Jun Ling, who had not received a response for a long time, got up and bypassed Yin Ningluo to push the wheelchair. Just as he was about to push, Yin Ningluo suddenly grabbed his hand. Jun Ling stopped and squatted in front of her again. "What’s the matter? Don’t you want to go out?"

Yin Ning collaterals remained silent, her face disappeared, her eyes looked at the distant sea, and she seemed to be an outsider.
There was no scorching sun that day, the weather was a little gloomy, and the house was facing the sea. From time to time, there was a sea breeze blowing on people’s skin, which made them feel a little cool. Yin Ningluo liked this weather because it was very similar to her situation as a bad child who was angry and didn’t want to communicate with others.
She admits it, but she really can’t communicate with others now.
It seems that I heard the man in front of me sigh, and Jun Ling looked up at Yin Ningluo and stretched out her palm to fit her face and continued, "If you don’t want to go out, I’ll let angea come in to accompany you, okay?"
Nine years after the rebirth, Yin Ning’s suspicion was a disaster year, which took away all her hopes. In the same year, Junling’s life was also changed in a few words. Those dark eyes inherited the vicissitudes of life. He looked at the silent woman in front of him and unexpectedly thought that she was so confident and proud. Her unique temperament was fascinating.
Now, it seems that the fairy has been taken back by the emperor, and the fairy method has pushed her into the sea. She is now slowly withering. The scene of falling into the sea still appears in front of Junling. Who knows that she just woke up and can’t accept the reality and will jump into the sea again.
He is an ordinary man, even if his heart can bear the fear that his beloved woman is going to end her life. On that day, Yin Ningluo deliberately woke him up in the morning. She said that she was thirsty and wanted to drink water, and he believed the truth. When she ran to the kitchen to pour water, Yin Ningluo had already pushed a wheelchair and walked towards the sea step by step. When Junling poured water back, Yin Ningluo’s figure was gone in the room, only to find the floor-to-ceiling windows of the room, and most of her wheelchair had been soaked in the sea. Seeing that scene shocked Junling’s eyes, he could not tell what it was like at that
Throw away the glass and run in the direction of Yin Ningluo and hug her before she sinks into the sea.
That day, they struggled in the water, and the sea wet her clothes. She made her cry bitterly. "Why don’t you let me die, so what’s the point of living?" It was a kind of mourning. No one would know how helpful it was to be in her environment
But she seems to be wrong. Jun Ling understands that she understood her from the moment she rescued her from the sea or earlier. For the first time, he pinched her shoulder with gentle violence and denounced, "Yin Ningluo, please listen to me clearly. It’s not right to save you. If you do this, what’s the point of giving you a second chance to die?" His cold eyes forced her to look at herself. "Look at this man in front of you. If you want to find a reason to live for yourself, then I will live. From now on, your life is me, your body is my soul, and I will invite you.
Just as Yin Ningluo looked at Junling with tears in his eyes, the man didn’t want to give her such an opportunity to pull her into his arms, because at that moment, if it were a second later, tears would flow out of Junling’s eyes, holding her neck with one hand and holding her hand around her waist with the other. He had never been so weak and had never been so afraid that Junling took off all his masks that day. Compared with Yin Ningluo, he was more like a child to help him lower his voice and cry.
Later, Yin Ningluo was carried back by Jun Ling. She fell asleep in his arms and changed her clothes for her. Jun Ling stayed with Yin Ningluo all night by the bed. When she woke up the next day, Yin Ningluo was not in her room to avoid similar things from happening again. Jun Ling changed the room for her. There was no promising background room with flowers and grass, but Yin Ningluo didn’t appreciate him and responded with cold language. "The flowers and plants room is like a sea view room. If I want to die, can you control it? Stop trying to send me back to the front room."
I didn’t see Yin Ningluo answer for two questions. Since that day, she has become more reticent. Jun Ling’s black eyes are dim. Many people squat in front of Yin Ningluo, hold her hand and gently care in the palm. It seems that all feelings are in it.
The warmth of the palm finally aroused the sensory kinetic energy of Yin Ningluo. She hung her eyes and saw the scar on the back of Jun Ling’s hand. Yin Ningluo searched for all the possibilities and memories in her mind. She helped Jun Ling to pour water for her on the day she jumped into the sea. Soon after, she heard a broken glass behind her. Yin Ningluo frowned and looked at the wound, which was very consistent.
On that day, when the glass fell to the ground, glass slag bounced back to the back of Jun Ling’s hand, and blood came out. At that time, Jun Ling was full of Yin Ningluo’s roots and could not consider all the wounds that later saved Yin Ningluo from struggling in the sea for a long time. After that, Jun Ling didn’t dare to meet Yin Ningluo for a few days, but he had a high fever caused by inflammation, so that Yin Ningluo didn’t worry that he had no way to avoid it.
Look, when a strong man is weak, Jun Ling has a red rope on his wrist. His emotions and sorrows depend on Yin Ning’s eyes and a word.
When Yin Ningluo saw this long scar, there was a dense rise in front of her eyes. Now he is so close to her. She once wanted to touch that wound and put it on her cheek to comfort her, but the reality refused her.
He is Jun Ling, he is perfect and noble, but she is incomplete and can help her. He is no longer a world person.
So Yin Ningluo sucked the tears out of her eyes, looked up at Jun Ling and said, "Don’t worry, I won’t commit suicide. Please leave me alone in this room. I need someone to figure something out."
"Good" get along with some obscure words for a long time. Junling won’t say it. It is a good phenomenon that she is willing to talk now, so there is hope.
On that day, her husband Ling will come back soon. She specially looked at the wall table. Three hours passed from 1 am to 1 noon. Her door still showed no signs of being pushed. She never knew that she had relied on him so much. Some people laughed at herself. Perhaps it was because she stayed in the room for a long time that she would be bored. Yin Ning Ling finally decided to hit that long-blocked door. When the servants were busy in the living room, they were not shocked and stunned when they saw Yin Ning Ling.
It’s the first time I’ve been looked at by people like this. It’s a bit disappointing and unnatural. Fortunately, angea Jing directly reprimanded the servants for taking the initiative to clean up the living room and leave it to Yin Ning.
There used to be a piano in the living room with the window facing the sun. It was Junling who bought it shortly after Yin Ningluo woke up. The purpose was to distract Yin Ningluo from her predicament. She never touched it that day. Somehow, there seemed to be a force guiding Yin Ningluo towards the piano stand. Black tripod piano wire glaze.
Yin Ningluo stretched out his hand and pushed the piano, which contained a piece of music. One of the songs was Adilina by the water. It was fate that Yin Ningluo put the music in the piano clip and played it with the music. It was her natural talent. The long index finger was flexible and danced like a cheerful elf in the jungle on the black and white keyboard. Her music was fascinating. Just now, the servants were kicked out and turned back to listen to Yin Ningluo play the piano.
Junling was the last person to hear this piano. He was in the room for a video conference with een headquarters. Wearing headphones, he vaguely heard someone playing the piano outside the room.
Shui bian a di Li na
Such a melodious piano made Jun Ling’s eyes flash with hope. He immediately stopped talking with een executives about video conferencing and strode out.
When she was looking for the source in her heart, she saw Yin Ningluo sitting in front of the piano and playing in an orderly way. This is the real charm and fascination.
Junling slowly walked over to the piano window and suddenly fell with a touch of sunshine. Outside the window, the sky clouds cleared, and the sunshine dialed the clouds to illuminate a room. Yin Ning collaterals a pretty face bathed in sunshine and fell into the hope light in her charming eyes.
Junling was attracted and infected, and sat quietly beside Yin Ningluo. She played a piece of water-side Adilina side by side.
Yin Ningluo leaned against the window and smiled and warmed her lips. The winter sunshine spoiled her. On that day, when she played with Junling, they looked at each other and smiled at her lips.
She didn’t pay attention to it. Since then, Junling has carefully collected Adilina by the water as the most precious song.
Many years later, this passage was also recorded in Junling’s diary. He left a sentence by Adina at the water’s edge, and its significance was to give you hope again.
When the car went back to the front of the villa’s main house, Yin Ning stepped up and saw Junling in the living room, the man was already smiling and reaching out and coming towards her.
Yin Ningluo put his hand in Jun Ling’s hand and shook hands, wondering, "What’s the good news?"
The man smiled and said nothing. His hands held her shoulder and pushed her forward. At the stairs, Jun Lingfa said, "Father-in-law and mother-in-law come quickly and Ning Er is back."
When I heard my parents coming, Yin Ning’s eyes looked at Jun Ling in disbelief, and her eyes looked at her. The man’s warm eyebrows softened uneasily. Soon after Jun Ling’s words fell, there was a burst of footsteps at the stairs. This time, Yin Ning looked up and saw Yin Yinhai holding Liao Yunzhu’s waist coming from the stairs.
"Mom and Dad," Yin Ning called a sentence. Now all this seems like a dream. I can’t believe that Yin Yinhai and Liao Yunzhu came to B to see her. Not long ago, the father and daughter said through a letter that Yin Yinhai would come to see her when the company was stable. I didn’t expect it to be so soon.
When Yin Yinhai and Liao Yunzhu came to Yin Ningluo, the couple watched for months without seeing their daughter. They looked at each other with joy. Liao Yunzhu said, "Ninger’s father and mother came to see you."
When relatives meet again, their thoughts have been expressed in words. Yin Ningluo raised his hand and hugged his parents. "Mom and Dad, I miss you so much."
Women are made of water, especially affected by family ties, but men’s thoughts are calm and collected. Yin Yinhai finally sees how his daughter can’t be excited, but in front of his wife, he can leave this best opportunity to his wife, Jun Ling, with her palm stuck behind Yin Ning’s back and her black eyes touching.
I hope this is that surprise she want.
When mother and daughter meet, there is always a lot to say. After the hug, Liao Yunzhu looks at her daughter as if she can’t get enough of it. She will ask Yin Ningluo how she is doing here, whether she is eating well or not, and whether Junling bullied her class.
The future mother-in-law is prejudiced against her son-in-law. Jun Ling is used to it. This time Yin Ningluo cried foul for Jun Ling. "Mom Ling is very kind to me. Don’t you think I’ve gained weight these days?"
Yin Ningluo deliberately turned a circle in front of his parents
It’s Jun Ling who really takes good care of her.
"That’s what he should do." Liao Yunzhu nodded his daughter’s nose. "You know to speak for him."