After a long silence, Yu Long suddenly asked, "God, who are you going to send to help me?"

"Not yet," said Guangzun God. "You have to stay in my Guangdong for a period of time, and then you can decide who will help you after the completion of cultivation and your achievements."
"I won’t let you down," Yu Long said. "I used to be recognized as a loser, so I was ridiculed for ten years. Now that I’ve taken off my hat, I’m going to be a strong one, a really strong one, and I won’t bow my head easily even in the face of heaven."
The light statue of God seemed to tremble slightly after hearing Long Yu’s words for a moment. "Xiaoyu is very good at facing heaven and strength, that is, he must have unyielding spirit and fighting spirit."
I like you … "
The sixth chapter 40 After the phoenix was taken away by the witch god
The queen of forty Zhangfeng was taken away by the witch god.
"But if I practice, I will always be a chess player …" Yu Long sighed. "No matter how powerful I am, I will always break through the monitoring of heaven, right?"
"Maybe?" Guangzun God said, "Heaven has its own rules, but it is very difficult to master them. If someone can master the true laws of Heaven, then he will certainly be successful. There is no end to his journey. If you are willing to work hard and choose the right direction, you can take Xiaoyu to a higher level. Your limited potential is full of expectations for you and me."
"really?" Long Yu eyes emit a trace of confidence with a hint of excitement in the voice asked.
Light statue of god heard Long Yu’s words and smiled and said, "Of course it’s true. I didn’t hide anything from you. Seriously, the future is in your hands."
Long Yudao: "Don’t say that. It’s too heavy. I’m afraid I can’t afford it …"
"That’s the truth-!" The light statue of God said lightly that his face seemed to be slightly frowned. "Xiaoyu, we are now working with Tianyuan. I hope it is in you. Of course, there are some things Tianyuan doesn’t know, otherwise he decided not to continue to be silent."
"Ah, if I didn’t spoil Tianyuan, I wouldn’t let him know the secret of the law of heaven …" The light statue of God said with a sigh.
"Xiaoyu, let me ask you, do you want to be strong in your heart?" Light statue of god suddenly asked
"Of course-!" Yu Long said with anticipation, "I dream of becoming stronger …"
The face of Guangzun God flashed a smile and said lightly, "I taught you the mystery of the Force before, and now I will give you strength."
"Strength to bear?" Long Yu slightly surprised "you mean you will give me your strength directly, but in this case, wouldn’t your strength be …"
"Ha ha-!"
The light statue of God laughed. "Yes, our strength will naturally suffer, but this is not the problem. The point is that you have to fight Tianyuan and I will bear some costs because of our mistakes."
"Are there any questions?" A moment later, the light statue of God asked again
Yu Long asked, "What should I do now?"
"Don’t move-!" When the light statue of God said here, his figure slowly disappeared into the air. At the same time, Yu Long felt a distortion around him and a familiar heartbreaking pain. Once again, he did not hesitate to finish the body force in the whole body to form a defense.
The sound of light and god appeared in Yu Long’s mind.
After smell speech, he didn’t hesitate to remove the Force defense in vitro, tore his heart out, and the pain went straight into his heart, and he almost fainted.
However, this painful process did not last long, and soon Long Yu felt that his body was thin and a warm current immediately entered the body.
"Master, your body seems to be being decomposed and reorganized …" Rowling’s voice suddenly sounded in Yu Long’s mind. "This is a very powerful and pure force. Rowling feels that she is going to have a real body …"
Soon after Yu Long left the Phoenix clan, Ba Du, the witch god, came to him with Xuan Ming, the ancestor of the witch.
He has one goal, that is, let the Phoenix clan call Yu Long out, or he will wage jihad with the Phoenix clan on behalf of the Wu clan.
Phoenix auditions attitude nature is tough, don’t say Yu Long is not here at the moment, even if Long Yu really here, she is not going to pay people, eyes Long Yugen is not in the phoenix family.
"Ba Du, my phoenix clan is furious with your witch clan. I hope you don’t deliberately make trouble." Tianyin suddenly said that the cold sound was not because of anger or worry, but even with a hint of trembling. At the same time, she also secretly got up and was ready to deal with the war.
Ba Du spent a full hundred Wu warriors.
In addition to Ba Du and Xuan Ming, the leaders are Yan Nantian and Yan Ruyun.
"If you don’t want the phoenix family to suffer genocide, you’d better tell me where Yu Long went? Otherwise, Jie Jie … "God Ba Du corners of the mouth flush a pair of burgle’s eyes and wander around the auditions with impunity." It is rare to kill female slaves after the demise of the Phoenix family … "
Auditions nu way "Ba Du don’t we chicken race will be afraid of you … really want to turn against you will not necessarily take advantage of, don’t forget that we chicken race warriors have tens of millions of you this root is nothing".
Ba Du, a witch god, smiled coldly and said, "People are not many, but essence. These are all our witch warriors."
Ba Du, the witch god, promised Tianyuan to monitor Yu Long and wait for an opportunity to kill him, but now Yu Long Gu has disappeared.
Ba Du is worried about Tianyuan
I will blame him for bringing people to the Phoenix family with great fanfare. It is very clear that if Yu Long hides temporarily, he will not fail to appear if he sees the Phoenix family in danger.
After a short silence, the cold sound of Tianyin became even colder. "Ba Du tells you the truth that Xiaoyu is no longer in the Phoenix family. You want to find someone else to find it."
Ba Du, the wizard, stared at Tianyin’s cold and beautiful face and suddenly smiled. "Even if what you said is true, I don’t know that there is a deep relationship between Yu Long and your phoenix family. If I take the phoenix family, I believe he will come when he gets the news. What do you say?"