"Don’t worry, Ding Shu will give you a monthly bus card after moving there. When the time comes, if you want to play chess and cards, you can come by bus, which is also convenient for us to eat here."

"Wen, you said this is also a way." Ding Dad nodded his head when he heard the news. It’s really convenient to take the bus now, and his face has also lightened a lot.
"Alas ~ when you are old, you have to move and think about it. Why doesn’t Lao Wang come this year?"
"Oh, Uncle Wang, they have a tea party tonight, and all their old comrades get together."
"Why can’t my parents come over that month?"
"Wang Jun has an army on duty tonight, and the cadres are on duty for the soldiers. Isn’t this the Spring Festival Gala? I heard what is the live broadcast this year."
"Hey, their family can’t get together for the New Year."
"What can I do about it? I can’t help it."
"I don’t think Xiao Chu is on duty?"
"Ding Shu, your son-in-law is not off duty. He is on duty every day. Look at his home, but no matter where he goes, he must first report to the duty room for eleven thousand. If there is any emergency, he should always let the duty room people find him."
"So that’s it. My family will be fine."
"He’s the same everywhere. He has to go many times when he wants to clap his ass. He’s asleep in the middle of the night."
"Alas, it is not easy to do anything."
"It’s not so good. Look at your son-in-law. He has a car and a full-time driver, but he doesn’t have any freedom at all. At the same time, he will give up something."
"Then I heard that Wenxuan will pick up Xiao Chu from class in the future. Is that what happened to him?"
"This is not necessarily their succession. It’s not like a factory. Wenxuan’s medical skills are not good for anyone if he can’t meet the requirements of others."
"Wen, I don’t think everyone is carrying that name now …" Suddenly Ding Dad forgot what the name of that thing was, and the expert gestured.
It took Wang Wen a long time to react. What did he say?
"Uncle Ding, you mean the pager, right?"
"Yes, yes, yes, that’s the hutong behind the pager. Didn’t Mr. Chen just buy one? Don’t wear his belt every day and lift his clothes for fear that others won’t know that it’s not too cold in winter."
I listened to Wang Wen.
"That thing costs five or six thousand dollars a year, and it seems that there are hundreds of things to pay. Can it be lit for everyone to see?"
"It takes five or six thousand for something that big?" Dad Ding’s eyes are staring at porcelain.
"Grandpa’s five or six thousand is still a number. If it is Han, it looks like ten thousand yuan." Just Wang Yueyue came in with two plates of meat and heard them add.
"What? Is it 10,000 yuan for such a big box? "
"What is so expensive?"
Li Qin’s attention was also attracted.
"Aunt is the pager."
"Oh, you said that thing is so expensive that how many people can afford it?"
"When the buyer feels convenient, he will definitely buy it. When Xu Yang and Xiao Qin came to see the children that day, they said that his father had ordered one."
"Gee, Xu Damao really made money in recent years." Li Qin shook his head and said with emotion.
"It seems that it is still doing business to earn money." Ding Ma followed the sigh with emotion
"What Ding Yi, do you want Jianguo to do business?"
"I don’t think so." Ding Ma shook her head at once. "Who knows when the policy will change, or we won’t worry about it if his class is stable."
"Why bother, Mom?" Ding Qiunan came in with a tray and several bowls on the side.
"We talk about making money by doing business here."
"Qiu Nan, mom, you sit and rest. I’ll just serve the food."
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-five New Year’s Eve
"Come on, let’s all take the front cup and touch it together. I wish all of us a happy New Year every year."
Wang Wen looked at people all together and raised his glass in front of him and said
That’s the advantage of eating hot pot. Everyone can sit here and eat together. If it’s cooking, there will definitely be a person busy in the kitchen.
"Happy New Year!"
"Home Wenxuan, you two go to the gate and set off firecrackers."
Li Wenxuan got up at once and was ready to run away.
"You give me the baby!" Wang Yueyue quickly grabbed him.
"You run away with my son in your arms. Are you trying to scare my son?"
"Hey, hey, forget everything"
"You are really successful."
Ding Qiunan handed Wang Yueyue two small cotton balls from his pocket.