Lu Xiusi knew Shen Nuo was tight-lipped, but looking at Shen Nuo was close to her body, Lu Xiusi let her go lovingly after all, and Lu Xiusi let go of the hand that held Shen Nuo’s arm.

Shen Nuo was a little too nervous because of the spirit just now. After Lu Xiusi loosened himself, Shen Nuo’s legs couldn’t stop. Fortunately, Lu Xiusi held Shen Nuo by the side.
"I … I’m too tired from work recently, nothing else!" Shen Nuo wants to faint and find an excuse to save Lu Xiusi from being suspicious.
Section 147
However, Shen Nuo doesn’t know anything. Lu Xiusi already knows her pregnancy very well. After all, can the truth be false when it is said in the mouth of a drunk person?
Lu Xiusi couldn’t force Shen Nuo to say what he wanted, so he silently carried Shen Nuo to bed.
"I am tired! I really don’t have anything you want to ask! " Shen Nuo looked at Hugh Lu and said
"Well, I promised you I wouldn’t force you before I forced you, but I didn’t do it." Lu Xiusi looked haggard and Shen Nuo said with great love.
Lu Xiusi settled Shen Nuo and silently left the room.
Just then Edward chan is very appropriate to call Lu Xiusi.
"I … did I say something I shouldn’t say?" Chen Haoxuan was very funny and asked Hugh to land, but he didn’t remember what he said.
"Are you still in the bar? I’ll come to you! " Lu Hugh thought very worried and asked
Chen Haoxuan was afraid that he was saying something in front of Lu Xiusi, so he quickly shook his head.
"No, no, no, I’m not here. I’ve gone home!" Chen Haoxuan kept explaining that he was no longer in the bar, but was ready to go home and sleep.
"Then I will go to your home to find you!" Lu Xiusi got up very quickly.
This Chen Haoxuan can be miserable. Before that, he said that he was not in the bar. He just hoped that he wouldn’t meet Lu Xiusi again tonight, but he didn’t expect Lu Xiusi to come home to find him now as if he were fighting chicken blood.
"Feifei" Chen Haoxuan was very wronged and fell into Lu Fei’s arms and said, "I have a big event today!"
"What’s the matter?" At this time, Liu Fei was changing the baby’s diaper, so she asked Edward chan and got the diaper.
"I told Shen Nuo about her pregnancy …!" Chen Haoxuan said to Lu Fei carefully, hoping that she wouldn’t be angry because of her speech.
"What? How can you tell this story? Have you ever thought about how hard it is to keep this secret before? Don’t you know? " Liu Fei was very angry when he heard Chen Haoxuan say that he shouldn’t speak.
"I know I know my wife, don’t be angry." Chen Haoxuan quickly calmed Shen Nuo. "It was definitely a mistake for me to meet Lu today!"
"What’s wrong with you today? Didn’t you go drinking with manager Lu last night? " Lu Fei asked
"That’s why I was deliberately drunk by him, and then he asked me about Shen Nuo’s pregnancy when I drank too much. At that time, I was still dreaming, so I didn’t hold back for a while and I just …"
Looking at Chen Haoxuan so upset, Liu Fei felt that it was no need to blame Chen Haoxuan too much, so she comforted Chen Haoxuan and said, "Now that my husband has said everything, you should stop blaming yourself. After all, we are friends at both ends. There is nothing we can do! Our purpose is to hope that both of them can live well! "
Chen Haoxuan seldom heard Lu Fei praise himself so gently, so he was very excited and kissed Lu Fei’s face.
"Wife, I love you so much!" Chen Haoxuan was very excited and said
"What are you doing strange disgusting! What’s wrong with you at night! " Liu Fei can’t adapt to Edward chan’s too intimate behavior, but she hates her face and laughs from ear to ear at the same time.
"It’s rare that I did something wrong and you didn’t blame me." Chen Haoxuan smiled at Liu Fei.
"Be silly!" Liu Fei gently pushed Chen Haoxuan’s body, and the two of them moved very sweetly.
"But my wife will come to our house to ask me about it in a minute. Do you think I should pretend to hide it or show my cards to him?" Chen Haoxuan is very upset. His brain is in a mess now, because he has caused a series of consequences. Chen Haoxuan still doesn’t know how to deal with it.
"You mean for a while? This ….. Lu this is how idle also don’t look at what time it is? Come back so late? " Liu Fei listened to Chen Haoxuan and was very dissatisfied.
"Maybe he was excited to hear about Shen Nuo’s pregnancy, so he wanted to come over and ask me carefully. I … I really regret how I got drunk by this little boy!" Chen Haoxuan said more and more regretful.
"It’s nothing for you to say this now. I think you’d better confess to him!" Liu Fei looked at Edward chan nai shrugged his shoulders.
"What do you mean?" Chen Haoxuan looked at Liu Fei and was very curious.
☆ Chapter 191 Lu Xiusi Plan!
"Because you have already said it, how can you take it back and refuse to admit it? It is better to be a good friend and help them make up!" Lu Fei’s analysis is clear.
"What you said really makes sense." Chen Haoxuan quite agrees with Lu Fei. "But have you ever thought that since Shen Nuo has returned home, haven’t they made up?"
Looking at Chen Haoxuan, he asked himself very seriously. Liu Feinai smiled and said, "Are you stupid? If they are reconciled, how could manager Lu still want to ask Shen Nuo about pregnancy?"
"Yeah, why didn’t I think of that!" Chen Haoxuan slapped his thigh in the back.
"This kind of delicate thing will only be discovered by us women. Alas, our Nuo Nuo is really wronged!" Liu Fei feels very wronged for Shen Nuo, who has lived at home for several days and still refuses to talk about her pregnancy. Then there must be something wrong with Shen Nuo here.
Just as they were talking, Lu Xiusi came in a hurry.
Chen Haoxuan took a deep breath and hit the door.
"Here comes Hugh!" Chen Haoxuan looked at a face of exhaustion and Hugh Lu let him into the house.
"Do you still count when you talk to me tonight?" Lu Hugh mouth asked
"What is it? A vow of eternal love? Are you two going to elope? " What’s the story between Lu Fei and Lu Xiusi?
"Wife, don’t be ridiculous. Hugh said it was Shen Nuo’s thing." Chen Haoxuan knew that Liu Fei knew it and asked him if he was not interested in joking with her now, so he put Liu Fei aside.
"Good chat" Liu Fei saw that Lu Xiusi was extremely nervous, so he stopped continuing the cheerful atmosphere of the house and silently retreated to one side.
"Lu Fei, don’t go either. I need your help!" Lu Xiusi was very surprised and stopped Lu Fei.
"Can I help you? What can I do for you? " Liu Fei saw that Hugh Lu stopped himself and quickly asked
"Do all of you know about Shen Nuo’s pregnancy?" Hugh Lu looked at Edward chan and asked Liu Fei.