"Manager Guo, why are you here now? Everyone has left."

Yongnian Guo pulled Li Xiaomei aside and asked in a low voice, "Is everything all right?"
Li Xiaomei pointed to the messy front desk and said, "Look for yourself. Your wife brought five strong men to make trouble and scared our little sister at the front desk."
Yongnian Guo was ashamed and apologized again and again. "I am sorry for the loss of your company. I will definitely compensate you. Is General Ruan there?"
"Manager Ruan and director Hotan went to the police station to make a record, and your wife and the people she brought went to the police station."
Yongnian Guo frowned and went to the police station. This time it was a shame. "What about Feng Jingjing?"
"I was slapped a few times by your wife, and my nose was dizzy. I went to the hospital and just left."
"Ah? ?” Yongnian Guo sighed and hurried away. Li Xiaomei secretly thought about it and didn’t know whether he would go to the police station or the hospital first.
Ruan Bin and Tian Licai returned to the company together during the afternoon express class. Everyone was curious but afraid to ask Tian Li more questions. His eyes were a little red and swollen. He should have cried.
Ruanbin looked dignified, and everyone dared not speak. Xia kept looking at him, hoping to see something from his face, but nothing came out.
Tang Sitian whispered, "Do you want to ask about the situation in the summer?"
Xia shook his head. "I’m afraid Ruan always scolds me for divination."
"Ruan always hurts so much, how can you scold you?"
This word blushed at the moment of summer, and Murphy thought it was sweet to see that I was always in contact with Nguyen.
"What’s the matter with your face so red? Have a guilty conscience?"
"No, no, no me? ? I’m going to pour a glass of water. "Xia hurriedly hid for fear of being exposed. I’m sorry, but please eat and put it as an apology.
The seriousness of the matter is far more serious than they know. After returning to the apartment, Ruan Bin told Xia the specific situation and was dumbfounded.
It turns out that Feng Jingjing’s nosebleed is not only because there is a prosthesis in her nose that pokes her bones, but also because she fainted, that is, she has been pregnant for two months.
When Yongnian Guo learned that Feng Jingjing was pregnant, his first reaction was to shout that he had been cheated. He was injured in a car accident a few years ago and lost his fertility long ago. It is impossible for Feng Jingjing to get pregnant.
At present, Yongnian Guo lost 5,000 yuan for his wife. This 5,000 yuan includes Feng Jingjing’s treatment of the loss of Hua Mao company, but Feng Jingjing wrote 2 million IOUs. She must spit them out within one year, and she will pay high interest if she fails to do so.
"Feng Jingjing hasn’t signed it yet, but she can’t escape the two million. Yongnian Guo has a credit card record, and every sum of money she spends is clear. Two million is still small."
Summer listened to the crying "that she can also come out?"
"That’s her room, car, jewelry, and all these things are quite burning money. The money came and went as it came. It just stayed in her hand. At that time, if the police and doctors hadn’t stopped Yongnian Guo, Feng Jingjing could have been killed."
"What about Feng Jingjing? How can she behave after that?" Summer suddenly felt sorry for her.
Ruan Bin sighed and shook his head, saying, "This is the price for her pursuit of fame and fortune. Her private life is far more chaotic than you think, and something will happen sooner or later."
"Does Yang Zong know?"
"Don’t you know that when I first came, Yang Shen told me that she had a headache because of her manner, but she was close to many big customers. If she was fired, Yang Shen would be afraid of offending those big customers. The pillow wind in this world is the most terrible wind, understand?"
“? ?” Xia looked at Ruan Bin in disbelief and nodded her head firmly. She sighed, "God, she is really capable of everything. She is with several people at the same time."
Ruanbin shook his head. "I don’t know. I know that manager Gao invited our company to dinner in Yixuan that night. Feng Jingjing went to the room with manager Gao. Yang Shentian Lido knew that Yang Shen had privately told me that she would have an accident sooner or later."
"Then who’s the baby in her belly?"
"Who knows she won’t say" RuanBin besides sigh also breathed a sigh of relief "this good Feng Jingjing should not stay in the company, Yang Shen should thank me, I helped him solve a big trouble, and Tian Li, she will take the initiative to resign, and Feng Jingjing can’t get away from Tian Li like this"
Ruanbin held Xia and touched her head and said, "It’s a good thing you met me that day."
Summer also deeply feel dying tightly nestled in his arms "well maybe this is our fate? ? I want to see Jingjing. "
"I don’t think she wants you to visit. Come on, don’t ask for trouble. You should be careful these days."
"What’s the matter?"
"By Yongnian Guo’s wife, I estimate that Feng Jingjing and Yongnian Guo will soon be in the circle, so that a few guests who have dealings with Feng Jingjing may find Feng Jingjing to settle accounts or they may find trouble with the company. The total impact of this incident on our company is great, and a mouse excrement has broken a pot of porridge."
In the summer of silence, she knew how to understand whether Feng Jingjing was vanity, fame and fortune or something else that would make such a girl in the mood for love degenerate.
"I’m afraid this kind of thing happened just this year, and it will be very difficult all year. Now business is difficult. There are sinister villains everywhere, and they will call you brothers after drinking wine, and they don’t know how to calculate you secretly."
Xia listened to him quietly. He must be very tired after a busy day.
"Feng Jingjing is smart and can deal with a number of men. In fact, none of these men are stupid businessmen. In the end, she always suffers. But these are really small things. I have encountered things that are more exaggerated and darker than these things. It’s really a long time to live."
Chapter 39 Unwilling to see parents
Chapter 39 Unwilling to see parents
At some point RuanBin slowly leaned against her shoulder and said that her voice was getting smaller and smaller.
Xia didn’t bother him. After a while, he fell asleep and breathed evenly and steadily. She tentatively called him "Hello?" ? Are you still awake? ?”
He did fall asleep, and he can fall asleep even when talking, which shows how tired he is today.
Xia gently helped him to lie flat on the sofa, which made him feel better. When he looked at it, it was almost seven o’clock and they had not had dinner yet.
She went to the kitchen and dug up the instant noodles stored here, a bowl of noodles, two sausages and an egg, which can also be a nutritious meal and fast.
Sometimes they work late at home and don’t want to go out to eat, so they will make a midnight snack.
She moved very little for fear of waking Ruan Bin up. She ate with a small mouth and stuttered. If she was not too hungry, she would wait for him to wake up and eat together.
Suddenly there was a cell phone bell in the living room. It was a cell phone in Ruanbin’s pocket.
Just sleep was disturbed RuanBin tight frowned "hello mom? ?” Nai is his mother. He is easy to answer.
As soon as Zheng Yushu heard the sound of drowsiness, she became worried. "What’s Bin doing eating?"
"Eat and eat"
"What’s wrong with your voice? You’re tired from work, aren’t you?"
Section 263
"I was awakened by your call as soon as I fell asleep after a meal."
"Don’t go to bed so soon after dinner. It’s not like you to go to bed so early."
Ruan Bin hates such a trivial matter, which explains why he said, "I’m really busy and tired recently, so I’ll sleep if I want to."