatly improve the success rate and attribute value of the refiner!"
I was very satisfied after a trip to summer, winter and winter. "Boss, this batch of * * marks is really great!"
"If it’s good, you can take it all away!" Jiuzhong laughed. "Hey … this is a renewable resource. You want them to make contributions from their brothers!"
"Boss, rest assured that they will definitely do their best in my hands!" Xia Dongdong patted his chest and said, "Eh, but … since they are ten arhats, it’s a god np. I guess they can blow me off in one breath! I am worried that I can’t control them! "
Jiuzhong patted Xia Dongdong on the shoulder and said, "Don’t worry that these bald donkeys have been poisoned by me. They will be slightly disloyal to you …!" Jiuzhong pointed to his eyebrows. "I Xiaoyu will feel that I will immediately put them on the spot!"
After saying that, Jiuzhong turned his head and looked at the 14 arhats. "You can hear my words clearly. You colleagues should also see who wants to try the French, just try it!"
"Mm-hmm …! !” Fourteen arhats perform rattle again.
Jiuzhong waved his hand. "Come on, Dongdong, take them away!"
"Where are we going?" Dongdong scratched his head. "This is the boss. You don’t seem to have a way out of ten levels of hell, do you? !”
"Yes, but Yuer has the key … forget it, let me give you a ride!" With these words, Jiuchong rolled up Xia Dongdong and 14 arhats started the fixed-point delivery function of sending ring bodies and sent them back to Dongdong Weapons Store.
"I have to leave in advance!" Liu Xia Dong Dong and 14 arhats Jiuzhong have a teleport and returned to the tenth floor of hell.
Coming out of the tenth floor of hell, a ring closes the virtual door to start the ghost to hide the stealth effect first, and then Jiuzhong teleports out according to the coordinates recorded by hand without the door of the Lohan Hall directly starting the ring sending function.
Come outside and take out the map. According to the map, it says, "Well, go to these three bald donkey dens first and then do it later!"
Immediately, the nine heavy bodies rushed straight to Donglai Temple.
With the exact location, it will be boring to find it. Jiuzhong went straight to Donglai Temple and arrived at the place in less than half an hour.
When I came to Donglai Temple, I saw the unique architecture of Donglai Temple from a distance. The whole temple was carved by a whole golden mountain peak. It was full of golden light and the garden was full of splendor.
It is more like a perfect art than a building.
The people with the highest incense in Donglai Temple are much more lively than the Luohan Temple where the Ten Luohan is located. It is really true that people have to throw dead goods than goods.
Nine heavy didn’t intend to show action immediately, ready to go around first, and then looked outside Donglai Temple, and then left for Randeng Temple.
It was more than half an hour before Jiuzhong came to Randeng Temple to overlook the whole of Randeng Temple.
Compared with the resplendence of Donglai Temple, this Randeng Temple looks mediocre. Many of the whole temples don’t have much gorgeous decoration. The most striking decoration is the golden lanterns all over Randeng Temple.
Randeng Temple is like the sun, and these thousands of golden lanterns are like planets revolving around Randeng Temple in a specific trajectory.
Although it is not as imposing as Donglai Temple, it is filled with a deep and solemn atmosphere that is daunting.
"Well …!" Jiuzhong nodded thoughtfully and left Randeng Temple and set off again for the last temple, Tathagata Buddha, who sits at the top of Lingshan Mountain-Da Lei Yin Temple.
An hour later, Jiuzhong finally arrived at the foot of the Da Lei Yin Temple, but before he could wait to see the scene of Da Lei Yin Temple, he was attracted by the roar of an angry beast at the entrance of Da Lei Yin Temple.
Chapter three hundred and seventy Ten Golden Hair Shout
? Jiuzhong followed the roar and turned his head to look over and saw an animal "Net" tied to a row of glazed Tianzhu on the right side of the gate of Da Lei Yin Temple.
This animal has golden hair and looks like a lion. It has ten faces, ten faces with different expressions, such as crying, laughing, angry, sad, cute or mean. It has ten pairs of eyes with different colors, such as purple, white, gold, blue and so on.