Coming out of the ladder, Liu Yichen strode to his office, where Jiang Zhuomu was exposed and shouted, "Jiang Zhuomu, get in here."

I was scared at the door, president. What’s going on?
Jiang Zhuomu came in trembling and dared not come out of the atmosphere before Liu Yichen.
Lu Yichen sat behind his desk and tapped his finger on the face. "Did you find out?"
Jiang Zhuomu looked up and looked at Liu Yichen, who was frightened by his cold eyes and bowed his head hurriedly.
"say it!" Liu Yichen a roar.
His mother’s inexplicable tie made Sue feel so disgusted that he didn’t even take the bus, preferring to take the bus.
Jiang Zhuomu sighed and said, "It’s Miss Yan."
Section 74
"What?" Liu Yichen asked uncertainly if Yan Mumu was not removed.
Jiang Zhuomu raised his head and bravely looked at Liu Yichen. "I checked these three days to monitor the women who entered your office these days, except for the secret, Miss Su and Miss Yan."
Tell me the truth when it’s in front of you.
Liu Yichen’s fingers clenched together and rattled.
This woman provokes him again and again. It’s true that she got a knife for him three years ago and can do whatever she wants.
"Get out."
Liu Yichen got up and walked to the French window and looked at the building like an ant. The crowd mused.
Jiang Zhuomu pushed the door and showed a head. He was really afraid of manager Lu.
It’s like a volcano. It will erupt at any moment, but he has to come in again.
"What is it?" Liu Yichen asked without looking back.
"Manager Lu today is when Miss Su went to the hospital for examination." Miss Su Jiang Zhuomu had to die and wake up.
"got it"
Recommend a new love and old love for the end of the marriage.
Wen is also known as "the second spring of older women"
When Liu Zhuanghe returned from a business trip, he picked up his luggage at the airport and just returned from abroad. Gu Silang took the luggage by mistake and ate at her mother-in-law’s house late. Liu Zhuanghe’s questioning was denied by her husband. Her mother-in-law hoped that her son would divorce her sister-in-law and her brother would marry her.
When I came home to pack my luggage, I found that it was not my own luggage, but my husband misunderstood that she was cheating because there were two dozen men’s boxers in the suitcase besides clothes.
She walked down the street penniless, and when she fell, he picked her up and whispered in her ear, "I will make those who bullied you pay with me."
Since then, she has been entangled with all the women’s dream lovers in this city …
I want to marry Sue.
Too much sugar will make you feel bitter, too much love will make you feel dull.
Sue came into the office at night and saw the soybean milk fritters frowning at the table.
Habit is really a terrible thing. I have become accustomed to eating Lujia breakfast these days. Now I feel greasy when I see fried dough sticks. How can there be millet porridge and exquisite dishes?
Helen pointed to the breakfast and said smilingly, "Lawyer Liu …"
Sue looked at the fritters at night and then at Helen. "Want to eat?"
Helen nodded sharply. God buys it. It tastes different naturally.
"Take it to eat." Then put away your bag and take the USB flash drive to find Liu Anfeng.
Be sure to tell Liu Yang not to buy her breakfast again when you find one.
Knocked on Liu Jingli’s office for a long time, and no one answered Sue’s request. She pushed the door and there was no one in it quietly.
Didn’t Liu Jingli come to class today, thinking that she was a little flustered after answering the phone yesterday?
Back to my seat, Sue took out Su’s plan and studied it carefully.
The desk phone rang and Su Evening picked up "Hello, Su Evening, Lushi Marketing Department. Who are you looking for?"
If you listen to a woman’s formula, your voice is soft and timid. If you don’t see her, you will be a gentle woman.
Remembering that she had pinched her eyebrows "come to my office" for her bash elbows.
Listening to the microphone, DuDu Su despised it.
Knowing that calling her cell phone will stop her from answering the phone and calling the landline directly, this is for personal gain.
Despite her reluctance, Sue took the ladder to the top floor.
In the company, Lu Yichen is the president. How can she not go if the president asks her to go?
Pushing the door, Liu Yichen was answering the phone and saw her pointing to the sofa.
Sue gave the sofa a hiss at night and slightly twisted her eyebrows and didn’t move.
She is sick even to see that sofa now.
Liu Yichen finished talking and saw Sue in the same place. She said nothing, picked up the car keys, grabbed her arm and walked out.
"What do you do when it’s class now?" Sue threw Liu Yichen’s hand away in the evening, and it hurt a little because of the force on her arm wound, but she didn’t say anything.
Liu Yichen sighed, "I’ll take you to the hospital for review." Then she clutched her hand tightly and walked towards the ladder.
After several unsuccessful struggles, Sue finally gave up.
Fortunately, there is no one in the corridor at this time, otherwise the scandal between her and Liu Yichen will fly all over the company.
Sue night feeling or choose to sit in the back seat Liu Yichen gave her a look and said nothing.
Neither of them spoke all the way.
The car stopped at a private hospital. Lu Yichen held the steering wheel without a carriage, but looked in the rearview mirror and said, "That tie was either me or someone did it on purpose to leave us."
Does Sue feel funny at night?
In the company, I know that they are Yan Mumu except Jiang Zhuomu.
He took great pains to protect Yan Mumu.
Liu Yichen knew that Sue didn’t believe it, but he really didn’t know how to explain it.
Say too much, even he himself doesn’t believe it.