It’s not that Ye Tian is confused about what it is that everyone is not white except Sianina. Although everyone knows the profession of illusionist, it is a rare profession after all, and it is difficult for an outsider to understand the wonders of illusionist.

After everyone asked Nina, she finally said, in fact, these people entered our magical array, and the five senses were confused and they had an illusion before they fought.
It is said that the five senses are the touch of shape, color and taste, that is, the five sensory organs of human beings, namely, vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch, and the illusionist is attacking these five senses
In a special way, the illusionist can deprive the enemy of the five senses in the array, but it is obvious that Nina is a stage illusionist and can’t do it yet, which will only make everyone hallucinate.
Once the five senses are deprived, the joy will be great. You can’t see, hear, smell, taste or touch it. Even if people are around you, you can’t feel it. Even if the enemy puts a weapon across your neck, you can’t feel it.
Of course, the deprivation of the five senses belongs to the highest realm of illusion, which is not something Nina can master now, but the new Nina can make the enemy in the array lose his five senses and hallucinate.
At the moment, in the eyes of those enemies, they are not fighting with their companions, but they hate the enemy’s saying that illusion is born from the heart and affects the mind through the five senses. This is the true meaning of illusion
Watching the enemy killed into a ball in the array, Buddy felt goose bumps all over. When everyone was watching West Asia, he didn’t idle to put the seal beast at the enemy’s fray, and the situation became more chaotic.
Looking at two women who are angry, including Ye Tianzai, people have goose bumps. These two women are too strong. One is more terrible than the other. A kind of pressure makes four men feel heavy, but they can’t be compared with women.
Looking at the chaotic battle group, Buddy trembled. Master Tao, this illusionist is terrible. What should we do if we fall into the magic array?
Slightly one leng Ye Tian said with a wry smile, what else can I do? This magical array is actually nothing but a disorder of the five senses. It’s okay if you don’t get upset and the foreign minister changes again.
Yeah, Nina took a surprised look at Ye Tian when she heard Ye Tian’s words. Ye Tian said that the magic array can affect the five senses, but it can affect the mind. If you don’t mess with your heart, the magic array will start.
It’s not enough to think that Nina doesn’t know if you’re at peace with yourself. At most, it’s not affected by the big array, but it’s still broken.
Nina pointed to the front of the battle group and said, look at a battle group. In fact, there are enough 40 or 50 people to keep their minds, but I just want others to entangle them. Before killing all the confused people, they are the Fatuo array, which means they are not confused by the big array, but they are defeated by the law.
Ye Tian smiled at Nina’s provocative words and didn’t want her to argue about anything. Seeing this, Nina was slightly relieved and finally pressed his head.
When he was secretly relieved, Buddy asked Master Ye Tiandao how to break this magic array.
Facing Buddy’s inquiry, Ye Tian hesitated for a while, and then flatly said that there are many ways to break this large array. You remember that everything is not perfect, and it will inevitably have its shortcomings. Although this magical array is powerful, it can also confuse the five senses.
When you heard Ye Tian’s words, Nina opened her mouth in horror. Looking at Ye Tian in disbelief, she looked at a calm face. Ye Tian Nina knew that this magical array was absolutely difficult for this man, but she knew the sixth sense, but what was the seventh sense?
Amazing Ye Tianping said quietly, well, let them call. It’s time for us to get started earlier and find the magic to improve our strength so that we won’t be missed. Well, Nina nodded and agreed, yes, although I know the approximate location of the magic tree, it’s also time-consuming to find it. Let’s go.
Ye Tianshou and his party gradually walked towards the depths of the forest of Warcraft, and hundreds of people scuffled behind them.
Chapter 1 Unicorn King
In the jungle, a lux-haired monkey waved his limbs wildly and attacked a thin figure in front of him, constantly waving a misty claw shadow with sharp claws.
Essien, come on, hurry up and kill him. It’s almost two minutes. If I drag it on, I’ll lose. I yelled in a thick, dumb voice
Look carefully. Buddy in Woodland clenched his fists and growled wildly. Opposite him, Essien was a fire monkey.
After Buddy, Sianina joined hands to cast a seal enchantment and a magic enchantment, which reduced the strength of the fire monkey by half, but even so, the fire monkey still has the sixth-order strength, which is not so easy to deal with for the current third-order Essien.
Ye Tian Baggio sat on the grass behind him, eating wild animals and smiling at Essien’s battle, watching Essien break his sword and pass over the key of the fire monkey again and again, but he was hidden at the last moment. The two men kept nodding and expressing their satisfaction.
The fire monkey is a ninth-order creature. It moves faster and more flexibly than it does. Even if its strength is reduced, its skill flexibility is not much reduced. It is just a way to display a wide range of fighting skills.
Although he fought for two minutes, Essien was already sweaty and covered with visible bone scars. Although he escaped quickly, the fire monkey attack was too fast and too dense. At present, Essien is still hiding from the Ministry of Justice.
Looking at Essien’s more and more scars, Baggio couldn’t sit still. He suddenly got up and growled, Essien, why didn’t you eat last night? You must kill him. You can kill him. I’ll give you half the bet.
Looking at Baggio’s exhaustion, Ye Tian smiled and shook his head. Before the war, Ye Tianshuangba made a bet that Badi believed that Essien would end the battle in two minutes, and Baggio believed that Essien would end the battle in two minutes, while Ye Tianze believed that Essien defeated the fire monkey.
From the present situation, it seems that the combination of Shuangba and Yetian will probably lose, but the probability of victory has become the present problem. The problem is that Essien’s attack will really hurt the fire monkey, and even if the fire monkey has five senses disorder, it can still hurt Essien with the instinct of the beast.
Finally, when people were watching the fire monkey, they suddenly roared upwards, and a pair of claws and forks suddenly spread all over the sky.
All over the sky claw shadow Essien Zhou’s clothes flashed several gaps, and he suffered at least dozens of claw cuts. His whole body was dripping with blood, and he shook his back slightly and fell down.
Seeing this scene, I have been paying attention to the situation. West Asia has been wandering outside the war circle with a wave of his hand. Although the fire monkey is still resisting, it is still completely eaten from resisting the impact of the hundred soldiers for three seconds, leaving nothing but a pool of blood.
Seeing this, Barty Baggio’s eyes were disappointed at the same time. They never thought that Essien would lose to a monkey and his strength was sealed to a sixth-order monkey.
Looking at the lonely expression of Shuangba combination, Ye Tian couldn’t help laughing. Master Ye Tian knew Essien very well when he first met the fire monkey. Ye Tian also observed it for a short time, although it was not long, but Ye Tian still judged each other’s strength with outstanding experience.
I got up and walked slowly to Essien’s side. At this moment, some muscles in Essien’s body have been broken by the fire monkey’s claws. Although I want to struggle to get up, I can do it.
Looking at the whole body dripping with blood, Essien Ye Tian calmly said, Do you know what you will lose?
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Essien stopped struggling and lay on the ground, his eyes dripping with blood, but he was confused. Yeah, how did he lose?
Thinking that West Asia has been unsealed, the little fragrant pig arrived in Essien with golden wings, constantly waving its wings and sprinkling golden light and rain.
The wounds around Essien’s body stopped bleeding and healed quickly. Although this light healing technique is the most basic spell of light, its effect is definitely one. It takes a long time to treat.