"The more I think about relaxing, the more difficult it is to extricate myself. I was too serious before. Maybe I just relaxed a little when I was with Bud …"

Looking up at the stars, he murmured, "I want to fight against the sky, but I should laugh more after fighting …"
Go ahead, he patted his forehead with a slight smile. "Well, I should think about how to beat them …"
The next day, at Baiye’s initiative, they played the game again. Because of his clumsy body, Baiye’s many ideas didn’t work. He simply made the three people laugh in the most stupid way, especially Mu Shuang, but in the end, Baiye won. Looking at the three people with a depressed face, it was Baiye’s turn to laugh. His smile was very carefree and comfortable, and it was from his heart.
The first five Taoist meetings
When the Daohui Day arrived early and before dawn, Gu Shu took Baiye and them to a special venue for holding Daohui.
They live in the east of the island now, and it’s a worry for the crowd to find the wrong direction all the way.
At that time, in a very large place, all the people came together in groups. When a touch of red appeared in the eastern sky, their feet moved and cracked like an earthquake, but no one panicked.
The cracked ground gradually flew up, and it didn’t take long for the sects to rise to the sky. Everyone was floating up, and the ground was dragging and floating at half height and low, reflecting the glow of the east, which made people look dizzy.
"This is much more interesting than any field …" Baiye looked around and was also very interested in floating on the ground.
Mu Shuang, Luo Shu and Yang Jie are all attending the Daohui for the first time and seeing such a spectacular scene for the first time. Mu Shuang is a little excited and his face turns red.
In a short time, half the sun appeared in the eastern sky, and at the same time, seven rays of Xiaguang flashed in the higher sky, and gradually people saw the Xiaguang. Others were the seven most powerful sects in the eastern region: Nine Temple, Zhanyuan Sect, Heaven Cave in Heaven, Lingyun Sect, Qianchen Sect, Tianyinzong Sect and Xinghai Sect.
There are no rules on the uneven ground, but it rises at will, but there are rules on the height of the seven sects in the height. The location of the seven doors of the Nine Halls is high in the host location of Xinghai Expo, and the other five doors are floating at the same height.
The sunrise in the east has risen, and the aura is surging around the venue, so that everyone can feel a kind of quiet and profound power.
Seeing the venerable person walking a few steps higher than the colorful clouds in the Temple of Nine Clouds, he said, "You Taoist friends have lived for 50 years, and I hope that you will follow the same path again and again. You will realize the Daoism and achieve extraordinary achievements, especially for young people who have been practicing for a short time and have little knowledge. Don’t miss the opportunity this time!"
At this point, all the other people responded with a gift, and then the elder Xinghai also came out. The elder is a dignified and generous woman with an unusually beautiful appearance, and her voice is also floating all over the world. "Xinghai’s rotation will be proper, and if there is anything wrong, please ask Haihan!"
After listening to the lingering sound, there is another person in the colorful clouds where Xinghai is located, not a woman, but an imposing man with a hairy face.
"There have been some changes in the rules of this Taoist meeting. In the past, the competition was higher than the competition. Otherwise, we need to compete with the top ten. These ten people need to be rewarded again. When the time comes, we will announce the rewards. Now, everyone has their own plans to look at their own crystal cards!"
After all, there was a rumble around the venue, and ten larger pieces of ground rose to the middle. Obviously, the real competition should be held on that surface.
At the same time, in front of each piece of land, that is, in front of those sects, a glittering and translucent jade card appeared.
"Mom, what is this?" Excited Jose double asked, pointing to the slap big jade brand
"Look!" Gu Shu ordered a jade card.
Jade brand light immediately condensed into a few words in the book-seventy-seven!
"What do you mean by’ seventy-seven’?" Luo Shu asked
"There are hundreds of sects here, big and small, so it’s natural to arrange them with a number!"
When Yang Jie heard this, he asked, "Then can our glazed school rank in the 77th place?"
Gu Shu smiled and shook his head and said, "This crystal card is a means to occupy the Yuan school. The numbers are not arranged but randomly generated. If you do it again, it may become a’ hundred’ or a’ one’!"
Yang Jie looked depressed after listening, and suddenly Mu Shuang cried again, "What’s that, Mom?"
I saw a few little people flying from the sky, all of them were five or six-year-old children, handsome in appearance, small and exquisite in red shorts, and they couldn’t tell the difference between men and women.
"That’s the Qianchen school doll!" Gu shudao
Mu Shuang’s eyes were wide open as a cute little child flew in front of him and grandma said angrily, "Liuli Island Liuli Pie, please accept it!"
Gu Shu’s finger gently touched a child’s face on his forehead to show a lovely smile.
"Empress, what does he do?"
"Naturally, the Taoist priest will wait on us and tell him not to look at him if there is anything we need to do. He is no worse than you guys!"
"Master, is he alive?" Yang Jie asked
"Thousands of dolls are naturally made by machine!" Gu Shu face a look of regret.
Baiye watched Bai Qianchen’s sect in the East, and its means was that these puppets all knew that they had declined in Nai Liuli Sect. Several younger brothers only knew that they had never seen this doll in practice!
"Aunt to what are we going to do? When will it be compared? "
Gu Shu looked at the doll and said angrily, "You have at most one hour to prepare the venue and I will take you there."
"Then take us first!" Gu shudao
The dolls nodded and flew straight ahead with white leaves, and their feet and ground followed. Soon they came to a piece of land, and the situation was clear at a glance.
"This setting is really high, unlike the back and forth, far and near, and there are many shortcomings. Now the world is clearly visible!" White leaves are constantly thinking about a lot of things in their hearts.
"You don’t have to sit at will!" Gu Shu smiled and said to everyone
"When is it okay for the mother to compete with who is the first?" Mu Shuang looked at the venue with his eyes open.
The doll next to him said, "There is still one wick of incense, and the road will be more formal!"
Gu Shu also said, "If you don’t play this game until the end, you will have to make great efforts if you have a referee’s referendum every half an hour, otherwise you will lose if you still hide it when it arrives!"