Suddenly, a fine broken sound came from behind, which made Muhai’s body numb with scalp pins and needles.

That kind of being stared at in the back of the head feels uncomfortable all over.
Muhai, they slowly looked back and saw a scene that made them all stand there.
Chapter 7 Crisis-ridden
Wu Shun is completely stupid.
He saw with his own eyes that a battle-hardened mercenary was torn black and blue by piranhas.
Such a horrible scene made his body tremble and the whole person stayed there.
"Wow …"
The boat has just rowed to the middle of the river, and another piranha has appeared.
This piranha has arms several times longer than the original piranha.
Even if the dove soul faces these piranhas, it is too tired to defend itself.
Others were pounced on by countless adult piranhas in the first place.
"Ding …"
With thousands of pounds of juli, the strong man’s fist struck the piranha like a piece of pure iron and gave a roar. His hand was numb with the anti-seismic force.
It’s a second for the arm to come, not numbness, but sharp pain
"Ah …"
Blink of an eye, your arm is bitten by an adult piranha, and even your bones are swallowed up.
Such scenes are quickly performed on the ship.
It’s just a blink of an eye. All the personnel of the Red Army team were bitten to pieces.
Now the most complete can be regarded as the captain centipede, and he has only been gnawed off a leg.
However, centipedes are covered with many piranhas, which makes people feel numb at first sight.
"Ah …"
The centipede kept screaming at this group of piranhas, biting him crazily, and the screaming also stopped abruptly.
"Wow …"
Piranhas have jumped into the water to disappear.
When the piranha jumped into the water, the centipede left a piece of scalp attached to the scalp hair, and there were two horrible and ferocious centipede patterns. Piranhas must also dislike this scalp.
The centipede has no bones left.
There are such horrible piranhas in the world!
That’s it? No, this is just now.
"Bang …"
Then the hull shook violently, and giant piranhas drilled through the bottom of the boat and jumped into the boat, eating all the broken meat and bones.
There is not even hair left.
Can’t wave in their eyes.
After eating these giant piranhas, it seems unwilling to pounce on the dove soul together.
"Wow …"
The dove’s soul frowned and mobilized its body strength to make the deformed black sword in its hand emit faint black light, and the sword split the leaping piranha into two parts.
His sword can cut iron like mud, but if the piranha comes at him, he will split it in two.
The giant piranha seems to have a bright mind and stops attacking immediately after seeing that the soul of the dove is a hard bone to chew.
"Wow …"