"You two stay here." Yuan Baoer looked at Zhi Xin and Mei Zi Zhi Xin. She didn’t learn avatar root, but Mei Er was an ordinary girl, and she was as foxy as she was. Even if it burned to Ji Qiao’s body, there was no place for the two men to go. It was just to let them accompany her to die.

At this time, Kuroha flew over and said coldly, "I’ll go with you."
Ling Ning and Yin Niang looked at each other and nodded together. Although Kuroha is also an enemy to them, at this moment they have to worry about it again. It is also called to be able to avenge Master even if they fight side by side with the enemy.
Since it is a determination to take revenge at all costs, there is naturally nothing to be contemplating, and soon they will leave together.
"Brother, you are quick to wake up." Ling Ning and Yin Niang shook their shoulders hard after leaving the wind. Although they don’t know much about those flying things, she also knows that Ling Ning and them are mostly dead and alive. If the enemy is so easy to deal with Ling Ning, there is no need to take them here.
"They will die, too." Feng Zhixin put her head against her brother’s chest. "If you don’t wake up … they will die, too!"
She cried, full of despair, crying, lifting a cicada’s head slightly, and seeing the wind, her soul looked like life.
Her parents died early, and now even her brother, who was dependent on her life, is dead. She unconsciously touched her brother’s face and kissed him. When their lips touched her charming body, she suddenly felt a faint shock. She felt that there was a strange vortex in her brother’s body, which was rapidly dragging her into a certain breath.
Although I don’t know what happened, she clearly felt that her brother’s body was slowly returning to warmth, and she no longer had too much scruples, so she kept kissing her brother’s mouth.
What is this place?
The wind, the soul, the blood, the sky and the earth looked blankly at his feet covered with dark red dust, and many bones were buried in his head, and the blood and fog rolled and surged layer by layer.
His chest is also a burst of tightness, as if something is stirring inside to break through the body.
Am I dead? He thought
If this is the afterlife, it must be some eternal purgatory. If you look around, you can feel the oppression and torture just by staying in such a place.
"I don’t seem to have done anything heinous, do I? What will fall into this place after death? " He smiled bitterly.
I thought again, "But I have nothing to complain about. I must have lost my mind this time, but I can still feel that my soul seems to be saved. I remember a philosopher once said,’ I miss therefore I am’. Since I can still think and think, I will stay in such a terrible place if I don’t really die … I wonder if it is better to die?"
If only this place had a brain network-I wonder if it’s too much for a dead person to ask?
He walked on the earth made of red bones for a long time, but he didn’t see any change in the surrounding scene. He thought, "It wouldn’t be too bad if you really want to be trapped in such a place from now on."
When I thought about it like this, a sigh came into his ear. "You finally came."
When he turned around, he saw a beautiful woman with a slender figure and golden ornaments hanging from her temples. She was barely wearing clothes, but her private parts were covered by wormwood. She held a crystal pearl in her hand, through which she could vaguely see the wonderful breasts on her chest. Although she was almost naked, her breath was more sacred than holiness. Just looking at her could make people feel a sense of peace from their hearts.
"Who are you?" The wind soul asked if she didn’t know what it was. Although it was holy and quiet, the wind soul’s head ached vaguely.
The pearl-holding woman looked at him with inexplicable sadness in her eyes. "Do you still remember me? But this is of course … After all, I am the one who killed you. "
"You killed me?" Feng Soul stared at her and killed Jiqiao. However, this woman said that she killed herself. So … she was a transsexual?
"That was a long time ago," sighed the woman. "So far that I almost forgot what happened that year. Do you want to know now?"
"I think you have mistaken me for someone else," said Feng Soul, "but can you tell me where this place is first?"
The woman said, "This is the magic wind world!"
Magic wind world? Wind soul dazed zheng "how can this be the magic wind world? I remember someone saying that the magic wind world is a cathode and it is difficult for ghosts and gods. Although I was just killed, I should not run to the magic wind world …"
"Someone killed you?" The pearl-holding girl looked at him and shook her head. "No, you are wrong. No one can kill you or’ we’ … only we can kill ourselves."
What the hell did she say? The spirit of the wind is not white
Although it’s not white, there is a strange sense of resistance in his heart, which makes him suddenly want to escape and stay away from this woman. He also knows this feeling, which comes from the fact that after seeing this woman, he felt that something was wrong with him. Just now, he still felt his head ached, but now he feels that his whole body will crack and his temper will fill his heart, making him want to be crazy.
-The woman said, "Only we can kill us!"
The woman said, "I killed you!"
She killed me! She killed me! She killed me!
Anger obliterated his reason, and he stared at the holy woman in front of him.
He could see the bloodshot in his eyes.
The pearl-holding woman looked at him and gently sighed, "You seem to have changed a little. If it was before you …"
"What would happen to me if it was before?" He said coldly, and then suddenly jumped to push the woman to the orb and rolled aside. He pressed the woman’s hot and soft chest with one hand and slammed her face with the other.
The palm of your hand didn’t throw a woman’s face, but he stood there in a cold sweat.
Why do you want to do this?