See Wang Feng Tan Liguo hurriedly walked to come over, kneeling on one leg with a face of excitement and saying, "Tan Liguo has met the general at the end."

With that, it’s as if my heart is tense and my heart is instantly relaxed. At the same time, I continue to say, "General, you are finally here … you will be relieved at the end of your visit …"
"You don’t know that if you come one day later, Yangquan County will be unable to keep your feet."
Rushed to Wang Feng without a horse talking, but strode to the main position of chancellorsville.
After taking a deep breath, Tan Liguo and the others did not command, "Who told you that you can breathe a sigh of relief … To tell you the truth, coming to Yangquan County next time did not bring you a single soldier, not only that, but also brought an order from the governor’s office …"
"Tan Liguo, the former garrison general of Yangquan County, officially rose to the company commanders from now on … and led the people to continue to stick to Yangquan County for two days …"
In the face of this sudden Tathagata, Tan Liguo’s face did not brighten up because of this promotion, but showed a trace of heartfelt dignity and worry
Wang Feng, who saw Tan Liguo’s face changing rapidly, continued, "Of course, the Governor’s Office won’t deliberately make it difficult … Although I didn’t bring you reinforcements this time, I brought you enough grenades. Now these grenades are on their way to Yangquan County Road, and there are more than 50,000 grenades in Yangquan County at the latest …"
I heard that Tan Liguo’s dignified facial expression finally eased a lot.
But still with a full face of worry, Wang Feng woke up in front of him and said, "General, you may not know that not only are we equipped with grenades, but the loyalists outside the city are also equipped with grenades."
"Today, we just ate loyalist grenades and lost more than 2,000 people. At the end of the day, we will still be able to make enough troops. There are 2,000 people who blocked more than 10,000 loyalist attacks with 2,000 people and blocked them for two days …"
"No matter how many grenades you give, you can’t guarantee that you can hold Yangquan County."
Wang Feng’s face flashed a shock and then he regained calm.
As early as ten days ago, Wang Feng received the news that the imperial court began to imitate grenades, which made Wang Feng not think that the imperial court had equipped the loyalist with this sharp firearm in such a short time.
Now that loyalists are equipped with grenades, it is normal to bring more than two thousand losses to the soldiers guarding the city.
Wang Feng didn’t give Tan Liguo a wanted answer after his face regained calm.
Instead, it is surprising to say that "even if there are less than 3,000 soldiers left, we must hold Yangquan County."
After that, Wang Feng went on to say surprisingly, "Maybe all of you will scold you for being unkind, but you will be told that you are so unkind, not because you have any enmity with your generals, but because you have come with a purpose you can’t imagine …"
"You generals are one of our own, and you don’t need to hide anything from everyone. Tell everyone that you will bring fifty thousand grenades and ten thousand musketeers to Yangquan this time, but the musketeers are not here to support you, but there are fifteen thousand loyalist elites left outside the city …"
"The reason why we don’t send some troops to reinforce you is very simple, that is, we are afraid that you will scare away the loyalists outside the city and undermine the government’s plan to wipe out the enemy this time."
"I hope you can take care of the overall situation. With the remaining troops in your hands, you can crucify this Yangquan county like a nail …"
"Of course, during the whole defensive process, you will be allowed to recruit Qingzhuang from Yangquan County and surrounding wasteland areas to assist you in guarding the city …"
"In the course of the battle, the Youth Department who participated in the joint defense will be paid and given pensions according to the local garrison standards …"
When I heard that Tan Liguo’s face was worried and dignified, it not only disappeared but was replaced by a trace of seriousness.
After taking a deep breath, he assured Wang Feng in front of him, "Please rest assured that the general will be alive at the end of the day and guarantee to hold Yangquan … the city of people …"
Wang Feng, dressed in a uniform, left the chancellorsville in a hurry, and the crowd gathered around Tan Liguo just like a German shepherd who smelled blood.
Glanced at the side with a solemn face and a full face of the heating department, Tan Liguo said, "Brothers, you have all heard General Wang’s words … There will be no more nonsense. Let’s kill more than 1,000 loyalists outside the city even if we die here …"
"Li Tuanchang will be ordered to lead the rest of the soldiers to go out of the city overnight to meet the grenades sent to us by the Governor’s Office. All grenades must be sent to Yangquan County before dawn …"
"Lieutenant Zhang, the day battle is still under your direct command."
"However, the tactics should be changed slightly … every time the number of bombers increases from 300 to 500, grenades will be used to kill the enemy during the battle, so as to avoid melee fighting as much as possible."
"After all, the victory in melee fighting depends on fighting for life."
"Li Tuanchang, your regiment almost lost in the battle today, and there are less than two hundred people at the very most."
"I will order your horse to lead the people out of the city and go to the surrounding wasteland area to recruit Qingzhuang and send it to Yangquan County to assist us in guarding the city."
With a steady stream of grenades, the battle for Chengtou the next day was still fierce, but the addition of a large number of grenades reduced the loss of garrison troops from more than 2,000 people the day before to less than 1,500 people today.
The loyalist who attacked Yangquan County once again lost 4,000 people.
As the loyalist general Zhou Haoguang began to be anxious because of the continuous attack defeat, a musketeer soldier who had finished his equipment properly guided the mountain people through the dense forest to detour directly behind the loyalist to block them outside Yangquan City.
When the circuitous troops were getting closer and closer to their destination, a group of musketeers also entered Yangquan County.
Of course, following the musket regiment into the county, there is also a heavy mortar battalion with a total of 27 guns with a range of one mile, which can bring destruction to the red artillery of the loyalist.
Or Tan Liguo’s army account in a uniform? Wang Feng sat down in Tan Liguo’s position again.
In the face of everyone’s different eyes, Wang Feng’s calm face showed a smile and replied to everyone, "Brothers will be very satisfied with everyone’s performance in this battle today. I will definitely tell everyone here that you are the first to kill 20,000 loyalists."
"After the military conflict with the imperial court, I will definitely personally like you to the guard."
"Will come so late is to bring you a good news …"
"Thousands of musketeers strive to finish the siege of loyalists outside the city at the latest … that is to say, we can attack loyalists outside the city at the latest …"
"There will be a musket regiment and a heavy artillery battalion coming into town this evening. After dawn, the loyalist will launch a counterattack against the loyalist in the first attack of Yangquan County …"
"I will hope that Yangquan County will persist for such a long time and suffer heavy losses. You can follow the musket regiment in the counterattack and take revenge on the soldiers who died in Yangquan County."