After receiving the couch, they turned to the side door at the end of the main hall and walked to the back hall.

But even after several halls, there is no other gain.
There are a lot of things in this temple, but they are always tables, chairs, curtains and beds, and they can’t root anything.
Nan Yunqing didn’t respond, but Xiao Wen wasn’t disappointed. He hit the door of the temple, and he had to make it crazy to suck and move the mountain demon tactic. Until now, his body is a little empty.
Seeing that the temple is about to be turned around, Xiao Wen seems to be unwilling to give up Nan Yunqing’s service road. "For us, the Sea Temple is suspected to be a treasure from the ancient times, but it is just a living place for its original owner. It is not for the purpose, but to meet the needs of those people. Even if it is found here, it is normal."
"Well" Xiao asked can nod.
In fact, as Nan Yunqing said, those natural secret places are just that. Where can a man-made secret place like this be specially for people to treasure? What the hell does the original owner of man-made secret land have to do with them after tens of thousands of years? They create a secret realm, which is not a secret realm at all for themselves, but the most normal place to live and practice. Do they have that meaning to leave no treasures for future generations to discover?
Just like Xiao asked himself if he was going to die, would he hide his fortune and build a secret realm for future generations to explore?
Just kidding!
Xiao Wen, if he is really dying, he will make two pieces and send some of his things out; Second, squander the rest.
It’s not just him, but most people in this world, including those super masters.
After thinking about this section, Xiao Wen couldn’t help secretly laughing and gradually set his mind.
However, this sea temple is not an ordinary place. Just look at the many good things in the sea fields on the outer layer.
Even if the original owner of the Sea Temple didn’t intend to leave anything for later generations, it was enough for them to disdain to take it away.
Xiao Wen actually prefers to believe that this sea temple was hastily abandoned for some reason because there are many irrationalities in other departments.
At this moment, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing reached the back of the temple and finally stood in front of a green Se stone gate.
The two men came all the way to see that many doorsteps were not as tightly packed as the last stone door. There was this one.
Two people glances by Xiao Wen first put his hand on the shek mun.
Although the virtual boundary can’t be released in the temple of the sea, he can transfer a part of the boundary force to his body by means of his previous understanding, and then he will gain super perception when something else touches him
Hand gently on the shek mun with that subtle induction Xiao asked immediately determine that this is an ordinary door and banned.
"There should be no danger," Xiao asked Nan Yunqing.
Nan Yunqing nodded his head to indicate that he could push the door.
Hand slightly a force that shek mun will make a not big acrobatics immediately appeared in the eyes of two people.
It was judged that it was a training room because the room was too simple and there was a blue Se square mat in the middle, which should be equivalent to a contemporary futon.
There is a skeleton sitting on the mat, but the skeleton is actually light blue Se instead of white Se, and the appearance of the skeleton is not a normal human. There is a row of bones as thin as blades at the back of its spine, which looks like fins. The number of bones in that row is the most peculiar, and it even emits light blue light.
Xiao asked that the first reaction was demon material!
However, it is still quite stressful for him to remove the demon material directly from human bones.
At this moment, there was a flash of blue se brilliance on the skeleton square pad. Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen immediately took a look at the past and saw a dark blue se token lying there.
Feeling that there is no danger in this room, the two men look at each other and then walk directly to the middle skeleton.
To the crowd just stopped one or two people at the same time on the alert to the south YunQing hand a recruit finally put the token into the hands.
Xiao Wen immediately turned to see the token’s simple outer ring engraved with decorative patterns, but he didn’t know the two words.
Similarly, Nan Yunqing didn’t seem to know those two words, so he turned the token again.
This time, they got to know each other, because the back of the token was not a word at all, but a small palace was engraved with its outline, which seemed to be different from the sea temple
"Maybe it’s an identity token," Xiao asked uncertainly.
Nan Yunqing handed the token to Xiao Wen, but Xiao Wen didn’t see anything.
"His body pad should have some value" Nan Yunqing suddenly said to be continued.
Chapter four hundred Attack (the first watch)
Obviously, after the Godsworn came in, he also divided the wave. This batch of major instruments came directly to this place where there was a quenching gold fairy liquid, but unfortunately, after they came, they did not get the quenching gold fairy liquid smoothly, but were intercepted by sea animals.
Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing should naturally be glad that they can judge that the quenched gold fairy liquid is still in the temple by listening to the answers from both sides.
However, at this time, the position of the two people can be quite embarrassing. They are just outside the gate of the square temple. Inside and outside is the battlefield, even if they have the hidden symbol of the spirit water, it is easy to be found.
Waiting a little longer will be more dangerous. The most feared thing is to be beaten to the top by the Godsworn.
Xiao Wen’s teether is to put his head into the open door of the temple, and finally see the situation in the temple through the breath that is not in the blue Se.
The temple is square from the outside, but it is open-air in the shape of "Hui" when looking in! However, because there is a thick ban on the open-air part, you can still walk through the gate.
At this time, the open-air part of the temple with the word "Hui" is in hot water. On the one hand, there are four monks in total. On the other hand, it is a kind of Xiao Wen, who has never seen a creature grow four feet tall and three feet tall. It has an elephant-like body and tail, but a horse’s tail is thick and long like a python’s, but the elephant’s head suddenly becomes magnificent, and its head is similar to a dragon.