He decided to wipe out the whole four continents.

The sound of Lei Yin’s rolling stereo is roaring and angry, and it surges and vibrates like waves, which makes people almost unstable.
"It’s the venerable one who is coming!"
Many forces are sluggish, and the Chinese people feel that thick earth forces are rushing across tens of thousands of miles.
Ollie’s face changed when he heard the sound.
Physical strength to burst out.
De Lao’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Ollie, slapping back two forces to offset the collapse of a small-scale black hole and passing away, distorting two powerful forces to eliminate the plane.
"DE old! Don’t forget that you are an advanced Terran! Do you want to help a humble terran? "
"Are you going to abandon the covenant of all races?"
Ollie looked at De Lao with scarlet eyes, and her eyes were full of resentment.
De Lao glanced at the situation in the four continents and his eyes sank. "I owe Terran Su Yu a favor."
The world debt of gratitude is the most difficult to repay.
Since he gave it to Su Yu Zun, Yu Pei was crushed, even if Ollie personally came to this matter, he must take care of it!
"Human this kind of thing! I can give it to you, too, Ollie! Get out of the way and let me destroy the four continents! "
Ollie’s eyes looked at De Lao.
A Terran aborigine can give something, and so can I Ollie!
However, the Chinese Empire in the Quartet must disappear!
"I’ll give you two choices: first, quit the Quartet and second, I’ll beat you out of the Quartet!"
DE old look unchanged again is directly let ollie changed his face.
De Lao’s attitude is very obvious. He wants to return Su Yu’s favor.
"Then don’t blame me for being rude!"
Ollie’s eyes move. His purpose is not to fight Di Lao, but to destroy the whole four continents.
He played his wishful thinking very well, but he didn’t notice a thin monkey head approaching.
"Eat an old stick!"
De Lao discovered Sun Wu long ago, but the honour person method is not easy to break.
The venerable master bullied Sun Wu, but he was still able to move enough to say that he was terrible.
Therefore, Di Lao deliberately concealed Sun Wu’s golden cudgel and added all the repairs to his sacred land.
No matter how powerful the Ollie Buddha’s method is, it is bound to be slightly injured if you take precautions against eating it.
"Since you are so stubborn, don’t blame me for being rude."
Sun Wu shocked Ollie with a stick. At this moment, De Lao’s whole body suddenly expanded and came with the attack.
If Ollie comes to Di Lao, he will be afraid of one thing or two, but it will take Di Lao minutes to kill him in person.
"ah! Damn it, Wusheng Pavilion! Damn it, old man! You give me remember! "
Sun Wu’s war force, they nest Rao, was a bit painful for Zun.
With the help of De Lao’s strength, Olyu, the statue of Olli, was twisted out in an instant.
The statue was scattered by Di Lao on the spot.
The crisis in the four continents has also vanished.
Chapter 2 Counter-offensive!
With the collapse of Ollie’s law, the soldiers of the Chinese Empire resumed their actions!
De Lao looked at a group of soldiers who were bathed in blood and struggled desperately to help Su Mier’s sisters regardless of their wounds.
"Empress, how are you?"
Recently, Wang Zeqiang, the closest to Su Mier, climbed to Su Mier’s side with a brace and fed each of them a top-level hemostatic pill, which was a relief.
Well, Ollie’s heart is high, and there is no pain when the two of them are struggling to the death. If the emperor sees the empress and the empire become like this, he will be furious.