He’s already degraded himself by challenging a famous young player. If it weren’t for Xu Reyin, he would really be too lazy to challenge the evil punishment, but this evil punishment somehow refused to go to war and sent a six-story punishment town to send him away.

I’m dying!
Do you dare to say that I am a famous person?
Do you dare to say that my strength in Li Xuandao is low?
In an instant, poor anger rose from the bottom of his heart and his self-esteem swelled again.
"Criminal Evil Since you say that I am famous, since you say that my strength is low, today I will let the whole underworld know the majesty of Li Xuandao, the sword emperor who cracked the dome!" Thought of here Li Xuandao eyes suddenly sharp.
However, the punishment town Tiangen didn’t find any changes in Li Xuandao, and still sneered, "I don’t know where you came from. The rats robbed my eldest brother. Forget it. You dare to challenge my eldest brother’s majesty without shame. Fortunately, my eldest brother is indifferent to such rats as you, but our punishment family’s majesty is absolutely not offensive …"
"You are together." The cold breath bloomed before finishing the sentence, but it was interrupted by Li Xuandao coldly.
Punishment town day slightly one leng doesn’t seem to hear what you just said and seems to be unable to react.
"I said that Yakehitobe will be together today!" Li Xuandao kept his head down, so he couldn’t see his face expression, but his voice was so cold that he couldn’t help but have a cold war.
"What Li Xuandao actually wants to let the criminal family together?"
"It’s hard to solve the problem of punishment in the town with his six-story strength. Why does he have the confidence to dare to challenge everyone in the punishment family?"
Listening to Li Xuandao’s words, the crowd was noisy.
Punishment town day is exaggerated laughed undisguised eyes contemptuously "Li Xuandao Li Xuandao when you challenge punishment evil I also admire you for being a character, but I didn’t expect you to be as an unappreciative madman as the householder said. With your six-story strength, even I may not be able to fight and dare to challenge us …"
Before I could finish my sentence, there was a particularly fierce and evil breath.
See Li Xuandao suddenly raised his head and his eyes were latosolic red as if he were awakened. The ancient fierce animal body exudes a frightening murder. "You? Hehe, it’s just a garbage. "
"One finger will kill you!"
Chapter 927 Slaughter God’s swordsmanship fifth type to cut life and death!
Chapter 927 Slaughter God’s swordsmanship fifth type to cut life and death!
Dead silence
Everyone was stunned and looked at the murderous figure in the ring. Everyone was stunned by his arrogant voice.
However, for a moment, the crowd seemed to react and set off a noise.
"This small is simply too arrogant."
"Yes also said that a finger slay punishment town day? Ridiculous, are you a cat and a dog? He’s a six-story practitioner. "
"Although the punishment town is not evil, it is also a famous Tianjiao in the capital. Even the punishment evil dare not say that it can slay the punishment evil with one finger. What makes this Li Xuandao?"
Watching everyone, everyone is sarcastic, and some people are going to leave.
They have the same idea as the punishment town, and they must be a character if Li Xuandao dares to challenge the punishment evil. But at this time, when they see Li Xuandao so arrogant, they agree with the punishment town.
Li Xuandao is an ungrateful fanatic.
Li Xuandao will lose. This is a suspense battle. What else is there to see?
At this moment, the sky is descending.
Punishment town day wait for a while looked at Li Xuandao as if he hadn’t been able to react for a long time before he burst into laughter as if he had seen something funny and was out of breath; "Ha ha ha Li Xuandao, are you kidding me? You … Kill me with one finger? You know, I’m a master of six layers of ages, and I can’t even say that about punishment evil … "
"It doesn’t mean that I can’t do it in Li Xuandao."
"Since you don’t believe in me today, I will kill you to prove the majesty of Li Xuandao!"
Don’t give punishment town day rebuttal opportunity Li Xuandao suddenly grow up and his fingers like a sword across the mysterious trajectory suddenly blaster out a particularly violent shock wave.
Suddenly the world shook.
This shock wave is weird, half white and half black. If it is a Tai Chi of Yin and Yang, it is like life and death, and it is full of mysterious breath.
It’s so fast that the light of the sword blows up to the extreme, as if it were cut off without pause. This sword has no gap from appearance to slaying in front of the town. It’s as if it had been beheaded at the moment when the sword came out of Li Xuandao, and it’s impossible to avoid it.
Until then, the punishment town was still laughing and laughing. I didn’t expect Li Xuandao to suddenly start work
But by the time he reacted, it was too late. He didn’t resist the alternating black and white shock wave, and it passed through his body like an illusion.
A moment of silence
Everyone looked at the ring and held their breath, even afraid to breathe out of the atmosphere.
No one knows what happened at this moment.
In addition to a limited number of experts to see the firm but gentle through the punishment town day body left the practitioner to see Li Xuandao raise my hand a finger punishment town day suddenly froze, they didn’t see the attack.
"What’s going on here? What’s stopping the punishment?"
"I don’t know."
"Did Li Xuandao just attack?"
Seeing the two people in the ring motionless like statues, everyone whispered.
However, at this moment, the punishment town suddenly moved its eyes and flashed a shock that could not be concealed. "Li Xuandao … What magical power is this?"
"The fifth style of slaying the gods can kill life and death!" Li Xuandao played the finger face cold way
"Slaughter the sword!"
Punishment town day wry smile want to say something.
A loud noise
The punishment town day hasn’t come to finish, and the body will be blown into a ball of blue fire and instantly die.
Anger suddenly quieted down.
Just now, the practitioners kept their mouths shut, and it was unbelievable to look at the scene in the ring. Even many expensive people on the platform were horrified and surprised.
There is no resistance in front of Li Xuandao, the town of six layers of punishment for all ages, and he was nullified by a finger!
One finger!
What a finger!
Many practitioners failed to see Li Xuandao’s attack clearly.
"I am dead by punishment!"